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Topic: Sonny 2 / Not using the "right skills"

I wouldn’t say the shadow tree is inferior, it just has different uses under different battles. Some skill are fillers, such as nerve shock and betrayal, but others can come in really useful. For example, the following strategy one-shots anyone: high voltage, high voltage, shock coma, shock coma, high voltage, retrograde. THIS NEEDS OVERDRIVE. Without overdrive and retrograde, which are shadow skills, this path is useless. Shadow tree is main concerned with DOTs (damage over time), and lightning tree is mainly direct damage. Traumatize is the only stun you have (other than shock coma, which heals) and is also the only skill that destroys focus. Other shadow skills are useful, but your not using them in the right situation. Needless to say, both trees are epic, and psychological is beast :).

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Phys Vs Bio Vs Hydro

Psychological is by far the best. Against one person opponents, nothing can beat it. Against multiple enemies, shock coma comes in really useful (which is why zone 5 was so easy). You can also go fully offensive and deal 6k damage using shock therapy.