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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

I see dr enough so approve drocto as a regular.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread

Yes you can, it is encouraged Pvp is encouraged.

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Topic: Forum Games / Six Degrees of Separation - Wikipedia Edition

Applesauce > Apple > United states > World war 2 > Manhattan project > Albert einstein

Bed Bug >>> Napolean

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Originally posted by Hyped:


Also, requesting one of the admins to move me back to the active list.

Perhaps You have to be an “active” to approve? You seem cool I’ll approve you @hyped

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread

Help approve “famine is foremost” the hunger based game I was talking about in master thread!

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [SIGNUPS AND DISCUSSION] [ALWAYS OPEN]

I guess you could shorten then in the future.

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 1- FREE WRITE)

My submission

Yep I’ll be glad I got second to last :p

I looked upon the dreading sea;
I turned my eyes away,
I looked upon the dreading deck;
There the dead men lay.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

(Are we way off topic or just bored)

Also, I hope in the case that I do die, The remaining stone sludges in the battle don’t spontanuesly combust because their life link is severed from their deep spiritual connection with the DM as a convienient plot device and excuse. I’d much rather just donate them and have them be loyal to someone else C:

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Topic: Forum Games / [RP] Emblems of Fate [MAIN GAME] [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

“Switch roles! Perhaps you would learn something from each other.” Kirb says. Pho immediately rushes to the armored vehicle. He releases a bolt of electricity at it. “Let’s see your armor defend against this!” He taunts.

Meanwhile, Mel reluctantly goes along with Kirb’s plan. She then floats towards Darias, and absorbs the corrosive sludge and produces a small fog around her and Darias. “Quick, Hide!” She whispers.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by ZigZagZombie:

Uhm, may I ask, who is Drew?

Sorry just so used to “Drew” from my rpg, Its been a long time C:

He is Drocto, aka Drew from my rpg.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by SypherKhode822:
ability synergy

Consult with KIRBY BUSINESS CONSULTS today to find out if your Dungeon Master Alliance has SYNERGY!

Not necessarily alliances, but like “if you paired up with this guy instead”.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread

Anyone intrested in a “hunger” Based game? Basically the main goal is to not starve, each turn you take chances going out to hunt, scavenge, or forge. Foods that you eat gains you specific traits.

Example: Eat 5 leafy plants.

Gains chlorophyll, Regenerates energy slowly in presence of sunlight.

In the end its kinda like skyraid combined with a you are what u eat theme.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Ehhh im still bored. Lets make a list of combos!

Azeild + Piles

  • Solid Ranged Units and Masses of Units to stall foes while they are picked off.

Kirb + Sypher

  • Covers each others weaknesses well. (Stealth for Kirb) (Spam Units for Sypher)

Gamma + Drew

  • Caterpillars web down units, while units that must get close like the treeants and ants bombard those units. Additionally, Both Dms have abilities that cheat death.

Woofy + … Um idk

Viraz + … Um Gamma?

They do have ability synergy

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by FelineForumer:

… Why is nobody noticing the usefulness of my units… Hmph. =/

Because everyone just sees your units are spam suicide units. No one cares about the healing whatever its called nor the shield knight. This is your trump card.

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 1- FREE WRITE)

Yay time to get eleminated!

Ill be busy this week so my story will be a paragraph at most. C:

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by DrOctaganapus2:

Nah man, girls are all about creepy crawlies…that is, who needs a date when you can hold a village for ransom?!

Just look at jabba the hutt. Girls dig blobs whether they want to or not.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by SypherKhode822:

You would place Drew as the Id?
Hmmm. I do think of myself as the Captain, obviously, but..
Yes, I clearly get all the babes. All the babes want a Clay Boy.

Yah I couldnt really find a power trio that fit all of us.

Edit: Fixed ish.

Lets just say Im somehow both superego and Id, Syphers kinda both too but more on the id side, while Drew … Is the ego, the balance.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by Behemoth542:

Sypher, you seem to be talking like Kirb’s going to survive this assault. Which, clearly he will not.

This game is full of suprises. In the end it’s zigzag’s post that decides it all.

Here’s my version of this messed up story.

Power Trio With me being the Superego, Drew the Ego, and Sypher the Id.

Force and Fitnese Duo Gamma being fitnese, and Behemoth being force.

Lethal Joke Character
Woofy obviously, and im not kidding.

Zerg Rush Feline forumer

Wiiwonder is a combo of long range fighter and game breaker In the form of Azeild’s massive coverage, range, power, and ability to immobolize complete armies by her area of darkness skill.

