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Topic: Eredan Arena / I can't play the game because I can't get barely any keys to work to enter my nickname?

I have played flash games since before newgrounds existed I have NEVER encountered anything like this. Only a handful of letters are registering on my keyboard in the flashplayer window. If none of the keys worked I would understand that glitch or bug or if pressing one key duplicated entries or got locked in place. I would also understand if my keyboard was having problems. As you can see it isn’t though.

A,E,T,U,I,L,C,X these are the ONLY keys I can enter as my nickname….I can’t even start the game. In my near 18 years playing flash games I have NEVER seen anything like this. I have restarted my pc I have refreshed the window multiple times. This is just WEIRD. Developer have any thoughts as to what could cause this? It isn’t happening on any other games on the site, doesn’t matter what browser I use only in your game about 10% of the random keys on my keyboard will even register. I can’t even play because I can’t create a nickname.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / User Support

I just opened 9 series 2 packs without a legend. is it a guaranteed 1:6 ratio? Or did it change?……make that 10

11? Now I am just pissed.

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Topic: Technical Support / Private Message issues

Well this is an incredibly late reply on my end. (haven’t been on the site as much lately) Thank you for responding back to me so quickly. (despite my inability to check back ><) Yes I use quotation marks quite often if quoting someone but I don’t use the blocking quotes I just use the " mark does that stop the message from sending?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Plase change the turnaments back to how they used to be!

Originally posted by Laurent105:

We will be finetuning the Torunaments start very soon, when we get additional statistics.
With previoust timeline – Tournaments lost their idea of sports and started to move resources from players to other players. There is nothing of “sports” in it.

Tournaments are somenthing, that you must be prepared for from your inside, not “every 2 hours I can try”. For these measures, you can always join Adepts tournaments.

If Tournaments are meant to be something that you must be prepared for from your inside and that you shouldn’t be able to try every 2 hours then why is it.

That that is EXACTLY how you had it set up before? Going against your own thoughts here?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Plase change the turnaments back to how they used to be!

so then limit the maximum amount of tournaments a player can enter in any given day. In the meantime you have an avatar which requirements are now much steeper to obtain and essentially the extra stats free version of the game. You have also more or less forever barred newer players from ever having a chance of entering the same ranks as the top 100 in tournaments of those who WERE able to enter 10 tournaments a day so long as they keep playing they will always keep that momentum forever dividing your player base just of when someone started playing.

Why not go back to the 2 hour format (so everyone has a chance at it) but limit how many times an individual player can participate in any given day? For instance you could make it where You can only be a participant in each one once a day IF YOU WIN but if you don’t you can keep trying. But you can still spectate. So you could say

1 Tournament Win for each player in each category. 5 Maximum Possible Spectator wins in total across all 3 categories. This is a middle of the road compromise between what you used to have and whatever greatly surpressed options you have now. Or since it is no secret that Diamonds are most valuable followed by energy and lastly crystals.

3 Crystal wins in a day
2 Energy Wins in a day
1 Diamond Win in a day

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heavens] Appeal to Developers of Heavens regarding recent changes.

Before anyone says anything about me creating a duplicate thread here is the thread in question that will be heavily referenced here, but is not in any way the same thread. There is a lot of great information given there though that backs up what I am about to tell you.

To The Devs of Heavens,

Hi there I only started playing your game a few days ago but within about an hour I had a laundry list ready of things that did and didn’t work for the game, features that should be here, but aren’t, things that looked creative about the game vs bland, speaking to players in the chatroom and asking about various things I got very mixed responses from players. I won’t be sugarcoating anything here but I still want to remain as professional about this as possible.

Heavens as it stands is a very average game. There is a lot of potential for growth here, and plenty of room for it to grow but recent announcements (referenced in the thread above) could very well end it all before it even gets started.

There isn’t really a nice way to say it. The update you released earlier this morning the suddenness of it as well as the very poorly (or is it cleverly) worded way it was announced is the best example I can give of every possible way that a company can go about announcing a price increase in a poor manner.

