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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“I see,” I reply. “Then-”

Before I can finish, a thick beam of black energy messily blasts a hole through my chest from behind. Letting out a growl of pain, I turn my head back 180 degrees, neck bending in an unnatural angle that would kill most humans, until I’m looking at the attacker. It is a particularly large beholder, its spheroid body almost as wide as a man is tall, its whole body black and covered in spikes as well as eyestalks and tentacles. Have those things been interbreeding with demons or something?

“Christopher!” Rosalyn cries out. At first she tries to rush to my aid. But the eyebeams of several beholders force her to stay behind, blocking the beams with her body and preventing them from striking the vampire girl.

“Relax! You think it’s that easy for vermin like them to kill me?” I bark out a harsh laugh; the hole in my chest has already healed. My whole body promptly dissolves into a cloud of shadowy wisps mingled with faint yellow light. Having transformed into a wraith, I let out a ghostly hissing wail before moving at lightning speed to plunge into the beholder’s body, possessing it, overwhelming its consciousness. Trembling and screaming, the creature has no choice but to obey my commands as I maneuver its body into shooting eyebeams at its peers. After killing several other beholders, I drain the one I am possessing of all life energy, killing it almost instantly. Then I move on to another. These monsters aren’t enough to refill my power completely, but at least it’s something.

[Wraiths and ghosts in general can have pretty much any color or combination of colors. It’s determined by the ghost’s personality and such.]

[I’m not in the mood to parse fights, so make up your own fights. Or better, parse each other’s fights or something. And don’t just go around dodging or tanking everything; you guys aren’t all invincible ninjas made of indestructonium.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

…and of course she simply jumps in, with not a thought about her own safety or anyone else’s. I sigh. A quick telepathic scan shows a very large number of creatures underneath the canopy, well over a hundred.

Damn. I did promise myself to help Rosalyn and her group to the best of my abilities… I suppose this wouldn’t hurt. Besides, I should be able to recover some power by absorbing energy from these monsters.

A sphere of translucent force envelops the human on my back and the fae child he is holding. There are hundreds of hostile creatures below us, I say telepathically to the human. Make sure the child is not caught up in the ensuing battle. The sphere then moves away from me, far enough away that none of the creatures should be around, carrying the man and child with it. It lowers the two to the forest ground, and dissipates.

I let out a thunderous, draconian roar, and drops down from above, shaking trees and the ground for hundreds of meters around. Monsters are crushed under the weight of my gargantuan dragon body, but I pay them no heed.

A quick look shows that the monsters are beholders, or at least some variant of the many-eyed species. They resemble beholders, except with slimy tentacles as well as eyestalks growing from their roughly spherical bodies. Against them are a relatively smaller group of more varied creatures, most of which are humanoid, seemingly led by a winged man wearing nothing more than an untastefully tight pair of jeans. And the source of the scream…

It originates from a vampire, judging from her red eyes and slightly pale skin. But she’s unlike any vampire I’ve ever seen. The girl looks around Rosalyn’s age, perhaps slightly younger. And I really do mean she looks that age, nothing like the vampires who put on pathetic, supposedly childlike facades that I’ve seen before. She looks young, sweet, innocent, vulnerable, eliciting within me an almost instinctual desire to protect that which needs to be protected. The thought of these abhorrent creatures getting their slimy tentacles on her fills me with disgust and rage. The thought of how she exists at all fills me with pity and regret. This wretched world is not a place for one as innocent as her. But no, I also sense something else… The vampire girl must be more than meets the eye. Anything else is simply too implausible.

Regardless, I’m not going to allow these disgusting creatures to get their appendages on the vampire girl. The very notion repulses me.

I rapidly turn back to human form, making myself a smaller target. Rosalyn is standing beside the vampire girl now, a multitude of silvery blades at ready. Judging from appearance, her “Rose” personality must be in control at the moment. I look at the other direction toward the winged shirtless man and his group of mostly humanoids.

One of the monsters screeches and lunges at me from behind, its mouthful of sharp fangs bared. Without even giving it a glance, a gray tentacle of my own erupts from my back and stabs into the monster’s body. The monster lets out a shriek of pain and fear. Instants later, its body drops to the forest ground as a dried husk, utterly drained dry of blood and energy. The tentacle smoothly retracts back to my own body.

“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t destroy you right now,” I look at the winged shirtless man, and say calmly.

[The beholders can shoot beams of heat (red), cold (blue), electricity (yellow), and disintegration (black) from their eyes. Beams from their main eyes are larger and more powerful. Note that a disintegration beam only disintegrates whatever it touches, and at a reasonable speed, not instant; more powerful beams disintegrate more quickly. The beholders can also throw slime balls of various properties: sticky glue (yellow), paralysis (green, works on even non-organic things via magic), burning acid (red), and energy-sapping (blue). Energy drained by the blue slime can be recovered if one has the appropriate abilities and is sufficiently powerful. Not every beholder can shoot every type of beam and slime.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

I look at the direction Rosalyn is pointing. Ah… That brings back memories. And not very pleasant memories, at that.

“Your destination seems to be Shuang Yuan,” I say emotionlessly, “meaning ‘Frosted Plains’ in one of the languages of the Eastern Kingdoms. Ruled by Qing Long, the Azure Dragon, one of the Kingdoms’ Four Rulers under their Emperor… and unfortunately one of my enemies that are not dead. Quite an unpleasant little worm; I suggest you keep your interactions with him to a minimum. Now…” I close my eyes for a moment and do some quick estimations. “It would take about one day should you travel there by foot, though if you travel by air…”

I transform into a yellow dragon, large enough for several human-sized creatures to ride on. And I turn to Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos who has been following behind me. “Take your dragon form,” I command him.

