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Topic: Cloudstone / heal spells for all classes!

Support. I also wanted to be a pure Wizard. I find it annoying that each class I play in PvP along with myself have to use the Heal Bomb.

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Topic: Card Monsters / Lvl Up vs Buy Boosters

From my knowledge, it seems that buying packs are better than upgrading until you have a deck with cards you wouldn’t even think about swapping out. But from my experience, getting any good cards from packs won’t happen unless you’re really lucky. I’ve opened around 10 Master/Expansion packs, and I’ve only gotten 4 useful rare cards. I’ve never gotten an epic, and out of all the rares I got, only one was a monster. Weigh the odds, and I wish you luck if you choose to get packs. =P

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Extra Rewards

Oh goodie only $1500 to get the full benefit from this event. Pretty cheap. Definitely doable. Made for everyone. And remember don’t worry, you can still do the event for only $100! You know, I understand that the company needs to make some money, but in all honesty the prices are too high, and with the events being all money-based, I think you end up losing more customers rather than making more money.