I think we can all agree that the price was indeed going to raise eventually, this is inevitable. Though I had only played the game for a few days beforehand I had seen the date when the game was released as well as the amount of players and was quite certain I was looking at introductory pricing to build hype and support for the game before a price increase. However as mentioned in the thread above and as I mentioned previously and as I will continue to mention time and time again in this message you raised your prices in the worst possible way you could have. Any company specializing in any type of field would be shaking their head. Every business or economics teacher in the world would give this particular business plan an F.

Prices will raise eventually but what does a company have to do in order to make that possible? Establish a consistant, loyal, playerbase. You may think you have enough of a safety net of players but I can assure you with absolute certainty (and am far from the only one) you do not yet. Establish your product, what differentiates it from the competitors? Increase the quality of your product. Unless your product is in some way “new and improved” a sudden price increase is tantamount to asking your players to leave. Again keep in mind I have only been playing your game for a handful of days and I am seeing a positive/negative difference that can be equated to night and day in the chatrooms. You handled this poorly and prematurely. You do NOT have enough of a playerbase to warrant a price increase yet, and frankly I am dumbfounded why you didn’t have some kind of big sale 1 week to 1 month notice before said increase. This is the best time for ANY new company who is just getting started to advertise their product regardless of what it is.

Now you may think my opinion may not matter much here as I am one of many, and in some respects that may very well be the case, I am not some well known developer/publisher I am not a stockholder of your company, but what I can tell you is that I know videogames. I eat sleep and breath them and have since before I could even talk (whether that is a good thing or not is completely debatable) what I am getting at though is I know what makes a game succeed, and fail. Yesterday you guys were fine, you were still adding new features still expanding your base of players. Now? Less than 24 hours later? You are barely hanging on. The amount of players I have seen state in chat that they are quitting and directly relating why they are quitting to the sudden and some would even say deceitful manner in which prices were raised speaks for itself.

You have too many competitors, you haven’t done enough different from them to keep the players from moving on. There are so many features that should make up the foundation of any MMO “Freemium” game before it is released that frankly just aren’t here yet. You need networking capabilities beyond the limited ways in which you allow players to interact with one another. On the flipside what I find most odd about this is that you have a variety of multiplayer modes yet anyone I ever try to add never appears in the friends list. The only people whose shops any of us can visit are those who are within the top 100 victories of that day.

The sad yet disturbing truth is that when it comes to freemium games many will play an average game over a better game if the price is considerably less. Guess what? Your game is pretty average currently so your previous price model worked out fine for you in that regard. What we won’t do is play an average game for the same price or higher of a competitor who makes a better game.

Speaking for once in your defence as much as I loved the 1 crystal for 1 chest offer I knew that was too good to be true. You had every right to remove that as it does greatly change the economic interaction between the players and the developers. There is no reason any of us here can give as justification for why that should come back. What is NOT ok however. Is to tell us that you are offering more diamonds when you are increasing your prices. Here is another thing that is not ok and may very well just be a glitch in the code or poor math. In EVERY SINGLE FREEMIUM game in EXISTENCE. The more you spend the more you save. Yet for some preposterous reason in this game the more you spend the LESS you save. This defies EVERYTHING you to do with any exchange of currency anywhere. Which is why I really don’t think it was intentional.

Again I have only been here a few days but because your game was affordable you got 25 dollars of my money on the first day very rarely do I spend any money on a freemium game at all and even rarer still on the first day. A company that rewards and upgrades a player for just about anything they do in the game does not strike me as the kind of company that would attempt to swindle and deceive their players. That is why I think this whole thing is just one big misunderstanding, and would like to give you guys the chance to correct this misunderstanding. This game has a lot of potential (heavy puzzlequest influence everywhere) You are NOT there yet though. This is the worst time to increase your prices, and it was the worst way to go about doing it as well. Now some of the players who complain will still end up playing anyway and just suck it up some won’t. What kind of company do you want to be remembered as? Do you want to evolve the genre? Or go down in flames before the game that I can tell you put a lot of hard work into creating with the artwork and abilities and tournaments and mechanics even gets off the ground.

Whether these type of games succeed or fail depend on three main criteria The quality of the game/ the cost of the game/ and the reputation and interaction between the developers and their community.