As the half-dragon hybrid obeys, I take a closer look at his draconic form, and briefly ponder. His scales are translucent, making him resemble a statue of ice. The only other dragon I’ve ever seen in my one thousand years of life with scales like that is Qing Long himself. A coincidence…?

I look at the remaining bear meat by the campfire, then at the sleeping fae child. A blast of ice from me freezes the meat solid in an instant. “One of you, carry that,” I say to no one in particular. “The child may need the food later even if you don’t.” I lower myself so that others may climb on. “Do take flight on your own if you’re capable, rather than add to my burdens.”

[Time to get moving, guys.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

Without warning I suddenly reach out to grasp the were-leopard roughly on his throat, lifting him off the ground easily. My grip tightens until he can just barely breathe, and sharp dermal denticles akin to a shark’s scales sprout from my palm to painfully dig into his skin.

“You shouldn’t go around telling others what to do,” I say quietly. “Nor should you presume to know how others think. Don’t overestimate your significance, creature.” My grip begins to tighten more and more.

“Hey!” I hear Rosalyn call out sharply, looking at me with an equally sharp glare. “Play nice!”

Suddenly, another flash of memories.

“Don’t overestimate your significance,” the boy said with a snarl on his face as his single-handed choke hold was lifting the other, older and more muscular, boy easily off the ground. “You do not own the place. Don’t pretend to know how I think, or tell me what to do.” His grip tightened, and coils of purple energy snaked around his captive’s limbs to bind him even more tightly and painfully. “Master Lightfell may be too busy to deal with someone like you. But surely he wouldn’t mind if you were forced to withdraw from the Academy due to special circumstances, don’t you think?”

“Hey! Come on, Chris!” The girl called out, fixing the boy with a sharp glare. “Play nice!”

“Hmph,” the boy huffed, releasing his grip and binds, throwing the older boy roughly onto the ground. “Be glad I spend much of my time around Silvia. If I catch you again without her present…” He decided to not finish the sentence, and threw one last venomous look before turning around to join the girl.

The briefest instant later, so brief that no one should have noticed anything, I return to reality. “You may want to watch your mouth around those stronger than you,” I say coldly, before throwing the were-leopard roughly onto the ground. “In my thousand years of life I’ve forgotten more enemies than you will ever make. And most of them are dead, crushed like the insignificant little insects they are. I cannot care less if you’re foolish enough to become one more of them.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

I look at the hand. A voice in my head tells me to crush it into a bloody mess of tendons and flesh. I consider it for a moment, and decide against it, but I do not take his offer of a handshake; I’m not here to make friends. It is not possible for me to make friends.

“A wanderer? Here to help them?” I laugh in a not entirely friendly way. “Really now. If only I can believe that more easily.” I narrow my eyes. “And I am not your ‘buddy’, creature.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Heh. Listen to yourself, creature,” I say without looking back at the dragon. “You speak of ‘improvement’. But by whose standard? Magus Mechanicle believes that it will be an improvement if the world is permanently ride of all Shifters and Beasts. The average vampire lord believes that it will be an improvement if every living being on the planet becomes its slave and cattle. And do you think your definition of ‘improvement’ is the right one, hmm? Who gave you the right to decide?”

For an instant, a flash of memories overwhelm my senses.

“Heh heh…” The mage laughed hoarsely, then immediately winced in pain as the numerous wounds on his body were strained further. Multiple large spikes made of some solid glowing purple energy had been driven through his wrists, ankles, and various other points on his body, fixing him rather crudely to a wall. “D-Do you think that m-makes you right, O Great Archmagus…? Is it not merely… merely human nature? We hunt animals for sport… We c-consume their f-flesh out of not necessity but d-desire and enjoyment… Simply because we’re stronger than them, aren’t we…? What makes m-myself any different…?”

“I think you may be misunderstanding something here,” the boy, now a young man in his early twenties, said quietly, just as he drove another spike through his prisoner’s body. “I have my people’s best interests in mind. You kidnap and torture my people for fun, you go against my people’s best interests. And that disgusts me. It doesn’t make me right, of course, but why should I care?” Another spike. This one struck an artery, and droplets of blood splashed over the young man’s elaborate purple robes. “Justice is for hypocrites,” he whispered, and spat, the saliva magically changing into biting acid as it made contact with the writhing mage’s face. “I can do this because I am stronger than you, aren’t I?”

The wounded mage shook. Unable to destroy the man’s confidence in his ideology, the mage instead turned to the young woman standing beside the man. “Listen to your partner’s words…” He laughed weakly, but mockingly. “So selfish, wicked and cruel… Can a pure-hearted young lady like you stand them…?”

“Shut your mouth, monster,” the woman said, both of her eyes, one red and one blue, cold as ice. “You deserve all the suffering you put your victims through, and ten times more.”

“Silvia?” The man turned toward the woman.

“Do it,” the woman said. A small sphere of purple energy materialized, hovering above the stretched index and middle fingers of her right hand.

Nodding, the man made a gesture with his hands. Bits of purple energy from the spikes impaling the man bled off, and crawled into their victim’s mouth, then solidified into a hollow shell to force his mouth open. The woman walks toward the tortured mage and, without another word, shoved the sphere of energy down his throat. His mouth was then unceremoniously shut by a quick but brutally forceful uppercut from the young man. The bound mage made a series of gagging sounds as the ball of energy travelled down his esophagus into his stomach.

Then he let out a horrific scream of pure, unadulterated agony.

“Your innards have been disintegrated,” the woman said simply. “Have a nice death. It’s too merciful for something like you.” She turned toward the man. “We done here?”

“Yes,” he replied. “Remind me to have someone clean up the mess afterwards. I don’t want to have the rotting corpse of a wanted criminal stinking up the place. Let’s go.” Casually he drove one last spike through the mage’s groin, the place no man would ever want to be impaled by a vicious spike.

