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Topic: Forge of Gods / Bugs

Unit lost
- after getting a demon healer 4 (reward on 14th day ) i refreshed the page (was surprised by the bug of tournament) and the demon healer is gone. Thanks for this present !!

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Suggestions

Nether adjustment and nether magic skill tree:
- reduce normal nether bonus to the normal 7%
make a skill tree, including:
– gain stamina/mana, but loosing 10% ( or whatever) health by doing that
- +%10 ( or whatever) passive on bleed
- voidblast
- -50% magic resistance , – 25% bleed resistance
- vampire strike an all enemies, nether, 50% or whatever health steal
- + 10% damage (nether) on lvl 20

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Topic: Rise of Champions / REMOVE enemy scouting on loading screen?

Well you can still approximately figure out the build by what happens in the battle. You must hide all damage numbers and sp and hp then too