All 3 criteria will always without fail directly determine whether a game succeeds or not. ALWAYS

I see so much potential for this clever Puzzle Quest MMO clone you have created but you have to go about it the right way, and in the few days I have been here I haven’t seen that. Prove me wrong.

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Topic: Technical Support / Unity Web Player crashing

Sorry for such a late response I had completely forgot I even asked about this I just explained the issue and stopped playing Unity games forgetting about it entirely. Kudos on the Watch Topic Button that will come in handy. I didn’t try another browser as this is the only one i use and have not had any problems with it before. Will uninstall and reinstall unity player now.

Hmm I can’t figure out where to do that from. I went to the tools > extensions tab but don’t see it there? Just searched it manually and reinstalled it. Looks like it had been half uninstalled or some nonsense which explains why it would crash. Thanks for such a quick response sorry it took me so long to realize it was there. Everything is working fine now

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Topic: Technical Support / Private Message issues

Ok I will sometimes send a private message to a developer whether positively or negatively I will always do so in a professional matter and 2000 characters is never enough so I split it up into sections and clearly note (cont.) in each msg.

Well I just sent a message to a developer like this or rather message fragments since each had to be 2000 characters or shorter. Only to go to my message box (after receiving a message saying message sent for each piece before continuing on to the next one) only to find that only the last “fragment” of my actual message to them was sent. So then I wrote a new message to them explaining that the message they just received was the last part of a series of messages and then I reworded and retyped out another shorter message. Received a message sent box at the top of the screen like before but the message didn’t send.

So now I have spent about 40 minutes sending 5 messages to a developer of a game of which my intention was to be as professional as possible yet they never received message 1-3 or 5 only 4. So instead of coming off as a professional giving them input I come off as someone who doesn’t even know how to start a message.

Its not my internet connection or my browser as I am hardwired and experienced no disconnect from my modem. Its not my browser as every other site works fine, It is not that your site was down temporarily or otherwise as I was browsing other pages on Kongregate at the same time with no issues.

So the million dollar question is. How can I receive a message sent notification after sending my message yet my message doesn’t send, and what is it that randomly caused the last part of the series of messages to send? Is this even fixable? Did I type the wrong character? I didn’t use any odd HTML in the message.

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Topic: Technical Support / Unity Web Player crashing

Every Unity enabled game is crashing my web browser. I have tried around 20 different ones on the site and all of them start to load the chat then lock up the entire screen. I restarted my browser and my pcto no avail. No other games are giving issues only the unity flash add on.

using google chrome version 22.0.1229.94m The settings for my web browser state that I am using the most up to date browser.

Just wanted to bring this error to your attention and see if anyone else is encountering the same problem.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] All Class Badges gone

is it possible that you accidentally switched classes? under your name it will tell you what class you are currently. Also your first badge your primary badge should be a blue fist if you are strongharm. If it isn’t you accidentally switched classes. Press the switch class button and switch back to strongharm all your invested points will still be there. Shared Skills count for all 4 classes class badges only count for your specific class. You will never lose them but they have different effects for different classes so have to invest points in each class.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Blanking is a terrible mechanic

translation… I don’t have many blank cards so I hate them.

To build a deck around blanking cards is all or nothing. Building your deck around that sole mechanic handicaps it if someone can get around it. So no it isn’t a stupid mechanic.

in addition they never experimented with blanking in clash. It was available from the beginning of the game, the only difference is there are a lot more cards that can blank now. Many of the same mechanics from clash or recycled here but usually to a weakened extent.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Joltrek Skiff (petition)

I don’t get why there are people here, and by the looks of it people who are regulars of the game saying to change the card’s rarity?

This will solve nothing. Giving it an ability that better reflects its measly 2 defence makes more sense. Intercept isn’t a bad ability. Intercept on a card with only 2 life? That is one of the dumbest “combination” cards I have ever seen. Those saying cards haven’t been nerfed in the past before? Completely wrong. Honestly I rarely ever play this game anymore, but when I used to in the time of Nexus, Blight and briefly Purity. I had seen quite a few cards nerfed or buffed. Maybe it just isn’t as common anymore? It has definitely happened in the past. Is it rare? Absolutely I can think of maybe 15 cards total that have ever been changed though again I don’t follow the game much anymore. Reducing the rarity does nothing for those of you already stuck with the card. All it does is ensure the same doesn’t happen to future pulls.

