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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / The Splinter War event gives more points to higher-level players

I’m level 74, getting 15 base points for a win.
So at my level I can fight a lot of gauntlet spam or other strong decks with all type of cards (a lot of players within my range have already finished the missions).
All I can see here is that fighting all the players including the higher ones (I already fight them during wars anyway) will not really increase the difficulty, but it will certainly increase the points I may get. That only seems unfair for me. I’m just struggling during this event, and I’ll only be able to claim the two last rewards.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dragon Lord is recruiting (french and english guild)

Just a little update / juste une nouvelle précision :

We are able to defeat Rhal even in NM now. So we can do any of the guild raid, in any difficulty.
Nous avons battu Rhal en difficulté NM désormais, nous somme capable de réussir n’importe quel raid de guilde, à n’importe quelle difficulté.

And we are still looking for new members, all levels are welcome !
Et nous somme toujours à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs, tous les niveaux sont bienvenus !

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Dragon Lord is recruiting (french and english guild)


We are recruiting all active players (you don’t need to log every day, a constant progression is all what we hope for), their isn’t any level requierement.
We don’t pretend to be one of the strongest (we play more softly), but we’d like to be able to kill Rhal in NM difficulty and to keep a nice and motivated ambiance in the guild.
We have some guild raids up all the time, few lvl 500+, some players online many times each days, and it will be a pleasure to welcome new people.

In the hope of welcoming you, have a nice day ;)


Nous sommes à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs actifs (aucune pression pour être là constamment, nous souhaitons juste une progression constante au fil du temps). Il n’y a pas de niveau requis pour être accepté.
Nous jouons simplement chacun son rythme, mais nous souhaitons devenir capable de pouvoir battre Rhal en difficulté NM grace à quelques nouveaux membres, ainsi que garder une ambiance agréable et dynamique au sein de la guilde.
Nous avons des raids de guilde constamment accessible, quelques joueurs lvl 500+, plusieurs qui se connectent régulièrement chaque jours, et nous serions ravis d’accueillir quelques joueurs de plus.

Dans le souhait de vous accueillir, bonne journée ;)