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Topic: Off-topic / OT Forums are shit.

Well then, I guess it’s time I respond.

OT Forums are shit.

So you make a thread to complain instead of making any actual contribution to improving the forum? If you don’t like them and you refuse to leave, then you’re going to have to help too.

reach a Common Goal.

There is no common goal. This is a place to have discussion and interaction. There’s no checklist of things that OT needs to accomplish. OT isn’t a person with aspirations. It’s a forum that has purpose wildly different from person to person.

That’s very nice, but every aspect of Life has an Effect over it.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I don’t think this makes any actual sense. If you’re saying life has an effect on itself, I guess I can nod and say okay, but what does that have to do with the quality of this forum.

Finding Ideas that might help one in Life, I suppose. It DOES happen on other Forums.

How do you know this forum hasn’t helped someone over the past eight years? You’ve posted off and on over the course of less than one year. You do not have the scope to make the determination that this place has not helped anyone.

but in reality I’m trying to help you

You’re not helping anything with this thread. As the man that has that sees this thread made and forgotten countless times, I can promise you that.

some Topics here are great, but they are ruined by lack of Seriousness

Opinion. People here can get serious and do when they want to. It’s not up to you or I to say they must retain that rigor.

But it’s annoying to know that People are let to do what they want here.

It says in the forum description that you can talk about anything. If people are derailing your thread, message a mod or flag the posts while asking for help. When you push the derailment further by responding, you’re killing your own thread.

but it would be even better if we would get rid of the BS that has no place in here

Opinion again. A community is a mash-up of people and personalities, as Stots said. What you’re saying is that OT should get rid of people and if it’s not already been made explicitly clear to you yet, I’ll do so now: It is almost impossible for the moderation to force someone out of the community. Even if the administrators allowed it (which they will almost always say no) the ability and time required to do it is not feasible. So no, there is now way mods can ‘get rid of the BS’. At best, the community could collectively shun someone and they leave on their own accord, but that almost never happens.

which the Staff here doesn’t enforce unless it’s Serious

The staff doesn’t usually trouble with micromanaging this fraction of their site. They leave it to the forum mods they’ve picked. And as I am sure I will say again, mods don’t get paid and have lives off the internet. You are fooling yourself if you truly believe there could be 24/7 coverage of OT.

The most entertaining Discussions are the ones in which their people use Intellect for Information and intriguing Ideas that don’t have to be dumb

You keep stating your opinion as if it is fact. Plenty of people have different taste than you. What you want isn’t what they want. You are a part of this community, not the community.

This Topic, for example, is how I aim the rest of the Topics to be by about 95% (there are some Offtopic Comments that are unwelcome here), but it’s good enough for now.
See what I mean?

All I’ve seen is you telling people that they’re not fitting your standards and those people laughing or saying you’re wrong. You’ve helped in no real way, unfortunately.

Why leave when I can try improving what is wrong?

Start by asking what you can do to improve things, not assuming you’re improving things with your opinion and judgmental attitude.

The Problem is that I know better than you in this Case

And this is where I say things a bit bluntly. You do not know better. You might want to say you do, you might feel you do, but you do not. I have modded this place for six years and with good authority can tell you that you do not know what is best for OT. You are overlapping into ignorance and arrogance with this comment. This kind of thinking is how you end up being called self-righteous, priggish, and narrow - minded.

What Mods?

We’re at the top right of the forum, beside that bold Moderators bit.

There are almost no Mods here

There are four.

it’s clear that they don’t do their Job

First, not a job. If I got paid and had insurance here, I’d do it eight hours a day for five days a week. But wait, they don’t pay me a cent, so I have to do that elsewhere to pay for rent and the Internet bill to mod here. What’s clear is that you have a wholly disillusioned view on how life works. Mods are picked for their maturity and fluidity in dealing with being harassed on a daily basis. It turns out that the best people to do that are the ones that are old enough to have actual life to deal with. Bills, college, jobs, families. So no, you’re quite quite wrong if you honestly think the mods don’t actively give to this forum.

All you’re doing is demanding more help instead of giving it. I think I have an earlier quote you said to apply to this mentality.

Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Found it!

What most people want =/= what is good.

You have no power to enforce this. So don’t expect your views to be shared or endorsed by anyone here. What is good for the website is determinable only by the admins and they’ll make you a mod if they think you’re the right person to work with the community. Clamoring for what you want and disregarding everyone else isn’t a good first step toward your goals or having any actual impact on this community.

I have seen almost no Topic with a Moderator Response at all.

