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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Players' Pack] Final Survey

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

The survey has a response limit of 100 (coz free) so I’ll be copying the survey and posting the new link above. This will allow me to compile another 100 results.

Thats actually not allowed under Surveymonkey T&C, reported to their fraud team.

Can we now officially expel you from the Tyrant community for harmful behaviour towards the game and the community, darkfang?


Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Most Love from Apocalypse

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Most Love from Apocalypse

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by caino666:
Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by caino666:
Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by caino666:
Originally posted by xxlinkslayerxx:
Does it love me?

no because anubis and vergadain are subpar and fallout is semi-useless

lol… some of the best cards in the pack…

i hope you arent being serious there, they’re SO easy to kill and fallout is generally sub-par, given that siege all 2 is sometimes useless, strike all 2 is sometimes useless and chaos all is sometimes useless.

1.) anubis is kinda designed to die…..

2.) you heard of xeno protect-stun/chaos-jam bro??

anubis, no shit, hades sucks ass though
ever heard of sunder and disease and cleanse and phase and siphon?

1.) lol hades not too bad as a end staller in fast BT dex.

2.) yeah but xeno decks got so much stun, counter and meat shields like medusa and terras…. also u get cleanse with ur action cards and shit…

why am i even debating this with an alt???

For your information, darkfang, you are on the losing end on that debate.
Anubis doesn’t do particularly much, and Hades is useless these days. Vergadain is meh. Not useless, but certainly not totally awesome either, and Fallout is a total joke having no synergy.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack][Closed Until 9/9/14] Create-A-Reward-Card!

Thanks Sigha for defending me.
Raito, I don’t know whether you calmed down now and bothered to read my post and maybe even understand my concern, or if you still think stopping to read a few lines in because the text contains something you don’t like, but then continuing to argue about that is a good idea.

I have stated it once and I don’t mind stating it again. I don’t care if my personal suggestions are being fleshed out in the player’s pack, but my point that we need knowledgeable people make some suggestions is a valid concern. If you do not like to address the issues I voice in my post, either ignore my post and leave it for others to discuss, or discuss it. But don’t try to ridicule my concerns. Because if you want to be taken serious, you should take others serious just as well. I am primarily addressing Raito here, but not only him.
Just because this is a card-creation topic doesn’t mean every contribution has to be a card. My contribution is to help improve the quality of the cards appearing in the pack, not making card suggestions myself. To each his own.

You think people like Loop_Stratos have any idea about what the game needs? I think not.
He stated himself that he quitted for the most part, he has no clue about competitive faction play all in all he is a prime example of people who have no idea what’s going on and still feel that the need to talk.
The result of that can be seen on the previous page.

Sure all suggested cards will go through simming, testing and so forth, but this is just creating unnecessary work for few select people, even though it is pretty much obvious for everyone with half a brain why some cards are completely overpowered and others are completely useless.

Anyway, if you want some feedback I’ll post a bit regarding the card on page 1. I can do more, but whether I will give more or not depends on whether my feedback is being discussed or ignored. here goes:

Pulse Crusader: No synergy. While berserk on attacked relies on the card getting attacked, stun prevents it from getting attacked much. Stupid.

Death2Grimclaws: Not a bad idea, but people do not use mono bloodthirsty to surge. simming will show whether this card proves its worth in rainbow decks.

Corpse Summoner: Augment All is bad. it is arguably even more powerful than Gnorlock’s Rally All BT, and while Gnorlock comes with a big weakness (low HP), this card does not.

Skull Splitter: Useless card. Marmodas come with weaken and protect usually, and an enemy Mayumi can render this card harmless.

Trepidity: Quite good actually, but might need to be tweaked a little, or else it is like a second Marrow Aileron, making Mono Xeno too powerful.

Invigorator: Heal All 1 is too weak on an assault unit with so much attack power and phase going on. Rally All 1 is okay, but usually not a great help on an assault card in PVP. Useful for raids, not significant in the current meta.

Spore Burst: Basically better than EMP and worse than DfA* because less versatility. Cards that are worse than currently existing cards aren’t needed.

Sky Interceptor: Too powerful vs fear decks, very annoying to surge. 50% skills are generally not that good to have because being screwed over by bad luck always sucks.

Xicalla: Not just inferior to Sustained Nimbus, but also doesn’t really do anything besides jam spam. The fact that the only card devs ever changed a card that made it into the game during the past ~2 years was a jam all card speaks for itself.

