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Topic: General Gaming / Warp Game: Sequel

You can play the game here by the way:

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Topic: General Gaming / Warp Game: Sequel


Around a year ago now, Warp game was launched on Kongregate and was really appreciated by it’s members.

For me, kongregate has been the best community over the year and the people that commented on the game really gave me energy, knowledge and general courage to work on something better.

A year later, I am almost finished with the new Warp game, which features much more worlds, more power ups, better graphics, music from Rameses B himself and much new stuff.

However, to finish the game I would like to call on the help of this wonderfull community once again.

Please have a look at:

If you can, please drop a coin on there, and pick a perk / reward :)

Thank you for your attention and intrest towards the sequel of Warp.

Thanks to you I can continue working!!

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Topic: Collaborations / Warp: Revamped


I’ve started development around the sequel of this game:

The idea is the same, but I’m expanding and polishing everything up with much more content in the game.

I’m looking for an artist that will be responsible for all the art that is involved.
It’s not much work, an hour or less a day will suffice for sure.
(You can use any software, a .png frame by frame export is preferred so it’s easy to export to other platforms rather than vector art flash uses).
This is a small game.

My skills as a programmer have been developing, so I now can also develop cross platformed.
Exporting to the iOS / Android & HTML5 is not a problem.

I am NOT offering upfront payment!!
==> The revenue is split.

This means that you will probably get more than the average job payment per hour if the game is sponsored again.


Let me know by sending me a private message.
Please include some of your previous work.

Thank you for reading,

Looking forward working together with you.