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Topic: League of Angels / Could use Dev Help

That was R2 (or at the very least a representative). Decision is final, don’t let anyone but you play your game :)

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Topic: League of Angels / Vote for Your Favorite New Features!

My Choice: New Voucher Shop
Reason: There’s so much stuff now :O
Character Name: TrueShad0w
Server: Kong 1

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Topic: League of Angels / Hacking

If you are convinced there are hackers and there are similar posts in other forums, then could you provide links to said threads please?

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Topic: Pirate Clan / The Official Add-Me Thread!


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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / Quick Q&A for Beginners

Originally posted by SerBackwater:
Originally posted by ishu_bagaria:

I have heard that it is no longer necessary to assign the permanent Talent Point to the fealty building as they can be built regardless as long as the player completes Volume I in a particular fealty.
Can someone please confirm this?

The first time I played this game the build 1.1.157 was active. I played with the Stark fealty and build the hunting lodge when I reached level 13. Then, I restarted (not reincarnated!) the game with a different fealty and to my surprise I could build the hunting lodge again as soon as I reached level 13. This was possible again after my first reincarnation even though the corresponding talent wasn’t marked as permanent. I just thought that this was some bug that’s gonna be sorted out one day.

This just happened to me.

(Also does putting perm points in fealty upgrades (not the stats or building ones) work when I reincarnate?)

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / From the Beginning

Originally posted by Jay_Kay90:

Was it the egalitarian and diplomatic sort of rewards you were going for? I’ve just read that one or two person alliances won’t be able to win those in the next phase :(

I was just going for the participation reward that said ‘Hey, you took part here, have a seal.’

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / From the Beginning

Originally posted by Jay_Kay90:

Shadow, would be up for joining us? No name yet. I’m waiting until prizes are allotted for the last phase before leaving my alliance to start the new one (even though I’ll only be getting the seal for taking part), so we could choose the name together. I realise there’s a lot of alliances competing for members so it might just be a couple of us to start with but that’s kind of what appeals to me. And hopefully we’ll get more. I’m pretty sure the 48 hour break between phases is over in about ten hours, so looking to start the alliance then. Any ideas for names let me know before then :)

Hey, I’ll be fine on my own. Thanks for the offer though, appreciated :)

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / From the Beginning

I made an alliance for me alone, just so I can get the rewards.

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent / CAUTION!! Stalkers, Virus&Porn Links!!

Have you tried the mute function? :)

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Trouble connecting

I think it’s happened to everyone. You’re not alone brother.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Make a Card (Discussion)

So I found a thread on these K&L Forums and thought it might be fun to see what we can come up with.

There are a few restrictions to what you can design.
1. The card must fit into one of the existing races, this also includes the new planes race.
2. Ability mechanics must already exist in the game, but you can combine abilities or slightly change existing abilities. For example you could take Serka’s +life ability and make it effect Goblins instead, or take Regen and make it give +1 attack per round instead of HP.
3. Special characters always start at Epic rank, but your card doesn’t have to be a special character.
4.Card name cannot be longer than 26 characters, including spaces.

Template (and also my idea):

Name: TrueShad0w
Server: City Gates
Card Name: Necromancer
Card Race: Human
Ability 1: Black Magic (+2 Range. Damage dealt cannot be reduced and damaged creatures cannot be healed for 5 turns)
Ability 2: Reanimate (When this creature dies, it has a 33% chance to resurrect in the current square. Can activate only once)
Ability 3: Reanimate: Humans (All Humans gain the ability Reanimate – When this creature dies, it has a 33% chance to resurrect in the current square. Can activate only once)
Description (what it looks like): A human in black mage’s robes. Could have green magic flowing around him.
Start Rank: Epic
Life: 3
Attack: 1
Cooldown: 5

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

Room in Twerkington for one person. PM or head to Chat #5 if interested

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Topic: Tyrant / Wanna hear a joke?