Adorabloom Rejuvant: Which BT’s effect do you want to augment? Grim Claws weaken 2 into a weaken 3? This card will make your decks weaker instead of stronger.

Swarmling_B: Another one of those nice for raids, not nice for anything else cards.

szsjhs’s cards: first one is interesting, depending on what is being summoned. Second is a slightly tweaked demolition so pretty much a bad joke.

Dementia*: basically little different from a Lord of Tartarus with Heal All BT 1 instead of Heal BT1

Skull Guardian: Very good card. A great addition for Righteous’ protect all theme.

Pure Apollo: Not awesome, but the requirements for the card like no offensive skills is just crap to work with.

Release: This frankly doesn’t do anything at all.

Analyzer: Imperials have Masterwork Aegis. This card is just weaker in any regard.

Emanuel Revived: Moya cries in corner.

Insane Dracorex: Lord of Tartarus 2.0 Probably underrated, but still somewhat boing.

Heimdal: Protect RT 1 is too much. Heal RT 1 is enough.

Aquatic Beacon: all it does is counter Nightmare Hellion.

szsjhs’s Marmoda Counter: Actually not such a bad card, but probably won’t make it into many surge decks.

Barrage Blaster: Awesome card. Counters some cards (Marmoda, Overseer, Mammoth Tank, Radio Officer), but is vulnerable to others (Rat Catcher, Usial, Terraformer)

Plasma Generator: Doesn’t cut it. If anything, Sunder on Attacked is necessary, but even then not a great card. There is a hard counter to grim claws already. It is called Terrafomer. It just cannot handle the massive summon alone, so it would need something like summon on attacked or weaken on attacked instead of stun.

Blight God: What exactly is it supposed to do? It does nearly nothing that Dementia cannot do just as well.

Blood Feeder: Legendary BT Lion’s Mane. Makes beating Grim Claws a chore.

Plasma Cannon: Protect all 3 is bad. Whether it is on kill or not is irrelevant. And it being on a 3 delay card with Blitz isn’t healthy either.

Seeker Destroyer: Doesn’t really do enough to be good.

Neuro-Cerebrum: Might be interesting as enemy commanders with some more HP, but not really interesting as player cards. Does phase on attacked even work???

Brutalis: Hellno. This is WMT, not TU. This card is overpowered on so many levels.

Groothe: BTs need Rally BT 1 on their commander. Not whatever else.

XT 2k9: Good, but armored 2 is enough.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack][Closed Until 9/9/14] Create-A-Reward-Card!

Originally posted by PsychoRaito:
Originally posted by Lichtatem:

Where are suddenly so many people below level 100 or people like Loop_Stratos who have never even taken part in the competitive part of Tyrant coming from, and why do they feel entitled to create a card?

This should be the job of players who actually know what kind of decks people use, and not some randoms who like playing around with a card editor.

Guess who’s not getting a card?

Elitists aren’t welcome.

I don’t care if I get a card, if one of the card names I suggested is being used or whatnot.
What I do care about is that we get a player pack that will shake up the meta as much as possible and create new deck types (or bring back old ones).
A player who is below level 100 likewise does not face meta-game def decks and I daresay many of them haven’t done raids like ESoK either.
Analytic skills may help you determine the weakness of a certain card or give you an idea about balancing, but it is long-time experience that is necessary to understand what kind of card is needed to spice things up, while not be completely OP at the same time.

Cards like Gatleer or Tremor Generator show what I mean.
Gatleer is completely useless (comparable to Gatling Tower*), while Tremor Generator is OP as hell.

If the players who had designed them knew about the meta, they would likely be able to see that.

Level 100 was just some marker I set. Of course there are couple of people below that level who do know what’s going on in the meta, for example because a rising faction invited them, and there also definitely are people above level 200 who have absolutely no clue what is going on.
My point is just that we have separate topics where people can create cards for fun. This topic is about cards that are being included in Tyrant’s last update. And for the sake of that fact, I just hope that people who have no clue just keep their nose out of this topic.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack][Closed Until 9/9/14] Create-A-Reward-Card!

Where are suddenly so many people below level 100 or people like Loop_Stratos who have never even taken part in the competitive part of Tyrant coming from, and why do they feel entitled to create a card?

This should be the job of players who actually know what kind of decks people use, and not some randoms who like playing around with a card editor.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Players Pack] Last chance voting on card names!

