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Topic: Star Trek: Alien Domain / -Bugs- Contacting Support

So a few messages here have requests to contact GameSamba support.
Clicking that link…
On the support page you can’t file a ticket unless you log in.
Since I logged in through kong and not your site, I do not have a login.

Try and fill out an in game support ticket.

The Code to verify does not appear to be working correctly.
The Box is mis-sized and never accepts the code given.

Log in. Click Attack Boss.
Boss queue comes up.
Goes to battle queue.
Loads combat screen. (Huh?)
Get attacked by player.
Lose all.
Get message from player it’s a glitch
and they will keep doing it until it gets fixed.

Please Check timestamps, logs, and anything else you need. This is very broken

Please Private Message me for server details and character name.

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Topic: Star Trek: Alien Domain / -BUG- Crate-A Loot

Did that first.

Since that ‘where is it?’ happens so often with other chip related stuff.

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Topic: Star Trek: Alien Domain / -BUG- Crate-A Loot

First time i thought this happened i figured it was a chip fragment or something else i missed.
Then i saw it happen again.
Then a third time after this screen shot.

Crate A opens. First slot is an Aim/Hit% Chip.
Halo around the winnings, but nothing is dropped into inventory.
After watching this i then noticed a number of first slot Crate-A
items do not drop into inventory.

Not seen this pattern with Crate B or C, but if they run a similar
algorithm, then there is probably some similar bug.

Anyhoo. Fix this will you.
Plus if you can deposit the myriad of items never added to inventory
i’d appreciate it. Check your logs for the various items. Thanks!

There are many many bugs, but something like this has some implications.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Tournament FULL of OOS

Another weaksauce PvP event. Lower player numbers.
Some new ‘i don’t care’ look to coding. OOS is back and stronger than ever.

Yeah time for a few days break to check out some of the new games out.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / PVP/Multiplayer Arena!!

Yup i 2nd this, its not a visual bug at all the stats were decreased when the heroes dropped there level, its troublesome and time consuming to relog every match.

Lost a number of levels, only from event participants.

It is NOT a visual bug.
These persisted from 12 hours ago or so until now.

Edit: Just ran a series of event runs… lost more levels
Yeah this is not visual. Get your act together guys.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Bug report - hero level lost

Same as others.

Just lost a pile of levels in all heroes that participated in the new event.

This level loss persists after refreshes and reloads.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Level Caps **

So if that’s the planned change…
Was my group of uncommons getting hit by a string of
5 U’s for more points than I had to start with an unplanned change?

I mean this getting hit by people 2 and 3 pvp classes above mine mixed
with the leveling slowed to a crawl kinna kills anything fun for new players.

Not to mention it makes getting packs with cash prohibitive now since the
leveling curve is so slow. It just makes you such a huge pvp target, and
a snails pace to get anywhere.

Removed the fun. Removed the revenue chain. Energy is prohibitive.
I take it there is a new game you’re promoting while killing this one?

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Multiplayer "Foes" Question

Having been the data wrangler and wiki writer for other games,
and how every kiddo expects you to hold their hand while playing…
I don’t blame you demi.

Come back now and again though.
It’s really funny watching the jumping to the wrong conclusion
without data points, or ‘i think’ errors a lot of folks make.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / OOS Errors

Was nice for a while.

OOS the past few days are minutes apart.
Now it seems the servers are down even for mobile. Happy Holiday Weekend!

Oh and users are jumping to the conclusion that the
game is shutting down after all the problems
Common chat exchanges the past day or so:

Mar 26 – 6:05AM
yaoneyip: 5th oos
VMUndone: given that they’re closing down, the issues we’re experiencing at the moment aren’t really surprising

Mar 26 – 6:07AMyaoneyip: yay, time to find new game
yaoneyip: i go play a bit division, see u guys :P

Mar 26 – 6:08AMKong Bot: Set status to active
Neige: Is the servers down? My game won’t load

Mar 26 – 6:09AMArcanoss: i think it is

Mar 26 – 6:11AMAlwaysBeGood: Why is this happening?! Games closd down?

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Topic: Evilibrium / Punished for hitting level 200.

Originally posted by Wyvern25:

I agree that energy is a dated system.

True words. So many other ‘time items’ are in other games that
slow it down enough to make that ‘achievement/accomplishment feeling’ possible.

For example evolves that take time instead of instant.
Putting the relics into a bin then clicking ‘train’ to get the
skill level up. Training taking time to complete.

These are just simple examples of what current games do
to give a sense of accomplishment we play games for. Keeps
it fun, and chews up time to keep people playing or
paying for speedups.

More and more the the game is starting to feel shoddy,
and less ‘old school’ feeling.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Bug Reports **

Seem like other than all the glaring math errors I was going to mention but
others have listed already… I have had one other

Since removal of the St. Pat’s quest earlier today:

About one in every 10 gos it will stop mid way though a zone.
Back me out to home, but show the chests on the side. If i enter
a zone again it zeros out the energy, and crashes. Come back
energy still gone, but game works. Any count for quests i also
back to starting value.

If i reload at this point i just lose the quest counts, but keep
my energy at the point i reloaded. Needs a fixing guys.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / New patch

I’ve not had but one synch error.
A few slowdowns and bouncing chests. Nothing too terrible.
Very nice patch. Good additions. A few nice bug squashes.
WTG guys. Thank you.