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Topic: Viking Clan / Official Add-me thread!


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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Add Me!

… might as well.

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / SUGESTION

We have enough world bosses :) But one more couldn’t hurt. Also, care to expand a bit? :)

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / The OFFICIAL "Add me" link thread !!!

The adding must begin once more for myself XD – Mh4kZty9ro

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / The OFFICIAL "Add me" link thread !!!

Well it seems everyone’s doing this, so I might as well join them :P

Mh4kZty9ro – Add me up! Probably one of the most knowledgeable and kinder players on the game.

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / SUGGESTION

Where would the challenge be then? Making boss fights consistently harder at higher levels is probably a good thing. :)

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / Suggestions Thread

Hey there folks. I’m gonna make a suggestions thread (and also some possible bug catches) with my recommendations on how to improve the game in this. Yes, there is another suggestions thread up, but I’m gonna make my own because it’s gonna have a lot of things in it straight away.
And without further ado, my suggestions:


  • Add the World View for all countries that do not have them yet. The UI is much better like that.
  • (Bug?) The red transparent circle for outbreaks which need to be eradicated isn’t exactly aligned with the centre of the Energy button. That may be my OCD talking a bit.
  • Add special outbreak events (both positive and negative) that randomly trigger while eradicating an outbreak (outside of top squad help). For example: “You found x (item) while eradicating zombies! It’s been added to your inventory!” for a positive event; “A zombie bit you while your were eradicating the outbreak! You received fewer rewards and had to spend x (20% of outbreak cost) energy to cure the infection!” for a negative event.
  • Add a new type of challenge which gives out special rewards for outbreaks.


  • Currently the UI for viewing bosses takes up almost an entire page, which is a bit long. Change it so that it uses icons which show a boss overview if you click it. Give full view of boss fights which are currently in progress to help make it easier to see which ones are in progress.
  • Add attack events for bosses (again both positive and negative) which randomly trigger. Example for positive:- “You hit the x (Boss) Zombie’s weak spot! The last attack dealt 50% more damage!” and for negative:- "The x (Boss) Zombie consumed an allied zombie and restored n (minimum 5%, up to 25%) health!
  • Add items which give a benefit to boss fights when armed. For example, a “Cure Gun” has a chance to render the boss immobile for a limited time, causing the next attack against it to deal no damage against you.
  • Add an auto-collect button for squad boss fights to avoid scrolling to the bottom of the Boss page to collect them individually.


  • Open the Battle Arena on Kong plz. :P
  • Add ‘multi-ambush’ button to help set up more than one Ambush quickly.
  • Add a ‘notoriety’ score for all players that increases the more they fight and punch and hitlist people, and decreases the less they fight. Players with more notoriety gain a greater attack bonus, but have reduced defense against lower notoriety players. (This will actually need more balancing, but I want to throw this out to see what the consensus is.)


  • (Bug?) The Carnival Float is incorrectly listed as a Canada craft item.
  • Add upgrades to older boss rewards (at least up to India) to make them more relevant to higher level players as with the World Boss items.
  • Add an additional upgrade slot (unlocked with UN Credits or achievements) for all inventory categories.

The UN

  • Remove the Loyalty Items tab and make it a Loyalty Store to make more use out of Loyalty Points. With the points you can buy Energy and Stamina refills, Challenge items (Rockets, Chips etc.) and Hired Squad – as well as the Loyalty Items. Again, I just want to throw it out to see what people think.


  • More images should be available for choosing a Faction picture. If not that then at least a ‘Custom Image’ option available.
  • Give leaders the power to set GP limits for the faction members, see inactive members (who haven’t logged into the game for at least 3 days) and authorize member absence.
  • Add Faction Mergers, which can allow two smaller factions to become one large faction. Mergers must be authorized by both factions with at least an 80% approval rate from both factions for it to go ahead. If the Merger causes more members than allowable to be in the new faction, then inactive players and members with fewer GP gains are removed until the Faction size reaches the limit.
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Topic: Zombie Slayer / A New Slayer's Guide To Zombie Slayers

Thanks Kano. My initial thoughts on the settings bar were that there were so few options it was probably useless. I’ll do a quick edit on the post to give it a mention though. :) If you could think of anything else that I haven’t covered yet (apart from factions, which is fairly simple to explain) just leave me a note. Thanks again.

