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Topic: Serious Discussion / How different would USA be seen if...

Personally, I don’t think that the problem is that the U.S. responds to their disasters so strongly. With American society as it is, that is only to be expected. No, I think that part of the problem is that the U.S. responds to other country’s crisis situations so strongly. For example, when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and the surrounding area, the U.S. responded with about 128 billion dollars to support the rebuilding of the area and while not nearly as much money was raised for Haiti after the earthquake Haiti ended up with more money than it had before the earthquake we raised enough money to equal about 80% of their GDP. and why was there such resounding support for Haiti? only because people felt obligated. politically Haiti had (and still has) absolutely no affect on the U.S. period. not politically, not economically, not militarily, not nothing. A lot of hate is directed towards the United States because they feel the need to big-brother everyone… now in the case of Haiti the help was needed but in some other cases we end up spending billions of dollars that we already don’t have, and all we end up doing is making more enemies. I mean it’s not exactly like we have a lot of money to throw around what with our almost 16 and a half trillion dollars in debt, yet, we do it anyway… just sayin’

“Welcome to America, the place where we spend more money before 3 am than most countries spend in an entire year.”