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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / selling

how do you sell cards

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Topic: General Gaming / The Slightly Unofficial Guide To Caravaneers

Couple tips on the final battle: drive around the armies, so that you’re right near Qubba, then ditch all ur vehicles. You’ll live a lot easier when you’re not catching grenades while trapped behind a line of hummers.

You gotta kill about 4 armies.

Grenadiers are worse then rocket launchers, their AP is high so they will toss 4 grenades for every 1 rocket. Take em out first. Good thing to do is run around and hire every shlub not worth hiring, stick em in military armor, hand em a couple grenades, and have em charge forward. Cannon fodder yes… but it’s nice watching losers eat fragment while your rocket launcher wielding 20ap bad azz remains back and untouched.