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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Failed raid crediting

Originally posted by Smurf123:

I see, you are restorting to TTC. A TTC is what is called a “thought-terminating cliche”, its essentially a word or phrase of a short that is used to shut down thought, or quite often dissent as in this reply.

In this case you are telling me to “calm down” and “take a few breaths” thus explaining I’m a child who dont understand nor can make a coherent thought and what I say doesn’t matter. Thank you for showing what a person you are and that your mind is fixed on blaming so called “farmers” which you have labeled people already for taking away imagined raids.

To reiterate, It was perfectly clear in my post and my previous ones and my argument stands.
You are 1# a hypocrite since you are extending the control of the RC so far as to make it the exact same thing you called out pools to be.
And 2# you call people who do well farmers when in fact they don’t exist. I don’t withhold raids nor do i run out of them which you so many times in the past have claimed, and blamed farmers for taking all for themselves. There is only one problem in this game and its powercreep, people who hit everything and they get nerfed and nerfed time and time gain by 5pg.

Actually it appears he wasnt calling you a child, but more likely just saying you were raging in your post and didnt make any coherent points. However, if memory serves me correctly, Pat (and I) called out pools as “selfish” for withholding raids from the general public. I have seen him make further points (as have I) about pools requiring you to summon x raid at x difficulty with x magics being rules selfishly imposed by the organizers to fit their playing style. The RC doesnt require any specific raid, difficulty, or magics; just that you summon raids and share them. The original intent was to only get credit when they were shared PUBLICLY (again, unlike pools, making hypocrisy claims unfounded). However certain people have resorted to pouting about the RC being superior to the “system” (bot) they designed to fit their own selfish wants (getting raids without contributing), so the direct submission option was added in. Emphasis on OPTION.

About #2… farmers “dont exist”? Just because you dont run out of raids doesnt mean nobody does. I dont remember where Pat “blamed farmers for taking” all of any raids for themselves. If you mean withholding them from general chat, that is a different issue (Im beginning to see Pat’s point about your not making coherent points).

The RC is VERY simple for people who arent trying to game the system or bitch about not being able to hoard raids with their buddies while also having access to all public raids. You simply summon the raid, submit it for credit, manage it correctly (meaning ensure it dies… nobody’s demanding “NO QM/HASTE!”), and then you get access.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Failed raid crediting

Originally posted by Kegfarms:

You call it “horseshit” even though you know how true it is. When Wpatter had his pastebin Every SINGLE good SP/AP raid were full of anon members even if it was “freshly” updated. The two members the most obvious in it were xjsman and Furak. This isn’t some conspiracy or some bullshit people made up. This is pure fact and nothing else. You can both keep up the charade because people believe anything you both and xjsman tell them.

Since apparently im relevant to the conversation… You have demonstrated your blatant ignorance about the RC by both claiming that making it available to the public was an afterthought, and by thinking you could pull a raid from chat and “submit it” for credit.

You’ve always been butthurt about people calling you selfish for hoarding your raids, and your butthurt over the RC is merely an extension of the rash. I would say get some salve… but I think you’re sphincter is beyond saving.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / [Guide] Help for beginners

Originally posted by ahra_ahra:

Stop telling people to tag z9 please. (._.)

Agreed. The “tag z9’s” idea was intended PURELY to get new players some starter gear… then you STOP tagging altogether. NEVER tag Z10 raids (Krugnug, Riddler, Leonine, Centurion, Caracalla). Not only will you get nothing for loot, but you prove yourself to be an idiot. This guide is WAY over-generalized and should not be followed to the letter. Here’s the short version:

How to start playing Dawn of the Dragons:

1. Read the IN-GAME Tutorial.. ALL of it.

2. If you have further questions try searching the dotd wiki or the forums (the button in the upper right corner of the game for forums), BEFORE asking in chat. Asking a VERY common question that we have heard hundreds of times by people too lazy to put any effort in to learning on their own WILL get you trolled, and likely lied to. Ask a question, without researching it first, at your own risk.

3. Use common sense. When the raid has 4,000,000,000 hp, and only allows 25 people in; it’s PROBABLY not a good idea to take one of those 25 spots with your 150dmg.

4. Find fellow new players and stick with them. Newer players will be more willing to answer “new player” questions than players who have been around for a long time. It isnt that we are intentionally being unhelpful; it’s that we have “served” our time and effort answering these questions repeatedly for months. Just remember to ask the new player where his info came from.

5. The lower the room #, the worse it will be for new players. Again this isnt because we dislike new players. We recognize that the community needs you all. The reason to stick to rooms 3, 4, 5, etc is because raids in rooms 1 and 2 die VERY fast. Especially the exact raids you can handle (grunes, mazalu, alice, etc).