Then they both began to walk away, leaving their prisoner literally broken, dying a slow, painful death.

I recover an instant later. The memory is morbid, but it makes me smile with morbid satisfaction. Justice is for hypocrites; how very true indeed.

“I’m not giving you a choice, Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos,” I say coldly, “because I am stronger than you.”

And immediately after, we have arrived. My gaze falls on Rosalyn, then everyone else in the group.

“So I see that you have all survived,” I say to no one in particular. “And new additions to your little group?” I say to the two newcomers. “What are your purposes amid a group of Caelum Fortis survivors, strangers?”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

Without warning I suddenly reach out with an arm to grasp Hephirix-Zatherex on his right shoulder, fingernails sharpening into adamantine points and painfully digging into his flesh. For a moment I consider ripping the arm off as punishment for disobedience, but decide against it.

“There is never a choice, Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos,” I snarl at his face. “Did you choose to be born in this wretched world, hmm?!” My grip tightens even more, sharpened scales beginning to emerge from the skin of my palm. I begin to twist the joint until it’s almost dislocated. “Did I choose to be born in the wretched world?! Ha. Don’t delude yourself. Humans, monsters, we’re all the same. We’re all slaves to our own natures. There is never a choice.”

I abruptly let go of his shoulder without breaking anything, but turn it into a rough shove instead. Then I turn around and walk off without a word, expecting the dragon to follow. If he doesn’t, there will be… consequences.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Heh, think about it for as long as you want. Until my patience runs out, that is. Really, it matters little to me. You say yes, I get a minion. You say no, I brainwash you, and I still get a minion. Yes, a willing one may be better, but it wouldn’t make much of a difference in the end. Don’t think you can deny me of your service by killing yourself either. Should you die, I can trap your soul and turn you into an undead creature. Even if no corpse remains, you can still become a ghost. And your mind would be so much easier to break then, don’t you agree?”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Sadly, your preference is quite irrelevant if I wish it to be. If I wanted a statue from you, I would get a statue from you, one way or another, with or without something as trivial as money.”

I consider for a moment. This creature certainly has, shall I say, a few screws loose, but he is a relatively rare specimen in this world. And a relatively powerful one at that. If I wanted to change the world, he would make a nice minion.

“Let me make you an offer, Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos,” I say, addressing the creature using his name for the first time. “As you may or may not have heard or remembered, I plan to change the world. However, strong as I am, my own power may not be enough. Questionable mental stability aside, you have power that not many in the world can match. Help me change the world, Hephirix-Zatherex, and I guarantee you a position in whatever new world order I come to establish in the future, if any. I would much prefer a willing accomplice than a mindless, brainwashed minion in any case.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“I have no money,” I say. Then I begin to sneer. “So what do you prefer, creature? Would you rather that I tortured you until you made me a statue free of charge? Or would you prefer that I warped your mind until you voluntarily agree to create a statue for me?”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Ha!” I bark out a harsh laugh. “Don’t flatter yourself, creature. What I want, I can simply take. After all, isn’t that what mostly everyone in this wretched world does?”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Again, if you ever feel suicidal, you can always go find out for yourself,” I say nonchalantly without looking at the dragon. Mentally I prepare a dose of Kristor’s parasites, ready to inject it into the hybrid the moment he shows any sign of hostility.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

Finally, a hint of intelligence and sanity in this creature. “I am not sure,” I say in a tired, but grave, tone. “That was only a robotic puppet of some sort controlled from afar, presumably containing only a fraction of his true power. But I was not at even close to full strength either, so I do not know how we compare.” My lips twist into a mirthless smile. “If you ever feel suicidal, you can always go find out for yourself.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

I say nothing to answer the creature’s inane questions as I follow him. That may anger him, but I cannot care less. I don’t need his help to locate Rosalyn and her companions. And if he thinks I’m easy prey when exhausted, well… Even in such a state I have methods of dealing with one such as him.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

I briefly consider trying to fix this creature’s mind, but decide against it. Driving him further into insanity will only be a waste of time. With a groan I force myself to stand up despite the exhaustion. “Take me to them.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“I survived, evidently,” I fix the hybrid dragon creature with a deadpan stare. “What about those you’ve carried away on your back?”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

The landscape around me is dotted with craters within craters within craters. Even now those purple crystal drones, each half the size of a human, keep hurling their energy spheres at me, each blast of violet power stinging like icy flames on my skin. When they strike anything, each sphere explodes, creating another crater inside the huge crater we are already in. And the Magus Supreme himself constantly sends toward me his energy beams, digging into the ground so deeply I cannot easily judge how far the holes go whenever they miss.

My whole body is now a humanoid shape with draconian features, seemingly made of some golden gemstone that glows and burns intensely like the Sun, various adamantines interlaced together and thoroughly hypercharged with magic. My spiked tail lashes out to impale one of the drones through its core, and unleashes a burst of golden energy; the purple crystals that the drone is mostly composed of dissolves into energy and fades away. Vicious claws dig through a drone’s chest, ripping out its core, causing its crystal body too to dissolve and fade. The core itself is approximately the size of a human heart, a smooth steely gray sphere etched with myriads of complex runes.

Testing a suspicion that has been growing inside me ever since the battle began, I inject some of my own magic into the sphere, some energy from my False Creation spell. The runes abruptly burst into golden brilliance. An instant later the drone forms, now made of golden crystal similar to my own body, and…

HOW DARE YOU!” Justinian XXI screams. “HOW DARE YOU CORRUPT MY CREATION WITH YOUR VILE MAGIC!” At the same time, all of his purple drones immediately begin focusing fire at the golden drone I have apparently just created.

