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Topic: Off-topic / [To Mods] Lock Reasons

I’ll make this quick addition before going to bed (However, I’ll post more when I feel like it tomorrow):

I find it’s usually the same peoples’ threads I’m locking. It’s not like it’s some new person that has no clue about the site’s rules and expectations. Instead, it’s usually someone that has been told numerous times what is appropriate here.

That’s not to say I don’t still try to communicate with them when they do something less than obvious, but I also see it as silly to say the same thing over to the same person over and expect it to be anything less than useless. All it’s going to do is bump the thread up to the top and possibly kick a better thread off the first page.

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Topic: Off-topic / Should we get more active staff (post wise) on OT?

I’m still doing 70 hour weeks at the hospital. Maybe in a couple months when things settle back down to routine could I post more regularly, but until then, I don’t have much time to sit down and find threads I really have any interest in posting in.

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Topic: Off-topic / Every regular user on OT and a paragraph about them (FINALLY 10K POST MILESTONE THREAD!!!!)(WALL OF TEXT INCOMING!!!)(NOW WITH RANDOM CLUSTERFUCK)

Originally posted by Gabidou99:
Originally posted by Casper_D:
Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

I… don’t even know what’s happening here.

Some other moderator can feel free to go through these pictures and remove them or whatever because I have absolutely zero idea what just happened in this thread. Wat. Please just don’t post inappropriate photos or whatever but seriously, not touching this thread otherwise.


Remove them? For what reason?


Oh hey look, a good reason.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Cartoon Network still any good to you?

Originally posted by TerribleToaster:

We’ve had a few rough patches and there was a domestic violence case once, but they’ve stopped drinking, the sex is still incredibly, and they take me out to dinner once a week so I think we are pretty good.

Sometimes you have Nickelodeon join in.

Originally posted by Hallucent:

Adult Swim is nice. It has the greatest cartoon of our generation.

The beer-nose snowman episode kills me.

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Topic: Forum Games / General Thread

Maybe his life is an RP and all the messages we see are just ooc.

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Topic: Off-topic / What ever happened to Top Gun avatar week/month?

None of these kids know what it means to have greasy pecs.

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Topic: Kongregate / Password Auto-censor

The best thing to do here is to flag the original post and leave the thread for Sicmirx to take care of. At most, it should be made clear (even if obvious) that this is not real and should be ignored. Posting here will only allow it the possibility of confusing more people and keeping it from dying as it ought to.

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Topic: Forum Games / Help and Website

Originally posted by BLOODYRAIN10001:

…..We’re supposed to flag and leave.

This is the most correct statement in this thread, 5/5

To the original poster, please read the information sticky and see that your thread is not meant here. Also, the forums are not a billboard for advertisements. Unless you’re asking for advice or help, your thread will always get a luck on Kongregate.

Privately message me from my profile if you have any questions.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Continuous] Name That FGFer

We have this in OT too for some reason, but it seems a better fit for here. I will suggest you may want to clarify post counts (eg ranges to describe low-high)

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Topic: Forum Games / Give a Meaning Game

Game does not meet the requirements for being appropriate. Please reread the guidelines supplied in the information thread and message me with any further questions.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you join the peace corp?

I’ve thought about joining, but I’ve been too focused on my career to have time to do it. I know you’ve already the work experience, so I’d suggest you go for it.

You get paid squat, but I’ve heard many people say it’s very fulfilling.
Oh and please come back and with with pictures and with a cute girl for me.
Oh and I’ll miss you.

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Topic: Off-topic / why does mme like hopping rats so much?

Why does anyone like any animal ever?

I like ants because I find the varying species interesting.

Some species of ants are able to survive floods by using each other to make a raft in which they continuously climb on top of each other so none of them drown, yet they stay buoyant.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

That time of the year where I post to respond to concerns felt by several.

First issue: Regular Status

First, this is a system created by the community. None of it was made by moderation, so understand that I follow it because I find it to be a positive force for the forum. If I ever find it to turn into something more malignant, I will be the first to end my endorsement. I want people to feel part of the community and strive to set a good example for other hopeful individuals to follow. Regulars are supposed to guide and help others.

Yet it seems some have twisted its meaning as to something else entirely. It is not a system to determine who is better. Every person here that is regular or not has every possibility to make a good game or to be a strong pillar of the community. The important thing is the effort you put forth to help acclimate newer individuals to the fun and excitement of the games played here. Be personable and introduce yourself. Take some friends you’ve made and try to familiarize new people with the way things are here. Help them. Teach them. Be their friend. That’s what ought to make you a regular around here. No status given by three people will ever come close to the respect and appreciation you feel from the community you’ve helped prosper. The weight of your actions will always outweigh titles.