If you can get this far, you’ll be ahead of most of the new players we see coming in these days.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Best Strat to get TONS OF PC

So… how many TONS OF PC have you won from this little piece of genius, flyduster?

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Best Strat to get TONS OF PC

Easily the third most retarded conclusion I’ve seen on DotD. Not all items have an equal chance. They can adjust odds as they see fit, and they can program it so the additional odds that come from already having the magics go to Indigo crap and not PC packs.

PS- “this boosts your KN so bad..” HAAHAHA

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Topic: Technical Support / Entire Site Down For Most

And of course 5 minutes later it’s back up. But seriously, Kong, some communication would have been nice.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Room 1 Presidential Elections

7. Crussieus +1… for he is now THE White Knight of Room 1 and all of DotD. The torch was passed from Walrusi52 and is now carried high and mighty by the Crus! But my vote is cast with the caveat that I must be his VP if he is elected. Nobody would dare assassinate him with the knowledge that I am the next in line.

Edit: FYI it was a tough choice between Crus and Tarka, since Tarka’s massive donation to the script devs and his very real community contributions. Oh yea, and that xjs guy was my REAL first choice. I just couldnt vote for him because we perform sexual favors for each other and I didnt want the appearance of impropriety.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / End the farm groups/guilds

I think anyone who was here when FR started knows that I agree 100%. It was a foolish, selfish idea then, and is only more so now. Especially when you have 500 people submitting 50-man, 100-man, and 250-man raids. Inevitably the event leaders who have the small raids preloaded, their buddies, and the people who can be there exactly when the event starts will be the ones to benefit and hit all the small raids. Then we have to listen to people whining “I didnt even get to hit my OWN Grune!”.

Farming guilds are equally selfish. When it boils down to it, if you summon your raids and withhold them from general chat (either for entry to an event or your guild), and then ALSO take raids from general chat; you’re being selfish. Same goes for people who simply dont summon raids period. It’s a simple concept, just summon your raids and throw them to chat (with the exception of 10-mans obviously). If the vast majority does this, there will always be plenty of raids.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / What i will always remember from Mardachus Event

lol… this was NEVER gonna happen… according to a bunch of tards in room 1

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Current Downtime

Originally posted by Thor1959:

I had 360 mil, in NM Sir Cai for my last letter for my Ryd Ring, wow this hurts!

That was a really dumb thing to do anyway. Should have split that damage among 100 different cais.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Atomic Strike] questions here/opinions/bugs

Deimion… check the strategy post I put in the forum. I found out that there are 2 different targeting methods. With the yellow circle (the default method) the units go to a spot and hold it, while fighting units that come near. Click on the yellow circle and it changes to red crosshairs. This method tells the units selected to follow the unit you target. Hope this helps.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Atomic Strike] Strategy Tips & Tricks (learned the hard way) ADD YOURS

I have played QUITE a few missions. I wanted to share some tips to help solve problems and boost scores.

- Time = points (not money in this game ). The idea is to give civilians time to find shelter. During missile waves if you wait until the last missile is close to the protected zone before smacking it out of the sky you get LOTS more points. It’s risky, though, DO NOT let it hit or LOTS of those points go bye-bye. You can still get a good score with a couple missed missiles, but less radiation is better.

- Time ALSO = objectives… I thought some objectives were bugged, but found out that some of the timers dont end until well after the last missile is fired. If you have an objective to defend _____, and it seems to fail even though you kept it safe… this is probably why. I know defending chimneys on the Power Plant works like this. If you knock the last missile down… the next wave starts… if the timer is still going when the next wave starts you fail… let the last missile ride as long as possible.

- THIS ONE’S A BIGGIE- Targeting methods. When you have a unit selected in mission, look to the bottom right of the screen. You see an “X” to deselect, and a yellow circle made of 4 arrows. THIS is the unit’s targeting strategy. YELLOW CIRCLE= “Go to this point and fight anything nearby”… the unit will NOT follow the enemy unit you click on. Click that arrow and it changes to… RED CROSSHAIRS= “Find this guy and kill him”… the unit(s) will follow the selected unit until destroyed. Think of it like ZONE defense vs Man-To-Man defense. You can switch ALL units to one or the other by clicking the SELECT ALL UNITS button, then clicking the targeting option until it shows the one you want. If your units selected are currently a mix of the 2, you’ll see a “?”… just click it to change to the method desired.

- Marines should be one of your first builds in every mission. You NEED the extra ammo/ energy spots. Build 2-4 squads of Marines and start taking over those spots IMMEDIATELY. Keep doing it even if you have plenty of ammo/energy. You get points for the total ammo/energy built during the mission.