My drone is destroyed almost in an instant, but that is already enough for me to have a clue as to what is going on. That core, whatever it is… It is designed to sustain a construct made from my False Creation spell, independently of the caster’s will and focus. And looking at all the attacks the Magus Supreme has thrown at me so far, as well as the glowing purple powered armor that now coats his entire body…

HOW IS IT THAT YOU KNOW THIS SPELL, HUMAN?!” I bark out harshly while rushing forward to grasp Justinian’s armor-clad throat with my talons. “IT WAS MY INVENTION!


He lies, a voice hisses in my mind, an instant before a flood of images and memories wash over my mind.

The girl stared incredulous, her heterochromatic eyes wide with disbelief. “…wait, let me see that again,” she shook her head.

“Come on, Silvia,” the boy said with a smirk. With a thought, the ball of scorching flames floating above his right hand abruptly transformed into a cloud of frost and icy energy with the greatest of ease. “I win, and you know it,” he said with a cocked eyebrow.

“But… But…” The girl reached out to grab the boy’s right hand with both of her own. “One more time! No funny business!”

“If that’s what it takes to convince you,” the boy continued to smirk. The ice split into a dozen small chunks. Each chunk enlarged, and transformed into a different substance or type of energy, ranging from wood to bone to crystal to metal to electricity to pure destructive magic. “All this with just one spell. No tricks, I swear!”

The girl stared intently. Then, unable to find anything wrong, her shoulders slumped. “Fine… You win this time. But mark my words, Chris. Next time it won’t be so easy!”

“Never expected it to be,” the boy grinned. “You have no idea how long this one took me…”

“So what are you calling it?” The girl asked curiously.

“Hmm…” The boy mused, idly scratching his chin. “I think I’ll call this spell… False Creation.”

The girl rolled her eyes. “Always such over-the-top names.”

“What else would be suitably awesome for a genius such as I?”

“All right, all right, Mr. Genius,” the girl shook her head. She then lied down on the bed, a hand on her chest in an innocently provocative gesture. “You won. Aren’t you gonna claim your prize?” She smiled.

The flashback only takes an instant, not enough time to put me at a disadvantage. But one thing is for certain: I, or at least that previous incarnation of mine seemingly from so incredibly long ago, invented the False Creation spell that the Magus Supreme is somehow able to use, not some hateful, prejudiced deity whose very existence is dubious. “YOUR SUPPOSED GOD,” I snarl in Justinian’s face, “CAN GO FUCK HIMSELF.

Upon hearing those words Justinian XXI literally explodes with berserk rage. The waves of purple energy that burst forth from his body force my grip loose and push me back, spreading an agony all over my body that simultaneously feel like searing flames, freezing ice, electrocution, and scalding acid. I barely see the flashes before no less than a dozen metallic cores are summoned to his side, each one transforming into a fully functional drone in an instant. All of them open fire, a dozen massive energy beams that all converge upon me, the unbearably intense destructive energy quickly reducing even my form to slag.

For a second fear begins to seize me. No… Surely it isn’t possible that he is stronger than me…?

Listen to yourself, that same voice says. You cannot possibly be having this much trouble, not with that.

A burst of power erupts from me, fully pushing away even the full might of Justinian’s onslaught. My body has changed. Six wings and a halo of golden yellow electricity appear on my back. My upper body is still humanoid, but my lower body is now a serpentine tail, both made from bright golden electrical energies and shards of clear crystal. I remember having taken this form once before, when I confronted that arrogant creature who dared proclaim himself a god, but I knows not where this form comes from or what it is. And I do not care.

Bolts of golden lightning lash out from me with such power that a single strike is enough to obliterate one of Justinian’s drones. A flap of my three pairs of energy wings, and I ram into the Magus Supreme with a burst of extreme speed, lightning-coated crystalline talons piercing through his armor and digging into his bowels. With an entirely inhuman hiss, and a grand motion, I rip out the pathetic human’s vulnerable fleshy innards.


His agonized scream is music to my ears. But the joy is short-lived, however, as I discover that the innards I hold in my hands are made of not human flesh but some gray, synthetic material, covered in blood. I cannot believe I failed to notice this the last time I’ve driven a blade through the man’s stomach…


For a second my heart lurches, but I quickly see through his bluff. He cannot possibly be that powerful, for there is not enough energy on the planet to support that kind of power. But regardless, for me to have had this much trouble against a remote-controlled puppet that must have only contained a fraction of Justinian’s true power… I must not be at anything less than full strength if I’m to even hope of winning against the real Magus Supreme. Against this little puppet, however… The victory will be mine.

BUT TOO BAD YOU WILL NOT LIVE TO EVER SEE MY TRUE POWER, MAGGOT!” Justinian XXI screams. Blood squirts from the gaping hole in his stomach, but he no longer seems to care. “YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE ENDS NOW!

My eyes widen at the sudden frightening spike in power. The skin of the robot that is Justinian’s temporary body cracks, a blindingly intense iridescent purple energy bleeding forth from every surface. For a briefest instant I see the body break down.

A flash of golden power that consumes the entire world. When it fades, my surroundings have been replaced by the dense canopy of a forest. Seems like I’ve managed to teleport away before being struck by the Magus Supreme’s final attack… I am not sure if I could have survived it.

…why did I dodge it? Was it not death that I longed for? Was I afraid that it would only trigger another Rebirth, another new cycle of suffering and torment?

I sigh. Did I not promise Rosalyn that I would try to change the world? But now I am sure that there exists at least one entity on the planet capable of matching, or perhaps even surpassing, myself in power. Can I prevail against him? Are there more? And…

I collapse onto the ground, utterly exhausted. How to change the world… That is something to be thought about later. Now is the time to rest… and recuperate.