My stuff

Locations unlocked: Volcanic Ritual, Goblin Mercenary, Large Ruins
Assasin and Thieves Guild

Misc Units:

Sacrificial Imp:
HP: 1
Passive(Stealth): The Sacrificial Imp cannot be seen. When it casts soul steal, sacrificial pact or when sacrificial pact activates, the energy around the imp is seen, showing where he is currently, but not revealing his movement or his actual location.
Soul Steal(one a day): Sending out a bolt of fel magic, the Imp deals 1 chaos damage. If that kills a unit The Imps absorbs it vital essence(see; sacrificial pact)
Sacrificial Pact(At will): A Sacrificial Imp can mark a unit at a distance with a rune of sacrifice to his demon lord. If that unit dies, The Imp absorbs its vital essence, increasing its hp by 1. When a sacrificial Imp is sent back into the volcano, it’s worth in sacrifice is equal to its hit points.

Lightning Magic Slime
HP: 2
Chain Lightning Spell (3 times a day): Sends out a bolt of electricity that can hit an enemy adjacent to the target and so on (1 damage for each person zapped. Acts like Typical chain lightning). Limit 4 targets.

I have no upgrade options :3 I don’t waste my time like that.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by gammaflux:

@Sypher: gang-banging someone on turn 2 really isn’t that fair though. I mean at least wait until he’s actually proven to be a threat.

Wait until he kills your units and grow to a threat. It’s kill or be killed in this game.

Either way I still think Gamma’s claim to “kill” me was unjustified.

  • I am neutral with Gamma and even tried to side with him. The former with behemoth.
  • Gamma says his reason for backstabbing me was that I “ganged up” 3 players against this guy with a huge army force, when he “ganged up” two people against me.
  • This game gets nowhere without teamwork. Even gamma had to team up with someone else to attack me. As Sypher noted,
    how the HELL are you supposed to break through one person’s defenses on your own without being left totally unprepared for any other attack on yourself? By using the strategy that has been used for everything from Picnics to Moon Landings: Everyone contributes a little bit for the greater good, ending up with something greater than the sum of it’s parts.
  • Gamma has also noted he wants one of my abilities himself. [From a private message chat] (this could be the real/main reason…)
Originally posted by FelineForumer:

Now the problem is that two people have his diamond powered ability. =/

You bring up a good point. Snowball effect.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

So you took me out because I was going to take someone scarier out, and you claim two people is fine for assaulting someone but not 3. Seems legit.

I have no regrets though, I wish you good luck.

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Originally posted by Behemoth542:
Originally posted by SypherKhode822:


Clearly I hadn’t made it clear to Ziggy what I meant.

Can I just say again that this was supposed to be a quick clean-op? It was.
The entire battle was supposed to consist of us coming in with Aelid having only a couple Units playing defense, and then us smashing through them, and then her, in a spectacular display of death and power.


Clearly that’s not what happened

Behemoth you attacked me for nothing :C

Also, It’s partly my fault. I spilled to gamma about our plans, and in turn, he backstabbed me and warned Azeild…

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Topic: Forum Games / Dungeon Master Night 4, Round 3)

Ok this did not go in our favor…

(also i thought the cage wanders around freely)

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game] 8-bit RPG (Dragon BOSS Turn 4)

Originally posted by FelineForumer:


Mir, feeling weak and surprisingly refreshed from the rain, decides to chug a HP potion while ordering Flame Parrot to use Gust on Uriela.

(didn’t gust heal Uriela last time Perhaps you should find out their weaknesses and immunitites with some sort of move

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 1- FREE WRITE)

Originally posted by SypherKhode822:

I haven’t finished reading it, but one point that you may have slipped up on is ‘My mother died a few months after I was born.’ Apparently our heroine is able to remember everything that has happened to her even at the young age of .04 years old.

or somebody told her.

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 1- FREE WRITE)

(Even if you are not a reviewer I’d still like feedback! and rate this :p)

Oscar and Alphonse

I dozed off from my daily chores picking weeds out of my dad’s garden. I stared into the dark leaves that surround my house. I noticed something shiny on one leaf. I came closer. The slightest wisp of a sound pounded my head. I screamed.

“What ?! What?!” My dad screamed. “Um nothing, I thought I heard something.” “Foolish Girl! Get back to work!” My dad said in an angry voice. I have always hated my dad. He married my mother, Mary, in an arranged marriage. She named me Rose and died a few months after I was born. Tears started gushing down my eyes. The very thought of my mother sent me into tears.

I quickly filled the bucket full of the small, delicious berries that grew on the ivy that climbed the trees. I was done early today but I had nothing to do after my chores. After my mother died, I had nobody to talk to, I was all alone in this world.

I had always mourned for companionship except my Dad, Dish. I have decided to go to a misty spring near my house. The water there sparkled like diamonds dipped in sunlight. The refreshing breeze always calmed my nerves. Me and my mother always used to go here. No, I had to stop. I couldn’t think about anyone I love, or … loved. I began to wonder why the sun got engulfed by a steady shadow. I think it was one of those solar eclipse things. As I started to walk back to my house another voice ringed into my head.

