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Topic: Kongregate / Greg's Plea to the Kongregate Community

I’m really sorry that I tried to offer something constructive

please do go on with the begging

I’m sure that will work out


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Topic: Kongregate / Greg's Plea to the Kongregate Community


I’m not suggesting that I’m proposing a perfect solution, it has issues. Of course there is no perfect solution but that’s the best possible solution I can offer with the information you have publicly available.

If you are going to wait around for the perfect solution, you will never change anything, ever.

The main point I would try and get across is that my suggestion makes it harder to be negative, you still get winners and losers according to how the community acts and it is (still) in some ways arbitrary who ends up where. But it is much harder for the userbase to act in a negative fashion.

The question is changed from

do you like this?


how much do you like this?

Discouraging your userbase from being negative is a huge win, I’m looking at this more of a way of community management than the perfect rating system…

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Topic: Kongregate / Greg's Plea to the Kongregate Community


What a wonderful community.

Nice to see you guys are upholding your traditional values.

Kongretards FTL

I already offered a simple ratings “solution” ages ago. Just remove the negativity, make every act of voting a positive act. The only negative thing you can do then is not vote. (and not get a point for yourself, oh noes does you hate the game that much?)

Here’s an example grease monkey hack that does just that with the information already available on each game page and adds the new rating into the page.

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Topic: Kongregate / Weird Kongregate page

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we fix chat lag somehow?

One might say that running all the server event communications through the chat would come under a bad design choice then :)

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Topic: Kongregate / If we're of Kongregate..


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Topic: Kongregate / My thoughts on future automated user moderation

1 voting doesnt work
2 rooms are cheap, actually more rooms means rooms with less users means less bandwidth/cpu to broadcast
3 let everyone have their own room where they have local moderation rights

you need to convince people to be in your room before this gives you any sort of power, someone with admin rights over an empty room has no power, after all.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate is full of Game-Hating Whiners.

“It’s funny what web gamers want. We thought our internally developed Midnight Strike would become a smash hit but it only did modestly ok. The fact it was pretty complex compared to your typical Flash game and had 20 levels meant little. Meanwhile relatively simple or even “stupid” games can become very popular. Lesson: “good” is in the eye of the beholder and complex is often overkill."

Or to paraphrase, forgive me if I remove the diplomacy from the above statement. Most gamers are sh*t eating morons that want you to poop in their mouths.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate is full of Game-Hating Whiners.

also your comment sucked 1/5

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate is full of Game-Hating Whiners.

Its not about saying all games are grrrrrreeeaat, moron

its about removing peoples ability to be negative.

Because people are not capable of using it constructively.

Then the only negative response available is to walk away.

You can still have different amounts of good responses and your league table mentality can be satiated.

It just means the game hating morons have less power, at the moment its more important, rating wise, to not get rated a 1 than it is to get rated a 5. This is bad.

It’s a small but subtle difference and one that you obviously do not understand.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate is full of Game-Hating Whiners.

Fanboys are more of a problem than a solution.

It saddens me that we live in a world where a statement such as “I like Nintendo games.” is not considered as retarded as “I like Sony movies.”

At least pick one of the people that sweated blood and tears to make the games you like rather than worshiping a fiscal entity who financed it in order to make more money.

And before you respond to this with some more fanboy drivel about how you support all Nintendo developers and I’m just a whining Nintendo hater.

I’m not even going to claim to like Nintendo I’m just going to tell you that I have personally made 4 games for Nintendo consoles, possibly more I forget. Doesn’t that make me more of a Nintendo supporter than you?

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Topic: Kongregate / Updated Games

more updated than i intended, which was to just merging it in with the rest of my generic code base :)

Still the same game but I killed the zooming as that seems something of a killer for flash performance. So now it has a bit more bitmap caching going on. On the plus side you get an in game radar and a retrolicious title screen.

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Topic: Game Programming / New Programmer Needing Guidance

Aren’t computer scientists, like, crazy people that think that HAL died for their sins?

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate update: achievements and point system overhaul

Have you considered a review reward system? Something along the lines of pick a handful of random members every time a new game is uploaded and invite them to write an in depth review in return for a large chunk of points.

A review just being a sort of super comment, with some QC to stop reviews from being too retarded or short.

The point is the reviewers are randomly chosen and forced to actually play the game in order to criticize it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Full screen flash?

Could you, as in the kongregate powers that be, possibly enable flash full screen?

Although it does tend to go slow and only allows mouse input it is nice to see games full screen occasionally. There seems to have been some effort put into stopping it being abused, so it is reasonably safe. The newer flash plugin has some more options that can help to keep speed up so it should get even better shortly.

“allowFullScreen” just needs to be set to “true” on flash embeds

A game that would work full screen if you let it and clicked the full screen button :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Updated Games

I’ve fiddled around with what gets bitmap cached and when, which has a slight improvement in terms of speed. Also decoupled the control from the frame update, which is a fancy way of saying the mouse clicks should always be detected no matter how bad the frame rate gets. I think its somewhat better, but it didn’t run that bad before for me so who knows :) Oh also more ingame instructions.

