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Topic: Game Programming / Flash v Unity v HTML5 v ???

Originally posted by truefire:

The technical debt had nothing to do with the use of the tools. It had to do with picking the system with less potential (Whether the tools are better or worse)

You do have a point there with cross-platform development.

Oh, ok. I guess I just didn’t understand where you came to the conclusion that Flash had more potential.

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Topic: Game Programming / Flash v Unity v HTML5 v ???


Even if Stage3D is superior in capabilities, it won’t make Unity obsolete. Lots of developers use Unity for it’s cross-platform capabilities across consoles, mobiles and PCs. So for a different tier of developers, who want to be able to develop for the web and other platforms, no matter what Adobe does, Unity is still a viable option.

Also, regarding tools and technical debt. Having tools to speed up development for certain developers doesn’t necessarily mean that these tools must be used. So I’m not sure Unity’s neat, but optional, tools qualify as technical debt. The same logic could be applied to the Flash IDE.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why, in your hypothetical example, you make it sound like an upgrade to Unity would be such a preposterous thing. Isn’t that what they’ve done multiple times since they introduced Unity?

All in all, I don’t see why they can’t co-exist.

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Topic: General Gaming / MochiAds Flash Game Contest

The contest has ended, btw.