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Topic: Ground War: Tanks / More servers = End of lag?

Originally posted by kudamon:
Originally posted by ZhangZ2012:

well, the problem would be that the game would need more players to support and play on the servers. Right now we have 1 server that gets about 500-1500 players a day, which is not bad, but you can feel the difference in matchmaking when you go on at the time where there is 1500 players at a time (almost instant matchmaking) to 500 players (you have to wait a while). If there was like 200 players on each server, we would repeatedly see the same tanks over and over again (with the tier system), and some tiers would just not have enough players to make a game at all.

+1 trillion as i agree with what you saying completely.

we really need more people playing the game.

Until you force me to play vs T4 or ever T5 with my T3 tank i don’t play. Sad could be a good game. And i’m not alone with this issue

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Topic: Ground War: Tanks / Customer Service & Bug Reports

The Matchmaking is awful. Tier 1-2 fine, super game, but at tier 3… thats where the game starts to suck really hard.

I got Tier III tanks, and I’m playing always against tier 4-5 tanks. What is this? How i’m supposed to kill or even damage a tank that +2 tier higher?
If this is fixed i play again, and give a 4-5 star, but now 1 star for me.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / [FM] Free Merchants of S&P recruiting

all shops near 30-40, looking for active guild around 7-14 members.

Can u invite me please?