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Topic: Off-topic / Over cook food or under cook food

raw taste nasty

Yes, the only detriment that raw food serves is the fact that it tastes awful.

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You have a total of two games.
They’ve both been given a two-star rating.
You’re definitely the most successful developer I’ve ever seen on this website.

Speaking of his grammar, adv0, he has a spelling mistake in the description of one of his games.
If that doesn’t say “success”, then I don’t know what does.

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Topic: Off-topic / POLL: do u think its safe for more fanfics???

You could probably go to one of the moderators and say you’re going to be writing a fanfic about someone.
Then go to the person and get consent via PM.
There’s no way it could be considered harassment or anything, considering the person consented to it.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Chronicles of Niceman. Part 1: The Tension.

Are you going to just name the chapters of this story according to stereotypical story structures?
Is the next one going to be titled “The Chronicles of Niceman. Part 2: The Rising Action”?

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Topic: Off-topic / Who here is a Troll?

You’re saying I’m calling you the opposite of what you are simply for the sake of doing so?
Now why would I do that?
That would be a waste of my time.
I know for a fact that you’re trying to troll me, and you’re doing a rather poor job of it, considering I’m able to tell that you’re trying to troll me.
So lay off, and stop trying to troll me, pal.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who here is a Troll?

I never once called you a newfag, actually.
Now you’re trying to troll me again by putting words in my mouth!

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Topic: Off-topic / Who here is a Troll?

I am a troll buster… >:3

Is that why you get trolled so easily?

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Topic: Off-topic / vegetarians kill more animals than normal ppl

I don’t know who you’re trying to troll

He isn’t trying to troll anyone.
He is simply stating the FACTS.

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Topic: Off-topic / You have 10 seconds to give me ONE GOOD REASON why you don't lift weights

I entered my belly to myself

How does one enter their belly to themself?
Does your belly turn inside out or something?
Is this at all detrimental to the well-beings of the organs that will inevitably be exposed to the elements?

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Topic: Off-topic / Oh no Gardevoir is in trouble

Gardevoir would obviously be able to make it out of there no problem, considering she is the most human-like Pokémon in existence.

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Topic: Off-topic / A hilarious joke

what the fuck is that image

It’s from The Office.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

No, just no

You seem to think a monster with a growth coming from her waist and forehead along with a fin growing from her chest looks human, so why not other Pokémon as well?

you’re blind

I’m blind because I know how implications work, whereas you refuse to believe that whatever it is that is growing from Gardevoir’s face could ever possibly be meant to be something other than hair?

His post was just him denying that her body parts doesn’t make her look like a human

Isn’t that the entire point of this argument?
Are you saying that my post was off topic despite the fact that it consisted of everything we’ve been talking about?

when it totally does.

No, that is your blind interpretation.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

he actual function of its “legs” or “hair” is irrelevant because they were clearly intended to look like legs and hair.

As stated earlier, the fact that the large growth on her face is a similar colour to the green coloured parts of her body implies that is not hair, but an extension of her body.
It was never meant to imply hair.
I would accept that the artists had intended for it to be hair if there weren’t heavy implications that it is indeed not hair.

When most of them make her look like a human a lot.

A frilly mass of flesh growing out from one’s waist is not human.
That is a deformity.

Gardevoir look like a human

Gardevoir looks just as human as Arceus and Charizard.
She looks like a Pokémon and that is all.

Just because you want something to look like something doesn’t mean it does.
The fact that you were not willing to argue against any of my points shows that you believe I am right, but are unwilling to accept defeat.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

You don’t even know what is behind those hairs

I just said it isn’t hair.
Why is it so hard for you to comprehend that that growth on Gardevoir’s face was never intended to be hair.

It’s still a fucking dress that is part of it’s body.

Are the dresses that humans wear parts of their bodies?
No, they are articles of clothing that humans put on their body.
If you had a giant flab of skin that sprouted from your waist and grew around your legs, would you call it a dress?
No, you’d call it a deformity and you would likely seek medical attention.

The rest of your post is pure ignorance and you trying to be Le M4st3r Gardevoir-Nerd.

Is this your way of saying that you’re incapable of arguing my other points due to the fact that I’m correct?
Because it sure seems that way.

If you look how it uses her hands, she indeed have thumbs.

So, if I didn’t have hands and I closed my fingers around objects as a means of grasping them, I’d still have thumbs?

Gardevoir has many details that make her look like a human.

I guess you could say the same about Machoke, considering you’re disregarding the fact that Gardevoir has a large growth on her face.
I mean, those golden bars across his scalp definitely imply a comb over.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

She DOES have thumbs. Look closely.

She has three fingers.
I see no opposable thumbs.
Just because something looks like something to you, doesn’t mean that’s what it is.

Oh come on, I already said that I was just meaning it has a dress.

But she doesn’t have a dress.
That is a part of her body.
A pretty inhuman part of her body, at that.

ignorance image

Did you read my post incorrectly?
I said that Shy Guys have faces.
I said that the masks imply that they do indeed have faces.
But I am saying that there is nothing that implies that that large growth on her face is hair, considering it is the same colour as the majority of her body.
My hair isn’t flesh-toned, nor is yours.
The fact that it is the same colour as the rest of her body implies that it is made of the same thing i.e. it is not her hair nor is it meant to look like hair.

