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Topic: Tyrant / am i the most unlucky player in tyrant?

Originally posted by Supercharged44:
Originally posted by TheGil:

i didnt bought a pack for long time… lost faith
but i heard some other people feel unlucky with packs, like worldship.
just wanted to say 152 awakening packs still 0 RO

if it makes u feel worse, i sold my RO ;p

If you tried to be funny, that kinda backfired.
Selling cards like Radio Officer is absolutely dumb.

Not like you being stupid is a surprise to anyone, but you constantly proving it still helps. Confirmation is always good.

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Topic: Tyrant / How Bama uses 21 alts to get top1 in XP

I can very well understand the reason Bama did this, but it is no excuse to the cause.
He obviously did use accounts of long time gone players to start the raids, and account sharing is against the rules.

Whether his actions didn’t harm anybody or whatever his intentions were, or even who else is breaking the rules is absolutely irrelevant here.
And just because someone is throwing around money doesn’t mean they get extra rules.
Rules are there for everyone to follow them, without exceptions.

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Topic: Tyrant / This Forum's Future

In my opinion the recent updates lack depth.
Tossing a new raid at us that can be 240+ ard’d with the exact same deck from the last raid isn’t exactly thrilling, and the reward cards are a total joke too.
A tweaked Engulfing Horror / Hammerthorn, a total fail 1 delay card that cannot do anything and an inferior version of Scythe Overseer.

The recent events were not exactly thrilling either. Besides Lion’s Mane all recent event cards were either not bad at best (hi there, Terraformer) or cards that were brought back from previous events (Grim Claw, Marrow, Primus and a few other less relevant ones).

If we get like 3 new cards per 2-3 months while heavy cheating, very old bugs and other problems are not addressed at all, it doesn’t surprise me the player base is dwindling.

If we’d get a new card pack, a reasonable hard raid with actually good reward cards, a tourney revamp maybe with the upgraded card tournament we have been promised, a conquest map reset and a surprise banning of the very obvious cheaters at least, then it would not surprise me if the number of players would go back up again.
But hey, that would require the DEVs to actually work on Tyrant and put some time into it, so it’s not gonna happen.

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Topic: Tyrant / EBB needs help - Cormy1

Originally posted by darkfang77:

hi cormy, just to let you know, don’t you fucking dare undercut me in my own raid again you little botting shit. If you want to beg others to let you into a private raid, use your brains and respect the host instead of pasting the raid key everywhere.

Next time, start your own raid. Lamer.

Organize private raids, ragenub.

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Epic Blightbloom Released

Yay, out of my last 3 Flashpoint packs (or was it just my last 2. I cannot even remember) I got 2 demonic powers.
Now I bought 2 more Flashpoint packs and got 2 more Demonic Powers.
It’s not a bad action card, but heck, I definitely don’t need them from 80-100% of my recent packs.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Pulsing Death - Level 20 Faction

Please stop bumping your recruitment topic like 3 times in 12 hours. It’s irritating.
1x per day or 1x per 2 days like pretty much all other factions do is just fine.

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Topic: Tyrant / [SPOILER] new content finally :O

I am disappointed.
Sporscism is like a completely inferior version of Scythe Overseer.
Bloom is a nice idea, but simply too weak to really do anything against refreshers, Usial and co.
infected Spire is just a total fail design.
Enfeeble requires it to be played early to be effective, and blitz in most cases requires the enemy to have an assault card advantage to be used, so you need to play it rather late. The synergy is just horrible.

Also, after waiting for around 2 weeks after the announcement, and a rather long time after the last time more than 6 new cards were released at once, I find 3 new cards which are all meh really disappointing.

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Topic: Tyrant / Discussion Thread [Factions]

Originally posted by Pats133:

I’d ban Snake Order’s leadership and officers. They have some good, honest players but their leadership is rotten to the core, tile blocking, alting, and using spies too much for my liking. Then i’d look into the tournament boosters, (Geoff, KalStyner, etc). Add some new cards. Bleh, leave the rest to someone else

Edit: I’d also ban them for naming a blocking faction “DateRape”… not cool WBP

KalStyner and his alts don’t just cheat in tourneys. They do in conquest too. And it’s not just 3 accounts. The whole temp4 is like that.
Just like 129000 and 0’0’0.

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Topic: Tyrant / The story of Tyrant, as told through Winnie the Pooh GIFs

good work. very nice.

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Topic: Tyrant / The story of Tyrant, as told through Indiana Jones GIFs

Originally posted by JMCrooks:
Originally posted by jose919:


Sorry, but are you announcing that you’re flagging this amazing post?

I also found the topic pretty lame, but this post (not tacoboy919’s) actually made me laugh.
Not sure, whether it was your post alone, or the conjunction with your pitiful looking kong avatar, but it is funny :p

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Topic: Tyrant / Bye SSS

Sad to see SSS go.
One of the few actual low requirement high quality factions.

If some of you Samurais want to keep playing and need to find a new easy-going faction, feel free to knock on Retirement Home’s door.

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Topic: Tyrant / Jose919 is the greatest player in tyrant history

Originally posted by summoncamel:

I think the title is a tacology.


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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant's Club Annual Birthday Raffle!