[Uuuuuuuuuugh… I feel that this post is extremely sub-par. I thought I really should post something today, but for some reason it was extremely difficult to squeeze anything out. Blegh.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

[Whenever I take a brief but unexplained absence, blame bad sleeping habits and/or Skyrim.]

[You do realize that we’re riding atop Phirix-Therex, who is currently a giant blue dragon, right, Mark?]

Christopher Athánatos

The dragon hybrid takes off, but not before picking up the unconscious minotaur with its forelimbs. Good. But the dozens of human Magi immediately begin to give chase. One of the six elite Enforcers, the woman with her shielding spell, has already escaped from my energy-draining hold and is quickly gaining on the dragon. Two more then break themselves free before I can drain more than half of their energy. Blades of force spring out from the dark lightning streams that are actually my limbs, quickly shredding one of the elite Enforcers to pieces of armor and flesh. But before I can do the same to the remaining two elites, some external magical devices on their bodies seem to activate. A bright purple flash, and they are gone. I quickly sweep out with telepathy. Several of the Enforcers are still around, weaker ones that die almost instantly when their skulls crack like eggshells when pierced by shards of translucent force. Streams of spectral lightning quickly snake out to absorb the last remnants of their energy before they completely fade away.

And I already sense the supposed Justinian XXI rapidly approaching. Damn, he sure is fast.

YOU DARE” The man hisses, voice causing the air itself to tremble as if in fear. He is floating high up in the sky, face contorted in rage and hatred. My human eyes can vaguely see him cupping his hands, a sphere of intensely bright purple energy gathering between his palms. “TURN TO DUST, VILE ABOMINATION OF EXISTENCE!

I could have easily dodged the attack by teleporting away. Or I could have simply sidestepped away from its brunt. But as I sense the amount of energy being gathered by this powerful Magus, an amount of energy that is no doubt terrifying to anyone else, a strange feeling surges up within me. My blood boils. The voices scream of slaughter and destruction with mad glee. Energy of my own gathers between my hands, energy that glows blindingly golden yellow.

DON’T THINK SO HIGHLY OF YOURSELF, YOU PATHETIC SPECK OF A HUMAN,” I snarl. The sounds of our verbal exchange must have been audible even kilometers away. When Justinian XXI unleashes his beam of devastating power, I unleash my own at the same instant, meeting his attack head-on at full force.

The two beams, mine golden yellow and his purple-violet, collide at the exact midpoint between us.

The massive shockwave occurs at first, expanding outwards from the point of impact at supersonic speeds. Then comes the waves of pure destructive magic, a mixture of yellow and purple that tears apart anything in its path. In less than a second, the energy swallows me whole. Though it is not nearly enough to kill me, my magical senses are essentially blinded by the raging torrents of magic within. But at least my opponent is subject to the same fate.

It takes me a moment to regenerate from any damage and regain my senses. Quickly glancing around, I see that everything within several hundred meters of myself has been completely obliterated. A crater of roughly that size has formed, dotted with bits and pieces of molten rock. I hope Rosalyn and her ragtag little group had escaped in time and wasn’t caught in the blast, for there is not a soul alive around me that I can feel.

Except that single massive eyesore floating up there in the sky.

A nice expression of surprise is plastered onto his face. It then shifts into a mask of even more pure, unadulterated spite, if such a thing is even possible. A blink of extreme speed.

But I will not allow him to catch me by surprise again. An instant later, his glowing blade of destructive magic and force is stopped by my own, the clash sending off purple and golden sparks. With a wide, bloodthirsty grin, my free left hand morphs into an adamantine spike as I drive it through the man’s stomach.

GAAAAAAAAAH!” He screams. Before more spikes can erupt from my hand to shred him from within, the Magus Supreme rips himself free and backs away several meters. The bloody hole in his stomach rapidly heals until it is entirely unnoticeable after a moment. “YOU DARE WOUND ME, FILTHUNFORGIVABLE! YOU-

I do not give him the opportunity to finish as I rush toward him. The energy blade in my hand transforms into a golden spiked ball the size of a truck, and rises to a few meters in the air before slamming into the man at several times the speed of a truck. But immediately after the impact, a burst of immensely destructive energy explodes from my target, shattering my wrecking ball and pushing me back as well.

We stand a few meters apart, catching our breaths while glaring at each other with pure malice and contempt.



Justinian XXI does not respond with more words. Instead, he sends at me a blast of psychic energy so powerful that it causes the air itself to visibly distort. Letting out a growl of challenge, I bring forth the full tidal wave of insanity that is my mind upon the puny human. The sheer murderous hatred of our wills scream and tear at each other like mad beasts, each seeking to rip the other to shreds, but our evenly matched mental powers simply lock us into a stalemate from which neither of us can escape.

My willpower wavers for an instant. The Magus Supreme immediately takes the opportunity to focus all of his psionic might onto my single momentary weakness, but not quickly enough to stop a massive blazing sphere of heat and destruction from erupting out of my right hand. As the ball of plasma consumes him, and the pressure on my mind disappears, I quickly rise up into the air, this time my turn to look down at the supposed leader of this pathetic excuse of a religion. My jaws begin to deform.

Of course the bastard will not die so easily. Before I can even launch my next attack, a shaft of blinding white light pierces the smokescreen and heads directly toward my direction. This time, I dodge. But immediately after, the smoke itself is rapidly consumed as multiple large bubbles of glowing acidic green materialize around Justinian XXI. With a snarl he sends them all at me, each moving far more quickly than any bubble of liquid should. I dodge a few, and bash the others away with a wave of force, moving to the man’s left side; my jaws then fully deform and extend to become those of a vicious black dragon before spewing forth a massive blast of pure black energy that should rip him apart molecule by molecule. My disintegration breath weapon swallows him.