Card 13 – 2
Card 20 – 2
Card 25 – 1
Card 28 – 2
Card 29 – 1
Card 23 – 2
Card 35 – 1
Card 40 – 1
Card 42 – 1
Card 43 – 1
Card 49 – 1
Card 50 – 1

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] Namestorming

Can we please drop that stupid Tiamat Unleashed idea?
Many people in here do not like Tyrant Unleashed at all, because for them it was the beginning of the end of War Metal Tyrant, so giving TU some kind of honor to have it’s ‘Unleashed’ appear in WMT’s probably most likable pack just looks like another shit is being taken on the WMT players.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Player's Pack] Namestorming

Some suggestions and opinions on already given suggestions:

Card 4~ Invasion Blaster
Card 5~ Sickle Storm
Card 6~ Lava Power Station
Card 14~ Tartarus Yggdrasil
Card 12~ Neocyte Wellspring is cool
Card 15~ Cosmic Cannon
Card 17~ Bahamut
Card 18~ I really like sean’s suggestion Anubis
Card 20~ Medusa sounds suiting for that image at least
Card 21~ Sentinel Soldier
Card 23~ T32 Survivor
Card 25~ Ancient Lindworm
Card 28~ Sky Guardian
Card 29 (berserk, pierce, phase)~ Blood Rage
Card 29 (fear, weaken, strike)~ Skeletal Stalker as suggested sound pretty cool to me
Card 30~ Acheron Mutation
Card 35~ Lightspeed Cannon ‘Alpha’
Card 36~ Solar Scorpion
Card 38~ both Excalibur and Caliburn are good.
Card 41~ Wasteland Elite sounds good
Card 49~ can’t come up with anything better than Crippling Blow atm =/
Card 50~ Core of Life

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [PP Discussion] Replacing Card13

The problem with this card in my opinion is not that it is too weak or too powerful.

The problem is that it’s sole purpose is to protect against fear and to protect other walls from being destroyed by attacks.

The first purpose to me is really odd, because cards which are purely there to counter a specific deck archetype are lame.

Cannon Wall decks in my opinion won’t gain much from this card. They have the rat catchers and usually a few on strong on play or on attacked powerhouses that protect the walls from getting attacked.

Other comparable walls, such as Shuddering Keep, Flare Singularity or Everlasting Mecca all have another effect that actually helps in a way. Card13 doesn’t.

And non-wall structure with Refresh, go without saying. Engulfing Chasm, Necro Nest, Absorption Barrier. They exist to buff or debuff and stay on the field. Again, something Card13 doesn’t.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [SPOILER] Player's Pack UPDATED 27/8

Edit: Sorry for the formatting. Kongregate once again decided to not integrate my new lines. If anyone could decipher that block of text for me, that would be sweet.


Card 47 - feels a little bit like a direct upgrade of Genetic Chem. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing but leaning towards bad, because fighting fear decks usually is not fun, and this one would buff fear decks.

Card 48 - I think Death from Above* is still better

Card 50 - useless. Protect all 2 is not strong enough anymore for an action card, Heal All 3 is pretty useless, and Cleanse All comes with better alternatives in action cards. Might be a useful card if Heal All 3 was replaced with Chaos All.

Card 49 - the synergy on that card is crap. If you enfeeble your enemy's cards, you want to kill them, making weaken redundant. If you weaken them, you are buying yourself a turn, making Enfeeble redundant. Siege 5 is again not too helpful for an action card. I suggest either Weaken all 3, Chaos All, Jam All, or Enfeeble all 1, Strike all 2, Augment 1


Card 1 - great card. Powerful, but not completely overpowered with more than 1 use.

Card 12 - Absorption Barrier is significantly better.

Card 40 - I'd prefer Phase, Sunder or Disease over Immobilize, but it's still a good card nevertheless.

Card 42 - Hygeia doesn't need an upgrade. As it is, this card really won't see any use at all.

Katana - I was looking forward for another universal rally commander for a long time now, but I do not think that Jam is the way to go. Weaken 1 or Siege 2 seem more reasonable.

Card 17 - Take away that 1 attack point and buff siege or strike by 1 point. Or 7 HP.

Card 22 - This is actually close to a downgrade of the current Saber. Please work over it.

Card 39 - I do not like the thought of further buffing fear decks.

Card 41 - Nice card, but 1 delay is fine too. 2 delay will make it too weak.


Card 2: I can see this card become a serious pain in the ass in Concussive Guard Decks, but keeping this in mind, I am not sure if this or Lionheart* is better.

Card 13 - Again, useless.

