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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft chapter 2: Chasing Shadows has been released on Armor Games and this thread is about strategies.

Originally posted by Cine:

1.383.871.674.656 xp on Y1 (version 1.0.6) pre-endurance.
Wizard level 813 before, 6523 after.
Max difficulty.
Highest level gem 50, yellow, red, white.
Can single shoot mobs with 1e21 hp (50 gembombs of level 28 on final level, more before that), but did most waves with 25e20 (ie 1/4 of single shoot, so that I could still almost single shoot the appearing beacons).
Got frag 73, 76 and 87.
Most of the XP is from shooting beacons.

Did you use mana traps?

Also, for your main gem, did you use amps? I assume yes to both but I don’t like the manga traps strategy because it feels like cheating.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] this latest patch

He mad. He clearly mad, bro.

I agree with pretty much everything he said, however. Don’t get rid of the support class, though. In fact, make the support class stronger. Give it a much bigger boost to Damage Buff, based on CPU, than other classes. And let the timer stack on damage buff while also reducing the cooldown time on damage buff, now that it doesn’t stack the damage. It would be awesome to be able to damage buff someone for a full minute that way you don’t have to worry about damage buffing them for a bit and it allows you more time to micro someone else.

But, yes, the destruction of half of the support class’ point was bad form. Damage Buffing was a major staple of what being a support was all about. I followed around my comrades for hours at a time, helping them defeat bosses and monsters. I got gems and experience and they got to one-shot monsters and quickly kill bosses. It was a mutually beneficial package deal. Now, that’s not really an option. Sure, damage buff is there….but it sucks so bad that a person gets a better boost out of equipping attack gems.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] Sugestion thread

Here are some suggestions regarding the game:

1. Allow a custom mode for ships. In this custom mode, you should be able to configure over 30 items.
a)Chassis – The Chassis should have 10 points of configuration which add to HP and/or detract from speed. If you add in some heavy hull plating, you should be rewarded with high levels of HP but penalties towards speed. To make it easier on the ship design, you could allow for specific chassis to always have the same “in-game” look with only a color variance.

b)Engine – The engine should provide CPU, speed, and power towards the weapons. It should also have 10 points of configuration.

c)Weapons – The weapons ports should also have 10 points of configuration. You should be able to invest in buffing, attacking, or healing boosts for your weapons.

Make configuring the chassis, engine, and weapon ports actually change the physical appearance of the ship. You can also do a scaling system to where higher level ships allow for more points of configuration. So a high level chassis would allow for, say, 50 points and a low level chassis would allow for 10 points of configuration. Also, make the “boosts” that chassis offers, give more per point spent, at higher levels. Think of it like “improved hull plating” being a level 24 chassis you can get that offers 3000 more HP, if maxed, than the level 23 hull plating. That is just an example. But it would make leveling up mean a whole lot more in this game.

This customer mode would be in addition to the pre-made classes already available in the game. You can even take it a step further and just make a bunch of ship parts that have specific attributes (like CPU, HP, and attack) so you can put together your own ship and have many different types of configurations. I would love a Tank-Trader or a Support-Trader: would be a cool ship to make.

2. Also, do away with gems and replace them with different kinds of computer modules. That is purely sci-fi aesthetics.

3. Add in time capsules for boss drops. This has been suggested. Make the time capsules scale with the boss. Make the time capsules much higher than the in-galaxy time capsules making it worth while to kill bosses.

4. Remove the level restriction on getting XP from resources in lower level galaxies. The galaxies already spawn resources quickly enough so you don’t have to worry about higher level players taking all the resources from the lower level players. Also, allow higher level players to be able to pickup timecapsules in lower level galaxies. Again, it spawns quickly enough that you don’t have to worry about high level players taking all the time capsules. Some of you may ask why: because some players are not powerful enough to farm higher level galaxies like dedicated support healers and dedicated traders.

5. More to come if you guys (including Sublinet) like my ideas.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] using boss room exit during pvp

“And this bothers you why exactly?”

So you don’t understand why a player, dedicated to trading, would be frustrated with the incessant boss room attacks, which prevents the trader from being able to do the one thing they have invested in (collect resources)? Why does this complaint not make sense to you, exactly?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] using boss room exit during pvp

I agree with Trillion10. I would take it a step further by eliminating the ability to PvP in boss rooms unless both players attack each other. It has been getting worse and worse in boss rooms: too many idiots trying to kill other players.