But no, he still does not die or even show any visible signs of damage. His robes have been reduced to dust, exposing a body now entirely covered by armor made of what appears to be partially molten iron that glows indigo and purple. “YOU DARE THINK THAT WAS ENOUGH TO KILL ME, GARBAGE?!” A growl comes totally unimpeded from within his helmet. “YOU ARE WEAK. AND WITH MY POWER, I SHALL CLEANSE YOU.” He begins walking toward me, energy crackling in both hands.

HA. HOW LAUGHABLE. THE INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE BLIND INSECT THINKS HE ACTUALLY HAS POWER?!” Various adamantites begin to coat my skin. “YOU ARE WEAK, WORM. AND I AM JUST GETTING STARTED.” As the last word leaves my mouth, my body deforms completely, and I charge at my enemy with wild abandon.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

Justinian XXI, the Magus Supreme himself…?! For the first time in years my heart and mind begin to race. The man, seemingly in his forties, is physically unremarkable, but one should never judge a book by its cover. When the minotaur makes an asinine choice of taunting him, the man demonstrates his power by, cutting off both of the minotaur’s horns, and telekinetically guiding them to gouge out the minotaur’s own right arm from its shoulder, both with streams of invisible force even I can barely detect. It was done in the span of a moment, without him moving a finger, and seemingly with the greatest of ease. There is no doubt that he is powerful, very powerful. But exactly how, in relation to myself? I cannot accurately judge the full extent of his power without actively probing him with my own magic, and doing so may cause things to turn very ugly very fast.

Now, I must think about this clearly and logically. Is this man truly the Magus Supreme, as he claims? I have not met any of the leaders of Magus Mechanicle in person, none that I remember. And rarely has anyone else; even the citizens of regions ruled by the revoltingly corrupt human supremacist church aren’t sure of what their supreme leader is supposed to look like. To them, the Magus Supreme must be akin to their God manifest, a sacred icon their mortal eyes are not meant to see. So why would the Magus Supreme personally come to the ruins of a fallen Utopian city? I highly doubt that the enmity between these two factions is worth exposing the leader of Magus Mechanicle such.

But the most important question remains. Can I defeat the Magus Supreme in combat?

My magical power has fluctuated greatly over the centuries. I am quite sure that currently, my maximum level of power is as strong as it has ever been; I also do not remember encountering anyone capable of matching or surpassing this level of power. Some have come close, such as Emperor Huang Long of the Draconian Accord, but none was my equal or greater. However, at this very moment, I am most certainly not at my maximum level of power. Such was the main cause of most of my deaths and regenerations, for even I can easily fall and be slain in a state of exhaustion. So now…

“‘Christopher’, hmm?” I feel a wave of magical energy sweep over me, almost identical to my own telepathic scan. “I assume you are the strongest among this pile of inhuman garbage?” The supposed Magus Supreme asks.

That little disdainful glint in his eyes… How dare he, a voice in my mind whispers.

I give the wounded, unconscious minotaur a glance. He’ll live; those injuries are nothing that cannot be repaired by magic. I casually levitate myself to the Magus Supreme’s height, returning his scornful gaze in equal measure. “So what if I am, human?”

His right eye twitches slightly. That is all the warning I get before he is suddenly in front of me, fingers digging into each of my shoulders with strength far greater than any human should have. The next instant, my world is filled with almost unbearable agony as he roughly tears my body in half down the middle, with his bare hands, like ripping apart a sheet of paper. I vaguely feel both halves of my body squirming, wriggling, trying feebly to rejoin each other.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!” Justinian XXI suddenly bellows, his face contorting into a mask of pure rage and spite. “THE STRONGEST OF YOU WORMS! YOUR LAST HOPE! TORN APART BY MY HANDS, LIKE THE WEAK, WORTHLESS SCUM YOU ALL ARE!” Invisible, unshaped magical power is radiating from him like tidal waves, causing the ground, rubble, and the air itself to tremble; there is no doubt that weaker creatures around him are feeling as though they’re being crushed by a force squeezing around their entire bodies. Purple energy begins to swirl and crackle around the man. “YOU WILL DIE, EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOU VILE INHUMANS! DIE IN DESPAIR AND AGONY! IN THE NAME OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD FROM THE MACHINE, I-

It is at that time I strike him with a massive beam of yellow lightning and force, a beam powerful enough to send him flying kilometers into the distance.

RUN! I scream using telepathy, sending a mental message to everyone around me who is not a member of Magus Mechanicle. YOU, DRAGON HYBRID! TAKE TRUE FORM AND CARRY THEM ALL OUT OF THIS HOLE! GET AWAY FROM THIS PLACE, AS FAR AS POSSIBLE! Both halves of my body dissolve, transforming into dark spectral lightning that arcs to all six elite Enforcers and as many additional enforcers as possible, simultaneously draining energy from all of them. I WILL HOLD THEM OFF! ESCAPE WHILE YOU CAN!

KILL THEM ALL!” One of the elite Enforcers shouts; a magical barrier is already forming around her to free herself from my tendril of ghostly electricity. “DO NOT LET A SINGLE INHUMAN ESCAPE!”

[If you try to escape, the Enforcers will give chase. Each elite Enforcer is about as strong as a player character, while the normal ones are weaker. You are allowed to give them whatever spells you wish, provided that they do not break the rules, and control their actions; I will object if I see anything I don’t like. The elite Enforcers also each carries several magic batteries (see the profile of InfiniteExpanse’s character for details) that can replenish magical energy. Yes, you can try to take those, and you will be able to use them.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Rose” and “Lynn”, hmm? I chuckle slightly. Interesting play on her name. But for the split personality to externally manifest… Is that a spell, or an ability of some sort? Speaking of that, what kind of creature is she? Some kind of liquid metal construct, judging from her metallic form earlier? But somehow, she seems more than a mere metal slime. A hybrid?