The card should be buffed instead. You already pulled such a crappy card why not have a use for it. 3 Power for a 1 turn is powerful yes, but it doesn’t have flying, and the intercept ability on a 2 defence card looks like a joke. Then you see that it has Supply 1, and the wtf moments really begin. "Hey look at me I give the illusion of a great first turn drop while I kamikaze! Oh you got hurt? Heres a band-aid for you! (as it lies dying) I really wanted to give you this bandaid, but that other guy with 5 atk was attacking this other card next to me so I sacrified myself instead….I will not die in vain!!! BOOM. (Give it self destruct 1 or whatever it is called.

I still “barely” play anymore. I used to play multiple times a day every day for the first few months the game was out then I started to look beneath the surface. This dev doesn’t give one iota about anyone or anything but collecting money from you like a pimp from his Johns. I probably spent about 100 dollars in the 4 months I played may not seem like much to you but to me it is. I think he “Might” have got another 10 bucks when homeworld came out just to see if the set was any good when it first came out? Now I log on probably 1-10 times a month? More likely once? "Just for the hell of it?

Greedy devs who don’t ban bots, who don’t give a crap about what their community wants why the hell should I bother? Does Kongregate realize how many of the games “Millions of players” were counted and left long ago? Pretty much every other card game on Kong I play you can find a minimum of 20 entirely independant people legitimately complaining EVERY DAY how freaking corrupt Synapticon is. Most of these people complaining make far more then I do, and spend far more on these games, this means due to his shady business practices he has lost out on a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars from these players. All because he doesn’t care to fix anything and when he does try to “Fix” anything he usually makes it worse.

I will sign the petition because this card is a freaking joke, but knowing Synapticon the odds of him doing much of anything are nil. Maybe if he did anything about all these freaking alt accounts and botting I and many others might come back. But “Tyrant” serves little purpose anymore. It is the shiny premium game everyone sees here and thinks oh cool and Synapticon gets a few bucks from this until they either A realize it isn’t worth the investment because he doesn’t enforce any rules or B. Enjoy being able to bot and create alt accounts as many times as they want. Which is freaking stupid and destroys any form of legitimate competion. In closing Petition signed a thousand times by a player who played this when it first came out but realized on early enough that he didn’t feel like Playing Tyrant being run by a Tyrant, and B. F This Game!

Edited to give a better understanding what I mean and give further ideas for the card that I will never pull anyway since I don’t buy warbonds anymore.

Tyrant – Plato and Aristotle define a tyrant as, “one who rules without law, looks to his own advantage rather than that of his subjects, and uses extreme and cruel tactics—against his own people as well as others”.1

In common usage, the word “tyrant” carries connotations of a harsh and cruel ruler who places his or her own interests or the interests of an oligarchy over the best interests of the general population, which the tyrant governs or controls.

So essenntially the Tyrant isn’t Halcon or whatever his name is but Synapticon himself.

Further ideas for the card

So its currently a 1 Turn Drop with Intercept and Supply 1?

Ok lets see Poison 1 so it does more then throw itself in front of a giant kamikaze style

Increase its defence so it has a miniscule chance of being able to survive more then one attack

Berserk just for the heck of it to give the illusion it was improved

Pierce or Anti-Air so it has a chance of taking out a worthwhile target

Split? LOL

Thats all I got I am sure I can come up with others but no point since I will never pull it anyway.

No wait it isn’t if we are really going to change its Rarity make it a Legendary with a 3 turn timer 1/1 for its stats? Why? It has EVERY ability in the game! maybe even a 4 turn drop. Why? To break the game itself with its awesomeness and make it impossible to code the game properly to resolve all of the effects.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] a thought just occured about maintainence

oh ok then thats no big deal if people don’t log in all day 30 minutes isn’t going to make much of a difference.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] So your new element boosters have a big problem.

Originally posted by Dharkmage:

You realise that one answer to the problem as presented is to actually raise the price of a normal pro booster to 35 ounces?

