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Topic: Crush Crush / Hobbies are not the problem

This is a retarded argument for the hobby system remaining as it is because if you wanted a job that requires a 35 in any skill assuming you have a generous X10 prestige multiplier then it would take you 6532.76644 years to get that level, and that is if you DON’T account for the time it would take for all of the levels leading up to 35. In short a X2 compounding multiplier is way too fucking much for it to be conducive to a fun gameplay experience.

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Topic: Crush Crush / <BUGS> Post your bugs here!

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, but there are multiple users on this computer and I think my mother overwrote my game data when she was on her account, then when I tried playing on my account all of my game progress was gone! Replaced by her game, and now I have to start from scratch. Please tell me if this is a bug, or if you intended this game to save all relevant data based off of the computer rather than the user profile.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Bug Reports

Adventure capitalist keeps crashing on me at the game start up logo.