I shrug. That is something to be thought about later.

Suddenly, I stiffen. This malice, this energy… I don’t have to even try to sense it; they aren’t trying to hide anything either. A few dozen presences, all headed toward this direction. Demons? No… If anything, their magical signatures feel like humans. Each individual one of these beings shouldn’t be anything my… current companions can’t handle, but it’s certainly much stronger than demons here that are countered and killed en masse. With all of them together…

Then I stiffen further. The seven or so beings at the front of the group are certainly not to be underestimated. Especially the leader. Whatever it is, I cannot accurately gauge its power from this distance, not without alerting it of my presence.

“A large group of entities, very likely hostile, are approaching us,” I say in a grave tone. “Prepare for combat if you value your lives.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“You don’t need healing,” I say coldly to the, ah, “sexually indeterminate person” who appears to be the hybrid of a blue dragon and some sort of fire elemental creature. “You weren’t even going all out in the battle earlier.”

The girl changes. I feel ever so slightly regretful when she no longer wears erotic lingerie, but that feeling disappears when I behold her new appearance. A simple dress of the purest white… Without gleaming bits of metal, she appears almost human. And compared to her black-haired alter ego, the silver-haired girl invokes an entirely different mood. Just as beautiful as before, but now innocent, gentle, vulnerable. It almost stirs a feeling within me that has died already so long ago…


Then she tells me her name. Rosalyn Lightfell. A beautiful first name befitting her appearance. But the last name…

“Please!” The girl cried out, looking as though she’s about to burst into tears again. “It was my father’s will! You… You can’t…”

“Can’t what?!” The old wizened mage, the one directly facing her, spoke harshly. “What I cannot do, girl, is give the Seat of your late father to a child!” He spat, pointing a gnarled finger at the boy beside her.

“Why not, Deputy Archmagus?” The boy spoke. His voice was calm, but just as cold and harsh. “Do you doubt my competence? Or knowledge? Or experience?” He gripped one of the girl’s slender hands a little more tightly. “Or are you just unwilling to let go of the position left vacant after Master Lightfell’s passing?”

For a moment, the room became dreadfully quiet. The other highly distinguished mages looked around, from the boy to the old mage and back, hardly daring to even breathe.

“I doubt your strength,” the old mage snarled. “Being the apprentice of Julius Lightfell does not grand you the power to sit among us, brat.” A white glow began to emanate from the orb of his oaken staff, while the sigils etched on its surface became starkly black.

“Oh, is that it?” A quick glance at the girl’s eyes reassured him that she would support him no matter what. But that did not soothe the anger that was beginning to well up within him. The boy’s other hand, the one not linked with the girl’s, twisted into a claw-like gesture, a sphere of purple energy forming between his fingers. “Do you want your doubt… alleviated, Deputy Archmagus?”

I blink several times. That last name, put together with those memories… So this girl, Rosalyn, shares not only her face, but her name as well with that Silvia girl in my memories? But how can this be? Her youth was unmistakable when our minds came into contact earlier. Could she be a descendant of…

I shake my head. Why do I even care? As Rosalyn herself said, those memories depict the life of someone else. Whoever those memories once belonged to, I should not concern myself with them.

The werewolf woman says something that makes me sigh with pity. “Listen to yourself, werewolf. If she herself thinks arrogance will lead to her downfall, will she be arrogant in the first place?” I turn away and laugh bitterly. “Arrogance eventually leads to downfall? Ha! If that’s true, why has the world for the past centuries been full of dictators with egos so disgustingly bloated that it makes me want to grind them to dust?! Yet they continue to rule, for hundreds of years and more. The world is not so just and fair, werewolf.”

I glance at the wolf woman, who appears to still be suffering the residual effects of my ice breath. The minotaur has chunks of his skin and flesh burnt away by acid. The human has his back wound tied only by some crude bandages. Are they mentally challenged, or are they simply adamant to not show any sign of weakness? Either way, I am not going to waste energy healing them if they don’t ask. My energy is at the moment limited enough as it is.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

The girl calls out to me, the one with dual minds. It seems like the one with black hair and red eyes is in control now. It irks me that she’s addressing me with such familiarity… But she has already seen much of my memories of the past thousand years. I suppose if anyone in this group can address me on familiar terms, it will be her. Her will must be quite remarkable, having seen much suffering and despair through my eyes yet seemingly remain unaffected? Or is she simply uncaring? No. She doesn’t feel like that kind of being, from both her words and the feeling of her mind in contact with mine.

My eyes widen slightly when I take in her visage. I must say, she really does look incredibly beautiful and titillating. The… outfit she is wearing hugs her lithe body tightly, accentuating every bit of her perfect curves. Its alluring black color matches her glossy black hair, and contrasts wonderfully with the fairness of her flawless skin. Even without any supernatural glamor or other sort of magical aid, her entire being seems to emanate an aura of sensuality that begs to be touched and kissed. An image flashes before me, a mental image of this girl lying on a luxurious bed in a provocative stance, an inviting smile on her beautiful face. I imagine myself approaching her, touching the side of her neck with a finger and running down to the cleft between her perfectly-sized breasts, feeling the exquisite softness and smoothness of her skin; a moan of pleasure then escapes from her lips…

I shake my head. What am I thinking? I did not want pleasures of the flesh. Otherwise, with my power, I’d be having a harem of beautiful women at my beck and call, and endlessly indulging in carnal desires without a thought about the grander schemes of the world… What an empty existence that would be. Heh. Yes, this girl is undeniably beautiful, and I cannot help but to appreciate her beauty. But that will be all.

