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Topic: Wartune / Ybrik- says bye and left some knight tips for all.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybrik- says bye and left some knight tips for all.

5) Pro tips from a USAF mechanic girl to not lag in gb + Recommended wartune play screen: Solofme’s version +AOI? Any Other Inquiries?
Not lagging during guild battle- Simply enter 2 mins after gb starts After everyone has cleared the “spawning point (sp)”. This will reduce lag tremendously.

Use Solofme’s bookmark method for fullscreen/ widescreen. Basic idea is to ;
1) create an edited url bookmark for wartune.
2) right click to open wartune at the “choose a server screen” in a different tab.
3) while in that different tab, click the the edited url bookmark to auto expand the game screen to the fullest of your monitor size. Pixels will not affected and it’s not the same as zoom in or out. It’s a prefect game screen stretched to the max.

Any other questions about knight/ game, I might be able to answer below as i fight my addiction to relog into game. This time for sure. I Quit.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybrik- says bye and left some knight tips for all.

4) Catacomb eyeball’s movement + Moonevil bosses movement
Catacomb eyes at lvl 100: Movements’
[Thunder], [Thunder Aoe+chance to stun], [Thunder], [-50% stats], [Thunder],
[Patk Aoe], [Thunder], [Thunder], [Thunder Aoe+chance to stun], [Thunder],
[-50% stat], [Thunder], [Patk Aoe]
the 1st 13 hits are consistent. The 14th hit onwards will become random/ have more than 3 types of different combo moves.

Moonevil Den 60-65:
1st boss: A fly with 4 bug friends at start.
Turn 1-4: normal hits
Turn 5: resummon dead bug friends that do normal atk 1st turn and bleed 1500 stackable to infinity on 2nd turn.
Turn 6: dmg received -90% skill tht last 3 turns.
Key to win: scatter shot for turn 6th and aoe start by classes except the rage-conserving archer for initial turn and turn 5.

2nd boss: Uranus or what my ex guildies like to call. URanus.
Turn 1: ind 1700 dmg
Turn 2: Aoe 300-400 dmg
Turn 3: ind 1700 dmg
Turn 4: Aoe 300-400 dmg
Turn 5: Adds skill patk+200%, cannot be purged.

Turn 6: ind 16000 dmg
Turn 7: Aoe 3000-4000 dmg
Turn 8: ind 16000 dmg
Turn 9: Aoe 3000-4000 dmg
Turn 10: Adds skill patk into +400%, cannot be purged.

Turn 11: ind 55000 dmg
Turn 12: Aoe 30 000dmg
Turn 13: ind 65000 dmg
Turn 14: Aoe 35 000 dmg
Turn 15: Everyone is dead.

[All damages were observed as a dollar tank]; Key to win: deepfreeze 2

3rd boss: Uratis
Every turn1-4 except the 5th, + patk , matk 20% along with its skills.
Turn 1: Ind
Turn 2: aoe x3
Turn 3: Ind
Turn 4: Segmented Aoe that hits 1-4 targets x3 hits(forgot laser color)
Turn 5: Row Aoe x3 tht hits front and back and -70% def. [The skill +20% patk, matk doesnt occur at this turn].

Turn 6-10, 11-15 is the same cycle. Key to win: scattershot 2 and occasioanlly deep freeze 2.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybrik- says bye and left some knight tips for all.

3) Recommended Knight’s Combo move for World boss + 2 skill tree usages + Gems socketing + Astral & its friends
I received inbox and pm from a few players in the server and other servers as well, asking What is this “Subarashii Knight combo move” that got me into top 3-5 ranking as a knight.

Since i’m leaving, i’ll tell all the secrets i know anyway. It doesn’t matter to me anymore.
For Mr.U’s subarashii knight’s combo. The hits goes like this:
[Ultimate slasher 5] , [Normal + Double hit slasher 5], [Ultimate slasher 5], [Normal + Double hit slasher 5], [Ultimate slasher 5], [Delphic Destroyer4] / [Enhanced Delphic Destroyer 2].

1) You have to be 1st to perform Ultimate slasher 5 before worldboss’ 1st hit or else you will fail this move.
2) As u perform a normal hit, while running towards the world boss, click slasher5 and your character will perform a double hit once he runs back to his position. Your knight troops will double hit as well. [Use knights, not angels here. Even knights 15 level below your angel’s level can give you more coins at a lower troop patk of 20 too]
3) You must finish QTE for the next move b4 the wb finish hitting u. If you finish QTE as the wb finish hitting you, it can be perceived as PASS. But if you lag / didn’t finish QTE especially the DDs one b4 the WB’s 5th hit, u will fail the combo.
4) Occasionally, you will receive rage deductions from your ring accessories, this allow you to perform EDD2 instead of DD4 which is 85% more damage in total. Like #3, you must finish the QTE as / preferably before the wb’s 5th hit to complete the combo.
5) Sometimes while doing [Ult], [Norm+slash], on your 3rd turn, a 3rd norm auto-atk can occur. If this happens, simply erase the normal hit in turn 4 ‘s [norm+slash], and do a turn 3’s [ultimate], followed by turn 4’s [slasher only] instead.
6) You would want to count the world boss’ movement turns as well. Regardless of whatever order you use, the EDD/DD must finish QTE before the wb’s 5th hit.

