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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Player Feedback: Bots

Looking into the portal bug at the moment…

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Player Feedback: Bots

I’m just trying to get some feedback on the bots that we’ve recently added. How has everyone’s experience with them been? Are they too easy? Too hard? Has anyone noticed any crashes while playing against bots, etc. Let me know any thoughts and feedback you have.


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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / i heal my team but say heal enemy?

This should be fixed now

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Future Feature: Bots

Yes, we thought they could take over when players drop out as well.

The only reason all of the enemy teams aimed for you in the original Gravitee Wars game, was because you were getting a turn every other turn. In fact, in GW we had the teams originally all aim at each other as well, and you could win every game without even trying really. But yeah, since every team in GWO gets an even number of turns, they’ll aim at each other.

Bots will probably see what hits it can get for certain (based on the length of that unit’s preview line), and judge which one is most damaging. But thats to confirmed.

Thanks for the feedback so far.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / 2v2 matches

We’re hoping to get 2v2 team battles added in the next few days.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Future Feature: Bots

Hi everyone,

We’re thinking of adding bots to this game in the future to help people get into games quicker. Not forced, but players would be able to vote to start the game by filling the remaining player spots with bots. What does everybody think of this idea? Let us know and help influence the development of Gravitee Wars Online.


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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Suggestions megathread

Originally posted by biguglyorc:
Also, I have a suggestion regarding this thread or forum at all – everyone, I think, appreciates how you guys take into consideration players’ suggestions, but could you maybe post every now and then what you’re working on, what kind of ideas you’re looking for, or give your thoughts on the more popular suggestions?

We’ll try to be more active in the forum. We’ve been very busy working on the game, but we should make time for our community too. Sorry guys :)


Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / ChangeLog - v1.0.3.0

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Is campaign 4 too expensive?

We did have some discussion about the pricing of these new campaigns. There is alot of work needed for us to create a new campaign. We have to come up with 5 levels containing 3 new level elements (each available in the level editor), 3 weapons, a colour, a helmet, 2 animations, a game mod, 3 custom weapon graphics, 3 cw projectile graphics, a new cw trail, and so on. So its a bit expensive because its alot of work.

Also, campaign 4 games can be joined by anyone, whether they’ve bought the campaign or not. They show up on Browse Games as custom games. We recently tweaked what is shown on Browse Games so these campaign 4 games are more easily discoverable. We plan to add better filtering on Browse Games soon so people can drill down to the types of games they want to play more easily.

We’ve got lots of plans of how we’d like to extend the game in the coming months and beyond as long as the game is doing well and has enough players on it.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

Originally posted by Martin1978:

Every time i get in a game,i always find the room empty,even when it says there is at least one player in room

Thats probably because the room has filled since it was shown to you as having players in it. So you start a new version of that room. We could instead show a dialog that says the room is full and prompt you to either start a new version of that battle, join a random game waiting for players or go back to browse. What do people think?

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

Looking into these bugs, people.

Melee weapons – to use, you click and drag away from your unit and then release. We’ll look at making this clearer.

Stuck on title screen – looking into this now

Game got stuck shooting downwards on a mine – some very rare explosion combinations can cause an error that causes the game to stick. This is another one we’re trying to hunt down currently. Sorry about that, this will be fixed soon (just as soon as I track the cause down). I understand it sucks to have the game die like that.

Thanks for the bug reports everyone. We’re working really hard to get these fixes in as well as new content and extra features.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / what is award 96 mean

Originally posted by ewtan:
Originally posted by faaaisa:
Originally posted by o1ispro:

How to get 97?

beat the people that have award 97

and how the 1st player got that award?

Two developer accounts had the award to start with.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Suggestion to improve Graticons Earned

Campaign 4 isn’t overpriced if you consider you get 3 weapons, a color, a helmet, some animations, some stuff for custom weapons, extra planets for the level editor and extra features for the level editor. These features are what take alot of time to develop and thats why its priced higher.

