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Topic: The Arts / Welcome Musicians! (Please Read)

Speaks for itself: – Music from the Dutch : P
We are passionate about great sounding Music and Sound and have quite some experiences with non-linear / reactive music.
We’re familiar with Wwise, Fmod and our own systems like the nln-player.
Great topic!

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Topic: Collaborations / Sound effects resources?

Same here, just let me know what you need! ; )
Furthermore, check out: and
Depending on your specific needs, I might have some other suggestions.

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Topic: Game Programming / Where can I get legal songs/beats to put in my games?

Hi, I just stumbled upon this forum-topic, but I just wanted to post and to the list as well.

Furthermore, as a composer at GreenCouch, I’d like to mention that most ‘music-makers’ realllly love having their music implemented in games, so you’re most likely to get a “yes” as a reply.
Most of us even prefer to make new, original music for your specific games, so even if you find some fitting pre-existing track, asking composers to ‘join the team’ in some way can really work out very nice! :)