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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

I disagree about the ‘process all’ button. I can think of circumstances where you would want to process all of one item, but not all the different items that could be processed. A separate button for the latter, added to the top of the window, would be a good idea, though.

I also agree about how cumbersome adding materials to jobs and taking out finished items is. I agree that there should be an ‘add all’ button that lets you try to fill all materials for a fabrication job, though the ability to fill only one material should be preserved, of course.

As for taking out items, it would also be nice if the game remembered how far scrolled down the list you were, because it gets really tedious to take out specific things when you have about 40 entries in the fabricator.

There also needs to be a ‘show only your jobs’ checkbox somewhere on that fabrication interface’.

I’ve noted this in my feedback about recycling already, but please reduce the time salvaging takes. There is no sane reason in the world it should take 8 seconds.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Explosive rocks have a different explosion radius for players and ore blocks: When it comes to hitting rocks, they target a a 5×5 area with the corners cut off, but when it comes to hitting players, they hit the whole 5×5 area, including the corners. Please make this consistent, preferably by making players not get hit if they stand two diagonal squares away.

When I started playing, it was possible to be double-poisoned if you get one poison from oxygen blocks and the other from vitamins. Poison from the same source won’t stack, but from different sources it did. That was pretty long ago, though, and it hasn’t happened to me recently; it may have been fixed in the meantime. Please double-check this for me?

The contracts station near the southwestern mine entrance does not get an aura when moused over, and when I had a bug that kept all interactable objects from showing up, it was still visible (but non-interactable). These two things may be related. You may want to fix this to be consistent with other interactables.

After moving a stack of items out of an inventory square, then walking while keeping the inventory open, the recently vacated square will have numbers in it, which are only visible when the window is half-transparent from moving.
EDIT: Looks like this is fixed.

When mining, my character will now sometimes stop trying to mine where my cursor is pointing, even though I didn’t let go of the mouse button. I have to let go and click again to continue to mine. Maybe this has something to do with that movement delay you introduced?

Having a fabrication job complete while the trade window is open causes it to close; the completion message popup appears to override the in-progress trade. This is very, very bad, and in no way acceptable. Please fix this, and if you can think of other things that could cause the trade window to close without either player’s consent, please fix that as well.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

For some reason, some gems have their borders messed up like this. If I look at my gem storage, a lot of gems look like that. It doesn’t go away if I move them, either.

EDIT: This bug went away the next time I loaded the game, but one of my corp mates reported seeing it a while later. No idea what causes it.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

You can open just your right inventory and double-click what you want to equip. That doesn’t work for unequipping, sadly.

But yeah, some kind of alternate equip set you could switch to with a single button. I could put a full set of gear on it, then use it only for when I really need the extra power and speed. As it is, it’s a little too cumbersome to really switch on the fly like that.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

The Standard Rubinus Fragment has the wrong image. Both in the inventory and in the collection, it uses the same image as the Standard Domarine Fragment. The colors are pretty close, but it’s clearly the same image.

Also, are patch notes going to be up soon? Usually, they should arrive with the changes…

Also also, the /who command doesn’t work anymore. :( Could we please have it back, it was really useful!
EDIT: Thanks! I realize this tool was probably meant for devs, but it’s so useful to find people to team with! Thanks for restoring it!

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

There is a display bug when trying to combine item stacks: If the receiving stack would overfill, the portion of the moving stack that remains shows the addition of both stacks as its quantity until moved.
EDIT: This is fixed.

The text string ‘Personality Back-up Drive x 5’ on Active Contract has a line break in it, the ‘5’ is displayed in the next line. This doesn’t seem necessary, since the text below it is allowed to reach far more into the middle of the screen.

The trade window is broken; it has weird grey areas where the item slots are, and thumbnails fail to be displayed.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

When fusing Tarnished Sapphyrus Fragments into Tarnished Sapphyrus Shards, the wrong item image is displayed:

As you can see, typically, the output item is displayed in the thumbnail, which should be a Tarnished Sapphyrus Shard for the fusion shown above, but it is the image of a Tarnished Sapphyrus Fragment that is shown.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

How do seismic shifts work, anyway? Is it timer-based, or activity-based? I’d really like to know.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Okay, that’ll have to be good enough. I’ll keep trying to get those gems!

Can the game handle the swing having no cooldown? It seems likely that input lag would become a big problem… You could pretty much instantly destroy any rock next to you, but the game sometimes responds slowly to your attempts to target rocks. This would also cause a lot of various skill procs in a very short time, which might be the cause of further lag. There are quite a few things that will cause the game to freeze for a fraction of a second while it catches up. Guess I’ll have to gather the relevant gear, skills and consumables and give it a try.