Second issue: Retroactive Punishments

Short answer, never unless it is something grossly deserving of punishment (eg pornographic material, large-scale spam, etc.)

Long answer, why would we need to punish someone if they understand they made a mistake and claim they won’t make it again. It’d be different if that person is belligerent to the rules as we’ve seen in the past, but that’s not the case with this situation. While it is more desirable to have every new person read the rules of the forum first, it’s not quite realistic to assume that will happen. We must accept that (as regulars), we will have to help those that aren’t quite in the right in certain situations. If they screw up, we should explain to them what was wrong and what to do next time. If they don’t take your advice and continue to break rules or act in a generally unfriendly fashion, let me know. Send me a private message and I will speak to them personally. I may not post as often as I’d like, but most times it’s because I have nothing to contribute. I still try to respond to messages, so try to keep that in mind if you see something you want me to handle.

I’m not here to punish. My responsibility to this forum is to keep most everyone happy. It’s something I think everyone claiming to be a regular should share with me.

Third issue: Denying Requests

It’s not going to happen. If you think someone shouldn’t be allowed to make multiple games, come to me with their track record for game hosting. I will read through their threads and make my own determination on if they need to be restricted. I will pass along (privately) the names of those that have been restricted from making games or secondary games to the editors. If I find that the editors can not keep this confidential, I’ll adjust my plan of action. As of now, no one has come to me for someone leaving games frequently. If you’re reading this and wish to bring a few names to me, do so with a private message and I will review the legitimacy of your claim. Beyond this, I do not intend on letting the community have power to deny people regular status or secondary games. Approval is still going to go through the community, but that’s it.

I will try to keep on top of responses to my post here. I hope to clear up any questions, as always.

And remember everyone that this forum is meant to be fun. Above all else, try to enjoy your time here.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do I do with this baby?

I lived.
So did the baby.
Bad news is now I have nothing to stew for later.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do I do with this baby?

I currently have a baby for a roommate. It will be here for nine hours and I have no idea what I’m doing besides theoretical knowledge.

-It is a month old.
-Its mother left breast milk and diaper bag for it.
-I’m pretty sure it’s a girl, but I haven’t checked yet.
-I brought over a woman that has less experience with babies than I do.

I’ve babysitted in the past, but nothing quite this young. Any tips would be appreciated. I might sticky this because abuse of power if I feel like I’m failing or need more help.

Thanks everyone!

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Subforums!

Can forum mods suggest subforums for the forums?

I have a few in mind for a couple forums.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever wanted to use your blood as a weapon?

Originally posted by Gevock:

I remember this comic I read a while back about an electrician using his own blood as a weapon, but now I can’t find it. I thought it was by shadman though I can’t find it on my tablet

Holy crap. Was thinking up this comic again and I see my post.

And they say people change. Hah.

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Topic: Off-topic / Help me, I'm a pyschopath

Anyone openly admitting to being a psychopath is just looking for attention. You’re about as psychopathic as every other teenage boy. You don’t care about others because your brain isn’t fully developed.

Also you don’t care because most people don’t care about others. Society is pretty friggin’ selfish.

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Topic: Off-topic / How was everyones fourth?

Got way too drunk, along with the rest of my extended family. Mixed in some illegal explosives and drunk teen girls puking off the trampoline.

Then I kept it much tamer during the actual fourth, along with most everyone else. Today I think everyone is going to repeat the first night.

Yay family reunions.

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Topic: Off-topic / Off-Topic: What didn't happen? (NOT AN ICEBOMB THREAD I PROMISE)

There was a point in time where people complained about the crappy threads you’re saying are what we need again.

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Topic: Forum Games / Game creator finally reveals why he took it down

Sorry, this is the incorrect for this. Please consider reposting this in the general gaming forum.

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Topic: Forum Games / The Tidepool

This thread has spiraled down the toilet. I’m going to lock it, but first I want to

Prof, please don’t bump your game so frequently and without constructive content. You can check out the guidelines in the Information Thread sticky.

Helltank, don’t post in games you have no intention of playing. It’s my responsibility to work with people not following the rules.

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Topic: Forum Games / To Simply Put It: Pictures With Numbers

Unfortunately, we have a very grey area when it comes to continuous games. I’ve stated in the past that I will judge games like these with as much objectivity and thoughtfulness as I can.

I do not believe this game to be acceptable for this forum. It does not merit thought for its posts. There needs to be discussion, effort, and/or direction for games to generally be acceptable here. Feel free to message me if you wish to argue differently, but I do not think this thread will have the likelihood of being unlocked.

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Topic: Forum Games / Contract Wars can't play

Please check this forum

They will be able to help you better, since this is the incorrect forum for contract wars.

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Topic: Kongregate / Interviews: Master Thread

I had an interview done by vorpal a long time ago.