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Topic: Game Programming / ***$15,000 Child of Eden Music Game Contest Announcement!***

Just wanted to chime in with my thoughts…

There definitely seemed to be some mass down rating happening over the last couple of days of the contest. I have no idea where that came from and I don’t want to speculate.

I agree that the contest was set up so that the most popular games would win. I personally wish that it was set up so that the best games would win, but it’s very difficult to measure objective game quality… I hope Kongregate comes up with something for future contests. I’m lucky enough to have made it in but there are other games I would have liked to see in the top 20 (circuit_strike.remix_hd, for example, and I’m not just saying that).

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with promoting your game, especially in a contest setting, and I haven’t seen any rules against it. Now if you’re asking people to rate down the competition just so your game can get ahead, that’s not playing fair. But devwil didn’t do that and I don’t think anyone else here did either.