I bought an outfit, and now when my character select screen loads, the character is shown naked until the clothes graphics load. Maybe you should make it so the character isn’t displayed at all until all the graphics are loaded? This didn’t happen when I was still wearing the orange suit, and it bothers me a little.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Yes, the Wrecked Skean should not have the apostrophe that is currently there. That is why I am pointing it out as a typo. (Since curio items have the same descriptions across rarities, this probably applies to its other two rarities as well).

As for the standard rubinus gems, I understand how the random factors involved in it work. It’s true that my testimony and that of other players having inferior standard rubinus collections is no more compelling than your screenshot. But if it is merely random chance, then I would not expect to see what is a fairly clear pattern, with the majority of players I asked agreeing that their standard rubinus collections is comparatively smaller. Yesterday I asked another person and they reported they get just as much standard rubinus gems as anything else, and that they get their gems mainly from gem cutting. While this does not directly support my case, it fits the pattern I believe I am seeing and is another confirmation that the unrefined gem aspect of it is certainly working correctly.

You sound pretty certain that the code for refined gem drops is alright, but how certain can you be? Did you really double-check it that carefully? There’s probably at least a half-dozen ways it could be broken to produce this result, some of which may not obvious with a cursory glance at the code.

If you did check it over with all due diligence, then I will have to accept your word for now. I will keep trying to get gems until I see a refined standard rubinus gem drop. I shall also keep asking other players I meet about their collections. If the majority of players continue to lag behind in their standard rubinus collections, then there has to be something wrong.

By the way, I have noticed that the game contains enough enough ways to increase mining speed by a total of 100% or more, but I recently learned that mining speed increases are actually a reduction in the time it takes to swing the pick. What happens if I achieve a 100% reduction in swing time, or even exceed that? Is the game prepared for that eventuality? Is there a cap on the maximum achievable swings per second?

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Topic: NovaLode / What to do with chests?

Okay, so advanced gear can be gotten with it. That’s interesting to know. Thanks for the info!

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Topic: NovaLode / Gameplay Tips

The first two skills in Miner Load-Out are your top priority. Once you max both of these, you will have a 5×5 squares special area of effect attack without charge time, which will do 1000% damage in the inner ring and 200% damage in the outer ring. This will vastly improve your mining efficiency. You will find that your picks suddenly last much longer and the amount of ore you can mine before you have to leave due to lack of oxygen will be much higher. You can expect to fill the standard 15kg of your bag without too much trouble.

After this, you want to save up for the chain system, which will increase the XP earned. Once you unlock it, every block of ore you destroy (non-bedrock, non-special rocks) will give you extra XP while the chain lasts. You gain either 10XP or 20XP for each chain counter you accumulate this way. It’s not totally clear to me how chain XP value is calculated; it doesn’t seem entirely consistent to me. but I think it’s higher when you have at least one other teammate.

The Strategist and Dredger subskills are the most important ones to upgrade the chain system further after you buy it. After that, you can buy pretty much whatever you feel like. Ore yields, gear proficiencies, whatever floats your boat. Don’t forget to keep some skill points back to buy the licenses for the lower levels when you find yourself needing them!

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Topic: NovaLode / Beginners Guide

Thanks for this advice, ProspectorSam! It definitely helped me to become rich as well.

I second the advice about active contracts; that’s where the big bucks are. The way I do it is that I keep stacks of materials in my item storage (2 stacks of each, and 4 stacks of novium bars, since a lot more of these are needed). Then I manufacture finished goods more or less on demand, using these materials and immediately starting new material jobs to replenish the piles. The finished goods don’t stack, but as ProspectorSam says, they can be left in the fabricator indefinitely after they finish baking (at least for now).

One problem a new player faces is that they won’t have the standings to buy some of the design blueprints (the green ones) needed to make finished goods for active contracts. You need to be at least Liked by specific companies in order to buy the blueprints, and for some of them, standing is tricky to get.

Daily missions are a limited way to gain standings with these corporations. The lowest tier missions for each corp can be done without any standing requirements and pay out 200 standing for completion, so only 3 of them are needed to advance to Liked status and being able to buy the blueprints. Still, this method relies on the luck of getting the right quests, and it gets rolled only once per day.