“Come closer…” it said in a soft voice. Then I saw the same shiny silver object on a leaf that kissed the water. I leaned closer onto the leaf. It was a silver thread of sticky silk. On the leaf there were two small orbs. They were caterpillar eggs. One was dark while the other was white. I took them home in hope they would hatch.

I walked home holding them in my warm scarf, unaware that I was late for dinner. As I opened the creaky door in my house, a cold chill ran up my spine. My Dad was waiting for me. Instead of slapping me across the head for being late for dinner, he said in a calm tone:
“You should come home earlier next time.”

I was surprised.

After dinner I remembered the eggs and I ran to my bed, turned off the lights and held them snugly in my cotton shirt. As the morning dew froze into frost, I woke up. My dad had left the house, probably drunk in some old tavern or casino. He never was good at handling money. The eggs basked in the bright light by my window. Instead of the normal back pain I get from sleeping on my hard bed, I felt new and full of energy in the morning. I began talking to them like they were my mother.
I forgot all about my chores. Luckily I finished at dusk, right before dad got home.

“Did you finish your chores?” He asked in a brisk tone.
“Yes,” I replied. Using the berries I collected, I managed to bake a small berry pie for dinner. It tasted rather sweet. After dinner I went to back sleep. I had a dream that I was running through a field of flowers with my mother. I woke up crying.

I began to get dressed. My dad came in and told me to go to the market because we were running out of wine. He handed me a few coins to my surprise. I carried the two caterpillars with me, hidden in a small pouch along with my money. I shook the bag, making the metal coins rattle. Making sure I haven’t lost any, I counted them. Not enough. Dad would get angry if I didn’t bring home what he required. I looked around the small town. Down an alley there were some dirty folks, gambling with an old pair of dice. Mother always told me to stay away from these people. Curiosity pursued.

I can’t believe it I won! Now I have even more money than what I needed! I bought a good dress with my money. I wore it on the way home. It was a turquoise blue with yellow stripes.
As I opened the creaky door to my house, my dad was waiting there for me. I was surprised.

“Where in the world did you get that dress?” He said. “I bought it with the money I made." I replied. A hard slap lashed my face.

“Get to bed!” He yelled.

Two nights passed before my face healed. The eggs hatched. It was 2 caterpillars, one covered in dusky gray hairs, while the other was a shining white color. I gazed into them. I made the connection; they were the cause of all these good events. I was curious how they made those things happen. I named the dark one Oscar, and the other Alphonse.

I looked up at my broken window. The sun glowed a light yellow. My stomach was desperate for food and complained often. My dad was out today so I went out to town to see what I could eat.

The crisp delicious smell of bread filled my nose. Now I didn’t just want food, I was compelled to have it. Before dad left, he didn’t leave any money for dinner. I reckoned that the caterpillars would be hungry too so I gathered some leaves to feed them.

There was a warm sensation in where the caterpillars squiggled. When I gathered some more leaves, I saw a gold coin near some rocks.

Not enough. Yet I thanked the caterpillars for trying to get me something to eat. There’s no way anybody could afford to lose a coin in these times. I went back home keeping the coin in my loose pocket. Oscar kept wiggling in an unusual way. As I went home and opened the door, I tripped on a rock. My coin rolled out.

“Now where you get some more money?” Dad asked suspiciously. He kept his gaze on the shiny gold coin.
“It’s well-” I stuttered. My dad saw right through my lie. “Wait! I can explain! It’s these caterpillars!” I hold out my hand to show him the caterpillars. “They caused me a string of good fortune!” He immediately lunged at me but tripped on the same rock I tripped on. “Give me them!” he yelled. “No!” I screamed back at him. “They’re my friends!”

“We could get riches, and live in a nice house; I’ll even buy all the dolls you want…” He said in a sly voice. I didn’t trust him at all. I immediately ran as soon as he gave chase to me. He was much faster then me, but I somehow managed to out speed him. Alphonse wiggled fiercely in my hand. I ignored her. I went all the way up to a small cliff face. I was pretty sure I lost him, but he scared me when he jumped out, seemingly out of nowhere.

“You have nowhere else to go Rose.” He taunted. I looked down at the river about seven stories down. Nowhere else to go I thought.
Then, the same voice pounded in my head.

It said “Jump”.

For a moment I hesitated, but then, before I could think, I jumped the cliff. I don’t know what came over me. When I landed in the river, the force was like concrete. The currents carried me down the river, with me paralyzed and unable to swim free. I floated down to a foggy little pond. I figured out that this was the same pond my mother used to visit whenever she needed to get away from Dad. Oscar and Alphonse moved but I knew I was not going to survive.

I knew it was time to send them back. They softly wiggled in my hands, spelling out good bye. They squirmed off in a hurry to find another child desperate of a companion. I got what I wanted, Friends.

At least I’ll be with my mother again.