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Topic: Swarm Simulator / Missing one 10 point achievement

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a.
Make sure to have clicked inside the game,
then use the arrow keys for the directions, and the letter keys for b and a.

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Topic: Elements / Petition to make this an android/ipod app!

you are forgetting that many, many plays come from achievement hunters and curious people.
I’d think only about 200-ish actually actively play the game nowadays.
I doubt 10% would buy it for $3.

And then, there is the point of time.
The developer has, as far as I know, a full-time job.
Making this an app will require a lot of his free time.

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Topic: Elements / Amount of pillars

usually between 1/3 and 1/2 of the deck, depending on the cost…
Use a qi-calculator

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Topic: Elements / huh?

to be more specific:
oracle either gives you a ‘???’ pet,
or a pet that is in the same element as the card, and costs 0 or 1 quanta.

In case of gravity or other, there are no such creatures.

the ‘???’ can be any normal creature, including nymphs.
It cannot be flying weapons, a shard golem, or malignant cell.

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Topic: Elements / Easiest way to increase score?

doing the same thing over and over to gain whatever resource you get from that thing in large quantities.

In this game, ‘doing the same thing’ means ‘fighting the same type of opponent’,
and ‘resource’ is electrum, or, in this case, score.

note that this thread is kind of outdated,
as top50 doesn’t exist anymore for quite a while.
platinum is good for score, but not exactly easy.

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Topic: Elements / Those posts that don't need to spam the comment page

most people don’t check the kong forums, and won’t see this.

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Topic: Elements / Ed's quick tutorial for beginners.

‘Lv5’ should be changed to ‘false gods’.
also, here is limitless speed,
and here is the fully upped version.

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Topic: Elements / kongratulations to even more moderators

gz to edcedcedc and physsion, who are now (as of july, 15th) both a moderator of elements’ chatroom, and the forums (here on kong, that is).
now go forth and holy light all dark comments!

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Topic: Elements / The mentor program.

Interested in learning the game?

Hey all.

Recently, the old mentor program got re-launched.
If you’d like to join as an apprentice, make a forum account and post here
If you’d like to join as a mentor, you can join here
note: there are already quite a few mentors.

The mentor program is meant to connect experienced, long-time players (known as ‘mentors’) to new players (known as ‘apprentices’), in order to share experience.
While mentors know what the common pitfalls are, the apprentice chooses what he wants to learn, or know more about. Therefor, the apprentice picks the mentor.

If you are interested in this game, I’d love to see you joining as an apprentice.

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Topic: Elements / Corrupt a Wish, Elements Style

granted, but you somehow managed to use it all on K+
I wish there were (actitve) mods in chat when we need them.

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Topic: Elements / Corrupt a Wish, Elements Style

Granted, but someone found your password and resets your account.

I wish that you’d just continued this thread.

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Topic: Elements / is down.

quote from higurashi, in the comment section:
You may now use to reach the official forum until the domain issue is resolved.

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Topic: Elements / is down.

Hello everybody,

as of right now (april 23th, 11.25 GMT) the forums,
and everything linked to it

It appears that an admin needs to refresh the domain page.
This might be fixed within an hour, but it could also take a while.

I have already PM’d Higurashi and AntiAverage.

EDIT (april 23th, 19.00 GMT)
for now you can use
AntiAverage cannot do anything about the situation, as he is not the owner of the domain.
The owner did get PM’d.

I’ll keep you informed.

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Topic: Elements / any idea on killing FG with a non-upgraded deck?

Originally posted by GIRTHQUAKE:

Trying to suggest that Lionheart decking you out is anything other than these things (against a well built firecell) is nonsense.

This is very, very false.
What happens very often is that lionheart stops quinting it’s creatures,
for the sake of RT’ing them.
If his field is otherwise full, his hand will have filled up to 7 cards,
which means that he succesfully prevented deckout.

From experience I can tell this happens quite often. Not half the time, but still at a decent (35%?) rate.

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Topic: Elements / Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

Originally posted by GIRTHQUAKE:

“not selling rares” is horrible advice because you can not use more than 6 of them… why bother keeping more than 6?

because for tourneys and other events you might need unupped.
So you should keep 12. (with no more than 6 upped).

And no, its not horrible advice. Saying this comes after saying that you should not sell rares.
There is usually a long time between players getting their 1st rare and getting 13 of a single rare.

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Topic: Elements / Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

Originally posted by dawn_to_dusk:

My question, I’m currently working towards upgrading a plat farmer. Considering the amount of purifies in plat, would I be better off making swallow?

better than what? pdials?
note that the 90% countering of pdials-days are over.

