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Topic: Kongregate / Updated Games

Since Dangerous Dungeons’ release, I have updated the game with many improvements including:
- improved controls, increased running speed and jump length for the main character.
- 4 different control options
- bugfixes including fix for getting stuck if you die before screen transitioning is complete
- slowed down the final boss to make him easier.

There is a support for Badges, but because the people have given low reviews from the early versions, it’s unlikely the game will get them anytime soon, but one can hope, sigh.

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Topic: Stencyl / Post Your Finished Stencyl Games

I’ve finally released my game Dangerous Dungeons on Kongregate. If you are bad enough dude to rescue the president and challenge the Time Attack mode, your time and total deaths will be saved on scoreboards after you finish the game. There is also support for badges, but it’s up to Kongregate staff if they want to add them to the game or not.