A lot of threads are removed, so that you can’t see it. Even then, you won’t see private message sent or replied to. You also won’t see people with jobs online during the middle of the day because they have jobs.

The Rules here are not strict enough yet

You don’t get to decide this one bit.

the Staff is negligent

This is a fraction of Kongregate’s community. There are thousands of unique visitors a day and multiples of thousands of chat messages/comments/forum posts. They deal with hundreds of reports every day, plus whatever interaction and work they need to do on a daily basis. You know very little of what they actually do.

I have seen how well they act and I can say I’ve seen better.

Oh, your plan doesn’t involve working with the mods who have arguably the most direct impact on the community? So was there more to this thread other than stating why you’re better and this place is awful or are you going to keep ostracizing yourself to the point that no one will want to help you accomplish anything? Because to me, judging from quite a bit of experience, you’re falling more into that latter part.

if there were better rules, they wouldn’t be here.

You keep clinging to the false notion that more rules will do anything. You fail to realize how ineffective this way of thinking is. The mods can’t forcibly remove anyone from the site permanently. You seriously misjudge the power given to us. The greatest tool we have is our ability to talk and interact with people so that they want to follow the rules more. Beyond that, we have very little in ability. Banning and silencing have been proven to not work, no matter how badly you will try to say they do.

mods don’t count as OT/OTers because they’re mods. Always hiding or inactive.

I’ve never hidden away and I work in OT almost every day. I’ve been an OTer longer than most everyone else here.

there’s a line, for sure

As much as I love stots and hate him for leaving, he’s right. There is a balance that has to be maintained and the line is usually very blurred. I remember once saying that modding OT is like holding a violent chemical reaction in your hands. I still stand by that analogy.

I could swear at everybody here for no Reason or Freepost (make Topics with no Sense) and get away with it.

Swearing is lax unless directed at someone. It’s likely your post will be removed for calling someone a “fuckwad”, but less likely removed if you say “Fuck this place”. As I said, it’s a hard balance. As for the spamming, you will be shut down if you do it. It might stay up for an hour, but as long as people flag it or help me to know it is happening, it will end and you’ll find yourself warned/silenced. I would not suggest you try.

Also, your extremism is very nice.

By definition, hypocritical. If you can’t see how extreme you’re acting toward this forum you aren’t quite familiar with, then you are blind and hypocritical.

I just want to give Ideas to make this a better Place

All you’ve done is said that the staff/mods are awful and you want more rules. Everything else you’ve said is in defense of this, but you fail to realize the community has no part in those matters whatsoever. You’re effectively wasting effort by telling everyone else we need more rules. You’re not actually giving any ideas that the rest of the community can follow through with. You’re judging harshly and demanding what you want.

you’re fighting an uphill battle, and the more you resist, the more people will try to ensure you don’t enjoy your time here.

Agreeing with this. You are approaching all of this without tact. You’re being very rough to some of the more intelligent and influential people, and you’re not compromising in the slightest. You will either leave or come to a middle ground with people here. I’ve seen people like you many, many times and I know the outcome is one of those two.

They just sorta half-ass it most of the time, to be honest.

You can start helping by flagging, acting right, and avoiding the tendency to derail threads.

I know other Forums where they are paid for the same Ammount and do a much better job

The same amount of nothing? You mean they deal with a forum reaching 3 million posts that has literally no intended structure with a crippled ability to ban? I’d like to see these forums and I’d like to compare activity levels. I’d also like to ask them how they can afford to live without a job, so they can constantly monitor a forum.

although saying this makes even me look like an asshole

Well I won’t say it myself.

I don’t give a fuck about what the People want

You don’t understand how business works then. Kongregate has to make money to survive. It needs activity, so it will not be picky about whom the activity comes from. If you don’t like that business model, then I’ll have to start voicing the opinion of many and suggest you’re better off gone. You aren’t changing Kong’s business model, sorry.

tl:dr – Either actually help in the community or stop complaining. This thread has proven to do nothing except annoy those you’re trying to sway. You have put yourself in a very poor light to many of the more sensible people here. I’m going to leave this open, but highly suggest you lock it yourself. Delete your first post and figure out a more mature way to help make this place better.

Of course the obligatory Gandhi quote I always put in these threads:

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Topic: Kongregate / Happy Birthday, KongBaby!

Bumping because I found this thread earlier in the month and figured to wait until it was that time again.

Happy birthday Molly! You can read and write and stuff now. How cool is that?

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Topic: Off-topic / 15niceman is back

Don’t spam pictures.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2

a disgusting latex smell constantly pressed against my face.

This is why I had a vomit-inducing migraine one Halloween.