Card 43 - give it Augment Raider 1 instead of Augment 1 and it's fine

Card 6 - takes too long to really kill or weaken things. More often than not matches vs structure decks are not won by siege.

Card 7 - Very nice. I like it alot. Alternative to Mayumi*

Card 23 - Another good card. Can be used strategically and in a deck type that is currently not in the meta. Might need some more valor though.

Card 44 - Not useless, but really boring.

Card 45 - No skill synergy -> won't be used.

Card 46 - Enfeeble all 1 on a 4 delay card is crap when we have cards like Hammerthorn. And single target strike isn't going to change that.


Card 20 - Counter 3 and stun on the same card is counter-productive because conter relies on getting attacked while stun prevents getting attacked. Maybe replacing Stun with Strike 3 on attacked could be fun. Remove that 3 attack though, if you do.

Card 31 - I'd say replace Sunder with Summon Molecule Converter on play. Xenos don't have enough fast rally to make it another grimclaw clone deck, so we might get to see something new and different.

Card 33 - looks good, but won't be played much.

Card 4 - This is truly worth a legendary slot. Bolide Walker 2.0 ... after 3 years. My personal must have card so far.

Card 10 - This is what Nexor* should have been. Good work.

Card 15 - another nice card.

Card 25 - drop it to 8 HP and give it 4 attack. It has to be killable with 2 strike all 2's plus iron maiden. Otherwise it's too strong. Like it currently is, it might even be playable in a non-fear deck simply because it is such a strong staple card.

Card 32 - It just doesn't really do anything -> won't be played.

Card 35 - Drop attack power and delay by 1 turn and it'll be playable.


Holy Bull - Righteous are swarm cards. This card doesn't help the swarmers and neither does it really benefit from them. Potential is there, but it is not really good as it is.

Card 16 - Please don't. This is again one of those buffs that fear units should not get.

Card 21: Too strong for just 2 delay, even for a legendary. It deals up to 18 total damage in a righteous deck after just 2 turns. Legion 1 is probably enough.

Card 26: Remove payback and give it either Evade or Protect Righteous 1. Also have it summon a wall with 5 HP. Crumbling Remains comes to mind. It is one of the cards with really great potential, but a little too weak as it is right now.

Card 11: Probably the worst card in the set. It is entirely useless except when you know you will definitely fight a fear deck.

Card 35: Very good job designing this one. it's fantastic. Maybe even Adding a small on kill skill like protect righteous 1 on kill would be plausible.

Card 36 - Nice stand alone card. Not overpowered and not useless.

Card 37 - Good card, but needs to be unique and Rally All Righteous 2 should be dropped down to 1 imo.

Card 38 - I am unsure about the Berserk 2 on attacked. Something like counter 2 might be better in a cannon wall era.


Card 19 - Very controversial imo. But interesting though.

Card 28 - Good card. Nothing to add.

Card 29 - Another very creative one. I like it. Virulentus* will hopefully like it too.

Sloth - The more I think about it, the more I like it. It might suffer from there simply being better legendaries though.

Card 9 - Nice card, but Rally Bloodthirsty 1 might be a little over the top?

Card 14 - Oh yeah, awesome card. It will probably end up being the most underrated and underestimated card in this set.

Card 18 - I don't like cards that purely exist to get destroyed. Maybe replace Jam All on death.

Card 24 - Good card. Too much hentai???

Card 27 - This is a good card to get summoned by another card, but not really doing much by itself.

Card 30 - Another well balanced card.

Now on to the updated version that were not already included above~

Card 8 - The change is fine, but not too relevant.

Card 17 - I still think it is too weak. see my above suggestion.

Card 22 - Still sucks big time. Again, see above.

(I think that should do it ~Shderpful)
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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / P. rex policy discussion

As a fellow oldtimer who also dislikes any sort of cheating and unfair play, my opinion is you guys should just drop that plan.
You are among relatively few factions with good reputation. Don’t throw it away now near the end by following some double-standards.
P-Rex’s goal never was to reach the #1 spot as far as I know. Don’t set yourself some new goal now. Stay loyal to your policies. I believe you will enjoy that last year more that way, than you would do if you reach the #1 spot ‘somehow’.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / A quick update on the lies that are being told against me as a result of my participation of Fight Club

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by ralkkdillon:

I broke the rules! But I didnt mute u. modsRppl2

Sorry please stop trying to derail the thread with petty injokes, if you cannot think impartially before you post, then don’t post at all.

Oh, mods derailing your threads is a bad thing while you derailing many other threads or trolling people for no reason is just fine?

