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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / I play a misson then i disconnect?

having the same issue now. was ok 12 hours ago.

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Topic: Party Of Heroes / The new system for capped heroes

This was a TERRIBLE change.

Double so since it was done without checking stats first.
I’d be very surprised if folks were keeping rares to sac
for capped rares. How did this break the game so badly
it needed to be changed before other game elements were?

These were time sink and money grab changes. When it’s
that shallow and obvious, people walk away. With The Gate
getting badges and having a similar system without any of
these flaws, I’d expect very few people to get drawn away
from that game and into this. More the other way around.

Having to keep a few reserved of the same class as ‘sac bait’
was not a big issue. Now the more rare/epic/leg a unit it, the
greater a liability it is? That’s not a good design imho.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / A few Issues

Had the same issue with mission 63.
On replays I’ve had the AI play a direct attack card,
then pass with one action remaining and no units on the field.

Repeatable Bug.
Blitzkrieg and Artillery when added as a second or third item card by the AI,
when removed via sabotage or spying the unit will still act with those skills
even though the card and ability no longer show as attached.

Inconsistent bug.
Removing the ability Blitzkrieg or Artillery when it’s printed on the unit card
or added as the first item, will no long show when removed by spy or sabotage.
Yet the cards will still act and attack as if they still have those abilities.

Mission 72 like for many people, is a bit rougher on the difficulty curve than most.
could use an extra two turns to complete. 90 damage in 6 turns is a bit silly.

Thanks for keeping up with the bugs and fixes guys!

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Server Error

got it this morning. still getting it now.

can’t really play until this is fixed.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Pacifist Mode?

Same as you rogue. Activated it and it then turned off with me doing anything pvp
I get a pile of attacks for a bit. Asking some of those players, most are just randoms.

Not attacked in almost a week now and no way to turn it back on.

Right now it is frustrating enough it has me about to walk away.

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Topic: Ninja Time Pirates / Feedback

Easy to break.
Controls are terrible.
No hotkeys for specials.
Unity debug mode warnings all the time.

Team AI is easily breakable.
exmaple: Shoot at object through a fence. object cannot be damaged.
Move team around. Team continues to fire in direction of object. Once off
the screen the teams fire cannot be redirected to a new target on the screen.

Revive pop up blocks screen, stops my teams actions,
enemy keeps plugging away. Very broken.

Changing weapons around would sometimes break gameplay.
Example: Shotgun on blackbeard would remove
the cannonball icon and he’d not shoot.

Just by changing the order of my team it broke the shop,
the game play, and would crash. This is repeatable.

a New Label error? really? code that vulnerable and you’re asking for money?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Change non-stop mode option location

yay! Thanks for the checkbox guys =)

the restart option is pretty sweet too.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Wow. So I still have an incoming attack from the overleveled person.
When I click defended the game freezes. A reload will then show I am
not getting attacked. Pacifist mode on.

Close browser and start game again, pacifist mode is once again off.
Impending attack on the way.

Guys. This is pretty fundamental. Fix it please.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Pacifist mode broken.

Was in pacifist mode.
Someone attacked me (dunno how) and it took me out of the mode.
There is no way for me to re-enter it, even though i’ve not made
an attack in days.

The attacker is also 6 levels and over a hundred honor over me.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / How about free Bloons Stone?

You’ll get plenty from leveling and no hit wins to upgrade your units.

If you want to pvp, it won’t even be close to enough, and you’ll
have to pay. most games are p2w nowadays since it takes advantage
of the gullibility from the competitive nature of people. One or two
paid shills like IGG does and the ball is rolling if you find some stagnation
in sales.

It’s a model that works, I’m just glad pacifist mode is still enjoyable.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

So attacked for the quest when level 12, they were level 10.
4 hours later they are level 32 and making (what I guess is) a revenge hit.

I saw the youtube video with the unlimited stone hacks, which needs fixing pronto.
Yet even that seems excessive for this guy. Was this a level mismatch at some point?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

Originally posted by Teroc:

Not quite a bug, but the friendlist is horrible with Kong.

I have more than a thousands friends (from dotd…) that appear in my list. Now, when I add players, they don’t even show up in the game’s list and I can’t find opponents or people to send crates to.

if i remember right this is a kong api issue not an issue with kiwi.
last few folks i know who had this issue for another game needed to reduce/flush their friends list.

Bug: People that attack me and i beat back stay around and stay in my ‘defend’ pile.
I can defend against them but get no rewards. I just have to keep defending until
I get one not defeated to actually beat them. Annoying as heck.

Shiva It’ll list XofY built on hover over for a building. If i remember right level 6 is
too low to have a second farm. It should say 1 of 1 built on hover over.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Change non-stop mode option location

slow/fast good button.

non-stop should be a separate option.
I for one would like slow and non-stop sometimes.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Loading???

dunno been at a crawl speed loading the last few days from kong.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / A few Issues

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you’re taking the fixes seriously. As well as looking
into changes to make this fun while keeping it a challenge. The whole reason to
play is to have fun after all.

Interesting having PvP being the way to garner gold. That’s failed most games
in the past, just by human nature (yuck). We’ll see how that plays out here
over time. Hope for the best =)

New Bug

Bottom line is I cannot get past this mission. It’s a very difficult game mission, that crashes.
I win (not easy at all). It says congratulations. When it should show stars and rewards,
cards clear and then it then just stops. This has happened twice, only on this mission.
First time i thought it perhaps a minor fault or a one time thing. Twice the same way?
That’s a bug.