As for skill tree my knight character has 2 skill trees of different uses: PVP n PVE.
For PVP: it’s
passive max, passive max, intercept max
slasher 3, ultimate 3, dd 2, whirlwind 3, edd 0
agura shield max, shadow trasher max, tenacity 2/3 at lvl 65, lvl 66 = max
passive max, passive max, reverse dmg 0, apollo shield 0.
(i do not use agura shield, shadow in pvp – i only want the tenacity skill).
For troops: i use angels 59 with enlightenment mdef 2% of troop’s stats for pvp.

For PvE: it’s
Passive max, passive max, intercept 0
Slasher 5, ultimate 5, dd 3, whirlwind 4, edd 2 [all max in this line]
agura shield 0, shadow trasher 0, tenacity 0, apollo shield 0
passive max, passive max, reverse dmg 0
(The point is max damage with min def; as most comb/necropolis/mpd mobs have a set of moves that react upon a certain number of turns) – That said to finish the mobs as soon as possible in regards to turns is the way to look at it more correctly than the mobs/bosses will cast xxx skill on last hp bar.
For troops: i use knights 46 with enlighten of patk 2%- knight level was still being increased at this time.

My Talents are lvl 13 seal: level 1 iron wall since lvl 60. All other talents are junk, misleading, and translation faulty.
whirlwind is bleed of attacked’ patk, not knight’s own patk. Tyranny is not skill dmg plus, but critical dmg plus, tht is not written there but shown in battle. Persistence talent cancels out the effect of reverse dmg like math’s “negative negative positive”.

Gem socketing:
HP: @ @ @ @
Patk: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
Pdef: @ @ @ @ @ @
Mdef: @ @ @ @ @ @

With legendary:
HP: @ @ @ @
Patk: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
Pdef: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
Mdef:@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Lvl 6 Pristine Patk,
Lvl 5 Pristine Mdef
Lv 5 Pristine Block
Lv 5 Refined Goddess Blessing 15%
Lv 6 Enhanced Will destroyer 30%
Lv 4 illusion dodge

Suggested level 70: Enhanced guardian angel 30% d least to prevent archers from critical you.
Suggested level 80: PDEF / Deflection astrals.

How deflection astrals work: eg 60% deflection
eg dmg 10 000.
If a knight has 42% reduce dmg and did not block, the dmg inflicted on him would be 5800 (assume 0 def), and 6000 dmg reflected.
If a knight blocked dmg reduced 20-35%, assume 35%, the dmg inflicted is 2300 (assume 0 def), and 6000 dmg reflected.
If dodged, dmg taken is 1 dmg while dmg reflected is 6 000.

Deflection astral works on world boss but any dmg reflected will not give you rewards.

Pissed : Persistence talent will cancel out deflection astral. and 10% rarely hits as often as illusion also, but with high dodge/ block of a knight late end game, it’s a wonderful astral to equip as any mage/ archers would think twice before doing a massive op atk on you. Avg occurance in cross server pvp around lvl 60- 2 times per battle, and only the 1st hit if there’s a series of hits in a skill like Mage’s rain of fire.

Additional suggestions for astrals:
Replace mdef astral for pdef astral for DemonTemple 65-70, and necropolis.

Sneak peak of Red astrals:
1 level would be 288 instead of 216.
Will destroyer would be 7% instead of 5% per level.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybrik- says bye and left some knight tips for all.

2) PVPs as a anti-mage knight
PVP Arena- Just got bored.
I’m top 1 for most days already and there’s no real competition also. Mr. W and friends don’t even bother to compete, and buffed as i am on pvp arena every 3 days, i’m server’s 3rd as of yesterday.

The Pvp Arena Reward that i have as part of the R&D department of Resistance guild are:
Rank 1: 800 000 Gold & Daru
Rank 2: 600 000
Rank 3: 500 000
Rank 4: 400 000
Rank 5- Rank 11: 390 000 – 330 000 [Per level: (-10 000)]
Rank 12- Rank 37: 325 000 – 200 000 [Per level: (-5000)]
Rank 38- Rank 158: Unknown and was never bothered
Rank 159- Rank 951: 119 200- 40 000 [Per level: (-100)]

Input contributors to this were Mageface, Sitlan, Sinnin, Talita, Asante, harpowned, and YbrikIkus.

In recent weeks after lvl 55-60, i have pawned almost all my higher level targets one by one. Mr.M, Z, M, S, S, H, K, S, H, A T, K, W, even Mr.D got pawned by me. Mr. W had 1% health in gb against him buffed while him unbuffed once, before i joined into the guild.

