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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Monkey Captain:a monkey with a pistol that trains other monkeys to have cheaper upgrades and faster and more accurate firing
(all costs in medium) cost 1500
Path 1
faster firing: shoots bullets faster

RPG:every 5 seconds Monkey Captain shoots a rocket that destroys lead bloons

Spec ops Monkey: Monkey Captain shoots a machingun that shoots 5x faster

Railgun Shot: Railgun ability: this ability shoots a highpowered explosive shot that destroys every bloon on screen and disables ZOMG bloons for 15 seconds
Cost: 15000

Path 2

Better Intel:allows all towers inside of the of The Captains range able to see camo

Cheaper Upgrades: decreases all of the towers upgrades by 5%

Breakfast!!!!:all of the towers in the captains range attack 10% faster
cost 5000

MOABS beware!: all towers do 10% more damage to MOABS
cost 7500