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Topic: Kongregate / Recommendation for players who will pay to play

Originally posted by svaistunas (undefined):

yes congregate is facilitator and it colecting a money for goods it provide and facilitator is responsible for goods quality. if goods is not good quality facilitator will accept goods back or will ask goods producer to repair it and then give it back to customer, or atleast will give you some paper you can use it in repair center. but now i get nothing, just reply that they cant do anyting.


I don’t know about ‘Murica, but over here, in Hungary, if you would ask a shop’s owners (the shop’s the facilitator in this case) to replace the goods you’ve bought because they’re not in good condition, at best they’ll laugh at you; if you dare complain in public, though, they can sue you for defamation along with the laugh in your face. Most of the time, there are inscriptions written on boards inside them as well, clearly saying that “We won’t accept any complaints after checkout.”

So I can safely call bullshit on that one, sorry for ruining your point.

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Topic: General Gaming / Best flash game soundtrack

Particles and Clockwords: Prelude, IMO.

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Topic: Kongregate / [TOURNAMENT] [Redemption Round] The Kongregate Duels

If you notice, you see that I had 0 speed reversals and 1 takedown.

Since Lou shared his own strategy, I’ll share mine:

Car jump combos are actually an extremely good way to get quick points; I got 65k from them if you look at the screeny. Also, they give nitro, which is best used on either the small green car, normal grey car, and the sports cars.

(Also, if you really want to blow stuff up, ram into a truck, full speed, with the small green car, then drive beside it and jump into the truck before ramming into the small green one sideways. If done right, you’ll get a takedown, with minimal damage, and maybe even a close escape. This is risky though, and I didn’t use it for the 300k run.)

If you want to, go for long distances as well, since while they don’t give a lot of points, they fill the nitro bar almost halfway.

Also, make sure that the timer never reaches below 20; the more time left, the better, since it accumulates and ultimately will give you an insane amount of points (see screeny: 108 seconds (~27 left on average at every checkpoint) gives you a whopping 216k points)

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Team @ WhatPulse

Originally posted by melbourneboy:

Does anyone ever use WhatPulse anymore? I actually rarely see any changes in the Kong Team page.

From now on, I do. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by Moonlighterz:

I am sure this has been said before, but I would definitely advocate badges for Clicker Heroes. It seems to be a steadily growing popular idle game and has a 4.4 rating, which I think is good enough to have a few badges.

>idle game


(I doubt this is big enough.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Learn to fly 3


You watch C&H as well?

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Topic: Kongregate / [TOURNAMENT] [Redemption Round] The Kongregate Duels

Some more improvement.

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Topic: Kongregate / [TOURNAMENT] [Redemption Round] The Kongregate Duels

Should last me for a while. Now for Touch the Stars.

EDIT: Is it even possible to win with a lower score than this? :P

EDIT2: Better.

Also, Touch the Stars only has 2000 views? o.o

EDIT3: Yet another, better score. I swear I’ll beat Lou’s score. You just watch…

EDIT4: One step at a time.

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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread (A.K.A. Funky Town)

3 years, 5 months, 12 days. I’m younger than all of you. #getrekt

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's official autism thread

Originally posted by developous29:

Me… but I’m not a high-tier OT person.

I don’t deny it, but I don’t use it as an excuse for my behavior as well.

Well, that explains a lot.

TBH, I actually have a suspicion that I have it as well. That would also explain a lot.

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Topic: Off-topic / My parents wont let me have an m game! What do I do?

CoD is shit anyway. You’re better off without it.

Let’s hope no one notices that I haven’t even played the game yet

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Topic: Off-topic / Easiest badges for you?

Easy, Medium, and Hard: Papa’s Pizzeria (roughly 2 minutes)
Imp: Pandemic 2

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Topic: Off-topic / Religion should be abandoned

Originally posted by Ubermorgen:
Originally posted by yeasy:
Originally posted by Ubermorgen:

History is written by man and man make mistakes.

Exactly. You made the mistake of straying away from the path. Luckily for you the Bible is here to guide you.

Bible is written by man too. You shouldn’t blindly follow man words, but listen to your god instead.

Man is faulty.

I listen to God by reading the Bible.


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Topic: Forum Games / The General Thread (A.K.A. Funky Town)

Originally posted by DoomlordKravoka:

Developous entered Bay12 and very briefly attacked it. Here is my apology thread there

Thank god; according to that, I’m not the only one thinking he’s psychologically broken and needs help.

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Topic: Forum Games / A "Small" Adventure (Gameplay) - Tutorial Level - First Boss

Storm Hornet

Oh holy hell what is happening

Okay, so this fly-thingy tore down the web of the spider, then started moving extremely fast. However, that means its accuracy is probably reduced, after all, it’s hard to target things while moving.

I decide to spit in the fly’s face, literally, by using Stunning Sting on this monster’s eyes.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do retards who nostalgia in the internet annoy you?

Retards in general annoy me. People who nostalgia mostly don’t, I do that sometimes as well.

Also, dat username @OP.

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Topic: Off-topic / briefly describe a hobby you'd love but never got around to

Showing up on riots.

…Why are you looking at me like that? There are so many of them around here, that counts as a hobby.

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Topic: Off-topic / Just have to get this off my chest...

Originally posted by ImplosionOfDoom:

For some reason I was expecting a photo of a tumor or something in the original post……

Are my expectations too low?

No. I think they’re too high. At least that can be considered funny by some people. This is just sad.

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Topic: Off-topic / whats your dream girl or boyfrend

Originally posted by TheDarknessBelow:
One of my favorite songs. I can’t sleep. So I listen to rock and piano music.

I shall spend the next 2 days examining how that post relates to the title. Thanks for giving me some work.

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Topic: Off-topic / hav u eva been a meanie onlyn?

Pretty sure I always am one over here.

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Topic: Off-topic / Overall things OT should do in 2015?

More crows, more penguins, overall more randomness.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Suggestions Thread

Make PvP more balanced and based on level instead of honor. When Quick Attack only throws up level 18 opponents for me at level 14 and I have to deflect attacks from level 23s, it becomes a bit annoying.

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Topic: Forum Games / [No sign-up required] Bluji's Christmas Calendar 2014!

Originally posted by Bluji:
Originally posted by hamuka:

Couldn’t make it perfect, but this should be a good enough depiction of Blu.

*cough you aren't allowed to do me on that activity cough*

*cough I know that I wasn't going for the token cough*

EDIT: How’d you do that without bolding the text? :/

EDIT2: Ah, thanks!

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Topic: Forum Games / [No sign-up required] Bluji's Christmas Calendar 2014!

Couldn’t make it perfect, but this should be a good enough depiction of Blu.

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Topic: Forum Games / SURVIVOR: Redemption Island - Game over; who became Sole Survivor?

Wow. According to the table, I had the most IC wins including the last two ICs. Guess I should’ve known that, it would’ve given me a huge self-esteem boost, along with another thing to brag about reason for the jury to vote for me.