Tips for knights in pvp/bg/ gb- I usually start with Seal as it hits priority players, stuns (mine is 13 so yes, it will stun), and plus 10 rage (normal hit is 12 rage). 2nd hit i will use slasher, 3rd hit i will do whirlwind at 55 rage then slasher then i will hv the mage/archer alone to solo.

If you know you cant stun the archer/mage, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way without stun. slasher and/or ultimate slasher the troops. The troops must die in 2 hits for a knight to be able to solo-win a mage/archer. Any troop-kills of more than 3 hits will start to equal your knight will lose in battle. And Yes, mage’s or Archers can Aoe knight’s angel in 2-3 skill tries. Similarly, your knight must be able to clear each troop with no more than 3 hits in order to win tht pvp solo match of similar Battle rating. Else you will be in trouble.

Also, calculate the opponent’s rage build and trigger Intercept where necessary. [PVP AI requires Intercept 1 round earlier, as the intercept skill doesnt work on AI ; AIs can cast a skill tht’s already on top of their head with zero rage and gain more rage after that.]

All pvp-geared class starts with 30 rage. Knights normal hit is 12, slasher is 15, ultimate needs 10 but plus 10 afterwards, so is zero. all other skills like whirlwind 50, intercept 25, DD 80 is like so but + 10 back for passive skill per hit. Knights are straight forward, Stun and intercept and pick your targets. Against another fellow knight, intercept them where necessary as well. As an anti-mage knight build- make friends with all knights and avoid knight fights. It’s terribly long and with my built, in order of most favourable targets are : Mages- Archers- Knights. It means i usually die in the hands of other knights but i pawn all mages instead

Archers are per attack +5 rage , and +5 rage more for each individual critical hits , so if knights have enhanced guardian astral at 7th astral, this would burden archers to op knights, as most hits are just normal hits. [Archers have passive skill 20% critical chance , 20% critical chance from skill moves, and ?? % from stats and equipment"]

Mages are passively “+ 2 rage per attack”, but the 1st skill lightning bolt comes with +6 rage per use. So mages build up rage with lightning bolt at “+8 rage” and/ or if they use other aoe skill, it’s + 2 rage per hit per target. [And yes, it might clear a knight’s troop away after their aoe, but then their rage built will become slower and solely relying on lightning bolt to +8 instead of doing massive OP skills, Intercept 50 rage of them, and play with your targets while calculating how much rage a mage can build and what skills they can use]. Also in reminder; Mage’s Rain Of fire aoe is 16 rage use only and is the most common aoe skill they will use after being intercepted. Illusion, mdef astral, and high block works against it. [Anti-mage knights such as myself as largely technical strategist with more intelligence. And we can pinpoint which targets to hit base on their hp and priority seals while archers are just + blind + random shooter.]

Always 1) Calculate an opponent’s rage build and intercept where necessary. With high patk, ignore def equipments, the direct damage of 3000 at lvl 3 is more than 3000. It can hit near 4000 direct damage for my stats, or 2000 at times too.
2) Observation: Always know what level range are your opponents. You can guess by the weapons they own, the avg damage they hit on you and the avg damage you dealt to them. Countless pvp runs and cross server arena can improve your observations.
3) Timing is essential for knights. Time your Delphic Destroyer to release after second 7 during a match. Archers will gain a double hit on you for doing this, but your DD will be released at -58 or -59 second with 50% more dmg boost. This usually is what kills the archer/ mage while other skills are just rage-builds and target-pinpoint picker skills.
[In the earlier version in Nov, 2012, Knights were weaker because DD is 10-12 seconds charge and is released at second 10 instead of 7 and knights will miss out on a turn for archers to hit 3 times, and mages 2 times].

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Topic: Wartune / Ybrik- says bye and left some knight tips for all.

1) Complains, Grief, Strategic re-positioning at 9th in guild wars

After giving the game another go since the few days ago, again i have come to same decision. This game has no more value to me and it’s not even fun to pawn ppl anymore too. (im the only knight with elite crusader in the server and 6985 honor to High commander.) [This would have taken 3 days and the other knights are mere knight crusaders only].

no more value – A piggy mount event occupies the whole of February. In my opinion patch 1.5 wont even be out until the soonest March. That includes only just divine altar and cross-server bg. How long more for red astrals and other 1.5 contents? As a vip 8 today (I put in 100 dollars again these few days just to test-try the subarashii knight combo at wb top 5 fully buff ranking), i level up in 3-4 days and was just going to start mpd 65-70 fixed party. It would take a mere 2 weeks to reach lvl 70 without investing into Seal Levels. Btw- for those who are curious about my seal level tht i never told anyone about. It’s Level 13 since lvl 60. On the Chinese servers, there are a bunch more contents to patch 1.5, how long would it take for them to slowly transfer the contents over to this English version? Plus with every event, there’s always 80% free event, 20% u must cash to gain activity item.

