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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Brand new hat???

Sorry about the double post.

Armored Hat: Protects all hats you wear from theives and swords. (Not mines or guns, though)
Concrete Slab: Protects you from Jiggified attacks!
Hat Hat: Transforms into a random hat at the beginning of the race. (Useless if knocked off) (Cannot become Cowboy hat or any hat that can protect you from something (Crown, Burning, etc.) (My sibling’s idea)

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Brand new hat???

Burning Hat: You can not be frozen by the Ice Wave while wearing this hat.
Angel’s Halo: Vanish blocks will stick around a little bit longer.
Swimmer’s Cap: Will allow for some speedy swimming!
Ninja Mask: Climg up walls for a few seconds (Requires recharge time!)
Hard Hat: Crumble blocks will break immediately and bumping bricks will not cause you to bump back down.
???: Makes stat increases and decreses to double the average. (Drama Face?)
LULZOR HAT: Will make your controls go backwards and you get random items all the time (TROLL X3)

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Everybody Edits Creepypasta

This is the story of the Master Smiley-Chapter 1

Note that this is a TRUE story.

One day, I was playing EE. I left a level, and I saw a new smiley. It was called the Blackbelt Smiley. I didn’t see any blocks so just assumed that it was a new smiley. Well, I neglected to buy it because I was busy with other things. But still, I commented about it. Everybody asked, “What do you mean?” I grew suspicious. I decided to buy it.

I eventually got it. I entered a world with it, and after touching a coin, I got a message that looked like when you’re being kicked, although it said, “The Master refuses” I am perplexed. I decided to try to place a few blocks in my own world, and after it all seems good, another message. “The Master does not like the placement,” it said. Other messages were, “Power cannot affect me,” “The Master does not change,” and “broniez112 was killed.” The last one freaked me out, especially since I saw the smiley that was next to me after I closed the message. Up to today, I have been dealing with it. Now, I am expecting a message, “The Master will not be seen.”

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Everybody Edits Creepypasta

Originally posted by Destroyer80:

Creepypasta 1 By Destroyer80

Once upon a time there was a game, but not your ordinary game, a game of building. It started off on a puny site that was slowly dieing of popularity called Nonoba. You see, it was just a small beta version of which attracted little attention but at the same time was amazingly fun. Time passed and it adapted to become one of the most popular games of all time for the P.C. and internet nerds. This was called, Everybody Edits, the peaceful community of people where nothing was ever wrong. Free open worlds and the ability to build at leasiure. Yes, it evolved, and soon distributed over to New members flooded in happily and the older members came in to give advice to the newcomers. However; shortly after there came to be a new menace known as ‘Trolls’ and attempts at ‘Everybody Edits RPGs’, which was nothing related to what the game should have adapted to as a community. Open worlds were no longer safe and you could barely ever create a new map without one person ruining it for everyone.

The game continued to adapt as the author of this creepypasta ate some crispy fries from the nearest Wendys fast food stop; and more trolls flooded in to soon the game was popular enough for multiple chatrooms and forums. Updates came for blocks, and soon there was the Beta program where people paid money to get access to the newest features aswell as a chat system. Forum noobs and people too young for their own good, clearly stating their underage properties, outspoke against beta and chat thinking it was unfair to have to pay money.

Of course, turmoil spun around but it all resolved quickly upon a few clever posts from our greatest scientists in ‘KongregateTrolltology’. But lets skip further into the matter, where we come to the useless forums.

Such as the forum here, useless forums spun up and around such as ‘Crews’ which fed off of the original ideas that people think was best to imitate and then fail terribly only to cause more forum turmoil and bad maps. The EE state was in discord as soon came ‘bots’ that inevitably made the game funner. Hoorah for good news.

Yet the useless forums kept coming up and the game slowly reached its indirect downfall as forums such as this one started, such as crews that barely got more than 1 member which happened to be a new player, of which we came to forums which only wasted space with either a lock or just dead. But then there was guest bombs. Guest bombs, one of the most evil creations to ever come into EE history which basically ruin the ability to advertise with greatness. Now terrible levels are popular and famous, and we can all repent on that situation.

Soon, a giant hell demon comes and devours us all into the world of AssGluedtoChairSyndromeWithRapidFingerSpasmsOnOurMouseCursorsAHHH Disease. And we all die.

The end.

Extended ending: But soon, before the demon comes, Everybody Edits get some justice. Some people come to their senses, and with sorting worlds with woots, good levels can easily come. Forums and comments were ignored, guest bombs are taken care of, bots fail, crews are ignored, and Wendy’s gets some great fries. The end.

It’s called creepypasta because the noodles are made of intestines. The blood sauce, nail clipping parmesean, and eye balls are normal, don’t worry.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / *IDEAS FOR A NEW ENERGY SYSTEM*

OMG HOUW BOUT MRSHO GIVZ U.S LAIK 845709834570293 QUADRILLION 5394875 ENRGYZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11One

But really, I have an idea.

For using 50 energy, you will get an Energy point. If you get an energy point, then you get one step closer to unlocking rewards, like block sets, smileys, and most common of all, extra maximum energy. Also, for buying beta or chat, you get a little extra.

I can see some flaws, like people hacking the amount of spended energy for energy points, but they can also make it so that you can’t earn more than one prize at a time. That could probably be hacked too, Buuuut, whatever.