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Topic: Serious Discussion / Explain the logic in BELIEVING in god

God has got very little to do with logic. What has logic got to do with faith? You can have faith in God or not. Is there any faith in logic? Maybe on some philosophical grounds.

If you’re on a boat or ship at sea in a hurricane and it started to sink, it would be logical to pray to God to show you the shortest path to the life jackets, while you where trying to be calm while other people are screaming around you. You could also stop everything you’re doing, take a few deep breaths, count to three, and then start screaming along with every body else.

On the philosophical side of things, belief in God might be a cultural habit which brings your community/family together and keeps your elders happy,,, or something like that. Who in their right mind (not on drugs; suffering a mental disorder) would stand up in the middle of a church gathering/religious event and scream ‘I DON"T BELIEVE IN GOD!!’. That wouldn’t be logical.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are Aliens and UFO's Real?

how do you know they even exist?

That’s for me to know and for you to find out. I don’t have to prove anything.


micro-electronics, for general use;
fiber optics, when we start using gravitational engines they will make micro-electronics fail. Gravity effects electron behavior but doesn’t effect light all that much.

You won’t believe me so I won’t bother telling you more. It doesn’t really matter what you or I believe anyway, it’s just interesting.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are Aliens and UFO's Real?

If aliens exist they would be scared of us getting into space. They are looking at our society, at all the over pollution, war, rape, murder, suicide and wondering if we should be allowed into a universal society. If we do get to the stage of inter system travel (forget about inter galactic travel at this stage) then we will surely find them somewhere.

If I was an alien (which I might have been in a previous/future life) I would want to meet you Earthlings here on Earth rather than on my own planet/s. I wouldn’t want you anywhere near my home planet/s while you where such a primitive species.

So if we want alien technology, which in their eyes isn’t theirs but rather free to any species that deserves it, then we have to ‘pull our socks up’ and start behaving like a grown up species.

We will get to other planets or kill ourselves trying. Once we have shown the aliens that we are a species worthy of a future then we will be given much more technology than we have received already. Too much too early and we will kill ourselves.

We are hamsters in a cage with walls that delude us into thinking that we are free. They are watching us and hoping that we figure (they are watching) this fact out. They used to be like us once so they understand our situation.

Maybe they are us and we are them but on a much more primitive scale. I don’t let my dog feed at the table because I don’t like his manners. He can eat in the kitchen by the bins.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Zeitgeist

Yeah, after I gave it a little time, it seems like something has to keep the work force going. But I still think there are some big wrongs in the world that need to be sorted out before we can go much farther into killing each other.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Zeitgeist

I watched it, first it made me angry, then sad, then angry again…

The story I have now is that, as long as we keep fighting amongst our selves, the better we are at surviving and supporting the rich people who own us, or rather than own us, own everything that costs money.

If the movie is true, then what should we do about it?

I have always believed that the pentagon was a cover up and nobody has given me believable proof that the terrorists did it. The whole 911 thing was a crock if you ask me. It was all about rich people killing not so rich people so the poor people would still work for crap wages/conditions.

Is an economy worth it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Taxing people more fails.

If the rich don’t want to pay higher taxes they should vote with their wallets and become poor.

Some overpaid rich ‘cheats’ seem to make a huge income but still don’t pay tax. How does that work? Can’t the global economy support these smart asses who seem to be rich while still being poor any not paying taxes?

What about people with two/three jobs? Should they get a tax cut or pay more tax because they work harder? Sometimes I want to go shoot a banking executive or 10 who gets a bonus of $10 million while the rest of the world is getting screwed. I fail to see how one person can deserve a bonus like that. They can’t work that much harder.

If you ask me, the car companies(and any other company that hits the wall; banks) should be sent to the wall for not maintaining their companies properly. They have been over paying people who don’t deserve it and now their companies are going bust.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / KKK: A secret History

If I knew people that racist, I wouldn’t consider them “friends”.

If you read what was posted again, re4beast’s friends were just reporting what KKK member believe they are doing. re4beast’s friend might not even be in the KKK… But to hell with them anyway, just because they come from down there and have friends?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / No God of Mine (faith)

I believe in God but I don’t believe in going to heaven after you die. I believe heaven in here on Earth, as is hell. I’m not bowing down to anyone at any stage.

how does he expect people to learn from their mistakes

Well he might listen to you if you use the spell checker a little. You expect a miracle as I do.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are girls getting too sexy at an early age?

though i am not complaining

I wonder what her mother looks like? It’s sad how an hour glass can change into other shapes most of the time. She could tone up a little, her weight looks fine but she needs some exercise, like a lot of people.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Fear & Phobias

Having a fear of sexual predators, gay or straight, makes more sense.

