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Topic: Collaborations / Sound Designer/Composer looking for work


My name is David O’Boyle, sometimes known as D. W. O’Boyle, and on here as Intraman. But you can call me Dave. Everyone calls me that. I’m a musician and sound designer currently living in Seattle looking for some paid work.

Music Examples:

Sound Effect Examples:

More Info:

I have been working on various projects since I was about 15 (that’s nearly 12 years,) and always attempt to bring curious enthusiasm to projects. I ask questions and really like to get involved as much as I’m allowed. Need a town theme? I’ll be sure to ask about the life styles of residents, the role it has in the story, what do they eat, and other things to ensure that I can capture the feel of the place the best I can. The goal of music in video games is to communicate to the audience what can’t be done through text, dialogue, or gameplay.

Style-wise I tend to focus on a mixture of electronic, rock, orchestral, and jazz. I am proficient with 8-bit music as well. I really enjoy working in ambient, noise, and other “experimental” genres.

When it comes to sound effects I create them using digital instruments, self recordings, and if need be from sound effect libraries. I usually strive for all original sounds, but sometimes that’s not possible.

I take my work seriously, but I am generally a fun-loving and sarcastic person. In groups I tend to be diplomatic and approachable.


  • Bachelor’s of Music – Five Towns College, 2011.
  • Associate’s of Music – Bergen Community College, 2008.
  • Nearly 15 years of working with Digital Music.


  • ProTools 9.
  • Fl Studio 9.
  • Reason 4.
  • Famitracker.
  • Sibelius 6.

Contact Info and Compensation:

Please contact me through PM or this thread. All payment is negotiable depending on the scope of the project. Paid work is, of course, preferred.

Thank You for your time!

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for sound effects

I’m a sound designer and would gladly help you with what you need. Please feel free to PM with details and I’ll get working on some samples. The only one that may be a problem is the last one, but I’ll see what I can do. Also low pay is no problem!

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Topic: Collaborations / Anyone help want to work on an HTML5 2.5D platformer?

Hrmm I couldn’t seem to get the prototype working for some reason though I could get the aquarium running no problem. Ah well.
The screens look really cool!
If you’re still looking for someone to do some sound and music for it, I would love to help you out there. Here’s some examples of my work What I’m thinking is some simple electronic tunes and sounds. Since I’m still looking for some stuff to bolster my portfolio I’m willing to work for free.

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Topic: Collaborations / Musicians Wanted

yes, you need to post some details about your game so any composers interested will be able to get some quick ideas.

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Topic: Collaborations / Super Kinetic

Did the OP say he was looking to make a lot of money with this? People need to start somewhere. It’s admiral that he/she is looking for a bit of field study.

To Collechess. Are you looking for some music and sound? If it’s a small project I’d gladly help.

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Topic: Collaborations / List of Available Talent

Passionate Composer/Sound Engineer Looking for some serious projects.

Hello and greetings,
I just graduated from college and am looking for a summer project to help reinforce my resume and skills. I have experience composing music for video games, and have been doing so in some capacity for about 10 years. However none of those projects really took off and were mostly for sharpening my teeth. As a result is that I have a rather large catalog of work (mostly in simple midi form) in good array of styles. I tend to excel with what many may call unusual styles and enjoy non-standard instruments and instrumentation, but am perfectly capable of writing a simple tune with familiar sounds.

It’s not just video game music I’m interested in writing. I would be absolutely willing to work on a short film, a web series, or just about anything really.

Examples of my work
The majority of stuff I have on that page is my ambient and experimental pieces, but I’ve been slowly updating it with newer more conventional music recently. There are also a few 8-bit pieces I wrote. So if you’re looking a retro thing, I can do that.

Aside from writing music, I’m also quite the wizard with audio. So if you have some voice work that needs cleaning up, I could absolutely help with that. Levels too low? Terrible sibilance issue? Rumbling background sounds? I can fix things like that with little difficulty. Sure the basic quality of a recording depends more on how it was recorded, but from my experience there’s always something that can be done in post and I will gladly see what I can do.
I’m pretty good at making sounds that you cannot find naturally.

My current set up is:
Pro Tools 9, Reason 4 Premium, FL Studio 9 (with a good chunk of additional plugins).
A Korg M50 keyboard.
A M-Audio Project Mix.
As you can see right now I mostly have digital instruments available to me. However I have contacts and could get some live musicians together for a project with relative ease if need be.

If you have any questions or are interested in working with me, my e-mail is listed in my link above or you could send me a message on here. I will gladly send over a copy of my resume if asked.

Please, I must insist on only working with people who are absolutely serious about working on a project and already have something done that you can show. Too many times have I heard promises with little to show for and the projects ended up not getting off the ground due to one person’s laziness or lack of any real focus. Honestly I am tired of dealing with that. Not everything will be a success, but lack of motivation is the gravest sin in a creative industry and I can’t work with people that can’t manage the time to at least finish what they start. A desire is great but meaningless if it cannot flourish.

Thank you for your time,
D. W. O’Boyle

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Here’s a suggestion. I wish there was a way to set things up so that you could automatically mute the chat without hitting the mute button. I suppose this would be found inside your profile options.

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Topic: Kongregate / How'd you find Kongregate?

looking over the thread I’m surprised no one else seemed to hear about it the way I did.
Apparently one of the main guys here use to be an Admin or site manager for [adult swim]’s website and, aside from making a big tears fest when he left, he posted a link to Kongregate.
That said.. Torrent (or whatever he goes by here) is still a cry baby.. probably.

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Topic: Off-topic / Favorite game soundtrack?

About half of my music library on my computer is video game music. Mostly from various RPG series. It would be impossible for me to pick one over the others though heh.