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Topic: Off-topic / I would like to dedicate my 2000th post to the qt3.141592 I love more than anything

She knows who she is.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT, lets play Cards Against Humanity!

I found it by typing his name into the search bar. Wasn’t too much a stretch.

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Topic: Off-topic / the CROWfficial CROWnies thread

Can I get a caw from my crownies

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Topic: Off-topic / Kongregate boards suck at celebrating the 4th of July

Spam filter probably


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Topic: Off-topic / Should Uzzbuzz be demodded?

Because I was asked to come on to hide some things, I’ll clarify:

He’s been locking my threads that everyone else had no problem with

-They’ve been flagged numerous times by numerous people, so saying no one has a problem with it is incorrect.
-It’s not about popular opinion if it doesn’t follow the guidelines.

“belong in FG”

-At best, they belong in Arts. Post it there and you’ll probably not have problems.

notice that he maintains a thread dedicated to his youtube remixes, which by his logic should be moved to Arts Forum

-Ever since they broke apart the music forum, it’s always been an overlap between OT and Arts on that. If you find a problem with it, take it up with the administration and they may side with you.

“have no discussion value”

-I’m sure he’s open to criticism and has taken requests multiple times. There is input from the community.

This is a sign that he is an incompetent moderator, did the admins make a mistake?

-The mistake is you not approaching this appropriately or maturely. You can report him or talk to the administration if you do not agree with his decisions. Making a thread about it will achieve literally nothing and is little more than a shortly lived soap box.

Are they really biased? ._.

-Listening to people that have been here for a short period without both sides of the argument is not an informed way to familiarize yourself with a community.

Gev talks to much

-I don’t know where you got this from or what you mean by it. I try to say as little as possible.

Candy isn’t even a mod here.

-He’s an administrator and so is a forum mod everywhere. He has more experience with OT than the other community administrators.

Seeing how most of the forum mods are from Your Pants should explain a lot.

-Your Pants is usually active, so it makes sense that people flock to an active room. I modded for 6 years before joining the room. Several of the other mods are the same way.

And with that, I’m locking the thread. Any complaints will need to be messaged to me, the other forum mods,, and/or the administrators directly.
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Topic: Off-topic / The OFFICIAL Shotguns appreciation thread

My single barrel 16 gauge is my childhood. I still like using it for clay pigeons now and again.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / [READ NOW!] Two-Post Cooldown for All Games

I fully support this and stuff.

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Topic: Off-topic / Dear OT, may I ask for some help...

Then you must not want quality artistic input from OT’s king of OC

For shame.

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Topic: Off-topic / Dear OT, may I ask for some help...

Originally posted by InfiniteZest:

It doesn’t need a background. Just focus on drawing your subject – anything in the background of a simple portrait shot will only distract the viewer, clutter the image, and keep you from improving on the more important aspect.

The design is strong with this one.

The fuck? That just got ruined.

You mean perfected.

And as said earlier in the thread, get a tablet. Even a cheap one to tide you over now and so you can start learning how to do it sooner.

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Topic: Off-topic / Hey OT

I think they were there, but then he kept posting.

So trips will come back in 108 posts as counted from his current 225 post count.

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Topic: Off-topic / HOW TO BAIT 101

Well it looks like pokerpo said something to get a rise out of people and in response people messed with his stuff.

Everyone wins?

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Topic: Off-topic / is it possible for mods to remove OP but not lock the thread?

Seems like it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ok now I agree that Gevock should be banned on sight

Are all the mods asleep or some shit?

They just don’t care

We all have lives, despite the stereotype mods get.

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Topic: Off-topic / derail here

Change it back or I’ll have to lock the thread without discussion.

It’s not even my business who has what alt, so I doubt they’d give the information to us. It’s privacy. If someone doesn’t want you all to know who they are, they shouldn’t have to tell you.

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Topic: Kongregate / Testing something - Will remove soon (trying to post a picture but having trouble)

I can always lend you a few helpful links if you need help with something.

Also, can someone teach me how to HTML better?

