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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

It has been, as our ancestors used to say, many moons since last I graced you with one of my glorious animadversions about Developous’s scurrilous indiscretions. With this letter I intend to propitiate my regular readers with a look at Developous’s desire to have more impact on Earth’s biological, geological, and chemical systems during our lifetime and our children’s than all preceding human generations had together. Without going into all the gory details, let’s just say that I often see ignominious agitators dragging men out of their beds in the dead of night and castrating them. Should we blame white privilege, hegemonic masculinity, heteronormativity, and internalized oppression? No, we should blame Developous because we must break away from the peloton and uplift individuals and communities on a global scale to disentangle people from the snares set by Developous and his co-conspirators. As mentioned above, however, that is not enough. It is necessary to do more. It is necessary to ask Developous to rephrase his criticisms in a more reasoned way.

If you were to unpack and analyze the philosophical assumptions behind Developous’s claim that it’s okay to provoke terrible, total, universal, and merciless destruction, you would find that when it comes to his bait-and-switch tactics, I assert that we have drifted along for too long in a state of blissful denial and outright complacency. It’s time to face our problems realistically, get to the root of our problems, and be determined to solve them. The sooner we do that the better because his adages are worse than the Black Death of olden times. And let me tell you, his mind has limited horizons. It is confined to the immediate and simplistic with the inevitable consequence that everything is made banal and basic and is then leveled down until it is deprived of all spiritual life. Finally, in case you missed it, what I’ve really been alluding to in this letter is a queasy combination of revolting incompetence, base insidiousness, neopaganism, and ignorance. All of these characteristics are embodied in Developous, and they all make a strong statement about how I resent being exposed to coprophagous humanity-haters.

In fact, this fits Dev quite well if you ask me.

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Topic: Forum Games / Konvarra RPG - CH#1 (Forced WAR)

bursts out in laughter Seriously, Dev? You can’t tell that that post was made via complaint-letter generator?

brb laughing my guts out.

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Topic: Forum Games / SURVIVOR: Redemption Island - Immunity Challenge 11: Rush to the Jungle!

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Topic: Off-topic / Hipotetical: all OTers suddenly are nice, respectfull, kind and smart people

I’d check my meds ASAP, thinking an overdose made me hallucinate.

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Topic: Kongregate / Random Game of the Day

First game on Kong and a game from FlipLine?

Whatever you’re using is not random. For comparison, I used

Originally posted by Funnykidsc:


and came up with this game.

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Topic: Forum Games / SURVIVOR: Redemption Island - Immunity Challenge 11: Rush to the Jungle!

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Topic: Forum Games / A "Small" Adventure (Gameplay) - Tutorial Levels! (The second battle begins!)

[I need AoE skills badly]

Storm Hornet

Oh, look. Those beetles followed us into the tree trunk. Great.

Now, I don’t have any abilities that can affect the entire swarm, so I guess I’ll have to go with the next best thing, and use Confusing Spit on the Baby Beetle Swarm. Hope this works.

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Topic: Forum Games / Wanderlust [CYOP]

I guess I’ll go with the only rational decision in this case.

4.) Run to the main street and do the helicopter dick in the medical gown.

Hey, we have nothing to lose, right?

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Topic: Kongregate / Has KONG becoming WORSE under the years?

“Has KONG becoming”


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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Originally posted by Pulsaris:
Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

You’d think he’d get the picture after a year or two of us trying to shut him up. It’s like watching a 37-year-old man trying to lure teenagers into his van with sweets, then following them in the van after they punch him in the face and walk off.

You’d think FGFers would realize that developous can’t be reasoned, and talking to him will only reduce one’s sanity without yielding anything.

I have no sanity to reduce. :P

Originally posted by RandomTurtle:

So, how’s everyone?

I’m fine, thanks. You?

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

{Core P1} “It’s not a lack of law and authority that makes anarchy and strife, but a lack of discipline and truth”

Not as much of a rule as a statement. Seriously, how is that supposed to regulate people?

{Core P2} “Justice backed with truth must not be opposed.”

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: absolute truth can not exist. What one person considers the truth can be considered a lie or false statement by another for whatever reason.

So, if you try to regulate people with this, they can nullify it by simply saying: “I don’t think that’s true.” That’s it; in their eyes, your “justice” is no longer backed with truth, and they can oppose it as they see fit.

{Core P3} “Never set a boundary on enjoyment”

Let’s see how this works in practice:

Player: spouts bullshit
GM: Hey, stop doing that or I’ll ban you.
Player: points to Core P3 You’re limiting my enjoyment. You should stop.
GM: B-b-but… The rules…
Player: continues spouting bullshit

Hope you see why that doesn’t work.

Now, I eliminated all 3 principles. Can you stop with the Nexus bullshit? Ty.

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Topic: Off-topic / Should we ban all art and entertainment?

So you just made a thread about banning entertainment on an entertainment-centered website.


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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

Originally posted by TheQuietGamer:
Originally posted by Immortal7777:

I immortal7777 publicly announce that I love mcdonalds.

Ok,time to parody this thread.

Burger King is way better. Why? Because I said so. You have no taste and I win the argument. Goodbye idiot! Trololol!

You know what, that’s actually a nice summary of this thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you HAD to eliminate one specific media, what would it be and why?

