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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Submit artwork for the game here!

Originally posted by ChaosII7:

Congrats, tukkun. You really have an amazing thing here. I can almost not believe the amount of effort that has gone into this game, or the amount of time people spend playing it. ;)

Here’s a celebratory Cakehammer.

runs back into the woodwork


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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [to Devs] Conquest FP

Originally posted by TheGil:

i say there is a simple solution for this,
devs would say: who ever swap tile will be banned for 1 week, first offence:leader, second: leader+officers third: the entire faction.
problem solved :)
also: devs would say: holding defence loses on tiles are not allowed, in this case a fix should be occur, players wont be able to fight a deck until the last player finished the fight, or 10-5 minuths have past
also: devs would say and fix: 6 hours cd is 6 hour cd, whoever invade before his cd over, faction lose 3 tiles and cant invade for 72 hours. (from what i heard lots of players complain this happend when they check cd, a solution to that- check when you start your invasion on faction info and add 6 hours-pretty simple right?)

MR. synapticon, to your attention please
any other problems?

1. How will devs know if tiles are being swapped?
2. …
3. Which 3 tiles?

Mind making your posts less of a text wall?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Suggestions

Originally posted by wardy87:

i was thinking of this last night, and i feel this has probably been suggested before, but wouldn’t it be great if we could create our own tournaments? you could set the min/max number of players, whether it was public or by invite only, the entrance fee/prize, you could probably even do different types of tournaments eg knockout, round robin, or the points system we have now, and you could set the time limit. you could even put other restrictions, such as a limit on the number of copies of a single card you can have to prevent spamming, or even not allowing specific cards or packs.

i realise there may be good reasons that we cannot something like this, i don’t know enough about these things to know whether this is actually viable or not, but i like the thought.

When designing, think like a cheater. You could just make a private tourney, get some alts, and invite the alts only so you get the alts gold.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [LDV] Universal Nuclear holocaust/snow cone POLL

Originally posted by Mosfet:

I started to wonder whether this topic has a hidden meaning about conquest. Snow cones might refer to the top 20-ish staying on the conquest map and maybe the extension of it, while the second might have the reference to reset the whole map.

Well then, that was smart.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Conquest Poll

Originally posted by hash_tagger:

Yes but go further and lessen the amount of tiles that any 1 faction can have and make the map bigger. Way bigger while allowing players to hit anywhere on the map as a first tile instead of just the borders. End tile swapping and lets change from squares to octagons. Finally, something will have to be done to address the issue that everyone on tiles has Diodes and Transistors and with the influx of new players with zero tiles, these factions have a lot of catching up to do just to hold on to the few tiles they’ll be able to get.

PS, release a new reward card commemorating the new tile update. Thanks!

+1 to this.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Poll Poll

XD I also saw a petition to stop petitions on the DoTD forum, which is kind of useless like this thread. But, yes!

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Faction Recruitment Thread

Looking for a faction, currently level 7. Have damascus blade and omega, but I don’t really think it’s a big deal. I’m active at least 5 times a week, will participate in faction wars actively.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Universal Shard rate/cost poll


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Topic: Game Programming / How to print lines slowly in Java?(and a few other questions)

bump Answer please? :P

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Topic: Game Programming / PGGC #3: Theme selection

Functional Circuits
Internal Electrionics / Microchips

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Topic: Game Programming / How to print lines slowly in Java?(and a few other questions)

AKA, it prints a line, waits for a sec or so, then prints another line.

As for the other questions..

If I don’t make a GUI, is it possible to change the BG color? aka to black?
How do I change the text color?
EDIT: Also, how do I change the font size?
Thanks in advance.

P.S I use Netbeans.

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Topic: Game Programming / API Documentation

sorry for the necro, I didn’t want to make a new thread for such a small question..

How do you implement the API using javascript? I use Netbeans, if that helps.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Biggest Tyrant's Pyramide Evah!!

Originally posted by ElMoldovan:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:
Originally posted by Malutor:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:
Originally posted by Malutor:

Originally posted by OOHnirav:

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Originally posted by Bascule2000:

Just think, if the tyrant mods had lived in ancient egypt, some of the greatest structures in the ancient world would never have been built.

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Topic: Game Programming / A question for Java programmers

I guess injections could be pretty dangerous o.O But I don’t think most people will care to do that to a simple useless text game o.O

Ty strumpetdreams and silkenshadow. One very last question.. where would be the file be stored?

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Topic: Game Programming / A question for Java programmers

Thanks! But it would be a bit too hard to put the code into the game, since it means I would have to change a lot of things. Any way to put my database(with variables inside) into a textfile and load it later?

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Topic: Game Programming / A question for Java programmers

Ow. I don’t really get it, guess I’ll just not make the save system :/ Guess I’ll have some revision to do….

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Topic: Game Programming / A question for Java programmers

Um.. but I’m just a beginner o.O But yeah, I was trying to find a save system.

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Topic: Game Programming / A question for Java programmers

How do I make Java store variables and load them? Kinda like a save game?
BTW, the game I am making is a 100% text game.
Thanks in advance. :)

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Topic: General / Idea for update

Originally posted by Necrotech_Master:
Originally posted by olinn:
Originally posted by Goontra:

How about achievements for getting the same loot?

- Get 10.000 Dueling daggers for 5 AP
- Get 50.000 Dueling daggers for 10 AP


( Amounts might need some tweeking..)

On behalf of the Honor Guard,


use lower numbers and only apply that to non-bazaar available items and i’d agree with this.

seconded, more sources of AP always nice

Yeah, great idea, and @ olinn, maybe make it so that just raid loot counts

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Topic: General / More stat points

um,what? i have never bought pc, lvl 100+ and can do 300k with a 20 stam hit. And my lsi is 7 with 0.7 bsi o.O

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Topic: General Gaming / Toribash

Anyone play this? It’s a multiplayer fighting game which you can tear off the enemies limbs :D

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Topic: General / Event Raid Timing

Originally posted by christopherrocs:

what raid are you guys talking about?

Best. Post. Ever.

WR= world raid, happens around once every few months.
ER= event raid(a.k.a zombie raid for halloween)

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / I losed items

Originally posted by Eliteirizz:

Orginally posted by Wolfy000:

Post it from the forum

Originally posted by Eliteirizz:

orginal post it from forum . not in kongregate rotmg forum i get wrong grammar at the top one .

you dont know how to edit?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Bring Down Kabam

rebuild? Hah, like you can code. Anyways, Kabam’s updates are good, and with more user content implented, it’s getting better and better.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Kabam Spoils the fun

Uh, seriously, what is wrong with your caps, death?
Anyways, about your COLOR argument….
READ this.

Originally posted by Thenumbers:

Originally posted by msellers

Redesigned Fame: “Now with real meaning” – and with more and better things you can use it for. The goal here is that pretty much anything you can purchase with Gold you should be able to purchase with Fame instead..

So, you can now buy colors with fame. And pets too, which used to cost GOLD which you need RL money to buy.

EDIT: meh, i did the formatting wrong, whatever who cares