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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

libertas (idle gold bonus when not clicking) does not work

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Kings and Legends Maintenance September 11th, 2013 6PM PDT - 10PM PDT

i have been logged in for 30 minutes, what are you guys talking about?

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Kid Week

Originally posted by qyayqi:

add seed drops to map bosses, and you have something everyone can enjoy. spenders can go for instant gratification with bought seeds, non-spenders can grind a map boss for seeds. you could flip all the negative comments with one change. just one change.

sigh yeah, i know. you’ll forward this idea to the devs. and nothing will change. poop.

Originally posted by longnight:

This is not the kind of event that brings in players or gets them to stay.

It could have been fun if we could grind for the seeds, as Q suggests, but you don’t mention it. Most of us don’t consider a chance to spend $$$ as a “real” event.


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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (April 11th)

lolololololol………….. literally a year too late….. good response time COG

so glad i quit this nonsense

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Feature] "Clash of the Titans”

Originally posted by DaemonVower:

Not that it really matters, since prices have massively increased since we got those EP so our old EP is worth half what it was before in real terms. And the jankass Title system means we couldn’t buy anything anyway, since I get 500 EP in a day and somehow still regress to Private.

you guys need to learn from the goals bug….. you can whine its a problem for everyone or just private message cog

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Topic: Call of Gods / Experience Cards

hmmm. i imagine since Call of Gods is not adding any original content, they copied it directly from other games, which mean dungeons only…. i think you got lucky that it worked in the abyss

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Topic: Call of Gods / Need Help?

i know this is a crazy idea and will be extremely difficult for those of you still around…. but try to not log in to cog for a week, maybe two weeks…. you will feel much better.

after a week or so, you might still log on daily to say hi to all your “friends” and check in, collect alliance rewards (can’t miss those dungeon keys), run a few arenas to get into the tourney.

after a month or so, you might be down to logging in once a week, if that to say hi(if anyone is even still around) and do some basic quick stuff check rankings, to see that your number 1 ranking has finally been beat after 6 months….

and hopefully in the future you will see COG for it masochistic ways and you will find peace (or another better game to play)

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Rush to Rank

been going on now for over a year, horrible customer service.

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

the mage talent “focus” says that is is rage reduction of 50%, but it is only reduce rage cost by 30%

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Topic: Wartune / Bug or Gltch or WHat

Originally posted by Fardeen11:

Um I just wanted to post that it was mentioned in the forum that 1-3 ores would drop from each box but I have opened 5 unrefined ore boxes so far and only 1 refined ore has dropped from each and the refined ore box which I opened had only 1 Pristine Ore In it,I am sure that my luck isnt THAT bad,hopefully this is also some bug or something which u can fix.

your luck is that bad, but it is a “weighted 1-3.” they don’t have the same odds to get a 1,2, or 3… it is more like 80% chance to get 1, 17% chance to get 2, and 3% chance to get 3.

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Originally posted by WhoopieBurger:
Originally posted by extelon:

Save $0.10 on buying 10 whips!


Save $1.50 on buying 50 whips!

Save? Booster pack 2 is rubbish.

50 mounts whips with package = 50 X 35 = 1750
Package with level 3 gem = 1899.

You are paying 149 for a gem 3 that not everyone want or need since u get so much from completing cata level 100.

Bad package if u only want whips.

lol, that is right…. stupid late night mathematics. both packs are crap though… even if you need/want gems also

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Topic: Wartune / Wartune Activities for 01/10/2013

Save $0.10 on buying 10 whips!


Save $1.50 on buying 50 whips!

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Wartune January Events!

Originally posted by Wredniak:
Originally posted by Lifeisacarride:
Originally posted by KnowingEyes:

Rule the Battleground!

1/13 0:00 – 1/20 23:59

Kill players in the battleground x 3

Show your enemies who’s boss of the battleground! Defeat any three players in the battleground and you will receive Unrefined Ore Box x1. This quest may be completed once per day.


  • Unrefined Ore Box x 1

This hardly seems fair, in 40-60 BG, the opposite team doesn’t always have someone you can kill (or if they do, they hide in spawn or are targeted incessantly like the rest of us low levels and hard to get to.)

Yes, Dryad buff helps, but you can face an entire opposing team that is too powerful to out-Dryad before they hit 5k points, due in part to respawn timers.

I think this supposedly “non-cash” event does not favor level 40’s who don’t cash, and that the kills needed to complete each day should be lowered.