I’m a straight guy and have no fear of female sex predators. I do have a fear of male, homo sex predators however. So does that make any sense?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Fear & Phobias

Is there a Phobia of censorship? Or is fear of censorship an irrational fear? (j/k)

My sister has a phobia about her hair. I just tell her she has more ‘bad hair days’ than most rational people. Telling her she needs to face her fear doesn’t seem to help much.

Is there a Phobia of being normal?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 8yr old kills father and renter

An 8 year old can’t fully understand the consequences of their actions.

I agree.

possibly just turn this country into one itself some day

Didn’t that happen in the ’60’s?

sounds like fun too me..

See! It has happened already.

The problem is that the 8yo child still has to be brought up by someone and I bet that someone doesn’t get enough money for bringing up other peoples disaffected children. We need less bad parents in this world, if you need a brighter side to look upon at least that’s one less.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / More grandstanding and idiocy from Sadr and company

Sry if I’m a little vague on this topic, there’s so much written and I have trouble remembering who has said what and why.

I’m not sure the quote about Allah is totally understandable because it’s out of context a little, maybe I’ll read the Quran, sounds interesting.

Are we still at war with Iraq? Maybe Iran feels safer with U.S.A. in Iraq (?) which would mean that they are inclining towards peace. Does Iran want U.S.A. out of Iraq? If so, why and when?

I wish all politicians would stay out of religion AND all religious leaders would stay out of politics.

politicians better their countries before themselves

The only way to better a county is to have better politicians. I guess there are a few ways to better one’s self.

I wouldn’t call him a fool. A puppet yes, but he is not fooling.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are girls getting too sexy at an early age?

Girls will always look sexy at a young age (~13+yo). I thought that actress in that series “The Flying Nun” or what even it was called was sexy and she wore that nun’s outfit, not sure how old she was though.

I do think that some women, both old and young dress lewdly. This is a power trip to them. They know that no matter how ugly they are, a lot of men will not be able to control themselves and stare. This can cause unwanted jealousy and family breakdown which is not only expensive to the people who have the breakup, but can cause psychological problems for and children they might have.

Girls that dress lewdly are seldom good as partners, but that’s only speaking from my experience.

In such cases, me thinks it’s time for some mental counseling for that kid.

I agree. Thank God for Psychologists. hope fluffy doesn’t start preaching again (shhh don’t tell her I said that)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Save the Yellowstone Wolf! Their going to remove the protection on them!

“I’m not reading it in it’s present form. It gives me dyslexia” is what I meant to say. Have you got dyslexia or something?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Save the Yellowstone Wolf! Their going to remove the protection on them!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / God, the Bible, and religion - a Kong search for truth

with the help of others if you really need it

Sometimes we don’t always like help, even after we asked for it. Better to look to others as people one can stand next to, no help required. Better still to not look to others at all maybe. Some of us like sitting down and resting most of the time.

I agree with what you are saying though, the truth can only come from within. It’s the standing up and realizing the truth that takes so long. Falling over doesn’t help either, let alone flying and crashing.

“God helps those that help themselves.”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Children, unfairly classed like animals?

I have been assulted for being a child

How many cases of assault on adults by children were not reported last year? nvm I’ve got better things to do because I’m an adult, the war between children and adults didn’t start yesterday.

Mind you, I’ve been to a few parties where you can behave like a child if you like. Throwing balls in the house is really fun as long as you don’t break anything. And you can ride a bike down the stairs if you believe you can, I have seen it :)

Just a practice run

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Sex (i.e. Man/Woman) Equality?

What’s one thing, which we use everyday

Eating apples ROFL!!!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Equality...

We’re not all out of the cave yet I suppose.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Equality...

Like in an RPG

I think wisdom is how you use your intelligence and wisdom is said to come with age.

Life expectancy gives a similar picture as the study done by Dr. Lahn, if I read the article correctly.


Maybe wisdom/intelligence/life expectancy could be compared to availability of clean water and electricity as well, government infrastructure.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / America

Good on you USA (is not America, joking :D). Part of me didn’t think it was possible. Now, for your next trick, can you elect a Woman president? Or do we all have to wait until the election after the next election, or maybe an election after both of them? American elections can go on for ever it seems.

