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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / gemcraft 2

How do you beat V4 and unlock the tome in D5?

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / gemcraft 2 This sounds epic.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

BBB(Big Bad Bloon): Contains 10 MOABs, 10 BFBs, and 10 ZOMGs. It is a MOAB class bloon, and is weak/immune to the same things as a ZOMG. Takes 49000 hits to pop.

RBE: 253,360

Speed: 0.5 of a ZOMG

Appearance: Round 110

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Originally posted by bahrenz:

Dark Green Bloon
It contains 25 green bloons,
Speed : Green Bloons
Appears at round 10
RBE : 76

Lavender Bloon
Contains 25 pink bloons
Speed : Pink Bloons
Appears at round 30
RBE : 126

Crystal Bloon
Take 100 damage to pop
Contains 8 white bloons
Speed : Yellow Bloons
Appears at round 47
RBE : 189

Dark Green Bloon and Lavendar Bloon appear way too early. Dark Green Bloon appears over twice as early as rainbow, but has almost twice as much RBE and moves faster, and the Lavender Bloon moves faster and has a higher RBE than a ceramic, yet appears 10 rounds earlier. Dark Green Bloon should appear at round 37, Lavender Bloon should appear at round 44.

Big Green Bloon: Contains 10 Dark Green Bloons.

Speed: Green Bloon

Appears at round 48.

RBE: 761

Big Pink Bloon: Contains 10 Lavender Bloons.

Speed: Pink Bloon

Appears at round 50.

RBE: 1261

Combo Bloon: Contains 10 red, 10 blue, 10 green, 10 yellow, 10 pink, 10 black, 10 white, 10 lead, 10 zebra, and 10 rainbow bloons. Takes 10 hits to pop.

Speed: Rainbow before being popped, zebra after 1st pop, lead after 2nd pop, white after 3rd, black after 4th, pink after 5th, yellow after 6th, green after 7th, blue after 8th, red after 9th.

Appears at round 54.

RBE: 1309

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Post New track ideas and difficulties for the track.

Originally posted by myskybluecap:

Absolute Zero

Description:A very cold and twisty track,it doubles the attack speed and power of Ice Tower but halves other tower attack speed.Water is here.

Magma land

How does the monkey get into the volcano?And how does the bloon got into the volcano?!2 paths that has its own exit and very close to each other.Ever seen water in a volcano?No?Good,because there is NO water here.

Originally posted by rex654:

Name: Coffin
Track Type: Extreme
Rank Requirement: 60
Easy Reward: 350MM
Medium Reward: 500MM
Hard Reward: 650MM

Yes, this is Tutankhamun’s tomb. bloons get a 1.5x speed rate inside.

Circle of Doom
type: easy
rewards: same as easy tracks in the map.
yes it needs to be big enough to place almost all towers in the smaller parts. Add 2 ways for an entrance for this map.
black = where the bloons go. white = where u place ur towers
The Treasure Chest
type: intermediate
around the chest so up across down
(its the chest to get ur daily MM)
same rewards as other intermidiate

You can’t do things like “bloons moves x* faster” or “x towers move x* as fast” for normal tracks. You can only do that on special missions.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Post New track ideas and difficulties for the track.


There is a U.F.O. in the center of the map. The bloons enter through the lower left corner, circle the edge of the U.F.O. clockwise, and then exit through the lower right corner. The only place you can place towers is on the U.F.O.

Difficulty: Advanced/Expert

Utter Chaos

A completely white map. There are 64 exits and 64 entrances. Each block(Pink Bloons are 1 block wide) on the edge of the screen is an entrance and an exit for the bloon coming from the entrance across from it. Towers can be placed anywhere on this special map.

Difficulty: Kalamari(New difficulty)

Rewards: Easy-1800MM, 500,000XP. Medium-2400MM, 1,000,000XP. Hard-3000MM, 2,000,000XP.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Hmm... Weird

Originally posted by PapaLouieFTW:

When I upgrade Mortar to Bigger Blast It Doesn’t make an explosion sound…

It’s a glitch. 3/x and x/4 Mortars(or is it x/3?) won’t make an explosion sound.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Create Your Personalized K Shop Items

Originally posted by Cupnoodle37:

House of Monkey money. Gives $35000 MM to your account. Cost: 1200 kreds. Reducer: All towers will cost 30% less and they can hurt any bloon type and can pop up to 23 bloons at once and do +10 damage to red to rainbow bloons and +70 to ceramic bloons and MOAB-class bloons! Cost: 110 kreds or 900 MM for 1 game. Specialty building for the Monkey Village and The banana farms(But the other tower’s increase cost will be by 10%):
1st: Monkey’s house
1. Reduces the cost of the monkey village and their upgrades by 5%.($1300)
2. Reduces the towers and upgrade’s cost by 20% instead of 10%. Also, The MIB call to arms ability will now attack.($1500)
3. Monkey village has a bigger range and the Jungle drums will increase the towers attack speed by 30% instead of 15 and make them do +5 damage each hit.($1800)
4(For the iOS version only) Monkey villages makes towers do +100 damage to ceramics, camos, and MOAB-class bloons. Other bloons will only take +40 damage also, it can attack, no matter what upgrade. Tier 4 abilites will do +20 damage and +50 to ceramics and MOAB-class bloons, except for ZOMG but will do +100 damage to the ZOMG.($2500)
Increases the cost of the banana farms and their upgrades by 10%.
2nd: Good bananas
1. Reduces the cost of the banana farms and their upgrades by 5%($1050, $1150 for the iOS version)
2. Bananas will produce an extra $20. If you have the banana Research Falcility, it will give an extra $200 Does not affeact Monkey Bank and the Banana Investmens Advisory.($1200, $1350 for the iOS version)
3. For the Monkey Bank and Banana Investmens Advisory, they will produce an extra $50000 for the Banana Investmes Advisory and $30000 for the monkey bank. Also, it can now attack.($1550, $1700 for the iOS version)
4(For the iOS version ONLY). Genarates twice as much bananas. Also, the banana farm’s attacks will do X10 damage to MOAB-class bloons.($2000)
Increases the cost of the Monkey Villages and their upgrades by 10%.

No. Just…No. All of those except House of Monkey Money are ridiculously OP.

1. Towers cost 30% less, instant kill all non-MOAB class bloons and deal 70 damage to MOAB class bloons? Yeah, no. That would make dart monkeys with this activated stronger than a Plasma Vision Super Monkey w/o this.

2. Seriously? All other T3 specialty buildings that increase damage by 1 every second shot, so the Monkey’s House T3 is 10x as powerful as other specialty buildings.

3. T4 Monkey House…is WAY too powerful. See point #1.

4. T3 Good Bananas is WAY too powerful. This would make you able to afford a Max Temple in only four rounds. Definitely not.

5. SERIOUSLY?!! With T4 Good Bananas, you would fill the screen with Max Temples in almost no time at all!

The title of this forum is “Create Your Personalized K Shop Items”, not “Create Your Own Super Powerful Permanent Upgrades That Cost Almost Nothing and Make Everything 1,000,000x as powerful!”

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Create Your Personalized K Shop Items

Incendiary Bullets: Tired of Sniper Monkeys that can only pop 1 bloon per shot? Well, no more! Now shots from Snipers explode popping a maximum of 2 bloons per explosion, plus 1 per upgrade! Also, explosions remove camo status from bloons, assuming the Sniper can see camo!

Super Glue: This glue is extremely sticky…Glue Gunners’ glue lasts much longer. In fact, it lasts forever if you have any upgrades on path 2. In addition, if you have upgrades on path 2, then the glue won’t be removed by tornadoes! Nice, eh?

Explosion Awesomizer: All explosions deal twice as much damage as normal and pop twice as many bloons as normal.

Laser Scope: Better run now, bloons! Non-living towers, Snipers, and x/3+ Super Monkeys have quadrupled range and firing speed, and can pop any type of bloon!

I have no idea how much any of these should cost, so that’s up to NK to decide.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Extreme tracks and daily XP

Originally posted by Cupnoodle37:

Fine then, for extreme tracks, they should reward you monkey money for defeating them. $900 on easy, $1200 on medium and $1800 on hard!

