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Topic: KingsRoad / Bug Thread

Whenever I start the game the luminescence from (event door and trainer) anything lingers and stays at that area on the screen, making it very difficult to play.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Who Took Control Of kapitalkurderer Account?

Originally posted by yeasy:


The only legitimate answer

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Topic: KingsRoad / Reminder: Changes to the next event (event shop + level 40 requirement)

I am really looking forward to the next event and future updates. Good job RG.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Banker Slot's Bugggg

That was if you joined before they changed that, nothing you can do about it now rather than pay to boost it.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Special Set Skill List

I think the thunder skill is relentless thunder, odds are it works like ravenous fury.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

Originally posted by ThePalenapaWay:

I think that there should be just a small arena where friends, strangers, or guild members should PvP. That would add a new aspect to the game and draw more attention. Another game that I’m playing (Adventure Quest Worlds) Has the same thing and I think that we need some excitement in the game instead of fighting boring CPU’s. We need to add more stuff, instead of filling up my Kongregate message box with the new event. This game is getting really boring.

I think I am one of the few people that are protesting this, but I will explain to you why I think PvP is a bad idea.

1. Potions, they give an outstanding 50% or more boost to certain abilities. Imagine facing a team using greater avoidance so you can’t touch them or greater critical so they ALL have twice the power.
2. Event sets, specifically engulfing dark, would completely change the difficulty. Imagine being close to killing their final knight and BAM s/he is back at full health, making you lose your sanity and your monitor.
3. Activity, I could only see public arenas being a semi-possible idea. This is due to guilds requiring people in different time zones to come on, requiring you to wake up at 3:30 a.m. to beat a guild. Many players have lives, and I notice that most guilds under the top 100 tend to have 3 or less people online.

TL;DR PvP is bad and will make us hate Rumble more than we do, rant over.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Daily Rewards Idea

I’ve gotten 10 greater item potions, 350 gems, the max XP somewhere around 45-50, an otherworldy essence, and 500K. It’s all luck of the draw, give it time and you can be one of the 1%.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 5/29/14 -- “Ice Event Cycle” Edition

Could we still have the option to remove the chat box, it gets in the way of things. I really like it, but being unable to remove it completely is annoying.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Guild Wars!

In that case certain sets (hungering of bats) will be the only ones viable of pvp along with certain classes running the game. In guilds ranked less than 100 would usually have 2-5 people on at one time, so the “wars” would be little battles. IMO terrible idea, even worse if potions are allowed in it.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Epic names for "Bows"!

Deadwood redeemer – Dirk Deadwood’s good ol bow
Ignition – Strung by Balor the Wicked, allowing it to set foes on fire

Hierophant staff – enchanted by Inazuma and his hellion apprentices.
Shroud branch – once used by Templar for his evil deeds

Mancrusher club – grendel’s favorite tool to whack things with
Saradim’s bonecrusher – the handle smells weird due to sitting in his blood pool

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Topic: KingsRoad / Suggestions to Developers!

Originally posted by Lil_jr:

I say keep the CHESTs! It lets me know when I’m close to the boss (identification in every map). The scale aspect your speaking of.. Is perfect.. Grinding is part of a game of this caliber.

And if you grind, you know where to go on the map, so I say remove.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Accidentally sold 2 necro nest!

Sounds like a personal problem.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Tyrant Contest] Name all the cards in the game! Person who names the last card wins!


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Topic: KingsRoad / How do people get skill-boosting jewelry?

Originally posted by Maharid:

I think that those are not Jewels but Equipments with those skill.

In any case i never found one (at least none of my level, i don’t look on items that cannot be better than mine, i simply sell them) so i’d live to know too.

I also like to know if those items can go over the max skill level.

I said JEWELRY not jewels, they are stats built in to the ring.

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Topic: KingsRoad / How do people get skill-boosting jewelry?

As in:

The Pewter Queen
Epic Charm
+1 Knight Skill: Defend
+1 Knight Skill: Resilience
+1.13% Crit Chance

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Topic: KingsRoad / Any ideas on how a mage defeats Velroth?

I’m a level 50 mage and it is too simple for me. Teleport is an overlooked spell and allows you to sneak past foes and shots alike, and will be extremely viable if pvp is ever introduced.


Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Guide] How to respond to trolls in this forum

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Topic: KingsRoad / Gem Lockbox

Opened 3 for free, all were 10. So odds for 10 are huge compared to any others.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Final Referendum-Who was greatest faction in Tyrant history? (This time modproof)

Black Ops

We still love you Hotshot.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Final Referendum-Who was greatest faction in Tyrant history?

You must be new here due to focusing ONLY on GW and BW. I agree that both a good factions but they need to do something astounding to top black ops, the ORIGINAL best faction.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Tournament S9] WINNER: Dracorex

Originally posted by Iirolord:
Originally posted by anyrotmg:
Originally posted by DRC28783:
Originally posted by mrzigod:
Originally posted by Marker23:
Originally posted by yeasy:

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Topic: KingsRoad / ever find dagon unfair

It is tough, but the rewards make it worthy (unless you get a gem :/).

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / List of things that dont make sense

47) I read this kind of stuff.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant's Club Annual Birthday Raffle!

Happy birth to you,Tyrant’s club it’s true!
Your giving them warbonds, so give us some too!

I tried, happy birthday!

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / what will the next kongpanion game be

Kongpanions were made specially for this game with hopes of it being implemented into other games, so don’t like this game then kongpanions are worthless, good day.