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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Type: Crossbow (Possible explosive tip)
Damage with regular bow: 500-560
Damage with explosive tip: 900 to 1100
Ammo: With regular bow 1 shot at a time. Unlimited ammo to use
Ammo with explosive tip: 1 shot per reload. Limited to 7 explosive tips each game.
Reload time with regular bow: 5 seconds
Reload time with Explosive tip: 7 seconds.
Possible items: Explosive tip bag. Allows to have up to 5 more explosive tips per game.
Cost of item: 2700 coins and 9 cash
Requirements: 7 accuracy and 6 explosives and 2 strength
Cost of weapon: 50,000 coins and 68 cash

Description: The crossbow with explosive tip, as seen from many on the game Call of Duty Black Ops, is a fairly good sniper type of weapon. Limited to only one shot, this weapon is not ideal for close range combat maps, like corridor or hanger, but good for wider maps. Stealthy, this weapon makes very little noise, great for sneaky up on opponents with the no nickname option. This weapon also allows the explosive tip, good for people who are wanting a rocket launcher, but can not afford. This long range gun allows a player new to sniper rifles and/or explosive weapons to get a feel for the gun they are wanting in the future.