We’re probably going to add in some daily incentive at some point soon in the future.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Leveling makes you lose

We’ll be adding matchmaking in the next version to campaign matches, and adding a better level filter on to custom games (currently you can limit custom matches to your level bracket (10-19, etc), but it is turned off by default and you are limited to only that bracket). Hope that will fix some of these issues.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Farmer hall of shame?

Thanks for all of the feedback and the differing opinions.
We’re going to be making it harder for people to farm, and tweaking the exp earned values to make it more rewarding to play skillfully. We’re also working on matchmaking for campaign, and better level filtering for custom games.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / this is weird

That is weird…. we’ll look into this. Thanks

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

Originally posted by PinkAmpersand:

I have another report. I unlocked the Custom Weapon slot upon completion of the first campaign (proof of completion), but when I went to my weapons setup panel, it wasn’t there. Other players assure me it should be there. Around the time I unlocked it, I was having trouble with the server, as were other people I was playing with, so maybe that has something to do with it?

You get it at the end of the second campaign. You unlock the map editor at the end of the first

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / ChangeLog - v1.0.3.0

v. – 12 April 2015

  • Campaign 5 released in shop – lots of new features, weapons, animations and lots more to play with. Yay!

v1.0.2.4 – 10 April 2015
- Tweaks to fix issues with campaign 5, so we we can test campaign 5

  • Level editor tweaks
  • Tweaks to planet shields on zooming into the map at start of game

v1.0.2.3 – 07 April 2015
- Campaign 5 should be launching this weekend. We’ll be testing some of the levels and features with players in the next few days. Look out of campaign 5 levels in Browse Games

  • Level editor tweaks
  • In game chat messages now have a length limit
  • Tweaked map positions on some menu screens

v1.0.2.2 – 18 Feb 2015
- Campaign 5 is being worked on – we’re going to start testing some campaign 5 features with real players, so if you’re lucky you might get to play some of these features early.

  • Browse games – new filtering options.
  • Graphical tweaks to buy button on shop
  • Free Kreds button on payments page added
  • Tips added to loading game screen

v1.0.2.1 – 09 Jan 2015
- This update is mainly bug fixes – we’ve been working on campaign 5 as well, but it’s not fully ready yet. Sorry people, we wanted to get campaign 5 out last year, but there’s so much work to do between two people. Watch this space.

  • Several bot related crash fixes
  • New players now go straight into a bot battle
  • Loading bars for bots

v1.0.2.0 – 17 Dec 2014

  • Bots can be used to fill up remaining spaces in a game.
  • Healing your ally in a 2v2 game no longer says you healed an enemy
  • Fixed chat in 2v2 game waiting area
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Swap Team’ button was appearing in the campaign waiting area after playing a 2v2 game


  • 2v2 Team Battles added – custom setup lets you start a new 2v2 game. Browse Games now shows game type below player count (2v2, 1v1v1v1, etc)


  • Deadly Teleport added to shop – teleports the unit to another position but leaves a mine in its place
  • Scattershot added to shop – fires 4 projectiles scattered randomly around your preview line
  • Super Scattershot added to shop – fires 8 projectiles scattered randomly around your preview line
  • Mine Strike added to shop – sends 5 mines flying in from outside of the level
  • Detoxifier added to shop – removes radiation from a planet and gives health to units hit by the shot
  • Time until next daily/weekly award added
  • Extra bug tracking


  • Daily and weekly awards added. See awards panel for details
  • Fixed an issue causing the replay editor to hang in certain circumstances while processing the replay
  • Fixed an issue related to the point above that was causing sync errors in game


  • Fixed a problem with custom weapons that caused multishot to be reset after a game or two.
  • Tweaked which games show on Browse Games to try to make sure all games waiting for players get people joining eventually
  • Filter options on Browse Games no longer overlap the games
  • Player numbers visible on campaign games on Browse Games again
  • There was an issue where leaving panels open on the custom weapon editor and closing the editor cause those open panels to get stuck next time you returned to the custom weapon editor
  • Custom weapon name in game was sometimes showing asterisk (*) in the weapon name when it shouldn’t have.


