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Topic: Ground War: Tanks / The Soundtrack

After playing this game for several months, one of the things that I like the most about it is the soundtrack. Anyone
1) Know where I can download/listen to it?
2) Willing to record it and put it up on YouTube or something?
3) Know how I can extract it from the game directly?

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Topic: General Gaming / thing thing...5?

1) BUY guns!
2) Mission Goals, rather than just killing everything you see.
3) More storyline.
4) NPCs?
Story Suggestion: Suddenly (Insert Name Here) wakes up on a hospital bed. In his cell. Greeeat. SystemCorp was researching methods of bringing corpses back to life, which was probably how (Insert Name Here) survived the gassing at the end of Thing-Thing 4. Perhaps 155 makes a comeback?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Would you press the big red button?

Ah, nothing like a good MIRV to the face to wake you up . . .

It depends on what the Big Red Button does. If it launches a counterattack, the resulting nuclear exchange would wipe out millions. But howsabout some antiballistic missiles? In that case, I’d press the button so hard that my finger would be sore for hours. Heck, if I had the authority, I’d be the one directing the ABMs. I’d play it a bit like the old arcade game Missile Command. Psheew! Bang!