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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Uh oh! Looks like something went wrong with the game! Please reload.

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Topic: Redshift / The current meta/top player consensus (jan 2015)

Originally posted by potatopeppie:

yeah thats covered in the post:

“You could optionally feed a sacrificial ship (preferably a lvl 1 grey, as it dies fastest) to a base turret to keep opponent base strength really low. The downside is that you cannot autoburn (automatically upgrade ships when inventory is full) because you would level up said grey, which would induce repairtimes. So while you kill bases fast, you spend many clicks manually burning surplus cards in the fleets screen.”

This also works for fleet raids, which is perhaps more useful

With the new auto burn function, is the base raids still the least efficient while you have a lvl 1 grey to keep ELO low?

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Topic: Call of Gods / Enthusiastic March, Crazy COG

Wheres my lvl 101 reward cog!?

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Topic: Call of Gods / Enthusiastic March, Crazy COG

Originally posted by callofgods:

Hey, i need all of you who did hit 10X level but didn’t receive any reward please leave your real information :character name ,server and the level you reached.

iNSOhej, level 101. Server 4.