I’d like to point out that nearly every common plat-farmer gets countered often.
Swallow has the benefit that it isn’t easy to directly counter.
But from personal experience I can tell it also often loses against decks that don’t counter swallow at all…

So, comparing to other very known plat-farmers, you probably are.

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Topic: Elements / Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

Originally posted by marksingh12345:

i want to upgrade my cards but dont know how to get $1500

1) find yourself a job
2) work for a while
3) don’t spend your $’s
4) after a while you have $1500
5) now you can find out that elements uses instead of $

on a serious note, try to find/make yourself an effective ai3 grinder. Usually rushes work best.
With a decent rush you should be able to make 1500 electrum within an hour.

Another option would be to make an unupped FG farmer; firecell for example.

Also, I’d pay attention to the FG the oracle predicts every day.
Find that FG in this list.
Don’t use the decks listed there; instead, follow the links behind the FG-name.
This will take you to a thread that is all about countering that FG;
for most FG the opening thread contains an unupped deck that works somewhat decent to very good, depending on the FG.
Note that this will require some investing, but a single upped card (you get ~.45-.50 per win from FG) will easily repay the deck;
plus you can use the deck again next time you come accross that FG.

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Topic: Elements / Epic Screenshots Thread!!!!

Originally posted by georgeinator:

Sorry for double post

this is a known ai-quirk.
AI basically plays a singularity if it sees it can cc it immediately;
in this case it probably saw that that minor vamp could devour it.

However, when it gets to the minor vampire, it decides not to use the ability, for whatever reason.

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Topic: Elements / Epic Screenshots Thread!!!!

finally did it.

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Topic: Elements / How do you make use of Shard of Bravery?

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

It draw only 1 card because that’s the amount of free card slots your opponent hand had.

or your own hand.
which brings us to another way to use this card:
you can deckout the opponent more quickly, and even cause deckout if you have less cards in your deck.
This comes with great risks, though.

I figured you’d have asked by now, but the ‘mainstream’ use of this card is in rushes,
in which you generate quanta very fast, preferably by spells rather than permanents.
You are able to play the drawed cards, but the opponent isn’t (yet).

also, note that you can play your new cards before the opponent’s turn, meaning that during your turn you have card advantage, and during opponent’s turn, #cards is equal.

finally, this becomes relatively better against ai with double draw (fg, arena).

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Topic: Elements / Kongratz To our New Elements Chat Moderator

Gz… I guess..
It always feels different talking to a mod,
although talking to it before it was a mod usually helps.

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Topic: Elements / Phase Shift - Counter?

i count BE, poison, deflagration, UG, momentum, SoFo, SoFr, psion and SoW to the direct counters.

more indirect counters:
SoP, sundial, nightmare, RT, silence…

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Topic: Elements / Elements FG killing deck without upgraded cards - is is possible

Originally posted by Crathnax:

that deck sucks, 100% failure rate with false gods.

please specify which deck?
also, realize that you necro’d a thread that was almost a year old.

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Topic: Elements / [challenge]fun for x-mas


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Topic: Elements / [challenge]fun for x-mas

So, it has been a while since a challenge has been posted here.
Therefore, I’m not going to restrict you a lot.


-The challenge is simple: make a fun deck.
-you can go upped or unupped.
-you can go against any ai, or players
-The deck doesn’t have to be effective, but
-It has to work regularly


A title is nice.
It does not matter how you submit your deck.
It is not required, but it would be nice if you included both the code and the image.
one way to achieve the image:
1.) go to
2.) post the code of your deck, and click ‘generate deck image’
3.) copy the url found in ‘image link’ (thanks to antiaverage to modify for this!)
4.) use this format in your post:
![paste url here]!


We’ll start voting on dec, 25, 12.00 GMT.
We’ll end voting on dec, 31, 23.59 GMT.

By all means, continue to post decks.


The reward is that you will feel warm inside, because you gave others a great feeling. If that isn’t enough for you, you will also get worldwide eternal fame, limited to everyone reading this, as long as they can remember it.

Bonus points:

each of the following gives you 0 bonus points.
They are still fun to achieve, though.
-have an x-mas themed deck/title
-give your opponent a present
-don’t use typical ‘fun’ cards1, surprise us.
-make more suggestions

-a typical way to have a deck being funny, is with a failure of the ai.
-(pvp being down kind of destroys this point) getting the opponent to rage quit may be fun, but not if your deck simply counters his. I.E.: not if your deck isn’t designed around having the opponent rage quit.

1 Cards that may get you started:
-parallel universe
-mutation / fallen elf
-fate egg