-PLAN AHEAD… for everything… especially starting missions. The instant you click “FULLSCREEN” or “NORMAL” you should already know the first units you will be starting to build.

- Collect the resources from a building immediately before upgrading. I’ve forgotten this many times, and started upgrades when the building was 80% full of resources. Then I was stuck waiting a day to collect.

- BACK-UP YOUR ALLIES EVERYDAY- We can now gift resources (strategy, workforce, equipment, and energy pts) to our allies. Click the blue box, select allies to back-up, then click “Send Resource”. If everyone does it, we should all have a ton more resource pts to build with when we return every day.

MORE TIPS TO COME… add your tips here too. Please don’t turn this in to a debate/ complaint/ bug reporting or any other kind of thread. I would like this to be a GOLDMINE FOR TIPS. :-) Good Luck everyone.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Atomic Strike] New Mod

You can add my name to that list. We mods aren’t devs, so we can’t perform game surgery… but we can troubleshoot most problems and report them quickly if we fail.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Atomic Strike] RTS Questions

This was confusing to me as well, so ill try to simplify it here. Consider each section to be squads (ground) or squadrons (air). Ground squads are Wardogs, Jag, etc. Air squadrons are Raptor… You can ONLY ever produce the most advanced unit that you have unlocked/ built (with one exception ill explain later). When you “create” units, you create "formations. Now comes the tricky part. For each “formation”, you are creating the number of units equal to the number of techs you have unlocked. For example:

JAG Squad:

- Only Viper unlocked… each “formation” gives you 1 viper
- Viper + Scorpyo unlocked… each “formation” gives you 2 SCORPYOS
- Viper + Scorpyo + Spid AT-5 unlocked… each “formation” gives you 3 Spid AT-5’s PLUS 1 extra Spid AT-5 for having all units in JAG unlocked.
- Only Viper + Spid AT-5 unlocked… each “formation” gives you 2 Spid AT-5’s

You see, every tech unlocked = one more unit produced when you create formations. Having all units within a squad/ squadron unlocked means you get +1 unit per formation as a bonus… which is how you can produce 4 SPID AT-5’s with one JAG formation.

Another example:


- ONLY AMZ-12 unlocked… only 1 AMZ-12 per formation
- ONLY Sentinel unlocked (you skipped AMZ)… only 1 Sentinel per formation
- BOTH AMZ + Sentinel unlocked… 3 Sentinels per formation… Sentinels because they are the more advanced unit… and you get 3 because you get one each for having AMZ and Sentinel unlocked, plus the bonus for having all units within the squad unlocked.

The more units you have unlocked, the more efficient each formation is.

NOW the exception… Marines [gotta love us ;-)]… creating formations works the same as described above, but in mission there is a difference. For every other squad/squadron you can only build the most advanced… for WARDOGS you can choose EITHER Marines or the most advanced drone. They both subtract 1 from the total, but this is the only squad where you can pick. This is because Marines are the only ones who can capture ammo/energy spots.

CARDINAL RULE: DON’T BUILD A MORE ADVANCED UNIT WITHIN A SQUAD/SQUADRON IF THE CURRENT ONE HAS LOTS OF PROTOS, AND THE MORE ADVANCED DOESN’T YET. You will immediately begin producing the more advanced unit, regardless of the fact that it may be weaker due to fewer protos. You can buy/ exchange protos for the more advanced unit BEFORE building it. So get it up to spec before building it so you dont suffer a loss in capabilities.

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Topic: General Gaming / *Hidden Gems*- Add Your Suggestion- The Best Least Known Games on Kong

Originally posted by SamsterSamster:
Originally posted by diploms1:

Launching game: Shuriken Run

cough shameless self-promotion cough

EXACTLY what I meant when I asked in the original post “Developers please refrain from using this thread to promote your own games.”

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Topic: General Gaming / *Hidden Gems*- Add Your Suggestion- The Best Least Known Games on Kong

Lots of us know of about some game that is outstanding, but severely underplayed for one reason or another. Maybe it was overshadowed by a huge release of a wildly popular game? Maybe its score was killed by the anti-kred crusaders when the dev actually does host the game and has REAL on-going costs for gameplay? Maybe it just takes a little time to get in to it and people never gave it a chance?

Post your hidden gem, or hidden gems here. Help everyone find those few under-rated games that shouldn’t be rated so low. I’ll start off with my vote, feel free to add yours!

Atomic Strike- gets my vote. The amount of detail and depth of gameplay is amazing for a flash game, and even more so for such a small developer outfit. Its rating has been killed by anti-kred crusaders, and players unwilling to take the 15 minutes or so that it takes to learn how to manage the 2 main areas within the game (base and mission). The tutorial has been translated from French, and can be confusing, but is being edited to flow better in English.