Item Contracts are the second method. Turning in finished goods awards 25 standing per item turned in towards the corporation that ordered the items (which is randomly rolled up together with the requested items). This is not much, but these contracts are mainly for earning credits. Still, if the requested item is based on a blueprint you can already buy or an item you have already made, it is worth checking out which company will reward you with standings for turning it in.

Mineral Contracts are the last and best method for gaining standings. Sometimes, contracts will ask for several kilograms of various ores. Turning in these minerals awards a large amount of standings compared to item contracts. Mineral contracts are easy to fill, so they are usually gone very quickly. Mineral contracts are also pretty lucrative; all but the lowest value minerals pay out a lot more compared to mining for power cells. A quick cash injection like this can be especially useful for new players. Once you get an industrial base going, though, it becomes worth considering whether to turn them in as minerals or save them to make stuff with. Turning in several kilos of high level ore gives you a nice amount of credits, but it will stretch a lot further if you do industry with it.

Finally, you can trade with other players for blueprints. If all that’s missing is your ability to buy the blueprint, try to find a player who already has the necessary standing to act as an intermediary. They can buy the blueprint and sell it to you via trade. Don’t hesitate to ask me to do this if you see me around town. I will also perform this service for free, requiring only the original cost of 21,000 for each blueprint. When I started out, there was only a small number of players around, but these days it should be easier to find someone who can do this for you. Being able to do this was what allowed me to progress relatively fast, instead of having to wait for a long time for the right quest to come around.

Some more tips:

The most important skills for your ability to mine and make money off it are the first two skills under Miner Load-Out, Miner Skills and Seismic Pickaxe Proficiency. When you have both these skills maxed, your special skill will be a 5×5 attack without any delay, with 1000% damage in the inner ring and 200% damage in the outer ring. This will vastly improve your ability to mine, and help you leave behind those early days where you barely mine enough to break even before your pickaxe breaks. After that, you’ll want to buy the chain system to increase your XP gain. Strategist and Dredger are the most important of the sub-skills in that category. After that, you can pretty much pick what you like. Ore yields, gear proficiencies, whatever floats your boat. I guess the license skills needed to enter deeper mine levels are worth a mention, too. You probably want to buy these early on, and maybe keep some points back while saving up for the big purchases, so you can quickly buy them if an opportunity appears and jump in.

Team up with other players! It carries no penalty or obligation, so there’s no need to decline invitations from random strangers unless you already have buddies you want to team up with. While you are in a team with someone and that person is on the same floor, they will contribute to your destroy-type quests (such as “Destroy 250 Bedrock” or “Destroy 5 Gem Rocks”). If you have the chain system, they will also contribute to your chains with their mining (and you to theirs), significantly improving your XP gain from chains. It also seems like the amount of XP gained per chain count is higher if you have at least one other teammate. If you find yourself impatient about getting skill points faster, teaming up is a great way to improve your XP gain once you have the chain system unlocked.

More to come

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Topic: NovaLode / Upcoming Features

I’m actually pretty well satisfied with what options the game gives you to manage your company and its members. The freedom to define roles with various permissions and name these as you like is very much appreciated. I’m looking forward to how you plan to improve the already very nice company management. What I’d like is the ability to re-order the members in the corp list – currently they are listed in the order in which they joined, and it doesn’t seem like that can be changed.

What companies really need is more of a purpose than +5% XP, the ability to use corp chat and see each other’s online status and location (though these are very useful things). I’m looking forward to this planned new content as well!

As for new blood, I think that part has been achieved :). Now if you guys can get this lag problem under control, you are set!

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Typo: The text for the Ikaris Spurs gear item has ‘heal’ instead of ‘heel’.

Typo: The text for the Wrecked Skean curio item (and presumably its other two rarities) has “it’s” instead of “its”.

The description for the Ikaris Spurs gear skill says 115% speed, 120% speed and 125% speed respectively for skill levels 1, 2 and 3, but the Ikaris Spurs item itself says 20% increase in speed. How does this work? Is the skill boost extra and they add or multiply, or will the game actually penalize me if I upgrade to level 1?

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Topic: NovaLode / What to do with chests?

3 keys for 7 udarniks could be a decent deal, or not – it all depends on what you can get from the lockboxes. If udarniks could be obtained through grinding, I would buy some keys and do some testing, but for now, udarniks are too limited a resource for me to want to risk them an uncertain thing like that.

I had kinda hoped that the number of udarniks would increase as you keep punching in, but it didn’t. I also initially thought that using them to buy power cells might be worthwhile, but not at a 1:1 ratio. 1 Udarnik for 5 or 10 power cells might be worthwhile deal, though.