They do give you monkey money on deluxe. In fact, they give you the exact amount of cash you just said.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Originally posted by Cupnoodle37:

Blooncrusher. What it does: Attacks with coconuts(which pops 2 layers of bloon, and every 20 seconds reamoves 10 layers from MOAB-class bloons except for ZOMG
1st upgrade path:
1.1: Allows it to remove 13 layers of the bloon instead of 10.($1275, $1500, $1620)
1.2: Allows it to remove 15 layers of bloon and increases the range of the Blooncrusher.($1700, $2000, $2160)
1.3: Makes Blooncrusher pop camo and converts it into an apple thrower which pops 4 layers of bloon($2300, $2750, $2975)
1.4: Camo bloons lose their camo status when they are attack by it and the tower can attack even further.($3000, $3420, $3650 and unlocked at rank 50)

2nd Upgrade path:
2.1: Increases the range by 5%($425, $500, $540)
2.2: Makes it attack faster.($700, $1020, $1200)
2.3: Attacks 3x as fast and allows it to attack 12 bloons at a time.($1870, $2200, $2375)
2.4: Now it can attack lead and frozen bloons due to attacking by bombs instead of coconuts that can attack really fast and can pop lead, black and zebra bloons. Racer car ability: Calls a racer car to drive away the nearest 50 bloons. All bloon types will be affected by it. After all the bloons are driven away, they will come back after 5 rounds, but you will see 13 layers from them gone.($4000, $4520, $4700 and unlocked at rank 50).
Specialty building idea: 1. Reduces the cost of the Blooncrusher and thier upgrades by 5%.($1250)
2. Increases the attack speed of the blooncrushers by 10%($1250)
3. Reduces the cost of the blooncrusher and their upgrades by 10% and
they will pop 15 layers of bloon instead of 10. Racer car ability will damage 17 layers instead of 13.($1500)
4(FOR THE BTD5 DEXLUE AND IOS VERSION ONLY). does X10 damage 10 MOABS, X20 to BFBs and X30 to ZOMGs.($1750)
Increases the cost of the bomb assasin thrower and their upgrades by 5%(I will mention Bomb assasin later).

Only the iOS version has tier 4 specialty buildings. The deluxe version still only has tier 3 specialty buildings.

Double Ace: When you buy one of these guys, you must place two of them. They both act like 3/0 Ninja Monkeys. They can pop any type of bloon, even lead and frozen. Upgrades affect both ninjas. Easy-$2040 Medium-$2400 Hard-$2592

Path 1:

Sharper Shuriken: The shuriken pop 8 bloons each! Easy-$815 Medium-$960 Hard-$1035

Razor Shuriken: The shuriken pop 20 bloons each! Easy-$1224 Medium-$1440 Hard-$1555

Bloonjitsu Mastery: The ninjas throw 16 shuriken at a time! Easy-$10,625 Medium-$12,500 Hard-$13,500

Double-up: If the ninjas are close enough together, then their shuriken pop 10,000 bloons each and pop 7 layers of bloon! Also, if the ninjas are close enough together, their range is doubled! Easy-$59,500 Medium-$70,000 Hard-$75,600

Path 2:

Homing Shuriken: The shuriken home in on bloons. Easy-$510 Medium-$600 Hard-$650

Movable Double Aces: The ninjas can move! Simply click on the ninja, then click on where you want him to move to! Easy-$1020 Medium-$1200 Hard-$1296

Fast Throwing: The ninjas throw much faster. Easy-$1275 Medium-$1500 Hard-$1620

Shredding Claws: The ninjas throw three sharp claws instead of shuriken. The claws can pop 3 times as many bloons as normal, and deal 10x damage to MOAB class bloons. Also, if the ninjas are close enough together, then they have double the range and the Team-Shredder Ability: To use, click on the activation icon, then click somewhere on the path. The ninjas will rush to that spot, shredding and destroying everything that comes into contact with them. They will remain there for 10 seconds before going back to where they were. Easy-$38,250 Medium-$45,000 Hard-$48,600

Specialty Building: Secret Training Grounds

Lvl1: Reduces the cost of Double Aces and their upgrades by 5%. 2000MM

Lvl2: Increases the range of Double Aces by 10%. 2000MM

Lvl3: Every second volley from Double Aces does double damage and pops twice as many bloons. 2750MM

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Meals on courses

The 4th is for reverse mode.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Invincible Bloon: Don’t worry, it’s not actually invincible. It’s immune to explosions, fire, magic, ice, things that can’t pop lead, things that can’t pop frozen, and Super Monkeys. Also, they can only be popped by towers that can detect camo. Contains 4 glass bloons, 4 kryptonite bloons, 4 elemental bloons, and 4 camo ceramics. They are immune to things that ZOMGs are immune to. They take 4000 hits to pop.

RBE: 16744

Speed: 0.8 of a ZOMG

Appearance: Round 119

Looks: A ceramic ZOMG.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Is it me, or did the prices of some upgrades increase?