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Topic: Off-topic / Ideas for entertaining my cloudy cat

Sosusline, stop pretending to be Azn.

And I’d make a room full of fans for it to bounce around in.

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Topic: Off-topic / A cyute girl smiles at you, how do you go about getting some?

Approach her. The rest will fall into place probably.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2

I was forced to shave. Also it was nice out yesterday, so I wore more than a shirt around my neck. Also I hate smiling.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's the worst books you've ever read?

Candy please.
Pride and Prejudice 11/5

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Topic: Off-topic / Quality of urine

I’ve seen many urine specimens in my time, but I’m always a fan when it comes out neon green.

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Topic: Off-topic / Community Mods?

Originally posted by MyNameIsNothing:

gev may be old and retro and i guess has that classic hipster appeal but uzzbuzz is the hip and exciting mod ot has been needing to freshen up the place from gev’s old man smell.
uzzbuzz-kun ultimate kong cutie 2015

Get out of here you freak of OT

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Topic: Off-topic / Community Mods?

I will endure all of you.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2

Originally posted by StOtS:

major props to you for showing face kaz

Seconded. It’s hard to stick yourself out there, waiting for the tomatoes. 5/5 to you and anyone else willing to do it too.

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Topic: Off-topic / Eating or Sleeping?

Eating usually does more for me. Sleeping is nice, but it’s usually the same experience.

You can’t have a gallon of ice cream equivalent for sleeping.

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Topic: Off-topic / Community Mods?

bb i said sry

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Topic: Off-topic / What's the worst books you've ever read?

All the King’s Men.

I can feel it getting hot. Must be the Hellfire Bunneh is about to drop on me.

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Topic: Off-topic / Community Mods?

As in, for example, X person on the forum is awarded a Moderator Position.

It’s not a reward or award. It’s like an army recruiter coming to your door and asking you to do your duty as a citizen.

Of course this person would be chosen by the mods themselves and such.

We usually do pick the forum mods. If we didn’t nominate them ourselves, the administration usually runs them by the active mods.

I kinda miss moderators interacting with us

I post when I see something worth posting in. Bunneh is the same way and Uzzbuzz has been posting more.

Not just saying end of line or handing bans

Unfortunately, the community gets upset if you don’t post reasons for locking most threads. So if you see five topics worth posting in on any given day, but you also lock five threads, your posts come out 50/50 for activity and lock explanations.

we make them go insane

It’s not insanity. Most everyone that has quit has done so for two reasons: They either want to focus on college/life or they don’t want to deal with being alienated, pedestal’d, and harassed voluntarily. It’s like asking a reasonable person to clean a room while a bunch of other people throw food everywhere. You get very, very little out of modding, especially on the forums.

so when ever a mod post every one makes it a big deal, and the other half makes fun of them. . .so they get tried of posting!

Essentially this.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who is MadJedi and how did he troll?

You can ask about him whenever he’s on TC

PM me if this thread gets locked.

And don’t make threads if you think it’s likely to be locked.

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Most Wanted Shitposters [UZZ PLEASE STICKY]

I’m only posting so everyone knows I didn’t lock this thread.
I ain’t touchin’ it with a 10-foot pole.
Except to post.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your body type?

I’m a curvy woman and I own it~

We need shirtless pics to verify.

bad things will happen.

Which is why I did it.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your body type?


What the general populace has to deal with when I go run.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your body type?

We need shirtless pics to verify.
I will volunteer to start.

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your body type?

Y’all have seen. I’m mix between Otter and skinnyfat. I have to gain weight though, so I’ll probably be moving more toward otter in the next six-eight months.

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Topic: Off-topic / Is it cheaper to bake your own bread?

Piper confirmed to have sourdough starter.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rick and Morty

it was lincolner

Abradolf Lincler

I know Rick and Morty better than just about anyone.

the dialogue is intentionally stuttered and weirdly paced.

That’s dialogue though. No kid berated by a world of chair people is going to make flowing eloquent sentences. I find it more realistic than the long, flowing soliloquies you find in a lot of shows.

niche constant burping of rick

Dan Harmon hated the burping too, at first, but Justin Roiland (Typical to his personality) loved it and kept going with it. It’s funny how it’s now switched and Roiland’s no longer a huge fan while Harmon thinks it’s part of the Rick character.

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Topic: Off-topic / Whatcha wearing?

>Grey Converse
>Grey/white/black argyle socks
>Khaki-colored chinos
>Grey undershirt
>White button-up
>Red tie with tie clip

What do you like to wear usually?

I prefer it cool enough to wear a jacket or sweater.