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Topic: Off-topic / Become an assistant community manager (adv0catus leads)

I’m obviously the best pick and everyone knows it. First off, I’m totally in with the admins. We play games together and hang out quite a bit, so I have the connections. Then comes the manchildness personified which we all know is evident. I’ve been forum modding and every community admin except Candyman have been forum mods beforehand. And I also have so much depth of personality, kindness, and I always try to maintain personable sense about me.

I’ll take my second K now please.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had to choose one male OTer to turn into a female and become your eternal partner, who would you choose?

I mean Candyman.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Describe your personality with one picture

Just look at that resignation caked on there.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you had to choose one male OTer to turn into a female and become your eternal partner, who would you choose?


I think he’d make a nice lookin’ lass.

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Topic: Off-topic / How much money would you get paid if you found a cure for cancer?

How much money would you get paid if you found a cure for cancer?

Is this more a question of how much I would charge or how much the world would be willing to pay for it? The answers will be quite different.

If it was a monetary value being placed on the cure for cancer, it’s invaluable. People would die for it, people would kill for it, people (collectively) would do almost anything for it. And therefore politicians would be pressured by constituents, governments would be flooded with demands for it, etc. There’s no dollar value I could imagine being the limit people would pay for it. Sure, there’d be some upper limit that’d destroy the economy of the world, but I’d be interested to see that number.

As for how much I would charge, I’d do a few things. I’d demand one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, the top three defense companies, the best private military contractor corporation, and an adequate number of lobbyists and lawyers. After, I would set up the equivalent of patents across the modern countries, and start selling. I’d set up my production plant/s and sell it at an affordable price, enough to keep my businesses stable and keep a profit. Set up a charity or two, supply other charities with the drug to give to other countries. It’d be a nice secure package and reasonable enough I think most people would be willing to agree to it. And if there’s flack, I either use the lobbyists, my money, or my military supplies to quell whatever troubles come my way.


Seeing that Cancer is a very deadly disease, finding the cure should worth about $120 Million.

That’s so hilariously undervalued I had to say something. The combined cost of those three military defense companies is 65+ billion dollars and Pfizer (pharma corp) is worth 67 billion dollars. Their worth is 10x the value you’re suggesting for the cure to cancer, the second leading cause of death in the world. 120 million for the cure to cancer is…well I’m still giggling over here.

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Topic: Off-topic / Corrupt mods.

I’m going to post my response to a similar thread from a couple weeks ago.

I see your complaints, but I have to ask…
-Did you report the other account for impersonation?
-Did you flag the posts he was making?
-Did you contact one of the forum mods or administration to ask for assistance?
-Did you come to anyone asking for the reasoning behind the ban?

Being upset about a situation and making a complaint thread is not the appropriate way to handle things and you should not expect anything to happen in your favor because of it.

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Topic: Off-topic / online activities should follow the money making program

Please use the youtube masterthread for videos. Feel free to send me a message if you need any assistance. Thanks!

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Topic: Off-topic / [ROUND 102] Gevock vs. uzzbuzz

Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by Gevock:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Uzz, because he can’t abuse his ban powers outside of where they’re supposed to be used.

I was actually modded so I could specifically silence and ban in the forums. You can ask the admins if you don’t believe it.

I vote Uzzbuzz because he needs a win for once.

Does that mean you can silence me for 15 minutes if I requested it?

Yeah, that’s fine, so long as you communicate it blatantly so I don’t look like I’m just doing it to do it.

You do not give a reason when you lock a thread.

You know where to message me if you need reasons for the ones I thought were more obvious.

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Topic: Off-topic / Does Gevock hate black people?

I’m doing flags first, so your posts are taking longer to comb through before I start working the front page. Also report me if you feel unsatisfied. Making threads in retaliation is simply counterproductive.

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Topic: Off-topic / Gevock is the most efficient Gevock OT has ever seen

Originally posted by adv0catus:

persistent =/= efficient

but yeah, really wish the mods clued in and locked the threads instead of just hiding the bump post.

Just got on for today.