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Topic: Tap Adventure / What you want to improve in this game? [created by developers]

60 minutes cooldown for an ability is too much.
I’d consider having a max cooldown time of around 25-30 minutes.

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Classes and Pros/Cons

I’ve found that Thief is a very reliable and fun class to play with.
I pick Dash, maximize Subtlety, Celerity and Shadow Mastery, coupled with stealth+speed based items, and enemies can’t touch me (Glide also helps, along with Vital Strikes, Fireball when running away).

I have yet to try Ranger and Pugilist!

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / WHY CAN,T WE GET SIX GUYS

Try playing tennis with 6 people on each side

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / Critical Hits

Having that high Dexterity for critical, assuming that this game uses that classic mechanism, is an open invitation for your opponents to shred your character, but that’s just my opinion.

I’ve never critically hit with Power Attack/Armor Break. I did with all other powers mentioned.

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / MP BUG?

@LittleMonkey0, do you know what’s more “annoying” than what you pointed out?
The price differences on slaves from first city to second: it’s like Londinum slaves are on discount, and from that city forward all other slaves are really expensive.

But it’s good that you can buy level1 slaves with lots of MP, gives you an opening to try MP-hungry builds, like the combox4 or the shouter, since your main character will always have that pitty amount of MP, no matter how much fame he has.

PS: it’s not a bug, it’s intentional

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / How to win

The basic strategy goes as follows:

your opponents may be one of the following:
- a dual wielder that uses x2 or x4 combo (get one of their legs);
- a two-handed wielder that uses Armor Break and Power Attack (get one of their arms);
- a spear throw that uses Throw, and may also use Net (get either the spear arm or chest/head if you’re concerned about the spam of Net);
- a shield wielder that spams Shield Bash ( the most straightforward thing to do is chopping that shield arm);
- a poser who uses many combinations of weapons, but in the end it just screams and takes your MP away ( as a punishment I’d consider going for the head, just to make sure they don’t scream anymore).

As for the priority of targets, the order is (from most important to least important):
- dual wielders and two-handed;
- Spear throwers and/or Net spammers;
- Posers who scream too much;
- Shield Bash spammers.

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / which wep combos are better

You can’t wield two spears at the same time.
Like seth0417 said, there isn’t such a thing as best weapon style, but team combination instead.
My current team is based on Murmillo skill tree, all 3 of them ( except one, which is a test: I first built into bonus hp from Retiarius tree, spending 20 points on it, then moving to the Murmillo).

In terms of one-handed weapons, maces and axes seem to have the highest max dmg, but considering that they have low min dmg, I don’t use those; swords are very balanced, knives are horrible, and spears are very good.

As for two-handed weapons, same way of thinking goes: you want to cause as much damage as possible, sacrificing too much on your min dmg just to get a few more points on max dmg might not be worth.

About going for the dual wielding, keep in mind that NPCs go straight for the character using that combat style. They won’t stop untill it’s dead, and same goes to two-handed characters. That’s one of the reasons I decided to try a different team build this time.

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Topic: Sands of the Coliseum / The proof post

That proves nothing. I can beat Rome’s goals and then sell my gladiators and buy two lvl5 ones and claim I did it with them