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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / ** Bug reports **

I was fed up enough with the game trolling me by lying about the cash flow, but now import/export is gone so I can’t spend cash on a test and revert if I don’t like it. I was about to spend a Mega Ticket, but that would probably be lost like RossoCorsa and fk49 are reporting. I never even got to the moon, because of the dumb way the countdown resets as Renato0801 mentioned.

The game would be quite nice if the basic mechanics actually worked reliably, but as the game progresses and the weeks go by, I just run into more bugs that aren’t getting fixed. An idle game rewards the player with the (illusion of) permanent progress in exchange for time, and fun comes from weighing the alternatives for reaching a new goal. When the game lies about your resources and unexpectedly resets progress, neither of those motivations can be fulfilled. Goodbye forever, HyperHippo.