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Topic: Eredan Arena / Unfair to f2p players

I agree. It would be nice if those who didn’t get to the lvl 3 were rewarded with some kind of consolation prize. I don’t know, an Extra Pack if you reach lvl 2 and maybe an Ulti for those who didn’t made it for just one or two points. It would help to keep players fighting with the frustration.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Tanaer not leveling....

Your point has been added.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Card Impression Compendium

Master Má

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Extra pack for crystals.

I know you are surely making tons of money with us, the idiots that play the game, but maybe you could reconsider to sacrife some winnings and add the option of buy Extra Packs with crystals too. Why? Well, it’s frustrating when you reach certain lvl and most of the standard pack are cards that you already have. I mean, we should have at least the possibility of spending ours crystals in a useful pack, since is the only thing in wich they can be used. Even if they are expensive, is better than spending 700 crystals to buy 250 crystals.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / How i buy a preview card?

I read that in order to buy a lvl 1 preview card one should pay 5k crystals, but i only see a booster pack for 199 feez available. I don’t have feez and i don’t plan to have any for now, but i want a preview card. Is really possible to buy it with crystals? How i do it?