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Topic: Kongregate / "Newly" Published

Whole lot of Hot New Games, that are neither hot nor new.
Just over inflated freemium and P2W.

What kind of scams are going on here?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Roulette Attempts.

Agree. It becomes a wasted spin unless paired with something.
One spin + one of Either an extra spin, cash, pistol, whatever.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [BUG] Roulette Wheel Skill

Had the same issue, it did reset when the day ended.

I did lose progress and it did not count the completed
contracts, but it did reset the next day.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist (Moon - Closed Beta) / PLEASE READ

same issue with the moon as the OP

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Topic: Ballistic / Pay To Win Game and horrible loot from events

Originally posted by Zeezallo:

For me I don’t mind. It takes time, yes, but it is possible to get a decent arsenal with a bit of patience. I agree with sharoozimran433, the reason why they made this game so they could make a living.

Then put it on Steam with a price point.
The nickle and dime stuff for Pay To Win is old.

The long term environment for such games is dismal, and
always has been as a business model. It’s a way to get
fast cash and rip as many as possible in a short term.

In development seminars it’s called the ‘wedding present’
model. Since everyone comes and brings gifts, has a
nice time, then is told to go home. Only the married
couple that organized the reception goes away with
gifts and money.

This site is littered with dozens of dead FPS shooters
that went P2W and died a year or two later. The people
who paid through the nose have their stuff, but no one
plays them anymore.

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Topic: Star Era / [Vote]which new card of Campus Carnival do you like best




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Topic: Card Hunter / Healing Spirit - wrong art

Wow. Totally missed that. Nice catch.

Have to love when the brain fills in the blanks.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Kreds Math

As a heads up the expansion packages conflict with the Kreds
purchase amounts which will certainly hurt your sales long term.

While I’m sure you have your set amounts and values before
coming to Kong, Kreds are usually purchased in blocks. So
most games look to arrange their purchases within those

The pricing is a bit awkward within Card Hunter for someone
to just get in one click or easily. I would have to make two
purchases to get exactly 275 for example. A 225 (200+bonus)
and then a second purchase for 50 kreds (no bonus).
The 160 runs into a similar/same issue. Even the gamestop
cards that can be used to not match the pricing structure.

I have no easy solution for you. I just know from experience
these little things can often create long term sales problems.

Keep going, Keep Creating.

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Topic: Card Hunter / [GUIDE] Shops, selling items, chests and moar

How can a loot post not have info about the Loot Fairy =)

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Topic: Card Hunter / save the trees

Trees for me is the most difficult. You need a certain draw,
and to know how to use the ‘take a second action’ cards.

Also the badguys need to be unlucky. I know enough that
if first turn my trees get combustion I might as well restart.

Chess map is knowing their moves and avoiding the direction
they can attack. If you have the edge, and can take a hit,
it is possible to have chess pieces hurt friendlies as part
of a strategy.

Third map for me has always been the easiest. Killing a
straggler or two for the VP star on the way to the gold
box at the end can speed things up, but is a risk/reward thing.
Save a move card so you have two if things get close.
You can then sprint away from a pack.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Bugs

Actually on that same map I’ve had the same mobs blatantly
breaking LOS and range requirements once or twice in a game.
Only on that map/module though. Filed a bug report.

Even had one where I blocked, got the card used from them,
and could not use it back because there was no LOS.

In the picture shown though it is a target square spell and
could be a dodgy line that included that space. So as Band
said, it ‘clipped’ you at an angle on that one. That said, it
really should follow the same algorithm as LOS. To have two
standards and rules for the same card application is asking
for problems, cheats, exploits, and bugs in the future.

That map the demon in the back has a fireball too. Which is
a square and burst targeting deal, had me double take the first
time. It had me checking los more often after it, which was
how I found it was cheating. Best one was a spark that shot
right through a wall.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / [Bug] Z-mas Bug

Originally posted by Dave1004:

I haven’t experienced this bug. Did you do anything that may have triggered it somehow? Any information could help the devs.

Yeah i filled out their bug report but i also get an error
reply from the e-mail address kong sent it to saying it
was not vaild.

Posted directly to Con on their site too. Bases covered.
Still happening. Not a total game breaker, just weird
and annoying.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Hints for new players

Originally posted by Farbs:
Originally posted by tameo:

But you can’t sell usable items. The game blocks it. Only treasure items are sellable.

That restriction gets lifted later on in the game.

