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Topic: Off-topic / What Does Your Username Mean?

I used to play the games from Artix Entertainment (oh god looking back they weren’t very good games), but I liked the name of the Artix person, so there’s the first part.

Then I used to play Roblox; for some reason, I though everyone in the aforementioned game was a robot, so I added “Bot.”

Thus, my nickname became ArtixBot.

Forged since… I dunno, when I was 12. Or something.


Topic: Off-topic / THE HYPE IS REAL

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

Originally posted by JakeFromSt8Farm:

- not on kong, downloadable game.
- its like crush the castle, but in 3D.
- was in medevil times.
- were no shops, powerups, as far as i remember, all it was is stone.
sry cant think of any other details

Since it’s not on Kong, the chances of knowing what game it is is ridiculous o.o

Maybe Mount & Blade: Warband?

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Topic: General Gaming / THE HYPE IS REAL

So Dwarf Fortress finally gets a new update!

Anyone hyped?

Or anyone not understand WT* Dwarf Fortress is?

Just remember that losing is fun!

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Topic: General Gaming / [List] Removed games

Never forget about Flipline Studio’s best game, Remnants of Skystone.

That game was awesome… but it’s now gone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Privacy Wins Again! Next Stop: The FCC

Ayy! Privacy for the individual finally wins out over government surveillance or local police enforcement!

Thoughts? Reactions? Praise? Curses? Tirades? Muses?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / World Cup 2014: The Ugly


Apparently the wonderful (most of the time) group of Anonymous took down the World Cup official site in Brazil.

This brings up a point:
Is it morally righteous to hold the World Cup in a country that has spent billions of dollars to create stadiums, attractions, and whatnot when the country’s people may be in poverty or need support?

What are your opinions on the subject?

(plz no trolling)

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Topic: Off-topic / I make comics ._.


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Topic: Off-topic / I make comics ._.

“Everyone will ignore your strange, un-attention grabbing comics.”

Because this is CLEARLY you stating only your opinion. [sarcasm] I declare that your argument is invalid!

EDIT: You are indeed entitled to your own opinion, but do not group everyone into your opinion. Constructive criticism would be nice, rather than trash talk.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's currently the biggest troll in OT?

I vote WelcomeWorld.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

0/10 Your opinion does not matter on the Internet, considering your behavior.

Jeff Williams- Time To Say Goodbye

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Topic: Off-topic / I make comics ._.

123kittycat101: I’m too lazy to draw them XD.

WelcomeWorld: Looking at your profile (and considering your profile picture), I’ve determined that your comments are specifically designed to be either idiotic or antagonistic, and thus to you, I have no response. Your opinion is not the opinion of all.

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Topic: Off-topic / I make comics ._.

Um…. Bob and Joe. I don’t know.

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Topic: Off-topic / Opinions on the new Smash. Bros. characters?

Isn’t Ganondorf already in Smash Brothers?

Also, I’m surprised they got Mega Man in. That’s cool. Charizard is acceptable.

The others are FILTHY CASUALS.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

10/10. What a classic.

Jeff Williams: Time To Say Goodbye

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Topic: Off-topic / what GOD(S) do you WORSHIP

The Helix Fossil.

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Topic: Off-topic / I make comics ._.


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Topic: Off-topic / I make comics ._.

Yeah. Somehow.

They’re filled with no logic whatsoever, hence the name.


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Topic: War of Omens / The Endazu.


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Topic: War of Omens / The Endazu.

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Topic: War of Omens / The Endazu: Strategies and Counterstrategies

Endazu Strategy
As an Endazu, your main goal is to avoid getting hit. Rather obvious, isn’t it? You will take damage as an Endazu. It is almost required.

This is because in order to gain the momentum you need to defeat an enemy, you’ll need (as aforementioned) time.

Upgrading your cards helps hugely in the early game, as you can keep more cards in your hand while still purchasing additional incantations and such.

Depending on your enemy, choose to focus on holding attack spells (if your enemy has seduce or infighting, for example) or attack creatures (if you need a meatshield)- not both, or you’ll hold too many cards in your hand.

Your faction focuses on magic! Ignore the rebuke and go straight for the ritual of defense (stacking up to 20). As a bonus, other cards can syngerize and increase the charges of this!

Hope this helps. Somewhat.

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Topic: War of Omens / The Endazu: Strategies and Counterstrategies

The Endazu
The current goal of the Endazu is to purchase Inscriptions (and other types of cards) using your gold, and hold onto them as long as humanely possible without getting yourself killed.

Playing Style
-Works off of potential; the longer you keep a card in your hand, the stronger they get. In other words, risk = reward.

-Relies on glyphs (those symbols on the upper-left corner) and magic more than gold.

-Cannot rush effectively. In this respect, they are like the Vestipole.

-Rely on synergies; generation of magic and glyphs to quickly power up other, more important incantations.

-Can become THE STRONGEST FACTION IN THE GAME (given time)

-Huge damage and defensive potential

-Can suddenly summon a (@*!ton of creatures at once (which you can prepare against)

-Relies more on magic, a more versatile resource

-Does not rely on allies / summons so many allies at once, meaning that Metris seduce cards are less effective.

-Risk versus Reward; unless you choose wisely, you can quickly be overwhelmed.

-Weak vs. rush decks.

-Time is your enemy (and very good friend). You become really strong in the midgame, but cannot stand against rush (as previously mentioned); despite being powerful as cards charge, you are also only so capable of defending against a wave of Vestipole, given enough time.

-Magic is key. No magic means no power, meaning no success.

-Metris: Impersonate is your best card against the Endazu. Period. Steal a charged card? Perfect.
Low cost attack cards such as Ambush and Waylay are very useful. Poison is decent, although only ok in certain situations.

-Daramek: I have the least experience with this faction, but I can see a few counterattacks.
Essentially, creating a rush deck with low-cost cards, combined with attack rituals and overseers can apply pressure to your opponent.

-Vestipole: Hold out as long as possible. Eventually, purchase as many allies as possible (the law of probability should mean that each time the Endazu take out your hoard of troops, you can summon a sizable portion back, while the Endazu must charge up their cards again).

So… yeah! Hope this helps.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / COKE MACHINE

You get a cookie.
I insert the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Live, Die, Die Live and Die.

Man, those plastic spoons sure are easy to break, aren’t they?

I rip off my own arm and then choke myself using my arm that I ripped off by choking myself using my one remaining functional arm.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / The Sandwich Game.

39. R2Games