As you can see. Turns Zero. Mission Completed. Should be a three stars win.
I can exit back out using the upper right menu, but that loses my progress.
Very frustrating.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / A few Issues

I’ve found in PVE the decks will sometimes break the deck building and
item attachment rules. I wonder if it threw you up against a PVE deck
or somehow used those rules.

To the Devs,
Thanks for fixing the loop. Not had it happen this last session.

Hitting the 30+ places where a lot of folks have been frustrated and annoyed
(not challenged) by the turn limits. I have to agree some. I think you discovered
harm mode though. Half again as many turns, rounded up, would be normal.
Twice current default being easy.

I think that would challenge people the way you intended (forgive my assumption
if I am mistaken), at the same time making the game playable enough to have folks
the ability of achievement in moving forward. This would then give something for
players to come back to and complete on a higher difficulty.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / A few Issues

Some issues:

Endless loop
Lose. Close the retry option. Click exit icon. Goes to defeat, uses a life, and offers up retry again. So a players only way out in a loss is to restart the game… or blow through all their lives in a loop. Really?
So gonna guess editing your deck to retry is something you don’t want? (ss at bottom)

AI stays dumb. You just give it more resources and better cards. Never a good sign, as this just tumbles into an endless us vs them of card creation. Without even a marginal AI this game won’t last very long.

Mission Parameters
While I like the challenge, the AI being stuck in the loop of promote > place new (something a player can exploit btw) creates a problem. Often in kill games the AI will not place enough units to meet the criteria.

Having to Kill the 66+ life AI in under 7 turns in not impossible, but becomes my only way to win. The only way because of a fail in the games AI design.

Card Error
Supermarine Spitfire; Deploy is a listed skill and icon. It Does not have the deploy parameter flag set, so it cannot be used a such. Remove the deploy and remove it from the rare pool of cards, or activate the flag on the card.

Gold Grind
Let’s face it you need one or this will fail. Allow the replay of some low level missions for gold. Half gold on a mission say one map back from current, with a flat 5 gold for two maps back. Zero when going back beyond that.

Deck Editor
You need the filters to work on the active deck on the right too. Otherwise to remove a card you’re scanning, hunting and pecking for the right one to take out for a tweak. Annoying and cumbersome to say the least.

Have a counter at the bottom or a function at the top where the x1 is. Arrows on either side so you can go from say 0/3 (default) to 1/3 2/3. Then when you drag it to the deck it’ll add both. Rather than the current carpal tunnel repetitive mess.

Need a clear all filters button if you’re going to have some top and some bottom of the screen.

Need a few sorting options.

I could go on, but this is all I have time for. You’re on to a decent game here, with a few rather nice mechanics. Just get the programming and design to match your game creativity and you’ll be golden. I think there is potential, which is why I’m posting this list, and not just moving onto the next game out there.

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Topic: World War II: TCG / [BUG] Crashing tutorial

Second part of the tutorial. Was the opponents
turn and it placed a card but did not end.

This happened a second time at a different point in the tutorial

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Topic: Battle Pirates / Bug Reports

Kong Marauder has evade issues.
It does not adjust for +evade equipment.

Please fix!

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Beta bonus

my account was reset. dunno if others were as well

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Topic: Guns and Robots / Hacks

So seems not a lot being done about these.

Why should anyone pay any money to this game until that happens?

Just had a guy (on my team) take out the entire other team from the drop
in under 30 seconds. Was all level 1 bots, and he was boasting about his hacks.

Any future plans to fix or regulate this?

EDIT: Quick google search found the hacks they’re using and there are
youtube videos of these being active for a year now. As well as a money and
a device hack posted under an hour ago. The most interesting was the account
masking one.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Bug Reporting Thread

So what was changed with the App advert?

Whatever was added/changed has been breaking my games all over.
Doors not opening, trains not moving, bosses not ‘waking up’ at the end.
If all my teammates were not talking about it too i’d think it was me.

Seems it’s all you. So what’s up?
or is this a subtle way to try and get people to never use the app.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Sub-Light COM2 vs Hornet

this argument really only matters if you have both as a 10***
to date, this has not happened to me.

i love my sublights, especially my under 30 toons. the cheap ammo is a plus there.
i want a hornet on my higher level toons. just not gotten a decent one yet.

play with the best you have.
keep a spare weapon or two for damage type, AoE, or giggles.
have fun!

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Bug Reporting Thread

Was done with a match. Daily reward box presented. Servers go down.
Game goes to black and does not come back (like with the others).

When game comes back, ammo used. Cash, nor exp awarded.
Flag set to received for the daily boxes but none received.
Overall pretty crappy.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Bug Reporting Thread

Heavy level 18 , Vaccine (but any map)


2 others players, 3 total

was the last 2 minutes of vaccine

The robot boss can ‘throw’ you if you get too close.
It can throw you off the map. Have had this happen
more than once. This means you are stuck until mission
end or you get killed (usually the latter). On vaccine
it’s a real pain since it’s auto lose, right at the end.
PLus you don’t get any boxes or goodies that drop
after that…like say the boss box.