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Topic: Collaborations / Game Break 2D MMORPG Maker

This is hilarious. The guy has two sections on his forum: The section to download his ‘software’ and Computer Security: “for people who have viruses”.

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Topic: Game Programming / Bullets for the middle.[SOLVED(or something!) xD]

Use localToGlobal on a tiny mc on the front of your cannon. It’s a bit hackish, but it works.

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Topic: Game Programming / Free Shockwave Dev Tool?

That game is completely programmable in Flash. Why wouldn’t you want to use Flash?

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Topic: Game Programming / The blurs in Pwong

I was playing this and I noticed all the cutsey little motion blurs. Then I noticed that I had no idea how to do something like that. Does someone want to enlighten me? It’s a pretty cool effect.

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for an artist for a finished game! Money!

Here is the game that I need some art done for:

It’s a tower defense, feel free to play around on the above demo (I have updated it slightly since that point). I can offer either a flat payment immediately when you finish, or a % cut of my advertising/sponsorship money – whichever you prefer (we can work it out later).

If you’re interested, show me some sort of art sample that I can judge. If you want, you could do a concept idea for the main page.

I’ve also got the concept down for a sequel (which wont be so straightforward) so there is even a possibility for more monies later on!

I also have an overhead shooter game about 80% finished, if that interests you.

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Topic: Game Programming / Using CS3 to make a multiuser chat room.

i don’t know how to do this cause i’ve never done it but you need a server to keep the chat on. don’t think you can just make a chatroom that’ll work. you need to buy server space and then send the data between that and the ‘chat room’ bq.

That’s actually not true at all. I have done it, and you do not need to go buy a $3000 dollar server. Now, given, if you’re going to have something running 10000 players at once, perhaps you’ll want to, but for a small chat room, any sort of purchase is unnecessary. I recommend for tutorials; look up the tutorial on the integration of PHP and Flash.