She is looking at me expectantly. Ah, yes. She did ask me to replenish her energy. “Very well.” The flecks of green in my wings and aura become a fiery red, as the spring faerie lineage in my body becomes summer instead. Without warning I reach out to grasp the girl on her forehead, as I’ve done with the were-leopard. Once again my aura flares blindingly bright, all of it focusing and pouring into the girl’s body, carrying my own energy and ambient energy in the air with it. Like the were-leopard, she spasms due to the titanic wave of energy rushing into her… but not as much as I would have expected.

Strange. She did not seem very powerful when we were fighting. But why is my injection of energy not enough to fill her to even half full? I consider pouring more energy into her, but decide against it. I’ve never recovered to full strength since my previous encounter with Abaddon, and I am already rather close to running low at the moment, after all that ordeal since coming to the ruins of this city. And I may still need to heal the others. It will be best to leave her as she is right now. When I release the girl, she staggers, but does not collapse.

“Now, anyone else?” I once again sweep my eyes across the group of creatures before me.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Made me lose control? You?” I laugh. “Don’t flatter yourself.”

But why did I lose control of myself? Was it because of that girl, Silvia, in those memories that have been surfacing recently? I do not know which incarnation of mine those memories are from. They do feel like they are from so very long ago… And from what glimpses I’ve caught of the world around me in those memories, it almost seems as though…

Could those memories be from the time when I was human? The polymorph spell was invented around a thousand years ago. Could I have been alive, and human, at that time?

But I wonder if I should really care. That incarnation of mine clearly loved this girl named Silvia. But memories of her simply gives me a dull, throbbing emptiness inside. Whoever or whatever he was, I am not the same person. I should not allow his memories to affect me to such a degree again.

As I mull over these things, I grasp the were-leopard on his forehead. The brunt of my power is focused and forced into him, the green and white aura around me coalescing into a blinding flash for a brief moment. The creature violently spasms. Having such a massive amount of energy roughly shoved into his being, even healing energy, will no doubt feel quite unpleasant, but I care little for his comfort. I can feel a taint in him, the presence of something insidious, disgusting like a disease, suffusing the greater parts of his body and slowly destroying it from within. I apply enough power to ensure that the vile magic is obliterated without a trace, utterly consumed and erased by my curative power. Then I release my hand, and the were-leopard collapses, still shivering. Judging from the physical and magical fortitude his displayed earlier, these symptoms of magic overload should last for no longer than a few minutes. After that he should feel better than ever, every single wound on his body gone.

“Don’t worry, he is fine,” I say dispassionately to those who may think I’ve hurt him. “Now, does anyone else need healing? If not, you should not linger here for long. At the moment I am willing to help you leave the city; I suggest you don’t wait until I change my mind.”

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“I share this body with a number of malevolent consciousnesses,” I say. “When my body was taken over, it was they who fought to distract the malicious spirits and assault their minds,” I gesture to the group of creatures who have valiantly fought the crazed remnants of my previous incarnations, “giving me an opportunity to regain control. But what have you done?” I sneer at the hydrioth. “An insignificant little bug bite, nothing more. Had I been the one trying to kill you, rather than those dreadfully inefficient spirits of madness inside me, it would have been something like this.”

Without warning, I suddenly reach out a hand with lightning speed to plunge into the hydrioth’s chest, breaching whatever pathetic defenses it may try to put up. As soon as contact is made, I release a burst of electricity so powerful that it almost instantly causes the creature’s entire watery body to break down into a formless puddle, causing excruciating pain in the process. As I grasp its core in my hands, I enclose the fleshy red orb with a shrinking, nigh indestructible shell of force, stopping just short of crushing the life out of the disgusting creature. Then I release the force and flick the orb away back to its puddle like a piece of dirt. “If you don’t want me to do that again, little worm, you’re going to have to show a little more respect to the others risking their lives so you could survive. Or you can run and hide in a hole again somewhere. The choice is yours.”

Without another word I begin to walk toward the were-leopard. “Remember the arrogant little piece of dirt who dared proclaim itself a god?” I say to him. “You may or may not have noticed, but it cast a curse on you just before its departure.” The tips of my human ears sharpen to points, while four thin feathery white wings with luminescent green insect-like ridges sprout from my back, accompanied by the emergence of a glowing white aura interspersed with green flecks and glitters; I have transformed into the mixture of an angel and a spring faerie, both possessing healing and curative abilities. “Would you like me to heal you, in compensation for trying to kill you earlier?”

[Yes, Christopher ignored Phirix-Therex completely. This is intentional.]

By the way, Adrian, did someone cure what I have done on you? I can’t quite keep up now.

[Christopher is about to do that.]

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] [RP] Incarnatum Mȳthologiae [SIGNUPS ALWAYS OPEN]

Christopher Athánatos

“Heh. Is it not obvious, minotaur?” I say with a slight mocking edge. “I am ‘that dragon’ you speak of.” And there is also that other creature, a curious hybrid of a blue dragon and some fiery elemental being… but nothing I haven’t seen before. Its demeanor irritates me. “And I will not answer questions that are perfectly obvious to anyone that has average knowledge and intellect,” I say to it dismissively.

“And look, isn’t it the selfish, carefree little hydrioth again,” I look at the hydrioth with contempt. “That single shot of yours sure helped tremendously in the battle, didn’t it? No need to praise them; they weren’t fighting to save something like you! Heh, why don’t you just run off and hide somewhere again, if you value your own wellbeing so much? I was trying to kill you a moment ago! How do you know I won’t try again?” My lips then curl into a sneer. “Or maybe I should brainwash you and make you my perfectly obedient slave? After all, it was you who said I shouldn’t shoulder the world’s burdens alone! Ha. It’s a shame that your kind is genderless, isn’t it?”