I am with Enter here. You aren’t anyone special.
You said yourself you entered a troll slugging contest. Now you are the one being trolled.
Suck it up and move on. Nobody cares about your public whining.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Hai'dere. I'm testing potential cards against meta decks, but I have no idea what is meta.

Originally posted by Provokes:

Against meta def decks?

here’s one: ULiC+l-FU+kPX

here’s another one: UPiC+j-CU+i-E/+i-EW-EQ-FF

and another one: TyO9-ER+j-Eg+k-E9-DS

and a xeno slowroll one: UP-Fq-E/@l-EX+i-EW-EQ (replace @ with +)

Why use an augment commander when none of your cards benefit from augment? You know Petrisis*, right?

Why use 2 fear cards when the rest of the deck doesn’t synch with fear? Ether play fear with support, or pure fear, or no fear at all. But not this.

The gauntlet deck I just don’t even want to ask. It is among the weakest variations I have seen during the last 6 months.
P-Rex runs several pretty good Gauntlet decks by the way.

The Mono Xeno just heavily lacks Warpway Fortress.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [No, it is not okay to] Destroy T:U

Something makes me feel you completely missed Asklar’s point.
While Asklar’s idea is based on the DEVs making an update that the community is entirely happy with, your point, Eon, seems to be that we should forcefully bring down the DEVs’ other games so that they will have nothing but TU left.

Or in other words:

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / would be nice if GW would stop cheating

Originally posted by yeasy:

Cheating and losing is quite pathetic.

Cheating in general is pretty pathetic.
What’s the point in being at the top of something if you know you really don’t deserve to be where you are.

Some people care too much about their e-peen.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Survey] 4 simple questions to reflect devs' latest decision. (Updated with Pie Charts from 50 entries so far)

1. Will you still continue to play WMT after Devs’ latest announcement?

A or B, leaning towards A. I am enjoying the game, but mostly due to the people playing alongside with me, so it will also depend a bit on them.

2. Are you planning move to TU?

Easy. A. never ever again.

3. What’s your most focused game recently?

WMT, another browser game not on kong and different older games for PS2, PS3 and PSP. it varies.

4. If WMT is your answer above, what would be your most focused game after WMT closed?

The others I already listed until Final Fantasy 15 and Monster Hunter 4 are in my hands.
Maybe I will also take a step back and get more serious about real life.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] WMT Update [Tyrant ending on August 15th 2015]

I think you should not do just 1 major last update but several smaller ones.

A first step would be to make Awakening token-buyable, fix a few bugs and remove that raid opening cost.
The number of raids is declining really bad and it’s kind of sad because the raids are more of a social aspect than grinding missions and they at least offer a little more variety.
These changes should just take a few minutes at best, so please implement them soon. There is no need to make a death-sentenced game even more dead than it already is.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Agroagros done with tyrant and kongregate

Sad to see another one of the older players leaving.
Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / when is it ever too late to quit tyrant?

There have been hundreds of players who have lost cards, warbonds and other stuff due to bugs. You know what happened. We all know.
Nothing happened.
So please stop flooding the forum with your whining and deal with it. You won’t get any special treatment.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Is Kogoth that good?

I still think Silver Edge and Hijacker are both better than Kogoth, though Kogoth is useful as well-

Israfel, I do not get the obsession about it. I like refresh better than supply 5 on attacked and 7 damage while not bad, is not that awesome either. I prefer Scythe Overseer, Electro Marksman, maybe even Sporecism.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] Advanced Warfare released

Sorry guys, jackpot for today is grabbed already.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Contest for Factions] Put your recruitment link here and u can win a Manuel!

Originally posted by ManuelDevil:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

y would anyone want a manuel?

Cuz i cook pizza, and spaghetti at night, and linguini during the 1 hr i get from daylight saving, like u said on my wall.

Try baking Pizza. I believe it tastes better than cooking them ;D

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Spoiler] New Upgrade Pack 2

Imo the big problem with the good cards from this pack is, that many of them are legendary.
Many defense decks run cannon walls, so right now, siege is very important, making Silver Edge lv2 simply superior to the legendaries from upgrade pack 2.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Spoiler] New Upgrade Pack 2

Thanks for posting. Was waiting for those spoilers, just as probably many others.
Unfortunately besides some commanders, Hijacker and Kogoth, the rest is some pretty big crap. This is some serious disappointment.

I really hope their selection of existing level 2 cards that make it into the pack will be much better, or else I can see many players leaving.