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Topic: Tyrant / post your tyrant drawings~~

Originally posted by stormcommando:
Originally posted by skolu:

Could you draw Fenorix, please?

Consider it done.

Also a metalworks.

P.S. This is only the art, not the card itself :)

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / A New Slayer's Guide To Zombie Slayers

Profile Page and Gifting

This was going to be a part on purely gifting, but I might as well throw in the profile page to help clear things there as well. Let’s get started on the pretty pictures again!

Here’s one on the main Profile page, and the little red boxes tells you what they are there for. As they say…

David Gates: If (It’s a real song. I checked. ~ TrueShad0w):

A picture paints a thousand words.

It’s where the phrase originally came from as well.

Yep, a thousand words painted in a single picture with word boxes as well. Anyway, I might as well get onto gifting now.

As you are probably aware, people can send you gifts and vise versa. You can send each person a gift each day, and you can send 100 gifts a day in total. What are good gifts you can send, I hear you cry. Well, here are my recommendations:

  • Upgrade parts (one can never have enough upgrade parts)
  • Satellite Uplinks (they’re a really powerful attacking gear and are great for early game)
  • Gemstones (Diamond and Alexandrite are the one’s I hear good stuff about)
  • Destructibles with a high attack stat (like the Moonshine)
  • Parts known to be used for the workshop (find those out for yourself :D )

Hope it helps.

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / A New Slayer's Guide To Zombie Slayers

Home Page

Since it’s been requested, I’m going to do a section on the Home Page so as to clarify a few things. With this, the best way is through pictures and diagrams.

Admittedly, this image appears everywhere in the game, but might as well put it here since it’s useful information :)

EDIT 06/02/2013 :- The settings button isn’t entirely useless! If you put your email address there then you can get the Zombie Slayers newsletter. Apparantly that has awesome stuff so it’s worth mentioning. I would edit the picture but right now I’m too lazy to do it :P

This is everything at the top of the screen on every page. The text in the little red boxes should explain everything that may be obscure (obviously pointing out the travel tab for everyone who can’t find it :P ) If you’re confused about anything in this pic, just ask. :)

Now this picture IS part of the home screen. It also has red boxes that help show you what each bit does in the home page. Those boxes are now your friends.

Interesting fact: if you’re running low on energy and stam and are close to levelling, helping with outbreaks and challenges is a fab way to gain XP to help level up and get it all restored.
Thanks to the power of pretty pictures, this should be it! :) There wasn’t that much to cover anyway, but might as well have it done.

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Topic: Zombie Slayer / A New Slayer's Guide To Zombie Slayers

Originally posted by RyeEncoke:

wow thanks True…it’s so easy and yet I was completely unaware of it…you da best

Now since we talked about it in game…how bout explaining wishlist, and suggestions for what to put on your wishlist. Someone mentioned alexandrite because it can be used by squad in fight? So I am thinking I don’t really understand gifts all that well either.

Thanks Rye :) I’ll do a separate section on gifting when I do the Home page as well. I’ll let you know when all of that’s done :)

In simple terms, the wishlist is a collection of 5 gifts that you really want sent to you. When someone sends you a gift, you’ll be notified of what they want most when you accept it so you can send them back. As a personal recommendation, I put the upgrade parts as my wishlist because upgrades are always worth it. But I’d also recommend the Satellite Uplink as a powerful offensive gear as well. Again, like with stat point allocation, it’s completely up to you what you put up on your wishlist. Those are simply my recommendations.