Congratz TC.
Maybe Retirement Home will be as old as you guys one day :p

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Topic: Tyrant / [Synapse Gaming Shutdown] Skyshard Heroes and Redshift Unplugged: Tyrant Will Be Gone 3/1/2014

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:

everyone shall get on hearthstone if you haven’t already started yet especially for people like yugioh style

I actually never bothered even checking Hearthstone, simply because I do not have enough time to play more games than I am right now, but all in all, I started Tyrant because back in these days I wanted an online CCG, somewhat like yugioh.
If Tyrant really does go down, I will probably give Hearthstone a try, so yeah, thanks for that hint.

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Topic: Tyrant / 32 tiles?

Originally posted by OBoigris:

I was just speaking to Nadu about this yesterday lol. I was wondering how long the Devs would notice something wrong but you reported it. That’s no fun :p

It actually is more interesting now.
How long will it take them to do anything even though they know about it?

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Topic: Tyrant / A way to save powercreeped Tyrant by TashaYar

It’s a shame this topic got cluster spammed.
Has some pretty good suggestions.
Yes, the Devs will likely not read it, but if some people find no better entertainment than to spam in a topic that actually contains valid suggestions on how to improve the game that we all like(d) to play, then it doesn’t surprise me that the Devs don’t read this kind of topic.

I did read it and I like at least most of the ideas brought up.

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Topic: Tyrant / Event deck - Neocyte Cache 3

Cudos to mrmastermonster.
you are doing some awesome work here.
keep it up :D

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Neocyte Cache Released!

Big surprise people don’t care.
Suppressor is total crap,
Primus many vets already have 1 or even 2 copies of, so only newer players will go and get them, and also 2 at most. Btw, it is roughly on par with sprint pod in many cases, so it is kinda replaceable too.
Nightmare Hellion – good card, and the only one from this event that most players will buy a high number of.
Grim Claw is still good for many raids, but kinda fell out of PvP mostly already. Also, Halloween wasn’t that long ago, and a big number of players got between 5-8 GC there, so many players won’t need any more, or just very few.
Invix Source is nice, but you will likely not run more than 2 in a deck, likely only 1, and many players got it from Neocyte War already.
Erelim never really was any good.

So bottom line is that on events where everyone really wants the cards time is too short, and during events like this where many people would be okay with sub 10k event points, we have enough time to easily get 15-20k.

The promos are kinda disappointing too, for that matter.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Level 19 - The Retirement Home


We are still alive, just like Tyrant itself (kinda).
Also, these days we are slowly approaching faction level 20.
9 slots are free, a few more can be made, if necessary.

Still looking for fair players above level 80.

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Topic: Tyrant / Promos - discussion

Originally posted by yeasy:

In my opinion there should be better, more expensive (50WB or even more) promo tier or promos that require 2 cards to upgrade.
Mainly unique cards, to not give too big adventage, but are like (long list of examples) Usial, Mane, Mayumi*, Kleave*, Frostbite, CW, Talon, Overseer, mammoth tank, Hurricane, warpway, DFA*.


// Personal opinion: It could be something like extra box – card of the month.

To make the rest of the free players quit as well?

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Topic: Tyrant / Did you know the player, JustineS5?

Originally posted by mikestb:

i´m sad for HH.

I am kinda sad that there seems to be only you and me thinking that way.

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Topic: Tyrant / [DEV] Neocyte War Announcement!

You learned from your mistakes and promise that we will get another shot at the pvp event rewards in a following pve event. That’s a big plus 1. Pretty much exactly the way I like these events.

However, I do agree that event after event makes them somewhat repetitive.
I’d like to see some new raids and maybe a new pack.
Also, Flashpoint really needs to drop down to 10 shards.

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Topic: Tyrant / 129600 BOTS EVERYWHERE

Originally posted by natbill:

You are wasting time here~:P

Why is there a leaves_321 in 129000 and a Leaves_123 in 0’0’0? Coincidence? Brothers? Will we ever know? Or will the DEVs ever do anything about this?

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Topic: Tyrant / 129600 BOTS EVERYWHERE

Originally posted by supmmm:

we just finish an ESOK,which involves most of our faction members, so tell me how a bot could do this~lol~

Cool, 27 accounts is what you call most of you faction members, and that already is including some very obvious multiaccounts like goufei1 and goufei2.
So basically you are saying your faction has around 20-25 active members while your war behaviour clearly shows irregularities that look very much like scripted accounts, such as 90% or more of your faction always playing on auto and never surrendering.

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Topic: Tyrant / 129600 BOTS EVERYWHERE

Originally posted by churchhilter:

hmmm…..the first time and last time.
We know each other irl and we can ask them to paticipate faction war by phone\chat software\shout……

About the canvas. Yes we use it coz it can save us a lot of time to load. I dont know why but it does work.

Sure, and you happen to have 30+ people active at the exact same time, precisely on the minute, all autoplaying with the same kind of deck.
And surely you do have some twins in there as well.
fangzhe and fangzhe19
goufei1 and goufei2
huhufalala and HULALA
mgbt1121 and mgbt1211

Seriously, if you don’t want to play a game the fair way, the just piss off and stop ruining it for people who want to enjoy it.