Be careful what you ask for. Yes they are expensive in comparison to other offers (depending on how relevant you think other offers are). So what if they aren’t popular? It just makes the normal pro booster look like a great deal :p

(edited to try to say the same thing less abrasively then I had before)

No I don’t see that as an answer to the problem. In any business whether online or in a store there are key times and reasons to “set a price.”

When you first open your business no matter what it is that price point is what your customers will initially expect of you. There are instances where prices of items go up sure and though technically the store always has the right to set their own price everyone will cry foul over it. News outlets, customers, and competitors will demonize a company that raises their prices usually within an hour or two of “discovering so” Or they will just raise their own but 5 cents less then the competiton did. That is one instance.

The others are your competitors your competitors directly influence your pricing. PERIOD. Look at what Amazon has done to the retail industry? I have worked for multiple retail companies, and the number one question of the day no matter where I am is “Do you guys match Amazon?” The only customer who doesn’t ask this is the one who already did 50 times before, and either got a yes or no response and now come to expect that. The best part was when a company I used to work for used to and then it was announced we wouldn’t anymore. You know what happened we lost 30% of our business overnight.

When I wrote this thread I was in a rush so I didn’t really go through to much elaboration on the specifics except for the numbers themselves, so I probably came off like a spoiled child that was never the intention. The intention was always a forewarning that this kind of practice never ends up well for a company. Do they have the right to do so? Absolutely? Should they? It depends on the situation.

Now if we look at Berserk the Cataclysm in regards to this situation then no it is not waranted in any way.

There was an update announcement something like a few months ago saying prices of ounces had been lowered to give a better value. I don’t know what it said specifically but it was something to that effect. Guess when I started spending money in the game? After that announcement.

I have never been the market for the individual professional boosters. I play too many of these types of games when I told myself I wouldn’t. I don’t spend that much but I play enough of them and spend that little amount in them that it adds up over time. I am not a whale and I have nothing against those that are it is their money they earned it they can do what they want with it. If I had that kind of money I probably wouldn’t spend the extent that they do but again to each their own.

My message was more one of disappointment if you think I was a raving lunatic going how dare they blah blah blah I can understand completely how you would get that impression. Was I upset sure. Honestly though it barely affects me. I knew it would be something people who spend money in the game would want a say in, and I knew even with my limited skills in the Math department that it was quite literally going against EVERY price model the game had come to be known for. When they created the game they set the price. If they were the apple of CCG games sure they could afford to make such a risky move. They aren’t. I don’t see this to cause offense to Bytex in crew just to give you some raw stats.

There are probably a good 30 or so other companies with similar games doing the same kind of thing no here just with the ccg department alone. Some thrive some have fizzled and died some are static. Speaking as bluntly as possible. You do not yet have the amount of players or the credibility to warrant such an insane price increase. If you wanted to set this type of price you should done so long ago. Now it is too late. You already set your price point. That is what your customers expect of you now. Should a premium pack be more expensive then the standard? Absolutely it should, but it should follow a specific pricing model. Not only are customers not as stupid as companies think they tend to be….hmm well maybe some are I guess. Your audience here though? We aren’t those type of customers. We are the type of customers that look at the price on google before we walk in to Best Buy.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that most of your customers here play the other games as well they might not anymore because they felt like that company screwed them over or they might play all of them…..I play like 5-7 different ones right now. I would say 10% of the amount I spend I spend on this game. Guess what type of situations cause people to stop playing a game? This one here. The pricing barely effects me but it affects your players that spend more then me. It is not a smart business decision the message was meant as a word of caution as well as a “shame on you you know better.”

Now this next bit might come off as offensive but it is only my opinion. There isn’t enough in this game to warrant the prices you are suddenly expecting. Again as stated before if you had those kind of prices from the beginning no one would know or care they either would or wouldn’t spend money. When you raise prices that much though that is when the customer feels cheated. This game has a really cool original concept. Unfortuantely said concept also means I have no say over when I play what card the only strategy is in how you build your deck and what’s in it. Their is no form of live player vs player. You have no features in this game that warrant this sudden price increase, and because of the way the game is designed you would have to drastically change the game in order to make said features even remotely possible.

