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Topic: General Gaming / Is it just me or is STH 3 on Normal Impossible

Yeh, seriously, I went into sandbox on day 39 with infinite money, got a maxed shield tower, 2 maxed beam towers, 500 gunman, and 300 repairmen, maxed old glory and maxed space lazer. I could hold them off but they slowly advanced and tore me to shreds. It’s impossible. And then the repairmen were repairing much slower than they had earlier in the game.(and yes I know I’m taking damage at the same time, but still)

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Platform Racing 2 level reviews- The original- Check the campaign 2.0 here

well I suppose if you are still doing this it would be nice if you could review my level.

It is called “Dragon’s Quest” by Slayer1557

it’s not actually done, but I have a lot done, and it looks very good (I think) and it’s on page 7 of all-time best right now. I want you to rate it as-is, but I’m gonna add more to finish the storyline.

Take time to look at the scenery, but not too long. I gave penty of time, but not if you dawdle.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Orange Box

I only just got the orange box for the 360 and i love it. I dont know why people think it’s so hard. Maybe i’m just good at puzzles. Anyway the game rocks!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Lucid Dreaming

with all of this stuff, I’m a little skeptic about hte million words a minute(yes I did read the article) but withotu experiencing it myself, theres no way to know for sure. With the music, i think that you would not be able to do that you are saying, UNLESS you are good at music naturally. But this is just my opinion/hypothesis. I will try it, probably over christmas break, when I have lots of time to sleep and not having to worry about being tired then next day if things go wrong.

I have no doubt lucid dreaming is real, and I would love to try asap. I remember one VERY vivid dream I had, and Had i realized at the time I probably could have controlled it, but I didnt realize i was dreaming till I woke. I remember jumping off a building, falling and smashing through the ground, and came out on an icy area(like Antarctica) then the ground started to crumble, so I ran from the ever growing gorge. I fall in and wak up in bed. although things are weird(dream in a dream) and then I fall out of bed and wake up again. I’m in my bed again and I get up and go to the kitchen for breakfast, when I go to the fridge to get some OJ, the fridge eats me. Then i REALLY wake up. Man that dream scared the shit out of me, I was little too. I couldnt tell if I was really awake or not.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Religion vs. The Golden Compass

I read the “His Dark Materials” Trilogy years ago, several times. And I loved it! I never even though how “blasphemous” it was. BTW I’m Lutheran. I don’t care about all that stuff. The books(and hopefully the movie[s]) are kickass!

I happily own my own set of the books and plan on reading them another time soon perhaps. Blasphemy? HAH! rediculous.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Lucid Dreaming

Well if you guys see this again before the forum eats it(not sure how active this forum sction is), but here’s my two cents.

When I was younger. From like kindergarden to 6th grade or so. Every year, getting close to christmas, not any particular date, but early-mid december. I would have a certain dream. In retrospect it was really really creepy. Remember this happened over like 6-7 years. The first time I remember mostly. I was in my family van in the middle of a huge grassy field with trees surrounding it. And I look out the windows in terror trying to hide from a huge dinosaur/demon thing walking by the trees.

Now here’s the catch, every year. IT CAME BACK. but not the same dream. It continued. It was like a story, but I was in control of only myself. I was somewhat concious, i mean it was still a dream, but I could not control anything but myself. I would be walking down a street and the cracks in the asphault would glow red. I would run to grass or something else and the creature would come out.

A few years later I remember a treehouse on a small island in the middle of a lake I would go to in my dream. There were others, but I don’t know who they were, nobody I knew in real life. I would get there by a small helicopter thing. I would be safe there.

Now In 6th grade I think. I had one last dream. I was in an underground bunker kinda thing with my “friends”(or whoever they were, they were kids like me) and we were devising a plan to destroy the creature. Somehow we devised something like acidic paint. We used it on the creature and then it was killed.

Since then I have never had a dream like that again….


Keep in mind I can’t remember all the details, this was over 10 years ago since the first one, but I do remember clearly what I wrote down here. It was like some kinda beast haunting my dreams, then I killed it and it never came back… really really creepy.

I know I can’t prove it really happened, but I swear to god I’m telling the truth.

NOW another completely separate event. When I was 12 or 13 I think. On Labor day I had a seizure while I was asleep, and it went away when I woke up. I went on medicine, and next year ON LABOR DAY!!! I had another 2 seizures when I was asleep. After that I never had them again. 2 separate labor days, but I had seizures on them…. creepy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Homosexual Marriage

I like a certain comedian on comedy central’s point of view on this subject. Well personally, I don’t mind Homosexual marrage, if you’re into that, whatever, I’m not, we all win.

Now to the comedian, he said(close enough)“The reason gay marrages work so well is, take an example. Say I was gay and married. Hey I wanna watch the game. HEY! so do I! I’m hungry wanna have steak? Yea!” Guys understand guys, so that is why I can see gay marrage working well. (dismissing any flamboyant or weird homosexuals) I don’t mind you being gay, but if you get really weird… I’m bundling you with all the other weird people I shun.

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Topic: General Gaming / Notessimo very fun

I shall bring DOOM to you all…

Actually I made this song from the Doom(The game) Theme Song.

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Topic: General Gaming / EASY WAY TO GET 700 HEADSHOTS ON THE LAST STAND!!!!!!!!!

I’m happy to know that I was one of those who beat the sniper badge before it was changed. Hey does this mean we lost 30 points when it went from impossible to hard?(Even though I know theres a medium badge added too)

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Topic: General Gaming / Onsaught2 League

I could get to the point where I can never die in Onslaught, but I also don’t get any points, so it’s not good for high scores… good ’ol black holes…

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Topic: Kongregate / Metagame rulesheet, updated screenshot, and full Rumiko details

I just want to say that when I saw that this game was building up and these exclusive cards were being released(already 23? weeks in) myself only holding the latest soul gem card. I hoped that the cards that the Early Kongregateees would NOT have an unfair advantage in the game over those who were not so lucky, for that would spoil the game for any newcomers(and Kongregate wants as many people as possible I’m sure ;) ) but at the same time, the people who have been here need to get SOMETHING out of collecting all of those exclusive cards, and to find that they will all be available.

There are 2 Solutions I see, that should satisfy both groups, 1: Make the original cards have a special mark, to show they are sooo special, and then release the Starter deck of the same cards that don’t look as nice but act the same. 2:(I like this one) RE-open the challenges for the cards that have passed, but make them not have the mark. This way people have to EARN their cards whether it was from the original challenge or a secondary one, but the originals would still look special.

I just feel that people should have to earn their cards(Including me[I like challenges(Yup[Fun!])]).