I’m just sick, tired and feeling stupid as the heavy cashers are primarily 2 types of ppl :

a) Guild leading players that heavily invest into the game to bring their guilds to powerful levels: Mr.W-archer is vip 9. Mr.D. Mr.M. all heavy cashiers. For me in my ex-guild, Im vip 8- knight, Mr.A-vip 6-7-mage. The other leading guilds similarly have high level vip veterans as well. The ones that arent as high vips are the ones that are in mid-range in the guild/ members tht have merged into other guilds. These lucky members enjoy the benefits of 1) veteran players that leveled high enough for them to enjoy world’s prosperity exp bonus. 2) VIP players that are crazily strong enough to win gb alone for weekly rewards / world boss top 10- and earn lots of coins for self / guild.

b) Individual players seeking to be the best, and wanting to win. ( most often suckers for any events too, for wanting every single items like myself – i have 22 mysterious ores, yet i’m 3 refined ore short to a 2nd King’s bounty). I even have mini wings which i don’t need and 2 other pair of wings with the same stats.

Ps: i’m both of A n B – Ultimately Mr. U in T1 guild spent only 200 dollars, started 1 month half later than me, same knight class, but is now only 1 level behind me. He benefited from being in T1 guild with Mr.W winning all weekly tourny for the guild. I’m Mr.W in a sense but as a knight in a 9th ranking guild with a character battle rating of top 10- spending 3000 dollars. i’m just feeling crap and stupid now.

(Reason we stick to rank 9th is because we would opt to lose, win, win ,win) Per win within minute 20-40 is 850 insignia honor +10 whips. This can be done by occupying 4 towers without hitting the ward tower/ summoning war chariots in 35minutes. Per win within minute 40-60 is 700 insignia honor +10 whips. (This would happen if a tower is lost for more than 5 minutes). Losing in last 20 mins = 500 Insignia Honor, while 20-40minute is 450 Insignia Honor.]

The weekly tounry reward for being placed in top 10 guild is as follows:
Rank 1: 200 soul crystals + 30 whips
Rank 2: 150 soul crystals + 20 whips
Rank 3: 100 soul crystals + 10 whips
Rank 4-5: 90 soul crystals
Rank 6-8: unsure
Rank 9: 70 soul crystals
Rank 10: 50 soul crystals

Back in the days, there were no covenant packs. That meant to be efficient in coin usage as a knight, it’s best to fight a battle with less hp pack sacrifices and 9th was suitable as we often gained 450 + 850 +850 +850 +30 whips = 3000 Insignia honor +30 whips than a guild battling in top 8 and at 2nd rank of 850, 700, 500, 500 of 2550 insignia honor + 40 whips and greater usage of hp packs. Also some more soul crystals too, but in terms of insignia honor and how fast towards a new medallion and crusader horse, the guildies in this constant strategically placed 9th place had crusader steed almost as fast as the top 1 guild back several weeks ago. To most they were even some who were surprised.

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Topic: Wartune / Play in Full-Screen! :)

Originally posted by alveolate:

zoom function on browsers work decently. usual shortcut key is " ctrl + ". but just like Ybris, you will end up with scroll bars. u can zoom less so that the scroll bars don’t turn up, of course.

the other way is to use Solofme’s bookmarklet method

I am using Solofme’s bookmarklet method. it works greatly. Everything for me is widescreen as im playing it on a laptop. If i scroll down, i ll see black screens. The Solofme’s method makes the gameplay widescreen and almost full screen for me.

The link is in the above.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybris Story

1) knight’s talent sucks just as bad. I only have seal and iron wall. Tyranny is critical dmged eventhough it says skll dmg. Whirlwind talent is patk bleed of the attacked target, not the knight’s patk. Persistence talents cancels out the effect of skill reverse dmg. And the other skills are just as bad.

2) knights can be as good as other class in wb/pvp if they cash as crazily as myself. Otherwise, i agree, they earn 3-4 times lesser than mages and archers and due to poorness, are a terrible class to play on.

3) Just checked, there are only 10 players lvl 65 on my server, 5 mages, 3 archers, 2 knights. And i might not get a group soon becuz 5mage+3 archers = 2 DT pt already. haihz…

4) An archer suggested if the knights have a rage-giver skill to supplement other characters rage to use, then they wouldnt mind taking in a knight for their mpd runs.

5) Im sulking… already as the 5 lvl 64s mages n archers in the other guilds hv boycotted me already. my days are numbered.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybris Story

i was thinking about mpds recently when i reached 65 last night. What if there was a mpd boss that cannot be critical-ed and/or cant be purged (like MD 60-65, 2nd boss). Then a knight’s will destroyer patk might come in handy as archers cant do higher critical dmg but can only debuff or deepfreeze. At DemonTemple 65-70, i heard from the higher lvl archers, puri is needed, deepfreeze, ss is needed… knights…. =( cause archers can tank, and have high critical hits while most knights … don’t have what archers have.