The sole reason I have spent any money on this game so far as because of the affordable pricing compared to the competitors. It is not better then the competitor games not by a longshot I can’t do near enough for it to be so. It is better then a lot of them though. You have a good thing going here, and there are plenty here who disagree with me on whether it is or isn’t better I am sure. When you hike the price this much though you slap all your loyal customers in the face customers far more loyal then myself customers that make or break this type of games success. It just isn’t in any regard a smart business move. Feel free to raise and enrage all your prices years from now when the game is more established out of beta and has the amount of players of something like say Clash or Tyrant does. Not saying those games are better or worse just saying they have a much larger database of players, and quite a bit more to do. You need to create value before you raise prices like that. Business 101.

Furthermore I personally think 20 ounces is too cheap. As stated above it is premium currency. It should be treated as such but there is no way for you to justify a 300% increase in the price of a specialized pack based off element. I am willing to hear it though if you want to give your community a reason. You are by no means obligated to but it couldn’t hurt your cause.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] So your new element boosters have a big problem.

The price is completely and I do mean COMPLETELY inconsistent with EVERYTHING else you have EVER sold through the store.

Standard Pack 10000 Imperials
Standard Element Pack 12500 imperials…so that’s about a 20% increase right?

Perfectly understandable and quite fair.

Professional Booster Pack – 15 ounces Fair enough even free players can get this

Booster Box of 20 Professional Booster Packs 200 ounces.

200/15 = 13.33 so you are getting about a pack and a half for free. Really its more just buying in bulk which is fine…then everything else gets insane from their but they start to have added bonuses.

So 15 for a Professional Pack we covered that much right….

Ok so please enlighten me why the hell a Professional Element Pack is FORTY FIVE OUNCES? There is no way in any world you can justify this as it stands.

standard to element conversion rate increase 25%

Professional to Element 300%? THREE HUNDRED PERCENT?

This is unacceptable, and should have been tested and evaluated in house before you set this pricing.

This isn’t feedback though you may take it as such this is straight out blatently accusing you of pulling a complete 180 with your fair pricing for everything else in the game so far. Not acceptable by any means.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] a thought just occured about maintainence

so in this game since that whole log in twice a day or lose your lands applies. What happens if while we are trying to log in the server is down for maintainence? I don’t get this message often so I don’t really often know how “long it takes” I doubt it but if it takes say 4 hours or something? then NO ONE should lose lands that day as you cannot determine when someone will or won’t log on. I don’t qualify as one of these people far too much free time on my hands but many of your players only have a few random hours throughout the day to get online and play these type of games. So what is being done to ensure that if a long maintainence presents itself that people don’t lose their lands due to being unable to log in and the clock still going on?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] *BIG SPOILER* Lunchbox of the Abyss

Originally posted by Nobblenot:

Unfortunately I made this character too late to get the bonus lunchbox (made this char a couple days ago), but after just reaching level 21, I was able to buy one.

I got the Epic card On the Bubble:;id=204

my alternate account (which I do not play anymore due to him being strongarm)

You need to report your other account to the devs so they can remove it. Alt accounts are against the ToS, and if they find it they will ban you in ALL of their games. Information can be found here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] fullscreen issue

more then half the time I try to discard a card in fullscreen mode it plays the card instead. This may be an issue with the mouseover hit box window or something is my best guess.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Issue 6

4th try thanks to insane luck.

2nd turn auto crit a thousand dreams boosted with padded gloves as I had played minds eye turn before

3rd turn well read

4th turn minds eye

5th turn Seen it all before with 22 cards in depletion pile boosted with tactical chest to do 22 dmg to his 18 cards remaining.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Bug Reports - Official

Originally posted by Socran:
Originally posted by KingMeander:

Small problem I’ve noticed: The card Immolate states that cards that should be depleted are banished instead. They aren’t. I’ve used it three or four times now and every time the cards are simply depleted. Like I said, it’s a small problem, but it makes the card no better than greater spark.

Worked perfectly for me a minute ago. You need the firesculpting badge to activate its effect. I take it you don’t have that badge yet?

EDIT: A new report, I can’t be 100% sure, but it seems that when the Mad Confectionist plays his signature Ally card (that is, the “Mad Confectionist” card), when he banishes his depletion pile, he seems to lose the “active effect” for a number of Piece of the Rock and I Want Candy equal to the number in his depletion pile. However, I believe these cards are still in his deck.

