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Im pretty sure it cant kill tanks.

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with turbo boost i must have like 95% win percentage on 1v1 against tanks. jump over them, DONT LOCK THEM WITH RIGHT CLICK, and slash them down. Once their shield isnt up anymore, KGC or Kick → Sub

And death136, i mentioned it ;D
Its under the DA part

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Yeah! Shinichi is one of the best scouts i know x)


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Class loadout inside base

Well, i think its debatable…

Techs arent that good for sieging as Tank is. But they are, specially when massed, better than tanks for defneding (specially if you have a tank and a scout killing the gunners).

So what i think many people would do is:
kill everyone + conquer base with tank/scout → switch to tech → plant turrets → win

I dont know… i dont like it. I already found myself in lots of situations when i would like to change class just to take advantage of the current situation…

Maybe it could be something like this: If you dont leave base after respawning you can switch.

But i agree, its really sad when you just join the game, want to try to take their base, know you can do it with tank and get tech…

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bugs or glitches? I think its a different concept, isnt it?

I mean, some glitches can (and are in many games, like Gunz: The Duel) be abused without ruining the game…
Are you gonna fix them all, freerange?

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Hello guys!

This is the place to discuss Scouts techniques. I will post the ones i know, and you should feel free to add anything!

Scouts, as you know, is a frail class. Its strenght relies on its speed. Reaching a whooping 32.5 speed while walking and with the mobility provided by Turbo-boost and Thunder Kick, this class will kill their enemies before they realize they are there.

As already said, it cant take many hits. 200 HP is the least for any class at the moment.

-Huge damage when near enemies
-Highest mobility in the game
-Highest speed in the game
-Most awesome class in the game
-Pretty durable. In spite of having low hp, you can get away from those risky situations with Chop/Kick/DA/TB. Second most durable class in the game.
-Low HP, meaning that sightedd enemies can take you down easily.
-Not able to do damage at longer range.
-Cant get past Techs if they get their Supression III. Even Sup II will give you lots of troubles.

Scout’s weapons:

Submachine Gun:
Deals 7-10 damage (14-20 with crit). The fire rate is very good but the accuracy isnt. If you lock on your target, you will shoot fast bursts of 3 shots. If you dont, you will shoot a constant stream of bullet. Obviously, its much harder to aim the stream. But if you want to shoot a immobile target (turrets) or something big and fat (tanks), this is your choice.

Doped Saber:
Aw yeah, the coolest weapon in the game. High damage (missing numbers), low cooldown, low range… I know some special features from the saber, but i will get into that later.

One special note to the R skill, the Chop: It allows you to instantly reach 89.5 mph and deals massive damage. So yeah! its an awesome escape AND pursuit mechanism


Gives you insane acceleration, allowing you to move at 41.4 mph while using the gun and 54.9 while with Saber. One little side note here: if you reach 54.9 with saber and switch to gun, you maintain the 54.9 speed.

Thunder Kick:
Launches yourself at any direction you are aiming, hitting and stunning any enemy that crosses your path. Reaching an INCREDIBLE speed of
53.9 mph (89.5 if under Turbo-Boost!!), this skill is an awesome way to get away from danger, reach that heal quickly, pursuit that target and anything else you want!

Your standart grenade. The good thing here is: your mobility allows you to fly over the stacked amount of enemies in the base’s center and dish out lots of damage!

…………………………………………………………..ADVANCED TECHS………………………………………………………….

Ok, so everything said until now is known by basically any scout player. Now the fun part: The advanced techniques!

As the name suggests, Thunder Kick during Turbo-boost. As i already said, this move allows you to move at blazing speed. But there is more! If you reach someone, they will be flinched for a longer duration, making them an easy prey for your submachine gun! From my experience, hitting someone from above increases your chance to deal the extra flinch. THIS IS UNCONFIRMED, THOUGH!

Dash Acceleration:

I proudly say i discovered this myself. As people know, all classes take a long time to accelerate and reach their max speed. This is how scouts disable this time
1- Equip your saber. 2- Walk a bit. 3- HOLD THE RIGHT BUTTON. 4- Slash
As some know, you will do a Dash Slash. What people dont know is that after this slash, your speed is at max! Exactly, the awesome 32.5!!

This technique definitely deserves another paragraph. I found out a new use that is waaaay too good. When jumping, aim top and DA. There you go, you just went a higher. Aim the floor and you will go lower. The uses of this? When you are under center you dont have to waster your Thunder Kick to get there faster. OR you could use it in those situations when you find yourself too high to reach the safe gate or too low to grab that hp heal.

So, in short words. When you are under base there are 3 ways to get to center when you are under it:
NOOB: Walk a bit more and just float there
GOOD: fly under the “bridge”, Thunder Kick aiming the ceiling and do the u-turn
PRO: Fly under the bridge, DA top and u-turn.

Dash Super Speed:
Another discovery of mine. When doing the Dash Acceleration, keep slashing. You will reach a insane 43.2 mph! And 74.1 if doing turbo boost!! The bad part is that you lose manoeuvrability. But hey, if you need to reach that gate or get away from this tank, this is your technique.

A side note to this skill: with it, you can outrun even enemy scouts. So if there are too healthy for your sub to kill them, but still running from you, just DSS toward them and kick them to oblivion.

Dash Dancing:
This isnt super easy to use, but can be really useful if used properly. I discovered it myself too. The trick is simple. You have to dance using the DA. “Ok pom, but how i do it!?”
1- Saber. 2- Keep right button clicked. 3- Move to the direction you want to go. 4- Slash. 5- Immediately click to another direction (or the same, if you want to DA to it). 6- Slash again. Repeat from step 5-.
If done properly, you will dash at 36 mph (43.2 if you doing it forward) at multiple directions. The uses are many: You can make those gunner’s life a hell. They wont be able to snipe you while you dash and conquer their base.

Jet Pack Float:
Jump forward and do small bursts of jetpack by quickly clicking your space bar. You will reach a really nice speed (~45 mph). Its even faster than DSS. The problem is: you are waaay more visible to your enemies while doing that. Also, its hard to do this while in base, and you can do DSS even if you are out of fuel.

Thunder Fly:
Nothing really special here. While using your aim to switch directions. By doing this, you can reach any angle you want. You can turn around and enter the middle center at almost any case. Or reach your base more safely.

………………………………………………ASSASSINATION TECHNIQUES……………………………………………

_Those techniques can be situational and hard to pull, but when you do it correctly, its instant death to your enemies._

KGC (provided by Tenkari)
As the name suggests, you Kick then Grenade then Chop.
How to do it: you should lock on before doing the kick. Then, while your opponent and you fly backward, throw a grenade. Then while they arre stunned, you wait about 1 second and chop (press R) them to death.

Pros: relatively easy to execute, lots of damage.
Flaws: its hard to do this on enemies if you are both high in the air. Also, aiming with grenades while using the saber isnt that easy. And finally, if they counter grenade or counter kick you, it wont work.

This is it, i guess. If i find or remember any other techinque, i will edit my post. Also, feel free to post and describe any other Scout feature here. Discuss the best class our there. Scout, the Speed Demon.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Hackers, Bugs, or Glitches

I cant aim… my mouse scrolling doesnt work while in a match. I can select matches/classes, though.