Knights being left aside as a not favorable class already, i realized recently in the top1 guild that… the top3 guilds like to boycott each other. Mere not lending a helping hand / c-blocking another to do MPDs / c-s PVP esp for knights can get them so frustrated, it wont be long before they think about quitting. For the other mages/ archers in other guilds, it’s a good thing to not let any knights ever reaching higher levels as the longer term they play, the stronger a knight becomes. (Ofc a good guild helps, but helping so much can only get so repetitive before one starts to pretend to be afk/busy).

This particularly endangers their position in the weekly guild battle ranking as knights enter into pvp matches versus archers/mages without troop backups. In battlegrounds, absence of high level knights procures them a safe farming of honor too.

Another factor that can be really infuriating is of course world boss, but recently i found a good combo style that lands me at least 800-950k rewards fully buffed per wb match around top 6-8 (wb’s health of 588mil hp). At least tht’s better than 190k unbuffed rewards with my previous combo move. (Fully buffed- that would only be around 600k). The 800-900k at top 6-8 is at my character’s strength:

Achievable by having 4x L5 patk gem, 4x L6 patk gem, soul crystal level 15, Guild patk level 6, Astral Patk-lvl 6, Will Destroyer -lvl6, Alchemy hero patk lv65, knights 43 with troop patk 45. Though it’s a bit disturbing that i’m getting pushed back by mage/archers that aren’t even casher-crazy lv60 while im 65(except W-lvl69, K-lvl69), d least i’m now in top 10. But You will need the aforesaid items to be in this position. For me, i’m satisfied, but for others without dollar items. i dk.

In conclusion: i’m happy to continue to play leisurely just as soon as i can find a fixed group to do higher mpd that doesnt c-block/boycott another to prevent them from leveling too fast. It’s … a double edge effect for leveling too fast too i guess…..

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Topic: Wartune / [Activity] Pig Out This Valentine's!

If i’m interpreting this correctly, a player will get 75/85 petals if he/she gathers everyone of them on time and have to pay for $14.50 for the piggy steed of +10 stats all.

1) Dungeon MPx3:
Feb 05, 0000hr -0500hr, x1 , Feb 05, 0500hr -Feb16 2359, x12 , Total 13 × 2 petals each = 26

2) Cross server pvp arena: x10
, Feb 05, 0500hr – Feb 16 2359hr x12 , Total 12 × 1 petal each = 12

3) Battleground kills of 2
Feb 16, 0500 hr- Feb 27 2359hr, x12
Total 12 × 2 petals each = 24

4) Pillage and plunder 3times
Feb 16, 0000hr – 0500 hr, x1
Feb 16, 0500hr – Feb 27, 2359 hr, x 12
Total 13 × 1 petal each = 13

Total from 4 events for February: 26 + 12 + 24 + 13 = 75
Remaining 10 petals from Limited edition Rose box (Feb 02- Feb 27): 10 × 145 balens each = $14.50 dollars
(if account in chinese server price, tht’s $3.63 on their servers).

“Gems, Gems, Gems”
For a person with extremely bad luck as myself, i have only amassed 4 lvl 6 patk gems recently before this event.
To acquire more gems:
1) For those who have cleared catacomb 100, they can gets daily x2 more gems with crypt keys.
2) Buy from mystery shops: L3 215 balens, L4: 895 balens, L5:3595 balens. (At least it’s 30% cheaper than buying L2: 85 balens from the shop).
2b) Reseting Mystery shops, hoping to get L6 or L7 gems. Well~~~ quite frankly, unless there’s a secret way to it. It’s futile. I personally reset it over 100x plus, and never once got a L6 or L7 gem. However, i have seen only 3 ppl getting a L6 gem in my server from that mystery shop.
3) Miscellaneous normal ways: battleground chests, guild blessings, daily check ins, accumulated daily check ins, and events.
4) Necropolis: But u will need 3 crypt keys and u need to reach the 5th floor to start getting gems.

Reminder: You will also need 75 balens for a L5 gem recipe, 195 balens for L6, and 295 balens for L7.

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Topic: Wartune / Play in Full-Screen! :)

This is what my full screen looks like in pvp arena.

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Topic: Wartune / Play in Full-Screen! :)

Not sure what Aznkid66’s “full screen mode” is like, but my full screen mode as per Solofme’s version looks like this without any zoom in or out.

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Topic: Wartune / Ybris Story

= ____ =

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Topic: Wartune / Ybris Story

Hello guys

1) Wow, didn’t know there was such a interesting feedback on the stuffs i posted a few days ago.

2) I tried to “ahem ahem” but no one was interested. I passed the account to a friend, took the day or two off and did some real-life activities. After a few days, i logged in again, and seeing the amount of double exp, double honor, crypt keys and the bunch of balen items i still have, i thought might as well use them all and see what’s the decision afterwards. ( appx 20-40days stockpiled ; and near end-game already anyway).

3) I’m eager for patch 1.5 as well, to see how well i would do for the divine altar and how well i would be able to pawn cross-server players.

4) But, I have just stopped balens-buying entirely , and if i’m too tired after work, i would just skip world boss/ pvp/ any other events entirely instead of sleeping 2-3 hrs, wake up, do event, go back 2-3 hours, event, nap-work.