Here is another scenario: a person heals another player in a boss room but the other player, used to getting attacked, mistakes the healing bot use as an attack and attacks the other person before they have a chance to realize they are being attacked (and they cannot make it to the exit in time nor can they type in the chat quickly enough to notify the other player that they are there to help). This is due to the incessant and annoying boss room attacking: everyone has to be on guard.

Basically, I am very tired of being attacked, at all times, from every player, and I never attack anyone. If wanted to PvP, I would. I would invest in the PvP aspects of the game. I haven’t and I don’t want to invest in raider tech. But the way the game is setup, I am forced to constantly fight other players that attack me…except I don’t stand a chance against anyone.

Some of you may complain that the traders want to take all the resources gained by the boss after other players kill the boss. Well, they can use freeze gun to stop the trader dead in their tracks. Even if the trader does not attack back (to initiate a PvP interaction like Trillion and I are suggesting), this is obviously a way a person can slow down a trader from taking all the resources.

Also, if a person does not want a boss killed by other players because they want the resources, they can just heal the boss to stop the “leeches.”

Basically, I am tired of porting into a boss room and getting immediately attacked by idiots that only play the game to invest in PvP techs. So I am reduced to forcing them to attack me so they have to waste resources on killing an empty trader ship. That is my only means of retaliating against them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] clarification

I edited your post to be easier to read: I hope I captured what you were trying to say:

Originally posted by hufal:

I would like the RAID system clarified.

When someone attacks a guild, what is the percentage of uranium taken from guild construction, if any at all?

I would also like to know if PvP kills give XP. Some players told me they were getting XP for PvP kills. I would like to know if it’s true.

I would also like to point out the current system doesn’t make guilds want to grow. The top guild gets a 20% HP bonus while the others receive 15% without much effort. If the bonus weren’t limited to HP, but included ammo or damage bonuses, the guilds would try harder to rise in rank. If, for example, the #1 guild got a 20% HP bonus, the ranks 2-5 a 15%, the 5-10 a 10%, and the next 10 a 5% bonus, everyone would like to contribute more to their guilds by investing. It would also allow guilds to be stronger because players would join together to make their guild grow. At the moment, anyone who makes a guild gets a 15% bonus without effort. It’s pretty easy to earn uranium at this stage of the game for level 20 players so they should use it or at least be incentivized to do so.

We have, at the moment, a 1 person guild (level 25) that is ranked 5th: that’s absurd.

That makes the game lose competitiveness."

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nova Raider] FIX ME

The healing still works the same. You do not have to double click. Only if the object being healed is NOT another human player do you have to double click. I can heal bosses, when boss trolls troll in boss rooms, very easily.

However, it would be nice to just triple click the non-human object and be able to continue to toggle my healing bots (with 1, 2, and 3) instead of having to click made crazy. It could allow to focus just on healing the boss and not miss a precious healing bot use when I am being trolled.

And until the vampire gun is fixed, I do not think I will invest in it.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Anyone need help?

Originally posted by Locke219:

I’m level 85 (non-premium) and I can’t for the life of me beat J4 (3rd epic battle). I know I should be able to, given my level, but I’ve tried a whole bunch of times to no avail. Any suggestions?

I had no problems beating it at what I thought was level 120 or 140?

Here are the settings I used:

50 on initial Mana, 50 on Mana Gain, Max on Yellow Gem, Max on Chain Hit Gem, 45 on Damage, Max on reduced mana pool costs, max on reduced towers building, max on initial wild gem, max on mana gain gem, max on gem range, and max on gem shooting speed.

Then, build two towers. One next to the pylon and one in the bottom right hand side where you can put maximum amplifier towers. Build the highest duel gem you can of chain hit and multiple damage. Use the yellow gem as your base.

Build out a second gem in the tower next to the pylon and upgrade you mana pool while upgrading your gems. Do not set the gem next to the pylon to target structures and keep them both max. By wave 50, you should win.

I can make a vid, showing this, if you want.

Also, Love you!

If you are not that high in level, go back and beat levels for more stuffs.