Weird…2/x Apprentice was already nerfed once. The previous nerfing was a much bigger change in price than this one, though. Before the first nerfing, 2/x Apprentice cost ~$600, then it cost $1200, now it costs $1300…I wonder why they would nerf the same upgrade twice.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Originally posted by cool10927353:

that would mean that the speed if a U.D.O.M would be about the speed of a M.O.A.B, which means it would be as faster than a Z.O.M.G (same with acadakedarca666) meaning it would be overpowered, dispite bloons stronger than a Z.O.M.G and faster than a Z.O.M.G are overpowered.

1/4×1/2=1/8, so it moves at one 8th the speed of a ZOMG.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / new dificulty

@mariomarioxd: I don’t think players need 100 million cash to beat 85 rounds with doubled RBE. That’s enough to get about 500 max temples on hard, which is WAY more than you need. So I really wouldn’t say that you “only” get 100 million cash.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

Originally posted by myskybluecap:

-Apprentice can pop any type of bloon with the x/2 upgrade.
-Its not recommended to buy Special agents to beat a map except the Extreme one
-Actually Castle is harder than Main Street because of the 2 long path that never meet.
-If you planning to put a 3/x Ice Tower on Bloontonium lab its recommended to put it in the center of the map.
-Downstream is harder than death valley because of its multiple exit
-x/3 Sniper shots is so fast that it pops lead.
-In the lag if you have a x/4 Sniper,click on its ability and BAM!Super Supply Drop that drops cash as much as you click.

Upgrade that allows a tower to pop lead:

Dart Monkey:4/x or x/x with splodey darts
Tack Shooter:4/x
Sniper:1/x or x/3
Boomerang:4/x or x/2(Note:The Glaives that are rotating around the Glaive Lord is the only one that pop lead.I could be wrong)
Buccaneer:x/3 or x/x with Dreadnaught
Banana farm: -
Spike Factory:2/x
Engineer:3/x or x/3(Not sure) or x/x with SB level 3
Heli pilot:1/x?

You didn’t quite get the lead popping upgrades right. You said 4/0-1 Glaive Lords pop lead because their permanent glaives can pop lead, but their thrown glaives can’t. It’s actually vice versa: Glaive Lords’ thrown glaives pop lead, but their permanent glaives can only pop lead with x/2. Also, x/3 Super Monkey pops lead, and 4/x Dartling pops lead too. And Engineers can’t pop lead with x/3. And, last but not least, I don’t think the quad darts upgrade for Heli Pilot lets it pop lead.

Edit: NM, you got the Glaive Lord thing right.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Pro Tips/Newbie Guide

Originally posted by abidik:

-ALWAYS start with a dart monkey. Upgrade to 2/3
-You can get a 4/2 ninja which awesome for camo poppage.
-3/2 cluster bomb tower is pretty good to deal with bloons.
- Super Monkey is the easiest way to beat any difficulty.
- 2/3 Robo monkey with x/2 village is the greatest 2 towers you can have.
- Don’t rush to do all these. But better for you if you got 2/3 monkey with village before round 42.
- Done them all? Get a dartling gun, or upgrade village to 4/2 as they get super strong.
- If you got dartling gun upgrade it to rocket version.
Hope this might help to beat some maps. I’ve beaten Monkey Lane in all difficulties using this strategy

1. Dart Monkeys are quite bad. Most towers un-upgraded are better than a fully-upgraded Dart Monkey.

2. One word to describe 4/2 Ninjas: OVERRATED. Those are really bad. Even 7 of them and a 3/2 Apprentice can’t beat the first ceramic rush or round 63.

3. 3/2 Bomb Towers aren’t actually that good, because they can’t zebras or blacks, and they have a rather slow firing

4. Everybody already knew that Super Monkeys are great. That’s why they cost MUCH more than every other tower.

5. Greatest two towers you can have: Max TOTMG and 2/4 Village.

6. Why round 42? A 2/2 Super Monkey with x/2 Village can beat round 42.

7. Fourth upgrade for path 1 of Monkey Village is near obsolete by then.

8. No. By this time, you want 3+/2 Dartling Guns more than 2/3+ Dartlings. 2/3+ Dartlings are better for crowd control, but other than that, they are awful. Use 3/2 Dartlings or, if you can, 4/2 Dartlings.

9. Just because a strategy works on Monkey Lane doesn’t mean that it’ll work on all maps. Monkey Lane is by far the easiest track in the entire game.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / General Suggestions Thread

I have an idea for special agents: Special Agent Experts! These are like pros, except they require you to place a certain amount of pro versions of that special agent! I even have ideas for Special Agent Experts:

Portable Lake Expert: Is this a bottomless pool or something? The sea monster is bigger, and the sea monsters pop more layers of bloon faster and lasts longer. Also, he has a much further range. Takes 100 Portable Lake pros.