But it’s Nigeria that fills your inbox.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / THE MEANING OF LIFE

Buddha did say life is an illusion. I like the illusion of watching the life illusion go by with companionship. I don’t care as long as life is, no matter what way shape or form. I love life but sometimes it seems to not like me. There must be other dimensions to allow any disorder, for you can not, in my 2 cent opinion have chaos without order and vice versa.

Can we have a big bang inside of a big bang? and maybe a side order of big bangs?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Sex (i.e. Man/Woman) Equality?

I’ll try to keep this short but sry if it gets long winded, very interesting subject (I studied Stats at uni as a major). I’m not going to post any references, I almost finished my course and don’t feel the need to sound like I know what I’m talking about when estimating the actual populations at any point.

Genetically speaking I feel there is enough evidence to show that we humans have evolved/been created from a lesser species of bipedal that may have been created from the dust that this planet is made of. The apes of today live in groups where there is a dominant male, lesser males, dominant females and lesser females, oh and young. They live in a non monogamous society (if you can call it that). Some human societies today are non monogamous/adulterous. (these are some components I sort of mention later)

The point I’m trying to get to is that perhaps this is the cause of the difference in normal humans. Natural selection/Creation (if you believe in either) has given men larger vocal chords or adam’s apples, big/stronger muscles (on average), physically aggressive natures when it comes to arguments (on reported averages) and a lot of other differences as well. Dominant individuals have procreated better (on average). This doesn’t have to be the way it works in the future but I’m not sure that that is a good thing.

These have perhaps been magnified over time, but I think the differences were there to start with.

This all depends on where you wish to draw the starting line. I may/may not agree with you.

The male/female stereotype in a way reduces the amount of competition for certain positions in society which lessens the burden on society a little but this is only an economic/resource management ‘illusion’ these days. Brain power depends on environment and a lot/most pay brackets are divided according to brain power rather than strength. Some jobs are about strength but this doesn’t necessarily mean more pay. Brains are better paid than brawn and it doesn’t matter what sex you are, you can get brains. Men can get more brawn and therefore may get a few more opportunities but these opportunities are few and far between.

Any differences are dependant on interactions between a huge list of components, not just sex. Once we reach a certain age we tend to not be able to learn as quickly, so age would be in the list. What TV show our parents watch at differing times would also be on this list. How much protein we have for breakfast/before work is another, just to show how huge the list is?

It’s the interactions between components that make it difficult to work out what the differences are. So if you watch a lot of TV and eat a good diet (e.g. big breakfast, smaller lunch and a light dinner) you might be better/worse than someone who studies a lot of books but doesn’t eat properly. That’s being overly simple but I hope you get the point.

There are certain methods of studying what makes things different, one of which is ‘Principle Component Analysis’, feel free to Google it please. In most complex systems (ie not child birth for example) there is never one stereotype/component (e.g. male/female) which indicates a clear significant difference but rather a group of components that interact and therefore have an effect.

These days, in my culture (Brisbane, Australia) I would rather believe the equation should look like this in general:
(Normal Boys <=> Normal Girls) < (Smart Girls <=> Smart Boys)
Which simplifies to this:
Normal < Smart

The best person should get the job whether it’s staying at home or working and if both parents of a family unit want to work then get the best help to look after the home and make sure you bring your kids up the best way. I want better men and better woman, but just can’t work out what a better person should be like.

At certain ages a better team is all men or all women ;) Most men/women find it hard to concentrate during hormonal surges and these occur constantly at all ages but to differing degree. Equality is a human right worth having, no matter what sex you are.

Again, sry for the length…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / help!

Not necessarily, I can type with my toes if I have to, not very well but… I used to be a butcher and cut my fingers/legs/face. Cover the wound with a clean handkerchief or something similar, to stop and nasty bugs eating you from the inside out. Don’t make it too tight. The bleeding will actually help clean the wound. Wash it with disinfectant when the bleeding stops a little. You won’t bleed to death from a finger cut, the swelling will stop a large amount of bleeding before you pass out from blood loss. The swelling will make stitches difficult though so get to your doc

You will probably need stitches but it really depends on where on the finger the cut is. It might even be broken because it’s hard to tell with fingers and toes. Get to the doc as soon as possible.