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Topic: NovaLode / Recycling useless?

Having played more, I have come to the conclusion that the recycling feature is nice in theory, but useless in practice. The amount of ore recovered from salvaged picks, vibro-cores and plasma tips is small, and the portion of that which consists of real ore (as in, excluding the trash ores Aggregate, Rock Salt and Pyrite) is tiny. And it seems to get even tinier as we move down the list of ores towards those that can be found only deeper into the mine.

So, as a source of difficult-to-get ores recycling is completely useless, and as a source of easy-to-get ores it does not yield enough to usefully contribute to what you get from other sources. Often you get enough trash ores to almost cover the 250 credits recycling fee, but frequently you do not. Depleted equipment items are definitely not worth hanging onto if your inventory is full and you are thinking about throwing away stuff to make room because you are going to be in the mine for a while longer.

The recycling feature is nice as an idea, but as it is currently implemented, it has a negligible effect, both for new and old players.

EDIT: Also, is the 8 second duration really necessary? Please reduce it to five seconds like all the other in-town services. 5s is more than enough to abort in case of error.

Please chime in with your own opinions and/or experiences!

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

12medallion, there are two main sources of gems:

Unrefined gems: These drop mostly from gem rocks which start to appear on floor 3 and lower, as well as less commonly from some other sources like mystery rocks or hidden stashes (I haven’t been keeping track that closely on their specific source. These unrefined gems only have a color attribute, but no size and rarity attribute. They stack up to 5 per inventory square and can be cut at the Gem Cutter into actual gems with size, color and rarity attributes. They have a low-ish but decent chance to turn into surprisingly large gems. Currently, it seems like all size/color/rarity combinations can be gotten through gem cutting, definitely including standard rubinus gems of varying sizes. At least I have not noticed anything wrong or suspicious in my gem cutting results (since that yellow gem bug a while earlier got fixed, anyway). The largest gem I have observed from gem cutting so far is size 7.

Refined gems: These gems are already cut, as in, they already possess size, color and rarity attributes. These come either mainly or exclusively from destroying blocks in the mine, including bedrock and all ore types. If a problem exists with standard rubinus gem generation, its cause is located here. I have observed all other color gems being generated this way, but not standard rubinus gems of any size.

I cannot accept the single statistical sample that your screenshot represents as proof (or even compelling evidence) that both of the gem generation methods mentioned above are working as intended. If I had been just a little more dedicated about getting unrefined gems in general, a little luckier in getting unrefined rubinus gems (as opposed to other unrefined gem colors) or a little luckier in what size and rarity gem they turn into when cut, my collection would probably look like yours. It is easily possible (and in fact I believe this to be the case) that my meager collection of standard rubinus gems comes entirely from unrefined rubinus gems which I then cut at the Gem Cutter in town.

All corporation members I have asked so far have confirmed that their standard rubinus portion of the gem collection lags behind both other rubinus rarities as well as most different gem color collections. For some, the difference is pronounced, for others less so. Personally, I get the majority of my gems as already refined gems; I imagine this is the same for many of my compatriots. This, combined with the distinct lack of standard rubinus gems of any size accumulating in my item storage leads me to believe there is something wrong with already-refined standard rubinus gem generation. I could imagine they either are generated as some other color and/or rarity (though I haven’t noticed getting “too much” of any other gem type), or they simply fail to be generated. I don’t know how exactly already-refined gem generation is governed by the game, so I can’t really speculate about the cause any more clearly than this.

If you want to disprove my claims and alleviate my concerns, please verify that already refined standard rubinus gems (especially specks, since those should be the most common) can be obtained from mining bedrock and ores. If you can do that, then I shall be forced to concede that I and the other players I have asked about this have simply been unlucky.

All this also assumes that all color gems are intended to be (at least roughly) equally likely to be generated, compared to other color gems of the same size and rarity. If this is not the case, please let me know.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Hello 12medallion, thanks for the responses!

About the standard rubinus gems, other players have confirmed my suspicions. I have asked several of my buddies about their gem collections, and it turns out their standard rubinus collections lag behind the other two rarities (border types) as well. Is it intended for this rarity/color combination to be harder to find than all the others, perhaps only through gem cutting of unrefined gems? Unless that is actually the case, I am not convinced, despite your assurances, that everything is working as it is supposed to in this regard.

Something else: Currently, double-clicking on equipped items in the character sheet doesn’t unequip them. To be consistent, it should do that, the same way as double-clicking an equipment item in the inventory equips it on your character.