5) Yea, the ex-guild tumbled, and i was guild-hopping in recent days and ended in S3: top 1 guild Phoenix.
From the guild hopping journey, i learnt quite a few new things that i myself could never have figured out alone.
a) To hit top 10 at wb, not only does a dollar-spending knight requires high patk + instant reviving (at least 17x)+ balen 200 and vouchers 200 buff: he will need to make some adjustments:
- i have angels 59 with alchemy 64 matk, but switching to knights 42 with alchemy 43patk does increase damage by 1-2k coins per fight.
- There are more than 1 way to hit the world boss at maximum efficient: i was previously doing “normal-slasher-normal-normal-slasher(DH)-normal-EDD”. In one of the guilds, i looked into their forum page and stumbled upon a unique combo hit for knights. After trying for 1 wb and going balens-buffed for the next, i was able to hit top 3 within the 1st few matches of wb3 last night. However, it required great timing and the simplest of lag can fumble a good combo. Either that or i just needed more practise. That been said, there are other variation of combos that people do use and whichever’s the better is unknown for me. I only know 2 of these and the latter works way better than my former as i’m able to use ultimate slasher, DH, and DD/EDD together.

- Many thx to ex-guild “Mr. S” for researching the cost-benefit effects of Potion buff on world boss.
- Tremendous thx to “Ms S” for teaching “how to hv near perfect smooth screen for the entire gb without lag, black screen/ forest-sightseeing”
- Great thx to ex-guild “Mr. S” for the url encodes for playing wartune in full screen mode. “i can see the 1/5 of the mines from the camp in bg”
- 2x more dmg thx to “Mr. U” for the “subarashii” combo moves for knights.
- Heaping thx to “Mr. K” for spending the hour figuring out how to breach Moonevil den mpd60-65 without archers. And no, u can’t win without an archer with d least of df2 and ss2. It’s not possible even at my dollar-spending stats.

Lastly, i’m still playing after the recent events of rage-makes( Ultimate Sarcasm lolz ) , except i’m playing it quite leisurely with quite a lot of miss-outs of daily stuffs. Just the mpd, solo dungeons at 110% vip bonus, 100% bonus exp scroll, and lvl 8 guild tree of 2.3x is enough to keep me leveling faster despite not being attentive to all “devotions” in game. The amount of dollars invested has kept me in quite an outliner leveling than the average casher and joining the top 1 guild just made all my competitions …… hardly a sweat. I figure about 20-40days of avg-sluggish play might not even make any difference anyway, since my leveling is 3-5 days per lvl in the 60s.

Ps: Some RL friends commented on my dollar spending habits on this game, and said :" Prep a hundred dollars, we’r going to get u laid". I was like o.O alcohol and “girls” are cheaper than a game, and tht just means im spending my dollars wrongly.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Bonus Recharge Goodies!

Originally posted by pogrebnik:
Originally posted by YbrikIkus09:

Only a fool would buy them.

You get them as a bonus for recharging, only a fool would think you buy them.

I’m the fool for buying the 1000 balens when i already have a demon wing just to show you guys the differences in picture.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Bonus Recharge Goodies!

Only a fool would buy them.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Bonus Recharge Goodies!

Originally posted by darkghosts1313:
Originally posted by Bloodlysen:

any stats on wings yet? LoL would be nice if it was stackable with current wings =, like mounts :)

40 patk/matk/pdef/mdef , 400 hp and 1% patk/matk/pdef/mdef/hp.

I don’t get R2games or whoever’s setting the price.

If the small wing’s stat is 40patk/matk/mdef/pdef, 400 hp and 1% increase in patk/matk/pdef/mdef/hp and it cost 1000 balens, which is about proportional to 10 dollars.

Then wouldn’t that tempt players to just go for the 120patk/matk/mdef/pdef, 1200 hp, and 2% increase that cost 20 dollars instead? (which is about 5 dollars in chinese server).

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Fullscreen Wartune

Azn’s a better Japanese fan than i am. Omae wa Kakkoi da ne. And he writes in perfect Japanese which i cant do from just watching years of subbed Japanese anime.

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Fullscreen Wartune

Awesome!!!!!!! It works!!!! except i’m using a laptop to play, so mine is widescreen to the MAX!!!

Originally posted by TarkkaBear:
Originally posted by YbrikIkus09:

Anata wa sugoi desu ne.

i believe he’s seeking to do something to you to express thanks that involves tentacles according to google translate.

It’s japanese for “You are so cool, man.”

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Topic: Wartune / [Guide] Fullscreen Wartune

Anata wa sugoi desu ne.

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Topic: Wartune / Updated "SPOILERS" for upcoming patches

Originally posted by Empathy:

Those documents this refers to quite possibly is talking about Enhanced bounty scrolls and how they do not stack.. this makes sense considering if they did stack it would “save inventory space.”

Yes, it would makes sense if it’s enhanced bounty scrolls. I was scratching my head thinking what the heck are these “documents”.