In other words, the “active effect” gets removed when a card goes into the depletion pile, and also when it goes into the banish pile – but a second copy is removed when it goes from the depletion pile to the banish pile, meaning the ones still in his deck have no effect. Don’t get me wrong, I love the time it saves in that annoying brawl, but a bug is a bug.

I also could be wrong but I believe it is working as intended. Those abilities only activate if they are in his deck the quantity or number of times the ability is activated is directly attributed to how many of them are in his deck. If they are in his deplete pile and he heals them back he regains said abilities but if they are in his deplete pile he shouldn’t have those effects just like when mugshots or lucky rabbits foot and the like get depleted from our own decks we lose the effects. As for banish its gone completely and utterly until they make a card that allows you to take a card from the banish pile back to either your deck or deplete pile. An inevitability.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Biggest hits and scores of LoH!

Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:

lol painful memories doesnt count. For starters that just depends on your opponent’s deck size rather than anything related to yourself.

If you use that as a measure you can easily rig a fight with shimmerstorm and painful memories to get infinite damage.

and well. same for any card that just does damage * WC for unlimited number of WC.

I agree thats why I posted what I posted above. Currently the highest damage referred to is 28 with Painful Memories. So I was commenting that it wasn’t that difficult to do.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Legacy of Heroes] Biggest hits and scores of LoH!

28 is not that high for damage I don’t mean to knock it as I can’t achieve it myself but there is a guy in my clan (next time he does it I will capture it) who constantly does about 50+ dmg when he plays painful memories and you can get it even higher with equipment or auto crit. most I myself have done is 17 and it was all banished :) 28 is an amazing feat but it isn’t hard to do with Painful Memories. I have seen multiple people do at least 30 dmg next time he is online I will screenshot it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Anyone else encountering this daily reward issue?

I have played this game off and on for the past I want to say 2 and a half months or so? excluding once or twice in the first month of play I have logged in EVERY day usually more like twice a day. Yet every once in awhile the daily reward will “reset” anyway. this generally happens anywhere between the 4th to 9th day of play. It is getting really old.

Is this a server side issue? Has anyone else had this problem (I have heard of others having it but I want you to document it here so they know this isn’t all in my head or something.) When does it usually happen for you? I think it is great that you have 27 days of rewards I really do problem is I can never get past 4 before it resets of its own accord even if I logged in 5 times in the last 24 hours
>< Any information on why this is happening or what is being done to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] A suggestion that I dont understand why I didn't think of sooner

Nor will I claim it wasn’t already thought of or that I was the first too. I don’t really check around on these forums too much, but it seems kind of crazy that….

We don’t know WHO attacked or took our lands! In a game that relies so much on attacking others lands while defending your own why can’t we be notified WHO captured our land? The same would apply if we took others. They need to know WHO conquered them. There are several positive and negative points to this idea and they all apply consistently to EVERYONE. There is no reason why it isn’t already like this unless it is a matter of coding in which case I hope implementation for it is planned in the future.

In addition to this. The notifications get old FAST. There is no reason they should pop up on every single screen it is annoying frankly. I feel less like I am playing a game and more like I am the victim of or participant of nothing but senseless spam messages. We need to be able to send an appeal message to individual people (in game) wihout having to send a kong message even if it is just small little default responses. Simple things like “Is there a reason you don’t want to be my governor?” to holdouts or a simple. “please stop sending me governor requests” to people who incessantly send them over and over again no matter how many you reject.

Take it a step further and give players a statistic showing the current percentage amount of times a specific player will accept a request. Doing so would allow players with a mere glance to know which players preferred to play on their own or which had no problem accepting anyone so long as they were accepted as well. Lastly mark those who get accepted governor requested yet do not return the favor. All of these suggestions are ways to streamline the process of finding friend or foe.

The first suggestion is definitely the most important though. I want to know who conqured my lands so I know to go after them when they pop up in my portal again. I doubt I am the only one who feels this way.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this. Comments greatly appreciated for and against of course.

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Topic: Crystal Saga / recharge for any amount and receive a first payment pack.

Ok I get it now finally. I have to buy crystal again while this event is going on >< Thanks