It’s really rather early in the game. Just enough so you don’t shoot yourself
in the foot selling stuff silly nilly though. I still use a lot of my low level
earliest finds, and I’d have sold them rather than rotating them in as needed.

Have to love a game that encourages the secret (or not so secret) hoarder
inside of all gamers. As someone else said, learn to use the filters. They
really help with mid game navigation and I can’t picture late game equipping
without them.

Thanks to folks who posted help stuff. Loot Fairy in particular was golden.

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Topic: Card Hunter / Congrats on Kong Release

Good games will shine through.
This is one of the better ones added to kong in quite some time.

Sense of humor, good gameplay, a sneaky amusing storyline that’s not what you expect,
challenges, and a community. I look forward to more as I play and see where the game
takes me.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / [Bug] Z-mas Bug

Started with the Z-mas update:

Leader no longer appears when defending.
Cannot be assigned to defensive position.
No longer wanders the compound.

Can be assigned to a mission/Raid.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / I play a misson then i disconnect?

having the same issue now. was ok 12 hours ago.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / The new system for capped heroes

This was a TERRIBLE change.

Double so since it was done without checking stats first.
I’d be very surprised if folks were keeping rares to sac
for capped rares. How did this break the game so badly
it needed to be changed before other game elements were?

These were time sink and money grab changes. When it’s
that shallow and obvious, people walk away. With The Gate
getting badges and having a similar system without any of
these flaws, I’d expect very few people to get drawn away
from that game and into this. More the other way around.

Having to keep a few reserved of the same class as ‘sac bait’
was not a big issue. Now the more rare/epic/leg a unit it, the
greater a liability it is? That’s not a good design imho.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / A few Issues

Had the same issue with mission 63.
On replays I’ve had the AI play a direct attack card,
then pass with one action remaining and no units on the field.

Repeatable Bug.
Blitzkrieg and Artillery when added as a second or third item card by the AI,
when removed via sabotage or spying the unit will still act with those skills
even though the card and ability no longer show as attached.

Inconsistent bug.
Removing the ability Blitzkrieg or Artillery when it’s printed on the unit card
or added as the first item, will no long show when removed by spy or sabotage.
Yet the cards will still act and attack as if they still have those abilities.

Mission 72 like for many people, is a bit rougher on the difficulty curve than most.
could use an extra two turns to complete. 90 damage in 6 turns is a bit silly.

Thanks for keeping up with the bugs and fixes guys!

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Server Error

got it this morning. still getting it now.

can’t really play until this is fixed.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Pacifist Mode?

Same as you rogue. Activated it and it then turned off with me doing anything pvp
I get a pile of attacks for a bit. Asking some of those players, most are just randoms.

Not attacked in almost a week now and no way to turn it back on.

Right now it is frustrating enough it has me about to walk away.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Time Pirates] Feedback

Easy to break.
Controls are terrible.
No hotkeys for specials.
Unity debug mode warnings all the time.

Team AI is easily breakable.
exmaple: Shoot at object through a fence. object cannot be damaged.
Move team around. Team continues to fire in direction of object. Once off
the screen the teams fire cannot be redirected to a new target on the screen.

Revive pop up blocks screen, stops my teams actions,
enemy keeps plugging away. Very broken.

Changing weapons around would sometimes break gameplay.
Example: Shotgun on blackbeard would remove
the cannonball icon and he’d not shoot.

Just by changing the order of my team it broke the shop,
the game play, and would crash. This is repeatable.

a New Label error? really? code that vulnerable and you’re asking for money?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Change non-stop mode option location

yay! Thanks for the checkbox guys =)

the restart option is pretty sweet too.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Wow. So I still have an incoming attack from the overleveled person.
When I click defended the game freezes. A reload will then show I am
not getting attacked. Pacifist mode on.

Close browser and start game again, pacifist mode is once again off.
Impending attack on the way.

Guys. This is pretty fundamental. Fix it please.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Pacifist mode broken.

Was in pacifist mode.
Someone attacked me (dunno how) and it took me out of the mode.
There is no way for me to re-enter it, even though i’ve not made
an attack in days.

The attacker is also 6 levels and over a hundred honor over me.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / How about free Bloons Stone?

You’ll get plenty from leveling and no hit wins to upgrade your units.

If you want to pvp, it won’t even be close to enough, and you’ll
have to pay. most games are p2w nowadays since it takes advantage
of the gullibility from the competitive nature of people. One or two
paid shills like IGG does and the ball is rolling if you find some stagnation
in sales.

It’s a model that works, I’m just glad pacifist mode is still enjoyable.