Remember flash has this quality setting thing, if it goes slow for you, you can reduce the quality…

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Topic: Game Programming / Text based adventures

something like this ?

Although thats very much dumbed down with no typing and nothing more than pickup/putdown as actions.

I’m pretty sure it needs dumbing down even more :)

Anyway, that has something of a very simple engine behind it, I could separate that out a some more and let you use it if you wanted to make something similar.

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Topic: Game Programming / Open Source Games

My mp3 xspf player, which is designed to fit as a sound manager inside games, is MIT licensed and available here.

It also includes an open source windows build environment.

That and most of the rest of my code is publicly available on my svn server but not necessarily licensed as open source…

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Topic: The Arts / Kongregate Avatars Thread

I have an avatar editor thingy, produces 3d avatars and outputs images that are obviously exactly like wot I use, PC download only for now I"m afraid.

shows how.

I’ll use the things inside a flash game at some point, eg heres a little test, crsr keys to walk

and if you are still not convinced, here’s a bad semiautogenerated web comic using them

yeah, so like avatars :)

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Player Performance


flash is mostly filtrate limited, the speed is more dependent on area displayed than anything else. I’m pretty certain the slowness in some browsers rather than others is all down to screen buffer management and the main speedup from standalone display comes from exactly the same place. Even just using a hardware blit in the most obvious places would make a huge difference things don’t have to be 3d to get basic GPU speedups.

As for someone to hassle I’d point you at this guy as someone who is probably easy to get on side, , but I doubt it will do much good :)

But the whole as3 thing shows they are more interested in code performance issues than frame rate (which are not the same), its their whole flex plan for world domination.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Player Performance

I also poked it a bit more and noticed something else.

in opera it doesn’t make any difference


just by right clicking to display the context menu has the same speedup effect whilst the menu is displayed

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Player Performance

for dx0ne, the fullscreen code, its restricted when you can change the fullscreen state and inside the menu handler seems to be the safest place to put it. So this snippet should just work assuming kongregate doesn’t kill it by reformatting

var cm;
var cmi;
var f;
cm = new ContextMenu();
if( Stage[“displayState”] == “normal” )
Stage[“displayState”] = “fullScreen”;
Stage[“displayState”] = “normal”;
cmi = new ContextMenuItem(“Toggle fullscreen mode.”, f );

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash Player Performance

I know a strange incantation that makes the flash player go faster.

Well it seems to go faster on my machine, apparently going into full screen mode then back again removes some sort of frame rate limiter.

I might be imagining it but try doing this.

go here cutandpaste my strange urls are not appreciated here

make sure the flash game is selected and press – this will shrink the game a little bit and display a frame rate in the top left hand corner.

now right click and choose toggle full screen mode from the menu, it should then jump into full screen mode

press esc or do the menu thing again to get back out

Observer the diference in frame rate, or maybe not if I’ve just gone a bit crazy :)

This is on a PC with flash player 9,0,28,0 , if you have a reasonable machine and the game is already running at its full 30fps easily I’d guess that you wouldn’t notice it getting faster but for me it goes about 8ms a frame faster from doing that.

Looks like the flash player is limited when in a browser, they remove this when it goes full screen as it really needs the extra ooomph but forget to put it back when you return to windowed mode.

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Topic: Kongregate / Unfinished Games

you could do pretty much everything with a more complicated tag system, category’s and votes could be replaced provided it was tags per user rather than global tags. Doing this is of course rather complicated but I don’t think it is impossible :)

The point being not so much to assign an ultimate rating to a game but a more personal view of each game per user. Preferably with FOAF influenced lookups but that gets even more complex.

With a good and semi reliable tag system, it would then be OK to have say dressup games, provided they are clearly marked as dressup and it was very easy to flag a game as dressup and to flag dressup as a tag that you never, ever, ever, ever, want to view anything associated with :)

unfinished could then just be a tag, supplied by the creator and the viewers…

BTW you could also use a stumble upon style interface to increase the game ratings and taggings, force a selection to move on to next random game.

In general I’d prefer this site treated games the way treats music, rather than trying to rate games on a scale of 1-5 as I just don’t think that works.

I know its tempting and easy to design but it is also somewhat useless.

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Topic: Game Programming / Convert flash games for mobile phones ? how can you ?

It needs to be redone in java that is not something to be taken lightly, better of starting with a J2ME game and going the other way.

The java in phones, as in the java implementation thats in most of the phones that are in peoples actual hands, is crap.

Seriously, a major pain to develop to and pretty much every phone has bugs and issues that have to be worked around in order to get something that actually works.

Fun issues such as no GC, nada, none, zip, nothing ever gets freed, no matter what you do.

Its best not to think of it as java at all, I wouldn’t dream of hiring a java programmer to create a J2ME game. They would need to be untaught everything they believed in before they could do anything useful.

Heres a little J2ME game of mine running in an emulator on a web page :)