Example; yesterday there was only one person I could kill, even though I had a 80% dryad buff (facing level 59+ isn’t amusing), and they were hiding behind their teams guardians, hooray for being hunted down like cattle for easy honor.

I think 3 is doable, for example some of my guildies when on low health choose to die to their own mates over random enemy ^^

lol in a fight to 5k points, you could rack up aMASSIVE dryads if you never win

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Topic: Wartune / exploiter

Originally posted by thortag:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

as you can now clearly see, he is level 39 with level 6 orange astros, screenshots provided.

lol, he is a moron using those rings

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Topic: Wartune / some freaking character in chinese server

Originally posted by dajaney:

Wonder if we will ever get any of that stuff, at least this year. I feel like such an abandoned child playing on Kong :(
Time to learn Chinese and start playing over there LOL.

lol, you would be soooo far behind. not fun at all

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] 01/09/2013 Wartune Server Maintenance

Originally posted by R2_Wartune:

Wartune’s weekly Maintenance will be occurring for all other servers on Wednesday, January 9th @ 9:00 PM for US East Servers, 6:00 PM for US West Servers, 2:00 AM on 01/10 for Europe Servers, and 10:00 AM for Oceanic Servers. Maintenance is expected to take 6 – 8 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any changes or status updates concerning the Maintenance.

so right before guild war starts…. good plan

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Topic: Wartune / A couple simple tips most do not know about!

Originally posted by relict7:
Originally posted by SouthernJustice:

Instead of just blitzing away your stamina all at once, do it one at a time to complete multiple “Kill x number of monster” bounties.

Or after mp dungeon, with exp scroll bonus.

ya, you can always re-enter campaigns w/o stamina to complete the “kill X number of monster” bounties.

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Topic: Wartune / Battlegorund

Originally posted by mgneutron:

I was thinking..can the number of battleground fights be increased to say 50?…If you agree please add your opinions.

this thread does not make any sense…. battlegrounds aren’t limited to fights…. Arena and team Arena are limited. I am assuming you mean team arena. and 30 is enough.

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] 01/05/2012 Emergency Server Maintenance @ 2:30 AM PST

Originally posted by matheusmalbr10:

01/05/2012 Emergency Server Maintenance @ 2:30 AM PST. 2012!?!??!?!

try reading the thread…. it helps

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Bugs

Originally posted by Kotan:

Lost in the wild:

We have lost the little Kotan wo was traveling in the wilds of server 4. Her mother keeps calling her next to the city but no matter how long she waits she will never appear. Her mother is very anxious that she cannot plunder hostile cities or invade gold mines without her. If anyone finds her, please bring her back where she should always be when entering the wilds : Next to her hometown!

+ just a suggestion like that… maybe a button somewhere when in the wild to get your character teleported back to town (free) or to any unhabited city (at a little gold/voucher cost)?

Edit: after 1 hour calling her she finally appeared out of nowhere. Must have been trapped by a range of mountains, a forest or some dangerous wild beasts. She won’t speak of her adventure which must have been quite shocking.

The suggestion still makes sense since I think no one wants to wait more than 1 hour to see his/her avatar come back from where he/her had left it at the start of the day.

dumb…but b/c server is down i can’t post a picture for you with a sarcastic comment pointing out that they do have a button “return” that automatically brings back your hero to your castle(for free) and another button “hero” that focuses the screen on your hero in the wild.

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Topic: Wartune / invited by people blacklisted

does blacklisting do anything?

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Topic: Wartune / no lvl 50-59 bracket in bgs?

Originally posted by KnowingEyes:
Originally posted by JuggaloMole:
Originally posted by KnowingEyes:

Also, I can confirm that AFKing has a new counter.

what do you mean?

Q: Under what circumstances players will be kicked out of the battlefield?
A: When a player within five minutes of the battlefield integral does not change, will be removed by the system to the battlefield (the effect of the same active exit).

Not sure what the context of ‘integral’ is here but it appears players will have to do something every five minutes.

looks like the “integral” points are the point required to win (5000 integral points win (and ends) the bg)

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] New Year's Payment Pack

I didn’t receive my recharge pack-

Server 1
Ingame name: extelon

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Topic: Wartune / [Info] Suggestions (#2)

add an option to 1)reject invite 10 levels below or 2) reject invite for no experience in mp

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Topic: Wartune / invited by people blacklisted

people can still invite you, even though they are blacklisted