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Topic: General Gaming / RPG Maker XP/VX

I was considering getting RPG Maker to make and post games here, however it seems they don’t support it. Is it possible to convert it to SWF so it can be uploaded here?

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Topic: Kongregate / The Game You Want To Be On Kongregate

Hell yeah I want Sinjid SOTW on here, that game kills. It’s the predeccessor of sonny , as was cited by another gamer here on kongregate, I played Sinjid way befor Sonny. We should get Sinjin SOTW first, then we’ll discuss sequels.

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Topic: General Gaming / Sinjid Shadow of the warrior

Oh hell yeah, Sinjid kicks ass. I love that game I always beat the Dark Rift, I hope they make eiyher an extension or a sequel, and not the sinjid arena one that sucked. An actuall sequel with the same or similiar battle mechanics.