The one problem I do get as a repeat. PvP starts.

One Hero and it has always been the second slot, will start dead.
No corpse on the map. Just deceased. So i’m playing with 3 instead of 4.

It’s happened three times. One of these times it was the only
OOS i’ve gotten with the new patch. When back it had emptied out
my entire PvP to 0/5 even though that was the first PvP match.

Over time this might get more and more frustrating.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / DEVS OOS IS KILLING YOUR GAME !!!!! V31 needed quick !!!

Time to lose the 3rd party service it seems.

Today was another stupid fest of OOS.
Losing items, energy, and even heroes combined.

What’s the point? Until you have even crappy servers
like some of even mediocre unity games on kong why play?
It’s supposed to be fun, and days like today it’s a grind
just to get the game to load properly.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Ultrabit pls advise

Game is junk in it’s current state.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / New Event Compliments

Extra cool since the instances have a theme song…

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / [Bug] Sticky Corner

The stone corners.

I only have examples of the lower left,
but it happens to the lower right as well.
Just less frequently. It happens about 1 every 5 goes.
Easily repeatable and since you can’t unstick the hero
very frustrating.

One hero mid battle will get stuck there and running in place.
Then once this happens the other heroes ignore the enemy,
and start running for the walls. The enemy will then kill my team
running in place and no longer attacking. Except for the one in
the rocks which they cannot detect.

Thus a wasted energy, and a timeout loss with no rewards.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Out of Sync Error Still a Big Problem

Originally posted by rhawkins9964:

^^ ok fella I tell you what you bring your own game out which is less than a year old and try and resolve all the problems, bring out new updates, please your gamers and do this with a very small team.
people like you wind me up. The devs are doing a good job ok.

Well thank you for providing a few prime example that you were never
overburdened with an abundance of education. In a number of ways…
well let’s just go with the two glaring fallacies, in such a short message.


Two flags and no touchdown.
Thanks for playing though!

Beta games, should be in the beta section.
A released game should work as a released game.
Your argument that a small team trying to patch
an unfinished project on the fly just shows how
inexperienced they are. Nothing more.

Double since there are at least a half dozen other
games that are 1-3 developers that are advancing
faster and better than this one is. Kissing up and ignoring
the problems is not going to help the game develop.

The chat and plays statistics show a decline this early after release.
Meaning the problems are somehow not magically retaining players
from the initial surge and Kong promotional.

The room no longer is 120-140 people it was in Jan.
The 90-120 in Feb. Gone. Right at this moment there are 74 users.

Do you still think the head in the sand attitude will keep the game afloat?

What can help the devs? Be brutally honest. Point out when there are code issues.
File bug reports. Make suggestions. When praise is deserved, give it.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Out of Sync Error Still a Big Problem

4 months and no change is incompetent or lazy.

Lost a number of things today in game, from OOS issues.
From awards clicked on, to items combined and the items
are gone but no change in the target level and more.

How can the developers expect to get new players or
recommendations with fundamental issues like this?

Nor would someone want to spend money on something when
that purchase can go up in smoke from a basic synch issue.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: Guild Recruitment / ActivesOnly guild is recruiting

Poke if you get a spot open.

24 almost 25. f2p
Active and have a clue.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: Guild Recruitment / Ravehau5 Guild - For Elite F2P players!

For your consideration:

Level 24 – f2p (all games)
I have a clue and am active.

Looking for a friendly and active group/guild.


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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / -Bug- Sticky Image

Every time I get this character image either as a reward
or I want to view them. It just sticks on the screen and
will not clear or go forward.

Cleared cache, checked flash and unity versions.
Same result but only with that image/hero.

Since it’s not secure I checked and code block looks
to be open… But that should not hang it. Should just
error out and move on.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / Possible Cheaters/Hacks

This thing has open script issues, poorly generated code,
and a number of bugs that have allowed script chunks
to be not only visible but malleable.

Hacking this thing doesn’t even need a script kiddy toolbox.
It’s almost like a template for a beginner course in how to
break a game and hack game packets. That or how to make
so many mistakes on fundamental levels that it becomes a
’don’t do this’ if you want to be a game designer.

Expect more cheating over time. Once people figure out the how
and with this game the how easy, it’ll be a haven for those just
to test and learn how to do so. The fact there is no reporting
function even this far along and e-mailed bug reports are bouncing
back (that was a first for me), means you might just have to
accept it if you want to keep playing.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / OOS is becoming a joke now !!!!!

Asking for money on a broken product is not only a bad idea,
but an unethical one.

Kong has a Beta program. If this is a beta game it should be there.
Since it is:
—> Published Dec. 03, 2015

This shouldn’t be a haphazard code nightmare.

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Topic: Raid Brigade: General / New event "Brawl"

Tons of other bugs too.
Are they trying to be the next EA with implementing things like this?

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Topic: Siege / Why people play/don't play this game

Limited PvE and PvE vs level balance.

Been sieging with half my energy.
Now Level 7… Will have to siege/grind until level 10 to continue.
That’s not only boring, but is not going to happen.

Siege as developed relies on a large player base at your level.
When right now the pickings are so limited as to be almost no xp
for any siege target. It would take me longer than I have been
playing to date to even make 1/3 of a level.

Bottom line? It has gotten grindy and boring in just a few days of casual play.