Ps: my translated version is on the second page, the 1st page with my translation and google’s mixed up is simply a mess and i feel embarrassed that my name is on there just before google’s translation of Daimon.

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Topic: Wartune / Updated "SPOILERS" for upcoming patches

Free translation cool down 24-72hrs.

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Topic: Wartune / Updated "SPOILERS" for upcoming patches

Part 19-33 As at 2.30am GMT+8, 29 Jan 2013

19. 新增公会战宝箱:
Newly added guild battle treasure chest:
Newly added ranking-awarded “Guild battle treasure chests”, Guild leaders will obtain a certain sum of these to be distributed to guild members. When opened, it will provide valuable items.

In picture: Mount whips *30, Dark crystals *10

20. 新增战斗翅膀展示:
20. Newly added wings illustration for battle:
While in battle, the wings that the players wear will be shown.

21. 新增VIP币:
21. Newly added VIP tokens:
Only usable for VIPs, once opened will give all kinds of items. Players can obtain these from VIP weekly gift packs, or cards-flipping.

22. 优化神秘商店:
22. Enhanced mystery shop:
Newly added steed cards, high level gems, high level legendary shards, (兽灵石-im guessing Beast soul stones which is equal to mount whips), and other kinds of items will be introduced as well as the newly added points accumulated exchange system.
[the only points accumulated system that i translated several hours ago was about the cross-server bg accumulated points]

In the picture, first one is the Wildfire steed: 3498 Balens + 6995 points , Piggy and White Alpaca steed: 1198 Balens + 2396 points.
Level 4 gems: 3188 points.

23. 新增世界BOSS购买Buff增益上限:
23. Newly added World boss-upper limit buff purchases:
The highest limit a player can buff at world boss is now 120%, from 100-120% the buffs can only be purchased with Balens.

24. 优化公会战:
24. Enhanced Guild Battles:
The current top 16 ranked guild-battles will be readjusted into top 8 only while largely increasing the winning versus losing rewards. The guild battle open war time will become every Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays 8pm only.

25. 调整VIP周礼包:
25. Readjusted VIP weekly gift packs:
Newly added VIP tokens and weekly gift packs and bunch of other stuffs will be readjusted.

26. 调整世界地图:
26. Modified world map:
After patch, players’ castle will be moved back to “暮色海岸DT- Twilight Coast” (beginner’s island).

27. 优化高级悬赏公文:
27. Enhanced high level-reward documents: (huh????)
Players can superposition their “high level reward documents” together in their backpacks, efficiently saving backpack spaces.
[No idea what this “悬赏公文” is] [Direct translation is “Reward documents”]

28. 优化花之宣告:
28. Enhanced roses gifting announcements:
Using the 99/ 999 bouquet of roses, a player may edit their own messages. After inserting, the message will be sent via the system to be announced.
[Personal Note: Wartune fails at this in that only the 99/999 balens* purchased bouquet will get announcement, purple wording and fireworks of petals, If you gift a person Roses*99 or Roses*999 individual ones, you will only get yellow wordings, no fireworks of roses, and only you and the person receiving it will know. This in my opinion is a great failure but profitable for them developers.]

29. 优化占星系统:
29. Enhanced Astral capture system:
Players can now modify the settings for the “One click collect” and “One click sell”. Once configured, players may use the new “one click sell” to automatically sell off any unwanted astrals.

In picture, as you can guess. Settings: White and below, Green and below, or Blues and below.

30. 优化跨服战场:
30: Enhanced cross-server battleground:
Cross server battle ground readjusted as the differential difference in points accumulated before winning. For example, if one side reaches a certain point first, they will win and the battleground will end; However, if the players do not accumulate points and go AFK in the battleground (around 5 minutes with no points change), they will be exiled out of the battleground and will not gain any battleground rewards

31. 新增兵种特性转换:
31. Newly added inter-troops’ enlightenment exchange:
Players can now interchange the troops’ enlightenment stats (doesn’t include the ones of the same stats), Exchanging will use up a certain amount balens or daru.

32. 优化外城掠夺:
32. Modified Plunders:
The coins obtained from plunders will be adjusted to a certain limit.

33. 优化神树充能收益:
33. Enhanced Guild Tree benefits:
Guild chamber’s head count for the guild tree for :
30 people- 1.5x
each additional 10 people +0.2x
At 90 people, the exp boost of guild tree would be 2.7x
Every 0.2x exp after that would require 30 people.

Translated from : , Assessed 29 Jan 2013, 2.28am gmt+8.

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Topic: Wartune / Updated "SPOILERS" for upcoming patches

Translated version of by Ybrik, S3: Europe, 28 Jan 2013, 6.45pm GMT+8

<> fashionable and latest version (as at December 06, 2012) :

New contents as below:

1. 战场调整:
1. Battleground adjustment:
Battlegrounds will be readjusted to 1300 hour to 2300 hour, every participation is limited to one round, intervals are set to 10 levels in between. Everyday is set to a limit of 2 maximum, battleground is reset at 0500 hour.

