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Topic: Kongregate / To our French users, our French-speaking community, and those in or near Paris or with loved ones there

If anyone wants to help. There are ways.

French Red Cross (in French) – Provides housing, emergency supplies to affected areas.

International Red Cross – Umbrella organization supporting French Red Cross.

Restaurants du Cœur (in French)– Provides food to those in need

Secours Populaire Francais (English website)– an French aid organization that provides food and emergency supplies

Secours Catholique-Caritas France (French website) – Catholic relief organization providing food, supplies and aid.

As an American- We may joke, we may criticize… but we are allies.
We never stepped from your side and we need to take a step closer today,
even if only to hold you. After the dead are buried, together we make sure
this never happens again. Anywhere.

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Topic: Nightbanes / Bug Reports

Filed a Kong bug report and one on the german site.

Memory Leak. It’s been here a while. Still not fixed.

There are hacks and cheats and you really don’t seem to care.

Most obvious is playing a pile of uniques. They played three
Plague Harbinger as their next turn. That was in addition to the
one on the table there. Yeah they were playing 3 cards a turn too.

Fix the bugs, get rid of the hacks, if you want this thing to continue.
Going to Crosspost this to the steam forum now. I imagine if it’s happening
here, it’s got to be happening there even more often.

Who is going to pay when you can just download a hack instead?

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug v 2.0

Like the other person level 114 and 115 often give errors
and i never got a 115 chest the first time.

This is the most common error:

After a few times of completing the stage it’ll let me go forward.
Annoying though, as the timers keep their use but 114 and 115
often reset when completed, rather than letting you go forward.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs

Same as Mal. Locked out.

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Topic: Kongregate / That time I spied on Bowser's Castle for science.

For Hardacker you would need to know if it was the same person,
different people, and more details about the user and interactivity.

Not having logs makes it anecdotal. This also make it not research
nor a proof, and you cannot call it such. Saying you have a cure
for cancer and showing the research and proof you do are different

Lastly Not only is the sample set tiny, but it’s also only a single room experience.

While I appreciate your efforts, your statistical analysis and
research methods need a lot of work. I would never accept this
kind of work from my students.

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Topic: Coraabia / Day shift grind in wrong language

Could just list the factions here czech:english and we’ll figure it out.
Plus learn something too =)

That is until you update it.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV] update time

Did the terminal box thing get fixed?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Seriously?~!

At this point I’d say ditch the lake contracts.

The only point of them is for people to learn where
spawns are and pop someone once they are live.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs

Akin to above.
Suffice to say PvP took a hit in the last day or so.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs

OK after 4 tries to get a decent match… this is the closest for that team.
Any clue as to when the balance issues will be addressed?

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Topic: Little Bandits / PvP Matchup

What changed the last day or two? The matchups have been way off.

A trio of 66 Epic 65 Epic 1 Rare is in no way equal to 32 33 33 (all Rares).

Dunno if they’re power leveling the little one, or knowingly throwing off the
match system (since these are matched to 30’s, aka EZmode from chat discussion).

Even my 40’s rare(not promoted) are matched with 45-60’s Epic/Promoted rares.
The higher the level, the greater the difference when levels are considered. Not to
mention equipment is painfully not taken into consideration.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs

Same issue I e-mailed you about a week or two back, repeatable

If you have 11 points from the bounty, get the 9 point win…20 points.
You get the second wind but not the ruby, when both should be awarded.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs


Healing Waters 6

Used a second wind in the boss fight when my team popped back up
the enemy had no life bars and apparently infinite life. The two that
were down to under 100 life both survived concentrated hits.

So after going round and round eventually get taken down after
doing over 2k damage to each badguy. So wait a few hours, get
water back for another try.

This time defeat them and it just gets stuck.

All of the GUI and HUD clears and the stars spin, but nothing progresses.

At this point I’ve blown through 2 second winds, a lot of water,
actually beaten the badguys. yet have zero of the rewards for
doing any of this. Getting frustrated to the point of moving on,
as this kind of roadblock towards the endgame just kills your
mood and enthusiasm for the game.

Also, similar issue with the bounty Diamond above. Though the
Epic I had gotten with the first diamond popped up about
6 hours after being missing. So I have both and Epic and
rare from the same diamond. Weird.