Eliminating books over social media?

Originally posted by Meistheman:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:
Originally posted by tHErofLwaffLe:

Please don’t tell me you’re serious.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / What is the name of your team members?

The Universe
Running out of names

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Topic: Forum Games / [MAFIA] Jack-o'-Lantern [Night 2 Deadline: 26 Oct Noon GMT][Please replace adv0!]

What the holy f-

Ok. So, apparently, Darkboy is confirmed Lady with the Pumpkin Lamp, and Kad is confirmed TFPTSLBOOIA. 2 confirmed townies, not too bad.

1. Are you willing to be active in this game if discussion actually begins and will you try to encourage it?

Willing? Absolutely. Able to? Dunno. :s

2. Anyone you find more/less ‘strange’ than the others?

Darkboy, but as I’ve said, he’s pretty much a confirmed town. Also, Cocoa, for lurking. Look who’s talking again!

3. Any strategies you think we should follow with the game setup?

I have absolutely no idea. :/ Well, apart from this one:

Look for tells, act on them, hope we lynched mafia and then cry when we lynch town, standard.

4. Anything peculiar you noticed about the game setup?

The fact the Vanilla Townies are now 25% bulletproof. Also, the metric crapton of JoATs.

5. Would you rather NL on D1 or lynch?

NL is always a bad idea, since it prevents town from getting information and gives a free kill to maf, as we’ve already discussed many, many times.

For now, I’m not voting anyone. I’ll take another look at this in a few hours, but I gtg now.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Asset Forfeiture...Legal Overkill? - The ugly side of the police.

Ah, Last Week Tonight. Love that show.

Anyway, as a complete outsider, the very idea that you can take away a person’s assets is mind-blowing to me. This is coming from a Hungarian, a person from the country where you can kill 4 people with a bomb, injure another 20, and get away with it. I think that tells something.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

Originally posted by James1011R:

Got this glitched screen after finishing a battle:

Only the home button works on that screen.

I had that bug in v1.0.0.4, not a new thing.

Originally posted by kogut9:

I made weapon with equal “damage” explosion blast and “fire” explosion blast, however fire doesn’t always apply.

Originally posted by Smokescreem:

Custom Weapons

Fire :
(…) the blast from fire has lower velocity than that from damage. So sometimes the enemy will be blasted away,but not burnt.

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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

No. It wasn’t obvious at all. It’s like saying you were obviously trolling by saying “I like McDonald’s”

But that’s obvious trolling. No one likes McDonald’s. Or if they do, they won’t announce it publicly.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. You call me “Idiot” because I’m having an argument with Aguspal.

Your grammar is shitty. I satirized that, not your argument.

Can we move on now?

I know that.

Then why argue that you “never said that”? That’s the whole point of assuming: accepting without fucking proof.

Why people keep saying “Have a great day” “Good day” “Have a nice day”, etc. like they just won an argument just like that? It’s ridiculous.

Because if you were a rational guy, you would’ve accepted that I’ve won the argument, not argue for the sake of it. Now that I see you’re not a rational person, I see no point in arguing with you further. Bye.

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Topic: Off-topic / Off Topic is dying.....

Wow this thread’s active.

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Topic: Off-topic / Off Topic is dying.....

Originally posted by Mikkmar:

It’s because anyone over the age of 13 leaves OT

>admits that he’s underage


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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

How I am suppose to know?

The thing called “common sense.”

It’s true though. How can disagreeing with someone immediately affect my intelligence?

It’s not disagreeing with someone that’s stupid. If that was true, I would be a complete idiot IRL. Not that I’m not a complete idiot anyway It’s the grammar you’re using.

Never said that.

I know. Definition of “assume” for you:

Simply put, I can’t prove nor disprove something, so I just say it’s true until it’s proven wrong.

And with that, I’ve answered all concerns afterwards. Have a nice day.

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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

I never said that.

It’s called a parody/satire, dumbshit. You said the following:

How having arguments affect my intelligence just like that?

I thought this sentence was so stupid that I decided to satirize it.

Well, if you can’t speak properly your first/main language at the age of 18 and you’re not autistic, there is maybe a problem.

Since you admitted you’re autistic here:

I’m assuming you’ve described me in that sentence. So, for the record:

1.) I’m Hungarian, thus, my first language is Hungarian, not American/British. You could learn this from just reading my damn profile.
2.) I’m 14.

Get your facts right.

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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

Originally posted by Gabidou99:
Originally posted by hamuka:

ITT two idiots transform a rant about Black Ops 2 into a rant about Minecraft

I’m not an idiot. How having arguments affect my intelligence just like that? How having an argument will change how I act just like that?

1.) How having such shitty grammar affect your intelligence just like that?

2.) >implying I called you two idiots only because of this argument

Originally posted by hamuka:

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Topic: General Gaming / Black Ops 2: The most major dissapointment in video games.

Its my opinion, so I am in the right to have it…. we have already talked about this.

And his opinion is that you’re wrong, and he also has the right to have that. Can you stop bitching about it now?

As if General Gaming forums (…) had any sort of activity.

Sure, it’s not OT level activity, but it’s still there.

and this thread in particular

>implying that’s a problem

This is Generals Gaming most valuable moment!