2. 新增魔神祭坛:
2. Newly added Divine Altar:
Summoning and killing off invaders at the divine altar will get you enormous sum of exp and valuable items.

3. 新开放70-80级单人战役副本:
3. Newly added 70-80 solo dungeons:
Endless Path (Level 70-80), Eternal Sanctuary (level 70-80)

4. 新开放70-80级多人副本:
4. Newly added 70-80 Multiplayer dungeons:
Realm of reincarnation (level 70-80), Mystical Battlefield (level 70-80)

5. 新增全职业70-80级装备及套装:
5. Newly added all classes 70-80 equipment and accessories:
Create level 70 equipment and level 70 legendary equipment.

6. 新开放时装系统:
6. Newly released fashion wear:
Fashion wears can be combined*, once combined, it no only increases its statistics, it has a minor chance of becoming a rare clothing
(thinking…… how do u combine clothing? zzzzz…. put clothing A with clothing B, tadaa!! clothing C emerges LOL!!)

7. 新增兵种:
7. Newly added Troop:
The barracks at level 50 can train new soldier breeds- Devilish swordsman, Devilish Priest

8. 新增特殊副本:
8. Newly added Special Dungeons:
Clicking on the Halls of Heroes to enter : Tower of Trials (level 46-80), can be solo-ed or multi-ed to complete challenge

9. 新增跨服战场:
9. Newly added cross server battlegrounds:
As long as you participate on time, the system will automatically match players from different servers to battle with you.

10. 新增公会战贡献排行:
10. Newly added Guild war contribution ranking:
After the guild battle ends, the players on the top guild battle ranking may obtain additional honor and insignia.

11. 新增世界BOSS鼓舞BUFF:
11. Newly added world boss war-drum buff:
Whenever the top hitting player damages the world boss to a certain extent, all participating world boss players will obtain a buff, the higher the damage is, the stronger the buff obtained.

12. 新增跨服英雄榜:
12. Newly added cross server heroes’ ranking:
In the cross server battleground, players that defeated enemies and won battles will be able to get accumulated cross-server points and be ranked in the heroes’ ranking. The top 20 players in the ranking will get the “惊天斗神DT- thundering war god” title, while the accumulated cross-server points can be exchanged for “斗神宝箱DT- God of war’s treasure chest” to morph a special steed. (Accumulated cross-server points will be reset every Saturday at 0500 hour).

13. 新增世界BOSS替身:
13. Newly added world boss shadow-clones jutsu:
At the world boss interface, players may choose “Use clones” to activate their shadow-clones to engage with the world boss to obtain gold and daru.

14. 新增高级红色星运:
14. Newly added Red Astral:
Players can now try their luck on a higher leveled red astral system.

15. 新增聊天表情:
15. Newly added chatting emoticons:
Chatting is now enabled to add various kinds of emoticons to spice up the chatting feel.

16. 新增改名卡:
16. Newly added Name Change card:
Players can now buy a name-change card at the shop, name changes will become effective within 24 hours.

17. 新增称号系统:
17. Newly added Titles:
When a certain threshold is reached, players can obtain all kinds of titles

个人战斗力排行榜前十位- Player’s world ranking as within Top 10 battle rating.
个人战斗力排行榜排明第一位的射手- Players’ battle rating as Top 1 archer.
公会总贡献超过10万- Guild contribution exceeding 100,000.
给XY眼狼王最后一击- Last hit on Bloodfang, the world boss.
个人魅力值排行榜前十位- Players’ with the top 10 charm.

18. 新增精彩活动&欢乐时报:
18. Newly added remarkable events and jolly news:
All events, gift box exchanges, latest information etc can be read ahead in the jolly news.

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Topic: Wartune / Updated "SPOILERS" for upcoming patches

Might as well upload these as well:
All Mount’s picture
(They look almost similar only, disappointed expression* for 4 times the price of these than Chinese servers).

Sites: ,

1) White steed – Level 1 stable steed, +5 all stats

2) Imperial Steed – Level 2 stable steed

3) Phantom Steed – Level 3 stable steed

4) Level 4 stable steed

5) Ruby eye steed – $19.95 dollars steed, +10 all stats

6) Shadow Steed – $19.95 dollars steed, +10 all stats

7) Darknite Steed- Crypt tokens 6000 steed, +40 all stats

8) Royal Steed- Rank Crusader and Insignia 10 000 steed, +50 all stats

9) Hurricane Steed- Guild Shop level 10, 50k guild contribution steed, aka 50,000,000 coins steed, +30 all stats

10) Underworld Steed- Special Event Steed, +50 all stats

11) Wildfire Steed- Special Event Steed, +50 all stats

12) Therion-Sand Rider Steed, Awarded to Top guild leader that won the Guild battle the previous week- valid 7days, +100 all stats

13) Reindeer Steed, Christmas Event Steed, +10 all stats

14) White Alpaca Steed, Special event steed, +10 all stats

15) Piggy Steed, Special event steed, +10 all stats