Tribal Turtle Expert: Well, here’s a useful mutation! The Tribal Turtles are mutated to have four arms, allowing them to throw four projectiles at once. Also, these mutants are smarter than their ancestors. They only throw coconuts and can see camo! Takes 100 Tribal Turtle pros.

Bloonsday Device Expert: The BDDs shoot lava! While waiting for their ability to cooldown, they spill out lava, which pops bloons. Retains the plasma trail. Takes 40 Bloonsday Device pros.

Meerkat Spy Expert: The Meerkat Spies have more effective spying. They have a much greater area of effect, and they allow in-range towers to pop any type of bloon. Takes 100 Meerkat Spy pros.

Bloonberry Bush Expert: The Bloonberry Bushes never stop growing! They can have as many spikes as they want! Also, they grow 20 more spikes each round. Unfortunately, they no longer have creepers. Takes 100 Bloonberry Bush pros.

Beekeeper Expert: These Beekeepers only raise and use the strongest bees for bloon popping! These Beekeepers send out massive bees that detect camo and pop lead, and prevent the bloons from having multiple children(zebras split into a pink), and remove camo and regen status. They also pop bloons MUCH faster and move from bloon to bloon as long as there is one nearby! Retains the Swarm Ability. Takes 120 Beekeeper pros.

Angry Squirrel Expert: Man, is Angry Squirrel angry now! He gets angry after throwing a mere 25 acorns, and, when angry, he can pop any type of bloon and throws at a hypersonic speed, and acorns deal 5 damage to ceramic bloons and MOAB class bloons. Takes 100 Angry Squirrel pros.

Super Monkey Storm Expert: The Super Monkeys shoot out plasma vision…which is a bad idea when flying at over 200 miles per second. The Super Monkeys are covered in plasma, allowing them to deal 2000 damage to MOAB class bloons. There is still a delayed second wave, except, the second wave doesn’t come until you activate the Delayed Storm Ability: Sends the second wave of Super Monkeys. Takes 100 Super Monkey Storm pros.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

New Special Agent Idea:


Can only be placed in water. It shoots powerful torpedoes that explode in a large area and pop 5 layers of bloon. Costs 200MM.

Submarine Pro:

Shoots over 3x as fast! Also unlocks the Torpedo Time! Ability: Shoots torpedoes all over the screen, instantly destroying all bloons on screen and doing 1000 damage to ZOMGs. The ability paralyzes ZOMGs. Requires 50 Submarines to be placed.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Fighter Monkey:

A highly trained fighter. He throws punches at bloons, which pop 3 layers and 6 bloons each. His upgrades make him super powerful. Easy-$1700 Medium-$2000 Hard-$2160

Path 1:

Harder Punches: Punches harder and faster. The punches travel at a faster velocity and pop 7 layers and 28 bloons each. Also increases attack range and attack rate. Easy-$2550 Medium-$3000 Hard-$3240

Master Eye: Increases attack range even further and allows camo detection. Easy-$850 Medium-$1000 Hard-$1080

Fists Of Fury: Punches super hard and super fast. Attacks at the rate of a Super Monkey and punches pop 18 layers and 144 bloons each. Also increases attack range. Easy-$51,000 Medium-$60,000 Hard-$64,800

Black Belt: Throws two punches at a time. Punches pop 18 layers and 288 layers of bloon each. Also increases attack range even further. The Black Belt can pop lead regardless of path 2 upgrades. Easy-$85,000 Medium-$100,000 Hard-$108,000

Path 2:

White Belt: Every three shots does 1.5x damage(rounded up). Easy-$850 Medium-$1000 Hard-$1080

Yellow Belt: Every second shot does 2x damage. Also, every second shot can pop lead. Easy-$1275 Medium-$1500 Hard-$1620

Brown Belt: Every second shot does 5x damage. Easy-$2550 Medium-$3000 Hard-$3240

Trigger Happy: The Monkey gets a machine gun. He shoots as fast as a dartling gun and each shot does 10x damage. Easy-$25,500 Medium-$30,000 Hard-$32,400