As far as the chat interface / focus stealing thing goes, I understand that you guys have different levels of priority for different things, but I want to warn you not to neglect things like this too much. From what I have heard and seen, developers in general tend to like to focus on new content over fixing old problems, and I agree that this game actually needs more reason to keep playing once you have progressed enough to make earning more credits a secondary concern. But basic usability is key. Tiny frustrations like this one that people are confronted with over and over are at least equally problematic when it comes to retaining players and keeping them happy.

You guys have fixed quite a few of the usability problems I have pointed out so far, so don’t take this as criticism. But I hope you will keep this point in mind when working out your priorities.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

Originally posted by SadCookieCat:

The town area is something of an irritation. It is far too large and spread out meaning that to actually do anything involves a great deal of running about and fumbling around in various passageways, which is really not very fun at all.

Speaking of which – the controls are really quite unresponsive. I’ve not been playing long and I’ve already been blown up by a rock and crushed by a seismic thing due to the pot-luck nature of pressing a movement key and wondering if my dude will move, this time. Getting caught on rocks is another frustrating thing that seems to happen quite a bit.

The mine “map” such as it is, is rather confusing. The exit marker should be a different colour at the very least.

There’s poison everywhere, and absolutely zero you can do about it beyond smack vitamin blocks and pray to the rng. There really needs to be an antidote available, and maybe even some form of mitigation you can obtain….

Clothes. What do they do? Nothing. So what’s the point. Seemingly none whatsoever. Maybe it could be worth looking into giving the various lines of clothing a bonus to one or two aspects of play? Like having one line specialise in physical protection, and another in environmental protection, and yet another in speed/strength. And maybe give an extra bonus for wearing a complete set etc. Nothing revolutionary, but a bit more fun than “because dress up”.

A setting to enable/disable movement via the mouse. As it is horribly quirky and I end up running around all over the place when I’m just trying to hit a rock.

I agree with much of this. I don’t mind the town that much, really, but how long it takes to get where you need to go does get tedious. Could you add a movement speed bonus that is permanently active while in town, maybe +50% or +100% while on the main roadways?

The lag is another good point. Over the last week or so a lot more players have joined the game, and that seems to have a severe impact on playability. Yesterday I have spent time almost being unable to mine anything or get out of the way of exploding rocks, because the game just would not react to input. Even in town, it’s very bad during peak times. A major problem is how even the chat interface becomes less responsive. If 10-15 people idling around town can bring the game to its knees like this, you have a lot of work to do, because this simply will not do.

The biggest problem I see with the mine map is how icons overlap and make the distance numbers illegible. You should implement a way to have specific labels become visible by blocking out other nearby stuff on mouseover, or something like that. Different font colors for players and exits sounds like a good suggestion as well.

I support the idea of an antidote item. Why is something like that not in the game already? That would definitely be worth a belt slot. Speaking of belt slots… could you let us upgrade the number of belt slots? Buy extra empty belt slots via credits? It would be nice to be able to carry more consumables without them taking up valuable loot space.

I also support some kind of damage mitigation skills, for poison and maybe other damage sources, too. I don’t really get why I am vulnerable to poison, anyway, since I always wear my yellow environmental suit and oxygen mask into the mines. Does it seep into the skin, or something?

Tenacity kind of sucks. +10% damage doesn’t do much, and the duration is kinda short, too? Could you increase the effect to 25%? That would have a noticeable effect, because it would let you destroy bedrock in two hits without requiring other strength boosts. For the short duration it currently lasts, I believe that would be fair.

Agreed about the clothes issue. Clothes need to either do something, or be possible to store without taking up regular item storage (see the ‘Locker Room’ idea outlined in one of my earlier posts). Playing dress-up is fine and good even if clothes do nothing, but not if it comes at the expense of my ability to play the game, which is what cluttering up my item storage with useless clothes would do. I now have enough research merits and standing to buy the costume of my choice, but I don’t want to because I’d have to permanently dedicate three of my item storage spots to saving the prosponaut jumpsuit I started the game with. I can’t throw it away because if I do, it doesn’t look like I can get it back. The point of dress-up is having a wardrobe to switch and play around with outfits, right?

The same thing applies to other newly introduced items, like the pet drones. As you add more of these kinds of item to the game, the more you force us players to choose between sacrificing item storage for these collectibles or leaving them alone. The current item limit of 100 squares is just barely enough for players who don’t indulge in useless frippery. 60 of my item storage spots are dedicated to gem storage, and soon that won’t be enough anymore. ~30 spots are needed for industry; these hold material stockpiles and finished goods. This leaves only a tiny portion of the item storage as really free to choose what to do with it. Have you considered increasing the maximum limit to which item storage can be upgraded? You could add pages or something.