  • Fixed a bug that caused custom weapons to either not save, or reset when returning from a game. Custom weapons may get modified or partially reset when logging in next, but will be fine after this. Sorry people!
  • Fixed a bug on the tutorial involving the weapon setup panel.


  • XP earned from a battle has been tweaked. Skillshots are now worth 3xp (previously 1xp). The victory XP has been changed to (4p: 50, 30, 20, 10 3p: 30, 20, 10 2p: 20, 10)
  • Custom weapon points tweaked slightly. Radiation is now more expensive (30 points to equip, 35 and 40 points for more damage). Damage is now free to equip, but the damage and blast radius upgrades are now more expensive. If your old custom weapon was too expensive with the new costs, it should have been changed automatically to a setting you can afford.
  • You can now mute and unmute a player by typing: ‘/mute USERNAME’ or ‘/unmute USERNAME’ (replace username with the username of the person you want to mute). This is a temporary mute, which won’t persist between lobby and game.
  • Misclick protection added in game. When it is your turn and you have a projectile weapon selected, clicking the unit shouldn’t cause the weapon to fire with no power and explode at your feet any more.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the game to hang if an explosion happened in a specific spot.
  • Joining campaign game occassional hang fix
  • A unit hitting a sun in a replay could cause that unit to appear on fire incorrectly.
  • After another player used the Gravitee Ball but didn’t get it to bounce (ie it hit a unit directly or went out of bounds without bouncing), the next preview line displayed no longer shows a bounce incorrectly.
  • Custom weapon now shows its name instead of ‘custom 1’, on the selected weapon text next to the weapon select button in game.
  • Fixed some issues where the log in panel could report that you are already logged on when you’re not and would stop you from logging in.


  • Game no longer hangs if a player drops out while they are still loading the game.
  • If a player if AFK and misses their turn, they will be set to AFK and have to click a prompt on their screen to be unset from AFK. While AFK, their future turns will be skipped. If they AFK skip 3 times in a row, they will be booted from the game.
  • Error fixed caused by trying to join a game in browse games that had already started (going to browse games, then waiting some time before clicking a map).
  • Skip turn was not showing up after doing the tutorial or testing in one of the editors.
  • After finishing a game, if you clicked the back button too quickly, an error would occur.


  • Quick update to fix old no longer valid replays from displaying in the replay editor – when the game engine changes, replays from old versions of the engine are no longer valid.


  • Sound effect added to alert you when it is your turn
  • Waiting for a game to start, sometimes the player list would mess up and players joining wouldn’t be displayed
  • AFK players on lobby player list moved to bottom of player list
  • Tiny bits of planet are cleaned up if they are small enough.
  • Fixed an issue which meant planets couldn’t be destroyed fully
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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Bug Reports

Thanks wicked6, we’ll look into this bug. Haven’t seen it before.

Everyone else, it does work if you can manage to destroy all of the tiny bits of land. We’re uploading a new version soon that will automatically remove those tiny bits of land that you can’t see.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Small problems/glitches thread

Got that player slots bug fixed in a version that will be launching tomorrow sometime.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / BeyPokéDig's GWO Guide


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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / infinite loading

This is an issue we’ve seen and are working on a fix currently. We’ll be releasing a new version tomorrow (Oct 3) that will fix this and a couple of other bugs.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / PurchaseItems callback error

I can complete the purchase even with the error appearing (by dismissing it), and it only affects players with the debug player. So its not a huge issue, was mainly just making sure we hadn’t caused the error ourselves.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / PurchaseItems callback error

Did you get this problem fixed?

We also have exactly the same error message pop up when we call kongregate.mtx.purchaseItems

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Topic: Game Programming / [as3]Ghost object?

removeChild only removes the MC from being displayed (ie, you have to addChild it to make it show).

You need to actually null out the variable, or splice it from the array (depending on how you’re referencing it) to remove it.