I just said that it looks like a human.

And I just said that the only thing human about her is the fact that she can stand on two legs, just like dogs can when they’re begging for a hand out when you’re snacking on some potato chips.
Are you saying that Gardevoir is the equivalent of a persistent dog?

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Topic: Off-topic / What if you turn on the computer, go on Kongregate and see...

I dont even make threads that much….

From what I have seen, you average at least 2-3 threads per day.
You know how many threads the average OTer makes on a daily basis?
That’d probably be a decimal number, considering most OTers do not make threads on a daily basis.

And when I do, I try to make decent threads for the standards of OT.

If your threads were designed according to “OT’s standards”, they wouldn’t receive as much hate as they currently do, considering the threads would be up to par and people wouldn’t consider them to be utter shyte.

If the thread gets at least a couple of funny/interesting responses

So, if your thread was titled “r u gay” and a couple of people called you a faggot as a response, that would be a quality thread?
Because I’m fairly certain people find other people calling you a faggot to be quite funny.

I dont want Wikipedia quality conversations or the like.

You don’t hold conversations on Wikipedia.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

Are you fucking stupid?

The fact that you’re equating those to human legs makes me think you are.
Never have I seen a human with white toothpicks for legs.

I mean fingers that works like the one of humans. Why so serious?

But they don’t.
Gardevoir doesn’t have any thumbs.

it wears the same thing as what some girls wears

She isn’t wearing anything.
That is her body.
Just because it looks like she is wearing a dress does not mean that she is wearing a dress.
It means that her body looks like a dress, which I’m fairly certain is a pretty inhuman trait.

This is just like saying Shy guy has no face behind his mask.

Except it’s not, considering it is implied that the Shy Guys have faces, considering the implication is that the Shy Guy wears the mask because he is shy.
Gardevoir’s facial tumor is not implied hair, considering it does not even look like hair.
It looks like a lump of flesh growing from her face.
If it were hair, they would make it look like hair, considering they tend to make hair on Pokémon look like hair, rather than a large mass of flesh on someone’s face.

Are you saying Gardevoir doesn’t look like a human?

Are you trying to say that anything that has the ability to stand on two legs looks like a human, regardless of all of the traits that make it look inhuman?
Do dogs look human to you when they stand on their hind legs?

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you cut off one of your fingers for a billion dollars?

I-I’ve already got some experience cutting off my own fingers…

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Topic: Off-topic / Is the porn industry evil? Do you use bad websites?

Porn can reduce sexual pleasure.
It increases your sexual expectations whilst the actual sexual occurrences you experience in life generally remain the same.

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Topic: Off-topic / What if you turn on the computer, go on Kongregate and see...

Dosnt stops me from begin glad when someone else reaches a certain milestone

Which implies that you still consider a high post count to be something to be boasted, considering you’re congratulating others on getting a higher post count.

Except I stopped caring about post count itself ever since I hit 10K.

Then why do you continue to make thoughtless threads every fifteen minutes?

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

Gardevoir DOES have legs

Those little toothpicks that can be seen below her “dress” do not count as legs.

her arms has fingers

That doesn’t make them any less like fins.
She only has three fingers.
The last guy I met who had three fingers had a bad run in with an M-80.
Just because she has fingers doesn’t mean she’s similar to a human.
Most land species have something similar to a finger (toes on the paws of dogs, talons for birds, etc.).
Are you saying that everything with an extension of their arms/legs that could be considered similar to a finger is basically human?

her appearance is like it’s wearing cloths from medieval age or whatever

So, something looking like a dress is automatically a dress?
Does that mean that since deer have antlers that look similar to a television antenna that you could find on the roof of a home, they must have two antennae on their heads?

And again, some humans has their hairs convering most of their face.

But that mass on Gardevoir’s face is not her hair.
Sure, this would be a valid point if it looked similar to hair.
But it is the same colour as the green parts of her body, which implies that it is made from the same thing.
So one can deduce that whatever is on her face is not hair, but an extension of her body.

You failed to address the fin protruding from where he breasts should be located, as well as the fact that she doesn’t even have feet.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mega Gallade confirmed!

Gardevoir doesn’t have legs, her arms are similar to fins, she doesn’t have breasts (but rather a large, fin-like protrusion).
She isn’t “wearing a dress”, but rather the part of her body that acts as her legs is sort of a veil that wraps around her waist.
She has a large tumor that covers the majority of her face.

If your idea of a human is a double amputee, aquatically cross-bred cancer patient, then I suppose you’d be right.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are Black and White colors?

In regards to science, black is the absence of colour and white is a combination of all colours.
In regards to art, both are colours.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mcdonalds Employee (Advice Please)

if you don’t realize mcdonalds is a dead end job then you probably have half a brain

He never stated he wants to continue working at McDonald’s for the rest of his life.
Jobs in fast food are great starter jobs and help high school students earn money for college.

Just tell your manager that you don’t want to work maintenance anymore.
They cannot force you to work a maintenance shift, considering you’re choosing to do it as a second shift.
I told my manager to stop scheduling me more than four days in a row, and they had no problem with it.
It’s just a matter of communication.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why do emos be like emos?

Because they’re conformist assholes who feel the need to gripe about the trials and tribulations of their daily life.

Even though we all know that life is bleak and meaningless.