Edit: guessing there was some kind of data check. The Epic
explorer I had gotten the first time is now gone. The rare
surgeon is still around though.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs

It was under 500. I was not worried about the copper to be honest,
more that it was zeroed out. But speaking of resources!

Less a bug, more a game mechanic issue:
Wood! Wood is used more than the other resources, but has
the same drop rate. It’s a real ugly choke and a bit of a progress
breaker. While some shortages are nice for a challenge the
wood one is quite silly.

When i’m waiting for every wood drop and have 20+ of every
other resource, some re-balancing needs to be addressed.
Drop rates, production cost, processing output… something.

This last bit might already be part of the Wanted/Bounty fix.
Level 35 two stars are not equal to level 40 three+ stars.
Last few times I’ve done a search for rivals, it lists only folks
way above my level and capabilities. Promotion, ability boosting,
and items do not seem to be part of the match formula either.

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Topic: Little Bandits / Bugs

Level 24, and upgraded the lab.

It did the lab/promotion demo. Which, in theory, should have used 250 copper.
Instead when done my copper was zeroed out. Wow. OK now that sucks.
Fix please!

Yes, I know you get two free maxed uncommons and they are
smushed and you’re given the result. I didn’t ask for that or get
any warning my copper could be zilched. Less than enthused,
do not want.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Spec Weapon Hacker

piles of these the past week.
followed by piles of youtube vids and links to their hacks.
the unlock hacks are all over the place now.

the ones not banned are hitting the 59+ range now,
and doing the usual. joining clans, and being
obvious about the in game hacks as well.

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Topic: Technical Support / Cannot see my avatar.

In your screen shot, your avatar is showing in
the upper right, the small version everyone sees.
So it is working.

The issue for the big avatar seems local?
Double so if you have browser issues, which
indicates a much larger issue.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Terminal2 Box

What’s funny is these tards are then going ‘look at my K/D’
joining clans and doing the same. Making the clan look bad.

They’re a one trick pony and suck outside of their using
a glitch for kills. Those boxes should have been removed
long ago, until a fix can be made.

Not to mention I’ve reported a pile of folks doing this, and
they’re still there. Same account and ID, doing it day after day.
At least in HC you can jack them if they are on your team.

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Topic: Technical Support / Firefox freezes when loading a game on Kongregate, but no other browser does

Same issue with FF and multiplayer games that get user data from kong.
From friends that play dead zone, seems they have the same issue.

These games work fine on other sites even in the same browser session.

Ironically, unity games work just peachy. Only flash games have
this issue. Updated flash after the problem started yesterday,
right around the same time the original poster reported.

update IE/Waterfox – same issue do not use chrome, so cannot test

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Can't Connect

Same deal.
Connection issues.
Seems the site is having trouble talking to kong.

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Topic: Kongregate / "Newly" Published

Whole lot of Hot New Games, that are neither hot nor new.
Just over inflated freemium and P2W.

What kind of scams are going on here?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Roulette Attempts.

Agree. It becomes a wasted spin unless paired with something.
One spin + one of Either an extra spin, cash, pistol, whatever.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [BUG] Roulette Wheel Skill

Had the same issue, it did reset when the day ended.

I did lose progress and it did not count the completed
contracts, but it did reset the next day.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist (Moon - Closed Beta) / PLEASE READ

same issue with the moon as the OP

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Topic: Ballistic / Pay To Win Game and horrible loot from events

Originally posted by Zeezallo:

For me I don’t mind. It takes time, yes, but it is possible to get a decent arsenal with a bit of patience. I agree with sharoozimran433, the reason why they made this game so they could make a living.

Then put it on Steam with a price point.
The nickle and dime stuff for Pay To Win is old.

The long term environment for such games is dismal, and
always has been as a business model. It’s a way to get
fast cash and rip as many as possible in a short term.

In development seminars it’s called the ‘wedding present’
model. Since everyone comes and brings gifts, has a
nice time, then is told to go home. Only the married
couple that organized the reception goes away with
gifts and money.

This site is littered with dozens of dead FPS shooters
that went P2W and died a year or two later. The people
who paid through the nose have their stuff, but no one
plays them anymore.