Specialty Building: Martial Arts Dojo

Lvl1: Reduces the cost of Fighter Monkeys and their upgrades by 5%. 1250MM

Lvl2: Increases the range of Fighter Monkeys and their upgrades by 10%. 1250MM

Lvl3: A very powerful technique. Black Belts only!(Ultimate Ability: Rains down a flurry of fists upon the bloons. The shots obliterate every bloon on screen, even ZOMGs. It has an incredibly long reload time.) 15,000MM

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / gemcraft 2

Not what I was expecting.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Monkey Genie:

At first, it merely shoots powerful magic bolts at bloons. These magic bolts have infinite popping power, bounce from bloon to bloon as long as there is one nearby, and can pop any type of bloon. Easy-$1700 Medium-$2000 Hard-$2150

Path 1:

Bigger Bolts: Shoots more powerful magic bolts. These bolts pop 2 layers of bloon. Easy-$850 Medium-$1000 Hard-$1080

Huge Bolts: Shoots much more powerful magic bolts. These bolts pop 4 layers of bloon and instantly destroy ceramic layers. Easy-$1700 Medium-$2000 Hard-$2150

Massive Bolts: Shoots insanely powerful magic bolts. These bolts pop 7 layers of bloon and cut through MOAB class bloons and ceramic bloons like a knife through butter(They deal 10x damage to MOAB class bloons and they act as if all of a ceramic bloon’s layers were just one layer!). Easy-$8500 Medium-$10,000 Hard-$10,800

Leviathan Bolts: Shoots god-like magic bolts that pop 18 layers of bloon and do 360 damage to MOAB class bloons. Easy-$170,000 Medium-$200,000 Hard-$215,000

Path 2:

Faster Production: Shoots magic bolts faster. Easy-$850 Medium-$1000 Hard-$1080

Even Faster Production: Shoots magic bolts even faster. Easy-$1700 Medium-$2000 Hard-$2150

Extremely Fast Production: Shoots magic bolts at the rate of a super monkey. Easy-$3400 Medium-$4000 Hard-$4320

Wishmaster: Shoots at double the rate of a super monkey. Wish Ability: quadruples the firing speed, popping power, and damage of all towers for 10 seconds. Easy-$40,800 Medium-$48,000 Hard-$51,840

Path 1 total: Easy-$181,050 Medium-$213,000 Hard-$229,030

Path 2 total: Easy-$46,750 Medium-$55,000 Hard-$59,390

Specialty Building: Genie Lamp Store

Lvl1: Reduces the cost of Monkey Genies and their upgrades by 5%. 2000MM

Lvl2: Increases the range of Monkey Genies and their upgrades by 10%. 2000MM

Lvl3: All Monkey Genies use dark magic(Dark magic bolts deal 5x as much damage to MOAB class bloons as they normally do). 8000MM

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of Your Own Special Missions!

Originally posted by abidik:

Medical Problems : Oh my god! Did these pesky bloons actually have research facilities? Self-Repairing bloon waves, NOOOOO!
Description : Beat Main Street on Easy difficulty, every bloon Regen, starth with 800 cash and get double cash reward at the end of each round ( Example: Not 98$ but 196) Map Castle
Complete the challenge for a whole bunch of 500 Monkey Money!
Hunt : Meateater monkeys that eat zebras! The monkeys of the Monkey Kingdom went for hunting as they saw a whole bunch of zebras! Wait, are they zebras?
*Description: Start with 10 dart monkeys and 1 sniper ( they’re already placed and you can’t sell them but you can upgrade). 7000 cash provided. Beat the upcoming 1000 zebra bloons ( 250 per round, 5 rounds). No cash drops. If one tower doesn’t pop any bloon in one round, it starves to death. You can’t buy towers or deploy special agents. Map Archipelago. Reward 300 Monkey Money

250 zebras per round and 5 rounds does not equal 1000 zebras. 5×250=1250. Also, I don’t think they make special missions or daily challenges on extreme tracks. They’re hard enough normally.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Originally posted by cool10927353:
Originally posted by gubump:

Apopalypse Bloon: Takes 1,000,000 hits to pop and splits into 10 BOUPs when popped. Is not a MOAB class bloon.

RBE: 12,165,910

Speed: 1/5x the speed of a BOUP.

Appearance: Round 400(Apopalypse only!)

Looks: The BTD5 symbol for Apopalypse.

Blinding Bloon: Has an RBE of 1, but when popped, it releases a bright light, obscuring the player’s vision of the screen and paralyzing all towers for 5 seconds.

RBE: 1

Speed: Yellow bloon

Appearance: Round 45

Looks: A white bloon with light shining off it.

whats a BOUP?

See the original post.