BONUS- Want to see how amazing this game is if you stick with it? Check out this trailer on YouTube . This was posted in Oct 2010… shows you how long this game has been in development.

I am not a developer for this game, and do not profit from posting this in any way. Developers please refrain from using this thread to promote your own games.*

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Feature Preview: Items!

Outstanding solution… Many questions come to mind, but the main one is about base-space. There will be another store I assume? Will there be item-producing buildings (hp potion building or something)? Finally, will we be able to select the food we produce to put in the slots to take in to mission? I know you may not be this far yet, just letting you know where my mind goes when i first hear about it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

Getting desync in certain situations after hw2. If I simply load and go straight to hw2 it’s fine. Since I cant pinpoint the exact trigger here are all of the actions I performed before the desync this past test: Loaded, farmed training, checked stores (surplus and commando), loaded a bunch of hp to complete and order (and completed the order for the drop), pvp x 10 times to complete an order (got drop as well), THEN I went to hw2 and ran it with commando-only. After returning to base got desync.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

PvP stayed dim instead of lighting up before battle. I still maintained control, but could just barely see. Photobucket

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] bug

They just hit the front page this morning. Before today the player level ranged from 75 at the low to 150 or maybe 200 as a high. As of right now there are 1200 people playing. They have already brought more servers online but are doing their best to keep up. Once they get it stabilized you wont see many errors at all. The devs are good about being in chat most of the day to address issues. Just give them some time to get stabilized with the new player load.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Suggestions

you could simply have it pop-up as you hover over it… but it also opens the door for more strategy, which this game is lacking the option for… instead of having to heal a guy if you have no food you can move armor around… you can use level-ups to heal some armor… but eventually you will still have to heal the armor since there is no way to get your hp points other than food or leveling up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] Suggestions

As of now removing gear and exiting the gear/ attribute window, then returning and adding the same gear back causes the soldier to lose ALL of the gear’s hp. The hp system should work as a simple percentage evenly spread over all the items of equipment that have hp built in. For example:

Soldier X has 1000hp max which consists of: 140hp- Soldier’s base hp, 800hp- Armor, and 60hp- Hat

Currently Soldier X is at 750hp out of his 1000hp max, so each piece of gear is reduced to that level: 105/140hp- Soldier’s base hp, 600/800hp- Armor, and 45-60hp- Hat.

He can remove his armor and he is removing 600/800hp, leaving him at 150/200hp. he can eat a kabob and be back at full hp (the old exploit). Then he can add the armor back on, and he is only adding on 600/800hp. So now he is at 800/1000hp, as if he had kept the armor on and eaten the kabob.

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Topic: Off-topic / There were too many of us, and ritz kept leaking info

Originally posted by Cammy_Justice:
Originally posted by xjsman101:

there was no need for leaks. We followed you with the little “Recent forum posts” link in your own profile. It’s a good thing only idiots do this kind of crap… makes it easy on us

Only idiots would fall for it, really if you think you have helped anyone today, you are wrong. (If you were one of the people who interfered) But you did stop MFT from being annoying for a short while, so thanks for that.

There will always be dumb, naive, or immature kids on kong… as long as there are people who think scamming them is a spectator sport or joke the site will become less and less kid-friendly…

I like how you tell me i didnt help anyone, and then thank me… nice contradiction, like a Starburst

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Topic: Off-topic / There were too many of us, and ritz kept leaking info

there was no need for leaks. We followed you with the little “Recent forum posts” link in your own profile. It’s a good thing only idiots do this kind of crap… makes it easy on us

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Golden leaf

Originally posted by RaidenX2:

@xjsman101: You fail at thinking.

Urn 7 holds: 645 Slver, 2 Banish, 1 Waking Drink, 1 Intricate Seashell, 1 Strangely Colored Leaf, 1 Old Bones

Being wrong doesn’t mean I failed at thinking, it means I was wrong. On the other you failed to think. Copying and pasting from wiki doesn’t count as thinking. There’s a stark difference between attempting to help someone, but being wrong; and having your only contribution to the discussion be a weak snipe attack at some random person to point out the fact that they are wrong while not even attempting to answer the question yourself. People like you are a dime-a-dozen. It’s easy to bash suggestions without attempting to come up with your own. Try a little less douche in your online persona recipe, and a little more maturity. Though I fully expect that if you ever read this you will undoubtedly try to bash me again for no reason; even though every level headed person who reads this thread can easily see you’re in the wrong. So don’t take my advice, don’t mature, don’t “waste” your time helping people, continue to snipe random people on the internet to exert your imaginary authority in a pitiful attempt to obtain control over ANYTHING in the world since your mommy and daddy don’t let you control anything at home.