Finally, optionally disabling mouse movement is a very good idea. Adding such an option should be very simple, and would solve most of my issues with the controls. Please do this.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

When you are typing in chat, and someone tries to trade with you, focus is stolen from chat, leading to unexpected behavior, such as inadvertent movement or item use. Not to mention you are interrupted in typing your message. It would be nice if the game didn’t do that. The same issue might apply to other user interface windows that can suddenly appear.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Agreed, only healing and movement items should be usable in town, and transferring should have priority over consuming. It is still possible to accidentally waste belt items in town while the trade window is open. Please fix that.

For some reason, I am getting almost no standard (yellow-bordered) rubinus (red) gems. I think I may have gotten all the standard rubinus gems in my collection from gem cutting, with no random drops. I currently have no standard rubinus gems in storage, which is not true of any other color/rarity combination. My collection of standard rubinus gems is far behind that of other red gem rarities and most if not all other gem color/rarity combinations. I think the drop rates might be nonexistent or borked. Please verify that everything is working as intended when it comes to standard red gems.

This seems so obvious that I haven’t yet brought it up explicitly, but as you stay on the mine floor, the game begins to lag, and the longer you stay, the worse it gets. Returning to town or logging out / going to the character select screen and back into the game resets the problem (until the lag builds up again), but this is nevertheless a severe problem. This issue is probably already on your radar, but I want to confirm this. Please reassure me this is being worked on.

When a pick (or other equipment item) runs out of durability, sometimes, on unequipping it, it turns out that it isn’t actually depleted. Sometimes, there is a surprising amount of durability left on these items that the game just claimed were depleted. It is to the player’s benefit, but it is rather confusing, and the game offers no explanation for this behavior. It does not seem like it is intended. I believe it might be related to the intended behavior of item durability being reduced by the player taking damage. It seems possible that this amount of durability that is deducted when the player is damaged somehow ends up being restored when the item is unequipped. But that is just a hypothesis that I have not gathered any supporting evidence for. Despite the potential savings under the current system, I think it would be nice that if the game said an item is depleted, that this is actually true.

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Topic: NovaLode / Bugs

Originally posted by Quizer:

I’m noting that the whole game seems a lot less responsive. If I’m mining something with a lot of HP like a stash or a gem rock, my hit rate (the actual on-screen swings, not the value in the character sheet) is extremely erratic. This is the case regardless of whether the Mining Blitz buff triggers or not. Also, sometimes when I use my 5×5 attack, rocks half a screen behind me explode, where I was standing three seconds ago. Maybe these issues can be blamed on the general internet woes that seem to be going around, but if it doesn’t go away soon, you might need to get that looked at.

Okay, this was my own fault; another program was choking my bandwidth. Just ignore this part :P
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Topic: NovaLode / Game Update #8

Same here… Can’t say I’m too impressed with the recycling feature so far (sample size too small, need to sacrifice more picks to it), but it’s something. Now, if the game actually differentiated between busted and intact picks properly… If you have a depleted pick and a fresh one in inventory, the game will cheerfully let you salvage them both.

As for the decision to make the ‘open corp’ feature opt-out, I have to object to that in the most strenuous of terms. Such things should always, always be opt-in. I’m sure I’m not the only person who doesn’t appreciate logging into the game and finding their corp infiltrated by random people off the street during their absence. Yes, the corp owners retain full control (if they haven’t modified the lowest rank to have promotion / demotion permissions), but it’s still pretty high-handed to decide this over our heads. I for one am not amused.

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Topic: NovaLode / Suggestions

Agreed, the number of power cells needed for unlocking could be scaled with the (average?) number of players that are / have been around recently. I have been thinking frequently about how the game economy wasn’t designed with the current small player base in mind. Currently, to reach level 7/8 and get your hands on the rarest ore types, you need to hoard your power cells for a long time, or coordinate with other players (of whom there aren’t too many around at any one time).

Also, this game really needs more things to sink credits into. If you make the active conctract system work for yourself, you can generate a lot of money, but currently the only thing you can spend large sums of money on is expanding the mineral storage. Which loses its urgency after a certain point. There kind of needs to be more things to spend credits on for permanent improvement. You could always make mineral/item storage for carrying expandable through credits (1M per upgrade?), though I can understand if you want that to remain a premium feature.