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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] All About Mounts

Bottom left. CHOCOBO!!!

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Topic: Wartune / lvl 55 PVP set

How strong is the set and what bonuses does it give lol

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Topic: Wartune / [Guilds] Guild Recruitment Thread


PST I think. ( The main one with Boobier.)

None, we have no requirements but we do like active players lol.

We are the 20 best guild on the main server. (Which is really good)
Are extremely helpful and patient. I joined 10 days ago and I’ve learned so much and they always join my Hall of Heroes and Arena even though I’m around 5-11 lvls below them. (I’m lvl 33)
Really Nice :P
Usage of Balens for early cooldowns
Level 3 shop. Level 4 Skill tower. Level 6 Altar. Level 7 Vault and Level 7 Guild. (By the time you are reading things it will have risen significantly.
Please join us and we will become the strongest guild on Wartune!
Contact: MoleculeMan, Dachi, Lolas, Ryuchi or me, Jakib.
Immortals forever :P

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Topic: CS Portable / Titan Legion Clan [CLOSED]

CS Portable Name : JakibI
Age : 12
Rank : I think 2
AWP Skill 8-9
Server playing on : USA usually
K 146 D 98
I had to restart my K/D ratio. If it didn’t restart it would be around K 1200-1500 and D 300. One last thing please don’t base my maturity on my age. :)