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Topic: Contract Wars / Use alt to cheat in the game

Also mp, you said it seems to be an old pic since you don’t see his name in the ratings, but I tried to see someone in ratings (in the same game as them, wanted to see how much armor he had since he seemed to be tanking my shots) and I couldn’t find him even though I checked multiple times to make sure I had his name right, and it was (a playerxxxxx) (x being the numbers Duhh)

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Topic: Contract Wars / Are slugs any good with the saiga/mp-133

basically and i hate to say it, but hit markers kinda suck in this game, and devs are working on it im pretty sure, but when you use the slug you only get one hit marker, it might not register, hence the guy doesnt die from a direct chest shot, you use the buckshot, you’ll fuck the guy up since its got over a dozen possible hit markers rather than just one

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Topic: General Gaming / Arcuz 2...

Originally posted by PapaBear518:

There seems to be some flaws with the game that still need to be worked out…
1) Djinn’s lamps have never given me anything (I’ve pumped money in over 20 of them….)
2) the Enlightenment ability claims to give additional CP (maybe it means AP?) but I haven’t seen any noticeable difference,
3) equipping your teammate with Armor etc doesn’t seem to affect their stats at all
4) I’m lvl 23 and can’t beat the first guardian (the minotaur) but there is no way to retool my char to see if something else works

Those are just a few things I’ve noticed… otherwise, a pretty kick-a$$ game (frustrating as hell though)

papa bear it gives Critical Points <CP